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    Closed Beta Build V7 has now been released and has substantially changed the balance of the game. This is the place to comment on the changes that have been made, and make suggestions about what else should be changed. The balance is still at a fairly primitive stage but it gets better with each new round of changes, so feel free to wade and give your thoughts even if it your opinions might seem obvious. In addition to the specific balance changes made below, I want to pick out a few additional features from the (very long) full V7 changelog that are particularly likely to affect gameplay. Relevant Features: The fire path is now much better at correctly tagging intervening cover, which means cover now offers protection in a significantly wider arc than in previous builds. Soldiers are now capped at gaining +30 in any attribute. A soldier with high starting stats will always be better than a soldier with bad starting stats (although the difference will be relatively smaller at higher level), which means those soldiers are now a more valuable commodity than before. Balance Changelog: Balance - you now have 12 soldiers at the start of a campaign, and the new starting dropship can carry 10 of them. Balance - starting base Living Capacity is now 24. Balance - starting funds on the Geoscape are now reduced to $2.5m, and the monthly funding per region has also been reduced by about 30%. Balance - All weapons now have fire costs based on a % of max TU, rather than flat costs. The flat costs were an error on my part, as they were left over from some semi-related gameplay testing I did (X-Com and Xenonauts 1 both use %TU fire costs). Balance - % TU fire costs are now always rounded down, rather than rounded up. In X1 you sometimes did not want your soldier to gain TU because it would actually cause them to be able to fire fewer shots in some circumstances. Balance - Soldier training is now MUCH slower. Coupled with the change further down the page about stats being capped at +30 above starting values, your soldiers should no longer be superhuman killing machines about three missions in. Balance - Soldiers can now gain strength in combat by spending TU while carrying over 80% of their max carry capacity. Balance - Mind War is now squadsight for the aliens, rather than requiring no LOS. Balance - Mind War success chance is now Psionic Strength vs Bravery, with 0-50 random roll added to both (previously it was 0-100 random) Balance - the Mind Shield item boosts the Bravery (and therefore Psi-Defence) of a soldier by 25 when equipped in their Secondary. Balance - due to one of the bugfixes below, UFO hulls are now much harder to destroy with small arms fire. Bring C4 if you want to easily breach a UFO!
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    Nah, I've always said that I was willing to change my mind on the turn-based system. I just said I wasn't willing to change my mind on it until I'd tested it as much as was feasible (which I now have). I do still think there are some fundamental flaws in the X1 system so I'm a bit frustrated that I wasn't able to come up with something better, but there's no point being stubborn about it or trying to force change for the sake of change. That said, the one design aim I want to make clear before this discussion gets going is that I don't want to do anything that makes the air combat much slower than it already is. Having the player spend a few extra minutes tinkering with the loadout of their planes to see if they can fit a laser cannon on their Falcon without having to take the shield generator off is something I'm happy with, but having the actual combat require more micromanagement or having to swap out the pilots / tactics of your aircraft before you launch each mission is not. The "skill" should ideally be in creating loadouts and giving your planes general orders, rather than specifically micromanaging the behaviour of each aircraft during combat. @Charon thanks for the thoughts. I'm not sure if you're advocating for special types of clouds there, but I think we'll probably just stick with the one type. I don't think the system is complex enough to support multiple types of cloud with different effects even if special magic clouds made logical sense. The SPAZ component system you linked uses the same fundamental ideas as what I have in mind, but it seems way too complicated - although what you posted in your images lower down is a bit closer to what I envisioned. Anyway the danger with adding too much content to the air war is that it completely overwhelms the rest of the game and that's definitely something I want to avoid (also the available weapon slots have to align with what can realistically be shown in the Air Combat UI for each plane), however the component / slot system is pretty modular and modders can make something crazy complex if they want. The only limitation right now is that all planes share the same selection of slots, but that may well change in the future. With regards to pilots I'm just thinking that each aircraft gains experience in combat and can level up perhaps three or five times, and gains +Accuracy on its weapons and +Evade on the plane. The pilot isn't seperable from the plane and the pilot is killed if the plane is shot down. It's a fairly simple system but anything more complex is going to add an extra layer of complexity to the UI, and there's already going to be a lot more to display with the component system. Yes, some randomisation in the equipment of UFOs is something we're considering. In terms of the UFO goals in combat, I think you're going to struggle to have something like "deliver a supply run" or "terrorise a city" happen within the air combat - those are things that happen on the Geoscape. For that sorta stuff to be interesting you'd probably need a fixed battlefield with multiple UFOs and NPC air forces and defence turrets and stuff, otherwise your "choice" is always going to be to fly towards the UFO as fast as possible and shoot it down just like it is in all of the other interception missions. And that's probably beyond scope for vanilla X2.
