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    Chinook pilots

    Personal weapons can take out tank but not the unarmoured chinnok??? The agent could just run away as he is on earth & could steal a car? Chinook isn't the only way home but its a fast way there. I like different missions, cause after a while doing the same thing does get boring. I'm sure you could have exit points where it's safe to pickup the survivors. I really do hope the missions get a little more variations in the beta & alpha
  2. Target1805

    Chinook pilots

    That would be quite cool if you had to defend an area. Could even have evac missions. Maybe even parachute in. Random starting points. Leaving the chinnok in the combat zone seems very suicidal to me.
  3. Target1805

    Chinook pilots

    Maybe do away with the Chinnok staying there. Have it drop you off & they fly off. Pretty sure they'd want to that. I would if i was the pilot
  4. Target1805


    Don't know if they are in the game later but it would be cool if you could land a APC to cover ground quickly without dying & maybe hope it doesn't get destroyed on the way with your guys in it or maybe even Motorbike type transport or even the jeep with a bigger gun that needs xenonaughts to use. I presume a Chinook couldn't carrying an APC but maybe one of the bigger/researched transports could.
  5. V 12.1 Game froze when reptilian thing died in fire on alien turn