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  1. The current list of available mods for Xenonauts. Let me know if there's something to be added/ updated. Current Build V1.03 – Downloads with compatibility below 1.0 may not work in your game. An archive of Older Mods You Can't Take the Sky From Me - A Hard-Mode Air Combat Mod v0.1 [/td] [td] Kabill [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 08/06/14 [/td] [td] Adjusts air combat, interceptors and UFOs with the intention of making air combat require more skill.[/td] [td] [/td] [td] Enhanced UFO Crash Site Mod [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5331-Alien-Class-Analysis-Mod '> Alien Analysis Mod that enhances the Xenopaedia entries covering race subclasses and the http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/7772-Ufo-Mission-Analysis '> UFO Mission Analysis Mod that enhances the xenopaedia information on alien missions. [/td] [td] [/td] [td]Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Soldiers [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name& Link [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Created [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Blank [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds [/td] [td] Pinetree [/td] [td] v0.22 [/td] [td] 19/02/12 [/td] [td] Adds in new names and background options to the soldier pool. [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Femonauts [/td] [td] Skitso [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 21/05/14 [/td] [td] Updates graphics for female soldiers. Replaces Girly Xenonauts [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Modding inventory containers [/td] [td] Mikhail Ragulin [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 30/05/14 [/td] [td] How to mod inventory spaces and add mission & kill information. [/td] [td] [/td] [td]In forum post[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] SteelSoldier Role Images [/td] [td] SteelSoldier [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 12/08/13 [/td] [td] Replaces soldier portraits [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Plain Coloured Extras [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Real Fighter Portrait Pack [/td] [td] Jsleezy [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 26/07/13 [/td] [td] Replaces soldier portraits and combines with the Real Armour mod [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Real Fighter Sounds [/td] [td] Jsleezy [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 29/11/13 [/td] [td] Adds 105 sounds into the game, with lots of soldier chatter[/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Hero: Custom Portraits [/td] [td] Falknerr [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 21/07/13 [/td] [td] Alters soldier portraits[/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Simple XP Mod [/td] [td] Ol' Stinky [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 09/07/13 [/td] [td] Adjusts requirements for skill up, removing need to exploit features. [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] WG Mod [/td] [td] War Games [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 09/05/13 [/td] [td] New rank (with new system), role, medal and difficulty images [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Soldiers – Alternate Role & Rank Images [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name& Link [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Created [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Blank [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Custom Role Symbols [/td] [td] KWill [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 11/06/14 [/td] [td] Alternate rank insignia [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Alternative Rank Insignia [/td] [td] Skitso [/td] [td] v1.03 [/td] [td] 07/06/14 [/td] [td] Alternative rank insignia [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Alternate Rank Images [/td] [td] MortuusSum [/td] [td] v0.22[/td] [td] 11/05/14 [/td] [td] Alternate Rank images[/td] [td] [/td] [td] Images are in forum post[/url] Download – Existing UI [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] New Rank Insignia [/td] [td] Pinetree [/td] [td] v0.21 [/td] [td] 28/11/13 [/td] [td] Alternative rank insignia [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Alternate Role Images [/td] [td] thothkins [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 17/12/12 [/td] [td] Add custom role images to soldier screen [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download- New UI Download – Existing UI [/td] [/tr] [tr] [tr] [td] New Role Icons [/td] [td] StK [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 17/12/12 [/td] [td] Replacement role icons [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Role Icon Pack [/td] [td] Erutan [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 04/05/13 [/td] [td] Add custom role images to soldier screen [/td] [td] [/td] [td]Download DaFranker's variant download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] "True Xenonaut" Rank Names and Images [/td] [td] GizmoGomez [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 17/07/13 [/td] [td] Changes rank names and images [/td] [td] [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Aufklarer's Soldier Role Images [/td] [td] Aufklarer [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 03/07/13 [/td] [td] Adds new Role Images into the game [/td] [td] [/td] [td] 2D Download 3D Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Continued in the next post...