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    There wasn't an update in March, or May, or July. Not updating yet would seem consistent with the previous development update schedule for this year.
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    Yup - it's going to be 25 dollars until final release, at which point it will become 30 dollars.
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    The air combat section of Xenonauts 2 has gone through a number of iterations over the past few years, and with the project approaching Early Access we've taken the decision to switch to (an upgraded version of) the realtime air combat mechanics from the first game rather than pursuing the alternative turn-based model I've been experimenting with. I'll explain the reasons for this change below, but let's start by discussing the realtime mechanics and the planned improvements. Realtime Mechanics: We're already working on implementing the realtime air combat mechanics from the first Xenonauts and we're hoping to have them in the next major release (V8, which is due on 1st October). This will also include various supporting strategic systems such as the ability to manufacture advanced aircraft on the Engineering screen, many of which require some extra work now the "classic" base update changed the way Hangars worked. The goal for V8 is therefore to literally have the air combat from the first Xenonauts in the second game as a starting point to test our improvements. We'll probably chuck the same planes and weapons in the game with the same stats, and fit them into the tech tree in roughly the same place, and do the same for the UFO stats. This will make it easier for both us as the developers and you as the community to spot missing features or things that aren't working properly, and it also ensures that the strategy layer has reasonable balance / progression to allow us to test the new features we're planning to experiment with in future builds: Interceptor Components: on the Aircraft screen there are additional slots for new types of equipment that did not appear in the first Xenonauts (armour, engines). One of the main things I want to experiment with is to have fewer types of interceptor but more possible upgrades, making the tech tree more interesting ensuring each type of interceptor can potentially stay relevant for longer. As an aside, it might be interesting to give each aircraft type a Power stat and have the various weapons, engines and armour types draw a certain amount of power. So even basic aircraft can still use highly advanced equipment but can support less of it than the more advanced fighters. Also, if much of the cost of an aircraft comes from its components rather than the aircraft itself, we could re-implement permadeath for the aircraft itself but make most of the equipment recoverable when a plane is shot down. Clouds: these would provide cover on the battlefield and the amount and position of them would be randomised each battle. The idea is that combatants can move through clouds freely but they would block the fire arcs of weapons (and missiles wouldn't make course adjustments while flying through them). Hit / Evade Chances: this an experimental change we're going to try, where combatants have % Evade scores and weapons have % Accuracy scores and Evade modifiers. The Evade roll will no longer be manually triggered and will just play an evade animation (without moving the plane laterally) when an Evade occurs. We'll see if this improves the game and if not we'll return to the old system where weapons would always hit if in range. The % Accuracy on weapons is somewhat required if we're going to add Pilots to the game, as the obvious thing for pilots to do as they gain experience is provide an Accuracy bonus to their weapons and an Evade bonus to their interceptor. The same is true for upgrades like targeting computers or so forth; in the old X1 air combat there's just not many variables to play with and that limits the equipment and upgrade choices we can give the player. Relative Battlefields: in X1 the boundaries of the battlefield are set at the start of the combat, but in X2 the boundaries will always be a fixed distance from the main UFO. This will allow us to set some combats up as a chase where the UFO is trying to get far enough away from your planes to push them off the edge of the map, while peppering your pursuing interceptors with fire from a rotating turret weapon (or relying on their escorts to cover for them). It's not a huge thing but in X1 literally every UFO would just turn and fly towards your interceptors so it'd be nice if in X2 some UFOs tried something a little different. Special Equipment: we'll also likely be experimenting with some other types of equipment that weren't in X1, such as turret weapons that are capable of rotating their fire arcs, or shields. Not sure how many will provide practical but we've got a few ideas! The main intention of these changes is to add a bit more variety to the air combat. One of the problems in X1 was that a combat featuring a particular UFO versus a particular combination of interceptors would