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    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    Maybe if you believe hard enough. I dunno.
  2. Msvknight

    Forum Migrations

    Ah, I have personally been on many forums, using many kinds of..... forum. I think that, this move is a good idea, even if the memories of old are lost. (But never the Buddhist Civilians)
  3. Just for clarification, what version are you using?
  4. Msvknight

    Dranak plays Long War

    Ooooo XCOM 2? I'm in! I'd like a ranger if thats possible
  5. Hey Guys! It's been a little while since I have even been of the forum, but I'm back, learning about the new project and stuff like that. But, I am here to say, even though it is quite early. Merry Christmas to all!, and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone's holidays are quite easy and peaceful. (Being in Aus, it is very hot all day every day.)
  6. Msvknight

    Mod Help Pleaseeeeee

    I assume that it means a mod that enhances a mod or something around that.
  7. Hmmm, I haven't played in a while, but Multiplayer did seem like it would'nt work too well, but I haven't touched it in a while, I need to check it out again
  8. Msvknight

    New Vehicle

    Also, look at the little propellor on the end, i think the Schwimmwagen was the model for this
  9. Msvknight

    New Vehicle

    Is that a Schwimmwagen?
  10. Msvknight

    F2P games

    the good point about F2P games about planes is that pretty much any plane can take down any plane, even if someone payed real money for the good ones, you could always shoot them down the same
  11. Msvknight

    F2P games

    I have been playing a lot lately (War Thunder, World of Transportation (Tanks, Planes,Ships) and Heroes and generals) and it got me wondering about others opinions on these sorts of games. When does a Free too ply game become too pushy about money for you guys? What games of this type have you played and realized that doing anything takes forever?
  12. Msvknight


    Killin with Commissar
  13. Msvknight

    Obligatory E3 Hype & Thoughts thread

    Why kill mutants when you can enslave them and push them into service