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    I have spent too many years playing the best games to give up on them now.
    Indie projects carry my hopes for the future of gaming as the mainstream developers can't make a game that appeals to me.
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  1. I don't really need to see a graphical representation of the missile damage. Adding a single line to the bottom of those anomaly messages with a bit of semi randomised text might be enough. Something like 'UFO spotted scouting power plant, local military inflict heavy damage', 'Military base bombed by UFO, local guerrillas retaliate for light damage', 'UFO reported mutilating livestock, local civilians attack for minimal damage'. The messages could be weighted to give a good idea of the state of the conflict. In my examples the local forces descriptive term changes depending on the strength tier of the region. Maybe military > militia > guerrillas > civilians or whatever terms seem appropriate. I would like a log to be available though so you could look back through the event reports. You might be able to use them to make a decision on where to place your next base. if one region is holding out well you could choose to go there if you are struggling to make your battle easier or go elsewhere if they need your support.
  2. Gauddlike

    Keeping alien weapons

    If the aliens have been using predominantly plasma weapons for centuries then maybe all of their armour is designed with those weapons in mind. It would be like humans predominantly having armour that protects against bullet impacts. It is what we know to be the major threat so why design around anything else. Their own weapons would likely be better than anything we have in theory but in practice if even their light armour protects them from that kind of damage then it would be pretty pointless using them in most situations. You might consider picking up that alien plasma shotgun if you got into a close quarters fight and only had a sniper rifle or rocket launcher (or vice versa) but in general you would ditch it after the fight for something more effective, unless you were into keeping trophies. It does beg the question why we would bother creating our own plasma weapons. Maybe not all aliens got the plasma memo, or once they adapt their armour to kinetic or laser resist then plasma damage becomes more viable. Maybe our own plasma weapons are just variations of the alien weapons that remove the ergonomic issues.
  3. I started a new game on V1.3 and did nothing but forward time to produce laser rifles. I have had this bug show up once out of many repeats and I can't seem to reproduce it atm. Additionally if I put the laser rifle in my pack instead of hands it is not automatically loaded and cannot be manually loaded. Moving it from hands to pack unloads it. *edit* The research job unlocks the infinite batteries rather than the laser rifle production job. I would guess that to be the problem here. I have tried MANY production jobs with no issues. I am going to try running the research job repeatedly and then checking the armoury to see if the batteries appear as they should each time. *edit2* Lost count of how many times I have tried both producing laser rifles and researching laser weapons. I cannot reproduce this and have still only seen it once.
  4. Gauddlike

    [V1.1 - Geoscape] Engineering list bug

    Sorry I didn't reply, been away for a few days. To confirm; the new build does resolve my issue.
  5. I haven't reproduced this one, just want to ask the OP if the last alien stunned itself or was killed by reaction fire? Might make a difference.
  6. If the targeted crash site despawns while the Skyranger is on route it just continues flying away on the same heading. It will disappear off the edge of the map and eventually cause a CTD. Save file attached has a Skyranger en route to a site that will despawn before arrival, just accelerate time. Crash_site_despawn.json
  7. Gauddlike

    [V1.1 - Geoscape] Engineering list bug

    Just to add to this if you remove the profitable goods after adding the laser rifles then you can no longer perform any actions such as change the amounts or type of production, accelerate time, launch interceptors, equip soldiers etc. You have to force the game to shut down.
  8. Gauddlike

    The Ranking System

    I thought it was purely related to number of posts on the old forum. I would assume the same here but I can't find anything to back it up. Guess we need someone with access to the inner workings of the forum to demystify this one for you.
  9. That looks like it could have been influenced by the metal storm weapons. Definitely something that could be put together by a cunning scientist and engineer with access to a few high tech materials and pressing need for bigger bangs.
  10. Gauddlike

    Making C4 more unique.

    I like Belmakors suggestion for basic C4. Short range remote detonation could be a research option as well as shaped charges that damage mainly in a cone from the target tile etc. Research further into demolitions for a portable laser drill to breach in an even more controlled/safer manner. Anything to add more interest to blowing things up and sticking your head in the resulting hole..
  11. Gauddlike

    Shallow depth in landcombat

    Another thing to consider is the tile based nature of the world. Small changes to vision cones can generate some really bizarre situations where you cannot see some places you would assume you could. Narrow cones are the worst, especially if you can only turn your character in 45 degree increments. There will be areas right in front of you that you will NEVER be able to see despite there being no logical reason why that would be the case.
  12. Gauddlike

    reversible mind control

    I usually found as soon as I had access to mind control the game became quite trivial. See alien, control alien, drop own grenade at feet of alien etc etc. I actually prefer not to have it and for the aliens to have a watered down version as it was just too powerful with too little risk to the user in the OG. I am not however completely against having access to psi powers, or even mind control, if it can be made an interesting tactical option instead of either insanely frustrating or boringly overpowered. For example maybe mind controlling an alien doesn't give you full control but does make it see other aliens as enemies and your troops as allies for a turn or two. It could then act accordingly.
  13. Gauddlike

    X2 Kickstarter

    Just wanted to say congratulations to the team on getting the kickstarter funded so quickly. Guess it shows there is a lot of support for Goldhawk and Xenonauts 2 out there.
  14. That is the downside to getting frequent small updates. It can be hard to see the whole vision when you are just getting snippets here and there. I am looking forward to what you have planned.
  15. You could allow aliens to remember the position of the soldier and have psi skills target that area. More like a mind grenade than a mind bullet. Most powers should still only affect a single target in that area but others could affect more. If you want to avoid psi attacks you shoot and move, keep mobile and keep out of sight. In the end I would prefer psi powers to be present but they do need care to make them a challenge that can be countered rather than a frustration that you just have to put up with.