almost always play out the same way every time, and there's a few things we can do to mitigate this. The addition of clouds means that the battlefield itself may cause the tactics to be different in different battles, and making weapons use % hit rolls should also ensure a bit more variation (e.g. a combat may play out quite differently if a long range volley of missiles at the start of combat scores 4 hits compared to if it scores 2 hits). Depending on how the combat changes play out, I think the strategic side of the air combat may also become more complex and interesting. In X1 you were continually building steadily more advanced planes and getting rid of the older models once they became irrelevant, but if specific aircraft gain combat experience through a pilot system and are also more upgradeable than before then I can see more interesting choices becoming available to the player. Do you replace your experienced starting interceptors as soon as a better interceptor becomes available, or do you give them some upgrades and keep them around? Or just play aggressively with them until they get shot down, and then replace them? Etc. What happened to the turn-based air combat model? Up until V7 the game featured a turn-based air combat model. The plan was to add increasing complexity to this turn-based system until we got something that was complex enough to be fun, but was ideally a bit faster-paced than the X1 air combat and used a more similar skillset to the rest of the game. The tun-based air combat in the public builds never got to the stage where it became fun. After the last iteration it was obvious that air combat needed proper 2D unit movement (rather than just 1D moving forwards / backwards) if it was to be interesting enough to support the more complex strategy layer that Xenonauts has compared to XCOM or classic X-Com. With overly simple air combat not only are the interceptions more boring, there's also less scope for research and UFO behaviour on the rest of the strategy layer too. Unfortunately, when we set to work implementing this it became clear that trying to handle complex 2D movement in a fast-paced way was going to be impractical in a turn-based system. Obviously asking players to issue orders to all of their planes every few seconds wasn't an option as every combat would take hours, so we instead developed an "automated" move system based on auto-calculated moves towards your target enemy unit (or movement waypoint). We were hoping it would provide a realtime feel while retaining the turn-based system under the hood, but in practice it didn't work well - it was difficult for the user to understand what was going on and it didn't feel as natural or responsive as the X1 realtime system. This is a bit of a shame, as the turn-based system we had planned had been paper prototyped and worked rather well as a board game. But if the fundamental building blocks of the system don't translate well onto the screen, there's point pursuing it further - it seems like we've taken the turn-based model as far as it could go. The best thing to do would just be to pluck out some of the interesting systems and merge them into the X1 realtime system. I certainly think there's some scope to do this. Ideally, I want to try and minimise the amount of time players have to spend pausing / unpausing to try and pick the optimal split-second to do something (like rolling their planes to dodge incoming fire), so making Evasion auto-trigger on a % roll may help a lot here. Adding more variety to the air combat in general should also improve the experience and replayability for everyone, and new ideas such as clouds and the interceptor components actually work equally well under the old X1 realtime system as they do in the current X2 turn-based system. Conclusion: When development began I couldn't see many improvements that could be made to the X1 air combat, which was one of the reasons I was reluctant to use the same system - I felt like I'd be serving up exactly the same thing all over again. After all this experimentation I'm now pretty sure the air combat can be improved, and it's just a question of whether we can improve things a little (by adding clouds, relative battlefields etc) or if we can improve things a lot (by getting hit chances / components / pilots to work). Perhaps if I spent a few more months working on the turn-based system we'd make some kind of breakthrough ... but the game is now approaching Early Access and we need to make a final decision on what system we want to use because the uncertainty is holding back the strategy layer. It's a pretty simple decision; the X1 realtime system currently works better than the X2 turn-based system does, so we'll be going with the X1 system. Anyway, I'm sure some people are going to be very happy with this change and I'm sure some other people will be a bit disappointed. I can understand both viewpoints, but really the most important thing here is that a decision has been made and in the next build we should be able to start balancing and properly playing the strategy layer. Hopefully that at least is something everyone can get excited about!