  2. Concern: There seems to be no reason to take a vehicle on a mission instead of 2 troops. Reason: (Reasoning based on experiences up-to but not including the late-game) Vehicles take up valuable workshop time that could be better spent making planes Rookies are cheap and replacable at near zero cost. Rockets are free, turrets take up workshop time Troops can carry more than one type of rocket. Troops are more survivable (well, at least they can take cover and rocketeers usually aren't on the front line). Tanks fail at tanking, they attract fire and can easily be destroyed by 3 or so enemies. Troops improve, vehicles don't. Missiles upgrade for free, turrets don't. And the list goes on. Suggestions: Reduce cost of vehicles or make them recoverable. Give vehicles armor upgrades as aircraft or troops get them Give tanks a secondary weapon. Include a tech upgrade that allows a single vehicle to be carried to missions for free (it's strapped to the bottom and is dropped next time the dropship). Give tanks smoke cannisters (infinite zero range smoke grenades). Bailout! Destroyed vehicles spawn two privates with pistols.
  3. when I was doing a crashed corvette mission, I sent my men out of charlie and found out that the Army have better armoured cars then i do! I have the hunter but not any of the APC style Trucks. I am quite ticked off at this.
  4. So, having played a lot with the vehicles in 19.6 and having modded them to make them more useful, I thought I might put the mods up here for people to enjoy. The Type 2 Hunter The primary upgrades to the Type 2 hunter are a more powerful engine, an enhanced set of optics and a more powerful receiver/transceiver so it can report back what it sees to the squad. The armour has been enhanced with strategically located ceramic plates, especially at the front to protect the inhabitants and ammo storage. While the new engine gives better performance, it's physically bigger than the old one so the rear armour has been thinned to make room. The previous issue with the ammo feeding mechanism in the .30 cal turret has been cleared up so longer bursts can be fired without danger of jamming APs improved by +20 (80) Front armour improved by +10 (30) Rear armour reduced by -5 (15) Sight range improved by +4 (22) Burst fire improved by +2 (7 shots) Scimitar 20A1/B The B model Scimitar has been extensively redesigned to increase its durability in a protracted firefight. Armour plating has been thickened and borrowing a trick from Wolf armour, a superconducting lattice has been woven in which transmits energy from incoming plasma bolts to "bleed pods" that store and use this energy to power the vehicle and its weapons. Unfortunately repeated shots to the same area will damage the lattice and render it useless. There is also a potential issue with bleed pods possibly overloading, but we don't have the chance to give it a thorough field trial. We've added triple redundancy to the autonomous systems and added a secondary drive unit in case of failure of the main system. Improvements in weapon trajectory calculation have lead to modest increases in accuracy, although the updated fire control module has an alarming tendency to occupy most of the processor time when focussing on a particularly difficult shot, reducing the efficiency of other systems. APs improved by +10 (70) HP improved by +200 (600) Front armour improved by +10 (50) Side armour improved by +10 (50) Rear armour reduced by -10 (30) Accuracy improved by +25 (75) Laser weapons and above are capable of aimed shots at 40APs And the moment you've been waiting for! The download! This has been tested to work with v19.6 HF2. I do not know yet if it works with v18 - that' on my list of things to do. I'm still fiddling with the Hyperion, so I haven't included it on my list here. The vehicles... so pretty...
  5. Like, if a Hunter Scout Car is destroyed, can it be recovered and rebuilt or is it just permanently lost and you need to build another?
  6. We haven't had a thread specifically about them for a while. I've only gotten to the Hunter w/heavy pulse laser so far. My thoughts on it: 1. Way better than the old one. Actually quite useful. 2. Needs more MG ammo, at least 50% more. 3. MG accuracy seems a bit low to me, especially considering the lack of ammo. 4. When equipped with the heavy pulse laser is quite impressive. But again, might need a bit more ammo.
