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  1. That is the downside to getting frequent small updates. It can be hard to see the whole vision when you are just getting snippets here and there. I am looking forward to what you have planned.
  2. You could allow aliens to remember the position of the soldier and have psi skills target that area. More like a mind grenade than a mind bullet. Most powers should still only affect a single target in that area but others could affect more. If you want to avoid psi attacks you shoot and move, keep mobile and keep out of sight. In the end I would prefer psi powers to be present but they do need care to make them a challenge that can be countered rather than a frustration that you just have to put up with.
  3. I think this ties in with another post talking about the amount of information you have prior to taking on a mission. If you know that the mission will have a large Andron presence who all have low light vision and are practically unaffected by the dark then you could consider waiting to engage during the day to negate their advantage. However if Ceasan eyes were less adapted to the dark than humans, or Sebillians became more sluggish at night due to being cold blooded or whatever then you may want to consider a night assault on those species, especially if you can attack by surprise with an equipment loadout designed to take advantage of this.
  4. If you look for the section on submaps that should give you plenty of ideas. The submaps are the blocks used to build up full maps, like buildings, fields etc.
  5. There is a post about editing the Xenonauts font. The software mentioned may also allow you to convert the mvec font into something you can use elsewhere.
  6. Interesting bug fix update today I thought people here might be interested in. Highlighted in bold.
  7. When you say no longer works what exactly is the issue? Does it fail to launch at all, crash with an error message etc. Also did it work well previously and if so has anything changed like hardware, software, OS updates? What steps have you tried to resolve it, have you reinstalled, redownloaded in case of corruption and so on.
  8. I have been thinking about this and I would much prefer a sequel over a reboot. There are definitely options that make some sense as a follow up to the original Xenonauts and still allow for a cold war situation. How about after the final battle in Xenonauts the mantle of leadership was taken up by the next strongest psionic alien. This alien was much weaker and could only control a smaller force of aliens at the time. Due to the severely weakened nature of the alien fleet they decide to keep a low profile, the good old dark side of the Moon or Mars base maybe. Back on Earth the victory and liberated Alenuim provide a boost to the planet with unlimited clean energy available to everyone. However over the next few years a new discovery is made, Alenium in it's active form only has a half life of around 10 years. Inactive Alenium was only discovered after the battle in alien storage and it quickly becomes the rarest material on Earth as it was being activated in everything. It is soon hoarded and coveted by the major powers in the same way nuclear weapons were. Without Alenium it is increasingly difficult to field advanced technology like plasma or laser weapons so humanity dusts off good old ballistic tech and starts watching their neighbours closely again. As the first Alenium age begins to burn itself out on Earth the aliens decide that the new era of distrust is their perfect opportunity to strike and try to provoke the Humans into wiping each other out. This would allow the aliens to recover some of their technology and resources without risking another full on confrontation. The aliens are still very much reduced in numbers as they only have what they could escape with last time. They would also be low on inactive Alenium so recovering this would be a priority to allow them to maintain their technological advantage. You could still have a cold war feel but you could make the funding blocks into whatever you wanted them to be for balance purposes. Maybe Europe is no longer a very rich place (i.e. no longer the best place for a starting base) while Africa became a power house. The difference in land mass could have made a difference when Alenium was raining down from the skies, Africa could have easily been able to secure enough to become powerful. The two could even have merged, literally becoming a barrier between East and West or you could fragment the USSR and USA without needing to justify how this could have happened in the 70's. I also feel this would allow the Xenonaut scientist to make a comeback as an embittered older man who was initially hailed as the father of the Alenium age then used as a scapegoat by the Earth governments when Alenium was discovered to burn brightly but fade quickly.
  9. I am playing in quite a stealthy manner so most of my skill choices have been stealth based. I imagine I could play through again but choose a more action oriented path. As said above the game is quite open once you enter a zone, you are just given a bunch of local missions and told what the rewards would be. Only a few of them have any story progression linked to them. The rest are just for fun and upgrades. That does mean the story is quite well hidden, especially if you don't read all of the mails and so on you steal from data terminals. On steam I have currently played around 18 hours and I am barely through the second of four/five of the city districts. The new iron man mode added in the last update should help replaying as well. All agent skills and xp are reset on death so you have a fresh clone every time you do something stupid... Will definitely give that a try next time.
  10. I am really enjoying playing SR at the moment. I like the mix of elements as Jean-Luc mentions.
  11. That is at least partly the fault of the community. Too many calls for realism in the weapons and outcry over any change that reduced ammunition to an unrealistic level. Everyone knows an M-16 doesn't have an 8 round magazine so you cannot do that etc etc. Makes game balance more difficult
  12. With both of those options once you download the game you can simply run the exe and launch the game without ever needing to use either service again. You could also burn the game files to a disc or on a thumb drive and keep that to reinstall later so it would be a one time deal.
  13. If you use steam you can add the game to your wishlist and you should get a notification when it is on sale. Not sure if GoG has a similar feature but worth a try.
  14. Few options there if you want to read back on some of the previous discussions. There are others but these seem to be the main ones that I remember.
  15. This shouldn't need any coding to fix up, maybe just a little time and notepad. If you have halved the dimensions of each image file then you need to half the co-ordinates in cities.xml as well. For example if your original earth image files were 100x200 but are now 50x100 then your city previously set at 50,100 now needs to be set at 25,50 to appear in the same place on the new image.