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  1. Hey and_great, Mod has been fun to play so far, a few crashes, usually when dropping shields or picking them up. My main issue I am having is in the manufacturing/gear loadout screen, most of the weapons show no stats as to what their ranges dmg and ammo amounts are so its hard to tell what weapon is better then another as well as what is the right tool for the job. im gonna see if there is a way I can pull the stats from the game files in the meantime so I dont have to manufacture blind.
  2. the torrent is the original, if you go thru the russian website you get the exact same torrent, the only difference is your using a magnet url to grab the torrent. if you dont want to use the magnet then reg on the website as detailed in and_greats post. you can then check the torrent url and see they are the same. I have no idea what the hash for the exe is and im not gonna do anymore leg work then I already have
  3. just use the magnet link for the torrent I left on the other page
  4. Looks great, got the torrent I will dl it and give it a try! Great work AND_GREAT!
  5. Hey, AND_GREAT got anymore stuff i can translate?
  6. Well its good to here your allowed to use it. Thank you tacticaldragon! It really sucks to come in here and read all this and realize that the English modding community has basically imploded on itself to the satisfaction of absolutely no one I wish I had not gotten so interested in this game and its mods to find out they had torn each other to shreds Let me know if I can assist with the translation. pm me your skype or something if you want someone to comb through and spell check that way all you have to do is rough translate and I can pretty it up
  7. Please make English version! let me know if i can help spell check or lend a hand with something!
  8. Apollo

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    Is this compatible with xnt?
  9. Hey man any chance of you building on xenophobia more? Hearing that this guy just up and quit breaks my heart. The compilation mod has alot of its mods that need updating and needs a good balance pass or 2 for the weapons. Any chance of you updating the mods in the pack? Would be nice if we can get the russian version in English seeing as how our only mod pack creator up and quit
  10. The later ones also have drivers they just are not in the veh they pilot it from the command center. Thus they would gain experience and skill from missions and practice. same with a UAV or a USV or even the Unmaned ground veh like the Black Knight
  11. And the guy piloting it remotely would not gain experience using it and shooting it?
  12. How does the alien plasma blaster do it? It destroys terrain without exploding equipment? Can we change the round to that type and increase the spread size?
  13. Its more the spread of the Plasma bolt that is lacking in dakka, the tank can destroy cover better by running it over then trying to blow it up! if the tank could squish aliens like it does terrain I would never fire its gun other then for the effect. It needs more obstacle destruction dakka. The laser cannon should be more shooty while the plasma bolt should have more dakka. The plasma cannon needs to me moar explodie
  14. Your mod is currently a improvement, I wish it would do something for the weapons lack of dakka of the laser and the plasma weapon.