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    I mostly agree with TrashMan here, I'll elaborate below. die-roll-death, you get shot ...roll a D20...came up 1...ahh bad luck your dude in the best armor in the game just got its head blown off by the dude with a spudgun. you attack..he rolls a 1..he gets his head blown off. now his 6 buddies run around the corner..take shots...roll for defense player characters...or player controlled soldiers are far more likely to get attacked a lot more over their career and they are not easily replaced, the enemy alien..for all intends and purposes is a disposable pawn capable of depleting his entire arsenal in a single game and suicide himself just to get hits in on player controlled units. this enemy alien will simply be refreshed if he survives or perishes, so 1-shotting him with a juicy crit to the face feels good but is ultimately barely consequential...him getting that hit on you with 1-shot potential regardless of what armor you are wearing feels a lot worse. so yes I would very much go for a system that allows for a reliable way of counteracting enemy fire. note that, even if you know the soldiers can take 1 hit reliably...as soon as the armor is cracked the stress is on every time this soldier ends up in a potentially dangerous situation. compare this to getting pushed into a hard fight with half your health (or healing items if the game has them) already depleted. yes good players don't get hit often, part of being a good player means not getting your men shot at in the first place and the armor is a safeguard...this will not change if a single shot can be stopped...it will stop once you can reliably stop full on bursts or plant your dude in heavy armor in the middle of the open face-checking for machinegun-rounds.
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    "I offer neither pay, nor quarters, nor food; I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battles, and death. Let him who loves his country with his heart, and not merely his lips, follow me." - Giuseppe Garibaldi "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." - Nathan Hale "Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back." - Heraclitus "Live for something rather than die for nothing." - George S. Patton Jr.
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    --- Aye I personally had no losses either during the final mission in Xenonauts (1), sharing a similar story with Max_Caine for one. Yes, by many respect the ending might have been "bland" and such. But for me it was still more "realistic" than the ending of the "Xcom - Enemy Unknown / Within (2012)" which was far too over dramatic in my opinion. And as a saying goes: "Destination is just an end of an journey." And I certainly enjoyed most of the journey I had with Xenonauts back then, which certainly wants me to eventually replay the game with more mods and other enhancements (( which I certainly cannot say the same about the "Xcom (2012) since the "base" is fundamentally not good at for me no mod cannot make that game any better for me )). ((( I mean, it's kinda like say "One Piece": Luffy had a choice get a direct-map to Raftel (island) from Silvers Rayleigh. But this offer was denied with the exclamation "No fun in that!" A decade ago this series could have ended pretty much right there. ))) --- ---
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    The lay out of the soldiers back pack and webbing is to small, it should have other pockets and pouches, as modern clothing has many places for all manner of objects. The utility belts should have other pouches, scabbards, holsters, for secondary weapons, like grenades, and medical kits. Also as new amour is researched and manufactured, they should have better placements for weapons and equipment.
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    Woaw, what a change . And i thought the turn based combat was set in stone. @Coffee Potato @Dagar Where them gang at ? We gotta discuss this. Ok, this is going to be a long one, so sit down, sip your tea and relax. Clouds: Great Idea ! This reminds of the different clouds in Star Trek Armada 2. Metreon Nebula (red): Deals Damage as long as the unit is in it. Cerulean Nebula (blue). Deactivates Shields and saps power Metaphasic Nebula(green): Positive influence by hastening repair rate Radioactive Nebula (yellow): kills crew. Tachyon Nebula: no special effect. Modular Components: @Chris Let me be frank. Just copy Space Pirates and Zombies 1 down to the last byte. They are on top of their game. And here it is: Lets start from the top. Every ship has a hull, some can equipt armour, and all can equipt shields. Hull: Basic Ship hp. Armour: decreases damage by a flat amount. Heavier armour makes an aircraft slower. Shields: Every ship can have a shield. This ranges from junk, over standard, to either shields which quickly recharge with little protective power, to big slowly reloading shields. The offensive power is divided into: Cannons: Your usual "throw stuff into the face of your enemy" weapon. Good against armour. Missiles: Long range and autohoming. Good vs hull Torpedos: Good against everything it hits. Slow and low turn rate. Every Ship has support modules which can