  7. Our tanks have currently one very important limitation, it´s called space usage, utilizing alien technology, we have come up with a smaller tank unit, that has enhanced alien alloy plating and equipping a variety of weapons fit for assault missions. The Primary weapon of the tank is a Heavy Machine gun, capable of firing bursts of 4 rounds, but with a bit more firepower than your standard soldier Heavy Machine gun. The Secondary weapon at your disposal are grenades, you can deploy grenades,flashbangs or smoke grenades, but you can only have one system deployed at a time for each mission. You can carry up to 6 grenades. Since the tank has it´s own throwing propelling system, the ranges are higher than normal soldiers. The tank will still occupy 2 soldier slots, but, the tank is much smaller than the other ones, so in actual space only 1 spot will be occupied. The tank will have increased plating in the front, slightly less on the sides, and due to the weapon systems, the rear will be left with less plating.
  8. The scimitar tank needs a buff, as a heavy weapon platform it leaves a lot to be desired. The plasma bolt in piticular is not only pretty weak when it comes to explosive power but also accuracy. its radius and accuracy should be doubled and prob should get more ammo. The laser weapon could use a buff as well. Any chance of having tanks operators gain XP and skill as xenonaughts do? maybe just relating to accuracy or something? How about the ability to back up without having to turn around its entire body? or a coax? Or for xenonaught troops to be ably to carry extra ammo packs for the tank? something anyway as right now tanks suck
  9. This might sound ridiculous, but what if you dont want actual firepower on a tank, but instead want it to scouting unit capable to taking higher punishment than before? Then think no further, by not equipping your weapon systems, you replace them with increase plating on every single side, you want have any firepower but your tank will be a a moving barricade for your soldiers to take cover next to it.
  10. A few features/ items that are in the game, but I'm just not using. Does everyone else use this stuff and it's just me, is it balancing that prevents it from being as useful as it should, or is it just not very useful? Shotguns - I used to use these in industrial maps. But those have been replaced. I occasionally used them for UFO breaching. The grenades mean I don't have to any more. They used to be handy for taking out Sebillians, but the Sebillians aren't as tough any more. Pistols are far more useful for suppression. High Explosive - I've never used this, so it's not just this build. Hardly any aliens use buildings in my games and UFO hulls can't be breached. Stun Batons - I have never used these. Why would I get anywhere near an alien to stun it, when I have nifty stun grenades and stun rockets. Even in 19.4, where the stun damage looks to have been reduced, it's worth the wait, rather than get a Xenonaut shot sneaking up. Aircraft cannons - The upgrades are more useful, in that it's either use them or go back to base and rearm. But the initial cannon doesn't get used at all. Flash Bangs - I find that between normal grenades, smoke grenades (that I've used less in the last 2 builds) and definitely stun, that I never have to go near these. Vehicles - I've not used these for several builds now. In 19.4 I'm focusing on base building at first. The first few months are much more successful. Vehicles and garages are expenses that I don't have if I want to get 3 bases up and running. That's personal choice, but I've not felt the absence of extra scouting or protection in several builds. Stores - I've not looked at this tab in the first three game months (or the vehicles one as per above). I'll only start looking when I'm upgrading the cannons on the Condors for the other bases. Manufacturing - It is used, but only barely. Since early armour and laser weapons can be pretty much skipped, I've built 2 Foxtrots. I built 4 Gatling lasers (but I'll possibly skip even those next time round). Not mush for 3 months. Infinite weapons, ammo and auto upgrading missiles don;t help. But the lack of necessity to have extra weapons and armour in early combat is probably the real reason.
  11. Hi! I'm aware in the originals vehicles didn't gain experience (for some reason) but I think its a shame that they don't here too. Unless they are robots, but at least the Hunter and Scimitar aren't. Hell, the hunter even has a couple of poor sods inside the damn thing. I see many people comment they don't ever use them because they don't gain experience of any sort so.. that's too bad really. I'd rather that what I view as an oversight in the original not be carried over here for mere traditions sake. It made no sense there and I don't think it does here either. Part of the fun is risking the units you've become attached too, and as it is you just don't care what happens to your vehicles. But actually more importantly.. anyone else find the Hunter missiles to be WAY more powerful and useful that then the pulse laser turret? Those hunter missiles are just a good time, let me tell you. When I got my scimitar the first time I was very disappointed to see there wasn't a missile turret for that since the pulse laser is basically crap. Its just too inaccurate, with the good old missiles you just have to get in the general vicinity -- also its great for blasting aliens hiding in thick cover, the pulse laser will just miss the alien and its cover entirely most of the time, even in burst fire. I suppose its possible that some people might prefer the pulse laser, although I honestly can't see this because its awful, so it would be nice to have missile options on the later vehicles too. Anyway, yes, I'd like to see the vehicles be a bit more fleshed out then they are now in general, to be honest.
