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  1. Commissar Pancakes

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Fig's pretty okay, considering how Wasteland 3 was campaigned there.
  2. Commissar Pancakes

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Backed. Along with Wasteland 3. What with the new Battletech game, it seems like there might be a possible return of isometric RPGs.
  3. Commissar Pancakes

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Yes..."motivate"... Edit: Now that I think about it, I'd kill for a Lovecraftian/Arkham Horror-esque RPG along the lines of HBS's Shadowrun trilogy.
  4. Commissar Pancakes

    Making C4 more unique.

    Seems alright, but I'd like to keep being able to throw the packs in, simply because I have no idea how large the current blast radius is. Doesn't seem right to penalize the player if they miscalculate the required TU to get their red shirt solder out of harms way.
  5. Commissar Pancakes

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    Ah crud...humanity got noticed by The Old Ones...
  6. Commissar Pancakes

    Making C4 more unique.

    While I agree the det packs were a tad too op in the beginning (I never bothered with grenades in OG X-COM, just spammed C4 until I had a steady supply of alien grenades), I'd rather see them balanced through inventory space or weight. Say, a 2x2 or even 3x2 config that is rather weighty. Derp. Missed the post about the new inventory system. Probably the best way to balance it is to have it take up multiple "Belt" slots so that each solder can only cart around one of the things (the poor shmuck is carting around a large pack of explosives, after all).
  7. Commissar Pancakes

    Xenonauts 2 - Public Build Date Set

    Capital! Though please tell me you aren't using the same engine again.
  8. Commissar Pancakes

    early game alien teleportation?

    Not to my knowledge, no. Are you sure that the entirety of the second floor was completely checked? Props have a tendency to mask tiles.
  9. Commissar Pancakes

    Most Anti-Climatic First Ground Combat Mission EVER.

    Vanilla-wise, there are actually only about a dozen environments that the team was able to produce while remaining on-budget ('course, that didn't exactly stop certain fans from producing a gigantic mod-pack that greatly expanded the map pool). On topic: Oh god...I remember the D-Day esque mission starts back in the Quickstart option of the Beta...
  10. Just did a google search for the label that they said supposedly owned the music. Apparently, this exact thread is what comes up when you search their name.
  11. Nah, 80s would have had some sort of giant focusing dish...
  12. Nah, probably one of the options for the Hunter's missile loadout.
  13. Commissar Pancakes

    Super Farmer

    Don't shotguns have a higher damage potential than the regular assault rifle?
  14. Commissar Pancakes

    F2P games

    WarThunder was always good about that. Though the less said about its Battle Rating balance system...the better.
  15. Commissar Pancakes

    Unable to Breach UFO Fighter w/o heavy casualties..

    They are Xenos Scum. They do not deserve an honorable battle! Xenonauts: Crush the Invader WITH COMPLETE HACKING BULLSPIT