be differently outifitted. Every support modules boosts another thing in a different way. Engine: Boosts speed. Shield: Boosts max shield and recharge rate. Reactor: Increases max energy and recharge rate Cannon/Missile/Torpedo: Boost Damage/Range/Rate of Fire/Recharge Speed. All ship types have different amount of weapon and support slots, making them different and distinctive in their role. But you can also try to use something which it is absolutely not meant for. Pilots: There are fleet wide Commander/Pilot classes which give certain boni like higher Damage/Range/Recharge Rate/Speed/Turn Rate/Shield. I think a system where you put commanding officers in bases to give a bonus to the there stationed aircraft would be better than an individual pilot flying an individual plane. OR if you want people to grow attached to the pilots you can make them gain experience and gain random perks with each level up. What do we do about the people who arent on the reaction side of things ? I personally think that most of the stress people had in X1 was trying to control 3 (!) planes at once. Even for me its something which can be quite taxing, let alone those people who dont posses my level of concentration. I suggest that you could reduce the stress level by assisting the player with an AI for all aircraft which the player currently doesnt control ( Just like SPAZ 1 does it). It doesnt have to be super intelligent, just things like "Attack X" or "Hold position at Y". Making them automatically dodge incoming fire, or giving them the command to stay at a certain range, in a certain (dead) angle of the UFO. This could leave the player with a way more immersed feeling of not being the only intelligent being around, while not stressing out about having to make 3 different decisions for 3 diferent planes. Focusing on 1 thing takes the stress out of things. Summa Summarum Lets recap.
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    Closed Beta Build V7 has now been released on Steam and GOG. Note that this build is only available on our new Experimental branch so you'll need to switch over to get this update (instructions on how to do that here). As this is still a highly experimental build (see below) we're not releasing it on Xsolla, because Xsolla doesn't support opt-in branches like Steam and GOG do and this build is definitely not ready to be pushed out to all of our backers yet. Hopefully it'll be on Xsolla within a week or so. This build is defintely an Experimental build and comes with lots of features but also lots of caveats - basically, a lot of these systems aren't fully finished. I'd stay on the Stable branch for now if that's going to bother you. The changes we've made to various important systems have probably introduced some fairly significant bugs too. So don't say you weren't warned! That said, there's a lot of big upgrades and improvements in here. We've appreciate people checking the build out and spotting any obvious issues, and also giving your thoughts on how we should set up some game systems to make the player experience as smooth as possible. You can read a more detailed general progress update and see the linked threads in the development update here: (EDIT - coming tomorrow!) Key Features: New Dropship Layout: we're testing a new layout for the starting dropship that carries 10 soldiers, has side walls and a tail ramp. The art is currently placeholder but if community feedback is good then we'll get a proper model and 2D artwork done. "Classic" Base Mechanics: we've now reverted the base mechanics back to the classic X1 sytem where you can build multiple bases and their radar ranges are driven by the radar structures at that base. The art is placeholder (it is literally just the X1 art right now) but please test out the functionality! Updated Aircraft Mechanics: aircraft are now stationed at Hangars built in the new base system, and we've had to add some new UI to allow you to buy new aircraft in an empty Hangar (on the Aircraft screen). Dropships also now fly around the map again rather than teleporting to mission sites, but at present the game still only supports a single dropship. Improved Shot Path Sensitivity: The shot paths in the game now subdivide tiles into 9 smaller cells so it can trace a more accurate path for the shot. This is basically the X1 system now but with some further upgrades that fix some of the X1 problems related to corners and walls incorrectly getting in the way of shots. X1 Camera / Fog of War / Shroud: We're now using a true orthographic camera and have switched the fog of war / shroud back to being purely tile-based rather than having a fadeout gradient around the edge, which looks uglier but is necessary to support night missions. Please report any problems you see with the vision! This also fixes the issue where you can see the far side of a wall (e.g. a building interior) once you see the exterior side of the wall. Autosaves: The game now autosaves far more regularly, including at the end of every turn of combat and before each mission. Please attach saves to bug reports where possible! Tooltips: We've added the first set of tooltips to the game that explain the functionality of the various buttons on the screen, and give stats / details on the various items in the game. We only finished this system yesterday so only a few of them are set up so far, but the remainder will follow in upcoming builds. One nice feature is that these tooltips are linked to the actual weapon values, so they'll always be up-to-date no matter what balance changes I (or modders!) make. Iron Man / Save Upgrades: we've implemented Iron Man mode, and also set the game up to autosave MUCH more frequently than before. These changes require you to name each new campaign (so the autosaves don't overwrite each other) so we've added a new UI panel when you start a new campaign; this will be rolled into the difficulty settings panel when that is implemented in the next major build but for now it has its own pop-up! Gameplay: The game now autosaves more regularly than before, including before every mission and at the end of every turn in the ground combat. If you're making bug reports, those saves would be very useful to include in the report! Autosaves are now handled on a per-campaign basis rather than overwriting earlier campaigns, hence why naming campaigns is now required. Iron man has been implemented, but has not yet been tested. Use at your own risk! If you press Enter after typing in a save game name, this now actually saves the game (rather than just shutting down the save panel). Melee attacks now display "MISS" if they miss the target. There's now an option in the graphics settings for people who want to limit their framerate to a certain number. Balance - you now have 12 soldiers at the start of a campaign, and the new starting dropship can carry 10 of them. Balance - starting base Living Capacity is now 24. Balance - starting funds on the Geoscape are now reduced to $2.5m, and the monthly funding per region has also been reduced by about 30%. Balance - All weapons now have fire costs based on a % of max TU, rather than flat costs. The flat costs were an error on my part, as they were left over from some semi-related gameplay testing I did (X-Com and Xenonauts 1 both use %TU fire costs). Balance - % TU fire costs are now always rounded down, rather than rounded up. In X1 you sometimes did not want your soldier to gain TU because it would actually cause them to be able to fire fewer shots in some circumstances. Balance - Soldier training is now MUCH slower. Coupled with the change further down the page about stats being capped at +30 above starting values, your soldiers should no longer be superhuman killing machines about three missions in. Balance - Soldiers can now gain strength in combat by spending TU while carrying over 80% of their max carry capacity. Balance - Mind War is now squadsight for the aliens, rather than requiring no LOS. Balance - Mind War success chance is now Psionic Strength vs Bravery, with 0-50 random roll added to both (previously it was 0-100 random) Balance - the Mind Shield item boosts the Bravery (and therefore Psi-Defence) of a soldier by 25 when equipped in their Secondary. Balance - due to one of the bugfixes below, UFO hulls are now much harder to destroy with small arms fire. Bring C4 if you want to easily breach a UFO! Strategy: Dropships now once again fly to and from missions on the Geoscape like any other aircraft. They are precluded from initiating air combat, but they can be shot down by aggressive alien UFOs. The pathing of interceptors has been updated so they still fly correct intercept paths when the game is on maximum time acceleration, rather than overshooting their targets. They also now tail their target correctly rather than flying back and forth over the target. Alien Bases now occasionally spawn Resupply UFOs that fly to their location and land, then later re-appear and fly away. As alien bases start hidden, this is a bit of a giveaway that there is an alien base nearby! Loadouts / Roles are now set on soldiers directly, rather than on dropship slots. This means a soldier will retain their role even when unassigned from the dropship. As in X1, "dead" soldiers now have a post-battle survival chance dependent on how far their HP has dropped below zero, with certain weapons (e.g. Reaper claws) automatically reducing this to 0%. In future having a Medical Center in your base will increase this chance. Soldiers are now limited to gaining +30 in each stat, as I'd like the starting stats of a soldier to remain somewhat relevant throughout their career. Starting stats range from 35-65 so a maxed soldier can have 65-95 in an attribute (before any equipment modifiers are applied). The game seed is now randomised every game, which means everything should be randomised correctly each time you start a new campaign. Strategic Operation soldier assignment list now displays which soldiers are already assigned to that strategic operation. If your interceptors shoot down a UFO that attacks them (e.g. a Fighter UFO), they will no longer automatically return to base afterwards if they were originally trying to intercept a different UFO. Fixed a bug where interceptors were not having their position cleared when returning to base, causing identical interceptors to have different ETAs to the same target on the Launch Aircraft screen. Fixed a bug where interceptors could still miss the UFOs they were