  12. I don't give a damn if my hunter car explodes because it feels like it is a big cover with gun. I really like the idea of hiring a crew, crew stats would affect vehicle stats, if the vehicle would break or explode some of the crew might make it out and some of them would burn to death. If one vehicle takes up 4 spaces in a transport, it could have a 4 men crew or less. And if vehicles hp gets to zero it wouldn't always get destroyed but crew would take damage and have to get out and the vehicle could be fixed after battle. This is just an idea, I know nothing about coding so I'm not sure how hard it would be to make this work. Dont know if its too much but if youd need to hire pilots for aircraft that could make losing aircraft and a ace pilot really painfull.
  13. Is there a hard code limit to only having 5 primary weapons for vehicles ? Im trying to add a weapon to the hunter and the chassis animation is not being displayed properly. <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="13.5"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VEHICLE.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.97</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3.12</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">4.5</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">POWERPLANT.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">58</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">CHASSIS.HUNTER</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">3</Data></Cell> <Cell><Data ss:Type="Number">2</Data></Cell><Cell><Data ss:Type="String">VV.MACHINEGUN;VV.ROCKET;VV.PULSELASER;VV.PLASMABOLT;VV.MAC</Data></Cell>
  14. i don't know if it's been put out already but once you finish the alien alloy and/or the alien electronics reserch can you put in a button to refit the vecals and interceptors to increase their survivability and put a spell check on the forums please
  15. I was just thinking, could it be possible to have say 2 unarmed scouting drones as an option instead of armed vehicles? Say a quadrocopter with low HP but high TU researchable later in the game when plasma canons come onto the scene? Low in manufacturing cost, but taking up space in dropship. Sounds like a fair balance to me.
  16. Quite surprised I haven't asked about this before, but could you add an ammo counter onto the vehicles? I keep forgetting how many rockets I've fired into the civi-er...Xenos masses and always end up with 1-2 rounds short...
  17. It has been a while since I have posted and I have become more skilled at modding since my old posts. I have made some changes and I have some suggestions for the Devs, but because this is their project, I respect their opinions on my ideas. Things I have done... 1) Gray placeholder for face in equip screens to save time when making faces (see files at http://www.moddb.com/mods/community-mods-page/addons/equip-screen-placeholders). 2) Lessened Move TP cost to 3 (I think it makes the game faster) 3) Gave the Riot Shield a melee attack (costs 4 ap, does little damage) Things I would like the devs to implement... 1) New armor (one that resembles modern soldier) 2) Real Tanks and APCs from USSR and USA, also the Leopard from Europe 3) Make UI cleaner and numbers larger. Also, a color bar graph for soldier stats would be appreciated. 4) Make new recruits available from the start of the game. 5) Put Pinetree's Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds mod in vanilla game
  18. Yeah I know what I suggest here will be quite hard to put into the game. Still, a man has his dream *O* In the old XCOM, HWP role is simple - a powerhouse that can take hits for you wand having powerful weapon to blast those annoying aliens. Not to mention they are great to have in base defense mission too. However that's all, it's only a vehicle that you can manufacture. There's nothing else with it other then make it, equipping it with weapon and that's all. I really wish Xenonaut would take it a little farther than that so the vehicle system become a new and fun system to enjoy too. My imagination of a deep vehicle system would be like this. 1] Soldiers able to pilot vehicles, and each vehicle must have one soldier that pilot it. That means a new stat for soldier - Maneuver Maneuver is the stat that affects how well a soldier can control his vehicle and of course it goes up by using the vehicle a lot. Each vehicle have a base stat - Movement, Hit%, Health, Defense, Evade%, .v.v. and such and these stats can be boosted by the pilot Maneuver. And each vehicle require a certain maneuver to control them. For example the basic Hunter have a Maneuver requirement of 50. That mean almost all of the soldier can control it at first. However with high Maneuver [80 for example], the