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  1. I really like the old XCOM feeling of managing resources and ammunitions, stocking up ammo, rockets, cleaning the store and get rid of the obsolete weaponry to make room for new ones, take care of how much space the store of the base have, building new storeroom, etc. None of that is available in Xenonauts however Also I don't like the feeling of still having the "infinite" old weaponry when I already have new ones. Sure I can still use some old ones but whether to stock them in my base should be what me (Xenonauts commander) decide *O* And I still can't stomach that "infinite space storeroom that you only need one ever in each base" stuff T_T Also I don't know a thing about modding so if there is anyone who already (or plan to) make a resource management MOD can you guys please notice me asap. Thank you very much
  2. It's been a long time and I just install Xenonaut after hearing it's finally the 1.0 version ^^ However, one small question though, if no one have raised this before "Where can I see the action log ? Like how many days/hours until what research finish, how long until personel that I hire/transfer will be available at the respective base, how many days until constructions complete, production finish, etc... ? Also, the idea of adding more Xenopedia entries for facilities is perfect, imho. Minimal changes to the UI and give players precise and details info about each facilities and their uses. Not to mention it adds more contents and depth, so please consider it ^^
  3. Wow, thanks I will ask for your help when things come up then ^O^
  4. I forgot to mention - if there's anyone else who is also a Vietnamese and want to help it would be my pleasure. Preferably someone who could tamper with the coding and editing the text to make it looks better in-game. I'm good for translating, not sure about the other stuffs [font, code, size, Unicode for Vietnamese, etc] ~
  5. Well, I'm not sure but I think I am the only Vietnamese here in this forum so it's not really important to make a thread for this project. I just wanna join in the fun and to have somewhere to update my progress (help me feel I'm not alone in this, at least people in the forum will know that some Vietnamese dude is making a translation too). The reason I decide to make this translation project are : 1. I love games, especially this one. I have been a hardcore fan of the XCom series since elementary school [and yeah none of my friends play it, and I couldn't make them T_T]. 2. There are a lot of Vietnameses that enjoy a good game like this one, however lots of them have problem with the language barrier. If I was to make my friends try Xenonauts and buy it themselves I better make sure there IS a Vietnamese version for them first. Maybe then I could advertise this excellent game to Vietnamese gamers too [by some articles in game magazines and online gaming news, etc]. If that happen and Vietnamese starts to purchase Xenonauts I will expect some shares of the dough then, Chris 3. I like translating, and quite capable too ^^ So there, this thread is for updating progress. And here it is PROGRESS UPDATE 50% Nothing yet, except my intention to begin and currently researching the methods [in our country there's a saying "To begin mean 50% complete already"]
  6. Dunno if anyone mentioned this (thread too long already for me to read T_T) but about this problem can we solve it like this ? + Normal Mode - unlimited ammo, without needing too much micromanagement, resources management, problem solving, priority decision, etc. + Hardcore mode - all the hardcore things, limited ammo, etc.
  7. One more thing that ticks me off - when the shot hit and kill the alien it continue its trajectory just like it's a missed. Or like the alien have just been scratched by the bullet right at his Achilles heel and then fall dead...
  8. I don't think the flag is needed. Because a small flag next to your guy portrait in the ground combat UI is nothing much. In XCOM EU it was cool in the back of the armor. Can't have that in Xenonauts due to the sprites thing so it wouldn't look as good.
  9. Some do that. Others don't. Let those who want to do it, and we who don't shouldn't have any problem with it [since we don't do it anyway, why should we care if other people do it ?]. No need to make it any more complicated ^^
  10. I cut relationship with an [ex]friend of mine because he said the original Macross is too fuking ugly for him to watch =))
  11. F17 is faster and better in dogfights than Mig31 :-s If something is "too quick" for F17 that would mean Mig31 is out of the picture too... Unless what you mean is using Mig31 to spam missiles on them beofre they get too close / escape.
  12. In this game, if I want to play Classic [not even Ironman] then there is only one way to go - Satellite Links, Engineers, Satellite, Satellite, SATELLITE !!! ASAP !!! If I choose to do anything else then I'm doomed for all eternity. Even if I'm Kratos and I powned any and all of my enemies in all missions without even losing once. Enlighten me how the original force me to be like that. Btw, I forgot I said I won't be mentioned EU here again. Sorry, just planned to answer you since you did call me out. I will let the others take it from here then...
  13. @TrashMan : yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking about when I said "Skull Leader". Can't blame me for being a die-hard Macross fan It's nice to see a komrade here *shake* *shake*
  14. No, I think all of us knew. The thing they're complaining about is how it force the player to play that and ONLY that way or else they lose the game.
  15. Sorry if I'm being annoyed, it's just when I was talking about how the game makes you feel the world is your enemy instead of the alien and how wrong the feeling was. Then someone come and say "oh if you are having difficult because of panic level they can be manage you know, I have just finished a game only losing one country, etc..." It's like you're only trying to brag about your successs instead of actually reading what I wrote. Nvm, I lost interest in talking about XCOM EU ~ You guys wouldn't see me talking about it anymore... One less whiner, cheers (*O*)/~
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