trying to intercept if you set the Geoscape to max speed. Fixed a bug where soldier portraits would be generated in sequences, giving you lots of similar-looking soldiers. Ground Combat: The roof hiding method has been reverted to the system used in X1, so there should no longer be annoying moments where you're moving the camera around trying to get the roof of a building to hide. The fog of war / shroud no longer uses a fadeout gradient, making it a more accurate (if uglier) representation of what's actually happening on the battlefield. Camera now uses true orthographic rather than a faux-orthographic perspective camera. We've now fully implemented the corpse item functionality in the ground combat. This operates the same as X-Com and Xenonauts 1, which means: Dead / stunned units spawn an item in their tile that carries the name and appearance of that unit. This item can be picked up and moved by your soldiers, and picking the item up will remove the 3d model on the ground and respawn it when dropped. Whether a stunned soldier is recovered from a mission (or a dead soldier has a survival chance) is dependent on where they finish the mission, and whether you win or not. If you're going to abort, you have to carry a dead / stunned soldier back to the dropship if you want them to potentially survive. Stunned units can be killed by explosions if they are on the ground. We've added new armour-appropriate corpse images for the Psyons and Wraiths. There's a new crosshair cursor in the ground combat designed to obscure the target less than the previous ones did. There's now a weapon icon under each soldier mini-portrait at the top of the screen, which makes identifying soldiers much easier. The game now supports randomisation of weapon fire sounds, and seperate sounds for burst and single shots (previously burst fire just repeatedly played the single shot sound) - this means there's quite a bit more variety in the sound made when a weapon is fired, and this will continue to improve as development continues. Aliens can now be killed before a mission begins if a UFO is shot down, and the power cores of a UFO can also be destroyed (this is just a % chance like it was in X1). We've made some general improvements to the camera tracking of actions. Damage resistance now correctly supports a minimum value below which it can never fall, no matter how much armour destruction is inflicted on it. Previously extremely tough objects like UFO hulls would lose much of their resistance after a few shots, so even weak weapons could easily blow holes in UFOs (this may also make armoured enemies a bit tougher). The Plasma Grenade weapon has now been added to the game. Grenades have seen a number of fixes / updates: Grenades are no longer able to hit directly adjacent cover when they throw a grenade. Grenades and other explosives now have the same 50-150% damage randomisation that other weapons have. Non-explosive grenades (smokes / flashbangs / etc) now detonate correctly if they land beyond their max range when thrown. Units with the crushing ability can actually now smash through crushable objects, and no longer smash up crushable items in adjacent tiles as they move. Although Base Defence missions are not in this build, we've fixed a whole bunch of problems with them: The game no longer hangs when a base defence mission starts. You now get an actual underground base rather than a random map, and in future this map will mirror the layout of the base being attacked. You can freely set your soldiers up anywhere in the deployment zone before the mission begins. The aliens then get the first turn. New sounds in the game for the laser weapons. Done a pass over the animations and inverse kinematics, so the aiming and shoot animations should work better Fixed a bug where units would sometimes get stuck if they stood on the corpse of another unit. Fixed a bug where aliens could become untargetable after loading a save game, but were actually still alive. Fixed a bug where you were unable to fire at building walls directly adjacent to your soldiers. Fixed a bug where the Cruiser UFO did not have functional teleporters. Fixed a bug where the water in the jungle would be pink. Fixed a bug where the 3D models of the ammos loaded into all of the weapons in a mission would appear at the corner of the map. Reduced / fixed the heavy slowdown that could sometimes occur as you scrolled around the map. There's now a visual effect when you heal a unit. When killed, units no longer incorrectly play their injury animation before their death animation is triggered. The Mantids now has much more red skin, so their armour is more obvious (if they have any). Grenades no longer create a bullet impact decal and disappear halfway into the ground when they hit the floor. Androns now have visually integrated weapons rather than having a plasma rifle awkwardly bolted on at their elbow.
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    Yup, there's quite a few bugs in this version of the game. Thanks to everyone who reported them. We'll most likely be putting out a Hotfix tomorrow with a number of fixes.
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    Thanks. You're right, I'll shrink it down to a 1x1 for the next build.