Hunter will receive a bonus to all of its stat. And then at higher Maneuver it will receive even better [of course there is a cap at say, about 120% of the vehicle capability]. It can be either like this Hunter Requirement - 50 Maneuver Bonus I - 10% Hit, 10% Evade at 70 Maneuver Bonus II - 20% Health, 10% Movement at 90 Maneuver ... or we can just make it hidden and the stat inscrease at a percentage depend on the Maneuver requirement and the soldier's maneuver. Such as 50 maneuver is the requirement to control Hunter, but with each 2 more maneuver the stats is increase 1%, which mean a soldier with 80 Maneuver will control the Hunter with 115% efficiency. Of course each vehicle will have a different cap with later vihicle have highe Maneuver requirement and can reach higher cap in capacibility. Imagine the final most powerful Hover Tank will have a requirement Maneuver of 120 and can increse to 150% of its capacibility with an inhuman Maneuver stat of 220. 2] Now Soldier can leave/get in the vehicle in combat. For example there's an indoor mission where vehicle are utterly useless. You can let the soldier leave his vehicle away and join the combat or even only for helping / giving medication, throwing smoke grenade, etc. 3] Soldier can be killed while the vehicle is still usable. And vice versa vehicle can be disable while the soldier inside is still alive. 4] Alien have their HWP too. It's fair to assume that since their Sectoid have high mental strength they could just make an Alien Craft and put it in there to control as well as using it's psy-abilities, no ? And then there will be ways to kill the alien without damaging the craft too much to take back, research, reapair, etc or even pilot it after you kill the alien inside in combat.
  19. Since my Chinook was shot down, I can't figure out how to get an APC aboard it..
  20. Inspired by something Gazz wrote, I do notice that while we can patch up wounded squaddies on the field, vehicles take it and take it until they go boom. Is there any chance of introducing a toolkit that does for vehicles what medikits do for squaddies? I mean, they don't have to fix that much, but it would be super cool to be able to affect some kind of battlefield repair on a vehicle. You wouldn't even have to make any new sprites - you could just reuse the medkit sprites.
  21. Don't know if they are in the game later but it would be cool if you could land a APC to cover ground quickly without dying & maybe hope it doesn't get destroyed on the way with your guys in it or maybe even Motorbike type transport or even the jeep with a bigger gun that needs xenonaughts to use. I presume a Chinook couldn't carrying an APC but maybe one of the bigger/researched transports could.
  22. An alien that uses plasma weapons hits the starter armored car a lot! 46/80 after 1 hit. Is that not a bit overpowered for a plasma handgun? I can understand that there should be a chance to blow up the car with one shot, but not hit about 36 damage with 1 shot every time...
  23. This is more a question than suggestion... Only XCOM clone where drivers have pictures is UFO: Extraterrestrial were every driver looks identical regardless of what gender's name they have. But it still gave them more personality. So I was wondering if pilots get pictures, could they be recycled for vehicle driver pictures too? Since pilot pictures IS after vehicle combat experience one, I was wondering if that will happen in case it does get funded that much. Speaking of which, will vehicles lose experience or something when vehicle is "destroyed" but not completely blown up? I still think it would be cool idea if their driver died, but you can rebuild wreckage into new one for free.
  24. I think it would be a good addition to the game. After Wolf armor has been researched, an option for Large-scale Alloy Fabrication. The description would something along the lines of this, "After observing the success of Wolf armor on personnel units, or technicians have designed to test out the same concept on a larger scale". After that, research would be available for the individual vehicle. The different shells would be equipable in the same manner armor is for soldiers. Armored vehicles would of course be more durable, but slower (in the case of land vehicle, a lower AP)
  25. This is a repost of the mod that added the smoke grenades and flare launchers for use by vehicles. It lists the files and what information needs to be added to them. It also includes the section needed to add them to the Hunter as secondary weapon options. To add them both as options for the hunter: I have no idea how this will affect save games etc so always back up your current files before making any changes.
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