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It has been a while since I have posted and I have become more skilled at modding since my old posts. I have made some changes and I have some suggestions for the Devs, but because this is their project, I respect their opinions on my ideas.

Things I have done...

1) Gray placeholder for face in equip screens to save time when making faces (see files at http://www.moddb.com/mods/community-mods-page/addons/equip-screen-placeholders).

2) Lessened Move TP cost to 3 (I think it makes the game faster)

3) Gave the Riot Shield a melee attack (costs 4 ap, does little damage)

Things I would like the devs to implement...

1) New armor (one that resembles modern soldier)

2) Real Tanks and APCs from USSR and USA, also the Leopard from Europe

3) Make UI cleaner and numbers larger. Also, a color bar graph for soldier stats would be appreciated.

4) Make new recruits available from the start of the game.

5) Put Pinetree's Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds mod in vanilla game

Edited by Lionheart2
Only one new armor wanted

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Some of the things you have suggested are already in the game, Lionheart2.

1) New armour types: There are (not including basic and jackal) about 4 other armour types yet to be revealed.

2) I can recruit new soliders, technicans and scientists from the get-go. In fact, when I start a new game, I go and recruit 12 soliders straight off as a reserve pool.

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I noticed those armors, but I was talking about adding a few more on top of those.

Also, whenever I go to hire more soldiers, there are none. Is this a bug?

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Because of how the sprites work adding additional armour means A LOT more sprites. you need to animate every weapon and action combination for that armour into a separate sprite sheet. This game isn't using masks and such (because of the engine) so you can't just change the weapon while keeping the armour sprite (or other way around). you need to change the whole sprite.

without seeing how the game balances with those 4 extra armours (I thought it was 5) asking for more seems a bit much. which role/slot isn't filled already by the 6-7 armours in game? what is it you feel is missing? (answer in spoilertag please. add

[/spoiler ] around your answer)

Yes, that is a bug. the pool update function isn't working properly (you are trying a few weeks into the game right? they should be there if you try right after placing the base)

I don't understand why you did the number 1 modification.

And what do you mean by make the UI cleaner? could you please elaborate on this point?

and while you are at it, which UI? the ground battle? air battle? the geoscape? or the base UI?

Edited by Gorlom

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Yes. It's a recurring bug. The current workaround is to save the game, start a new one, put your base down, then end that game (it's important to quit back to the main menu), reload your saved game and the recruit pool should be refreshed.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Gorlom.

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A lot of the numbers in the base management ui merge together and/or are very small and hard to read. Also, having bar graphs for soldier stats would help players quickly analyze their soldier's stats.

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