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  1. Huh, seems like game is very moddable even with just ini files <_<
  2. Plus from in story perspective it does make more sense when you are ragtag resistance group rather than global combat unit with best resources and equipment.
  3. I have posted my opinions on stuff on sub forum already, but figured out I could post some general thoughts here So first, I'm really surprised by this thread since I figured out you guys wouldn't even think of sequel before you have finished other projects you are planning Secondly, I'm in the "Prefers sprites to 3d models" camp, but I do consider it acceptable sacrifice in this case since 3d models could allow stuff like juggernaut, scuttler, less humanoid aliens, reaper hives, etc features in the game and adding features to be easier.
  4. Though granted, dev interviews are probably more clear Anyway, from what I heard from interviews, their goals for strategy layer was to make it less predictable and more procedural so you wouldn't have exact same strategy on every playthrough. Same with proving grounds since thats apparently kinda random what you can get from experimental weaponry if I understood right?
  5. Not really, it looks like old 2012 skyrangers Though I guess you could say shriek look like old 2012 skyranger xP http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/06/08/xcom-2s-exciting-modding-potential-ign-first Anyhoo, the modding article
  6. Hey, invisible inc was fun stealth game (also, are you indirectly saying that Pathfinder idea's ambush element is bad idea in your opinion? I have to disagree with that)
  7. Umm... Its sequel even if its sequel to game over instead of beating the game. That is rare thing, but it wouldn't be only game to do that. So... I'm kinda baffled by your post I mean, how can you have AU fanfic to your own game? O-o Thats not how fanfic works!
  8. So yeah, basically impossible ironman run on your first playthrough ever
  9. Hmm, dunno about that. Have you played Afterwhatever series? Like I said, they are basically XCOM games even though in none of them you actually defend earth from anything, at least not initially. Plus Apocalypse still isn't really like original games thematically. I like to joke about it being ghostbusters but with aliens, aliens in apocalypse aren't as much invading as much as they are infiltrating, only by the end when you start treating their homeworld they start being more serious about blowing up buildings
  10. *shrugs* Apocalypse is XCOM game, UFO: Afterwhaever series are still xcom type games even though in none of them you actually have all of standard xcom clone features, I'd say that this game counts
  11. Eh, alien hybrids were back in the XCOM Apocalypse
  12. Maybe they are human sectoid hybrids? *shrugs*
  13. Nice Apparently its pc only, has modding support and brings some old features back (body looting and procedural maps, not sure if I missed something) Also, seems like they are planning to add stealth/infiltration stuff huh? ._. At least since it seems like you are guerrilla force this time around Anyway, I just find it hilarious that apparently this is sequel to game over state of XCOM 2012
  14. Haha, would have been funny to hold leader of alien invasion as hostage Though I guess it would have ended up with his execution and catatonia thing anyway, since I dunno if hostages works against aliens
  15. I do have to admit that now that I'm thinking about it, I'm bit confused why aliens became catatonic(including captured praetor) according to epilogue .-. It does explain why the remaining fleet in chaos doesn't just glass the earth, but considering how much captured praetor wanted to live, he clearly didn't know that killing high praetor would result in that? I don't mind that much, just something to think about Anyhoo, now to complete game on ironman. I guess I'll be using skitso's mappack mod this time. Then after successfully finishing it on ironman, it'd be time to try out community edition..