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  1. shade

    MAG weapons?

    what's the alien assault plasma's string and position so I can put it in
  2. yeah it probably did because I'm running out of money in this one with only two bases while I could have four or five in the original
  3. 1 change I want to see is the ability to create alien alloys
  4. there is no known spell check on my pc i don't meen incremental upgrading. i mean a 50% duribility increase for the condor and foxtrot with the new ships still far surpassing them
  5. i don't know if it's been put out already but once you finish the alien alloy and/or the alien electronics reserch can you put in a button to refit the vecals and interceptors to increase their survivability and put a spell check on the forums please
  6. I've had some where i've gone to heal somebody and it just fails completly while still taking the time units
  7. shade

    Future Sci-Fi DLC/Addons

    why not do something from the aliens point of view
  8. especially terror ships and missions there should only be 1 an month max at the start not 5