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    Mechanical units that have force shields "die" when the shield is brought down and are "resurrected" as a new unit without the shield. If this was the last enemy standing the mission ends on the first "death", and no wreckage (or weapons!) from it is recovered. That's an artefact from how this functionality is implemented by the mod using the functionality available from the base game (presumably the mission ends when the enemy unit count reaches 0, and doesn't continue further to where it returns back up to 1). There's a similar issue with units that "morph" on "death" (as well as a late game organic unit with a force shield). Thus, you need to keep at least one other unit "alive" until the unit whose wreckage you want to get hold of is defeated the last time.
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    If the dropship has blind spots, enemies should be unable to start in those blind spots. There's design room for craft with a higher capacity but not more interior space, if a soldier in very heavy armor takes up more than one soldier's worth of weight but still fits in one tile. That could also be used as a balancing factor and allow heavy armor, robots, or vehicles to be better, if they take more weight. Few aircraft are limited in passenger capacity by how many seats they have; aircraft limit how many seats and cargo space they have so that they reach their full load when the seats and cargo bays are full.
  16. 1 point
    I haven't played V7 yet, but from the description and the visuals, a few points. The overall layout seems much improved. It should mostly address the previous dropship's main problem of being very exposed. It might be nice to have a bit of empty space also to allow for more movement initially. The frontmost two soldiers should perhaps be a tile away from the ramp and not directly in front of it. Or consider making the side doors be a 1-tile corridor, so a soldiers steps through one tile on the way out. The sides should in my opinion be either completely solid (like X1 Charlie), or if they have windows like now, then the windows should be breakable (though probably not too easily). Indestructible windows are not immersive, and are inconsistent with the rest of the game. I really don't like the idea of increasing it to 10 soldiers. Let that be an upgrade, the starting dropship being 8 soldiers is more than fine. Increasing it to 10 means a 25% increase in your firepower, which doesn't feel remotely necessary based on V6, and I don't think the game calls for an increased number of enemies to compensate either. 8 soldiers has always felt like a sweet spot for early missions in terms of unit management as well - I remember that some pre-release X1 builds tried 6 and 10, and both of those options definitely felt worse than 8.
  17. 1 point
    Bad. Good. But windows are not solid walls. If they are windows they should be smashable. Maybe make them extra hard military glass ones ? Good. Good. Good. Extra suggestions: Not having at least one empty row to move soldiers around is bad (inside). I think you can make the visual design a lot cooler than that. The placement of the tires and its mechanical design is far removed from realistic military reality. Remember, players will be staring at that model for a looooooooooooooooooooong time.
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    If it has been released on steam, please advise as to how I can get the new revision, as it is not updating here in Australia!!
  19. 1 point
    It is September now, not August!! and no up-date!!
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    From a design perspective, what do you think of the way XDiv implemented armor? Namely taking the existing mechanics turning everyone into a low key Andron, with a mix of initially high resistance to a couple of things, which then gets shaved off with 1/3 of all incoming damage? For that matter, they gave close quarters weapons a chance to hit enemy TUs, which also worked remarkably well, but that's it's own thing. Point being, let's say you have a team in Wolf, which had variants per tier in that one. They go in with really good kinetic resistance (as per the description), to the point where easily 5-10 ballistic shots (On New Game +) will usually just bounce off or plink. They can take 2-3 low powered lasers, but would still take full damage from fire, electric and acid. This lent to a really cool feeling of your units getting super raggedy with those shots that god through, which, in my opinion, increased tension dramatically when you have to trust their armor to do it's job, rather than hope they can survive the plink. It becomes this other hidden resource, but unlike shields, you don't know how much is left, you don't know what damage they rolled, and they easily could die as easily to the next rifle shot as they would survive several more hits. Additionally, the higher armor all around meant that tanks could sit in the open, or provide mobile cover. It was this awesome feeling when you'd have 2 power armor guys walking and taking autocannon and minigun shots out from behind a tank, while stun rocket guys in the back finished off the ones they suppressed. I feel like the universally heavier armor lent a lot to your units feeling like they were supporting each other morale-wise, and this was bolstered a lot by the morale mechanics I've posted about before. The mod may not be perfect, or for everyone, but man, oh man does it have some fantastic mechanical ideas that feel great.
  21. 1 point
    It's the same discussion as for armour, really - whether armour acts as bonus HP or resistance against certain types of damage (or a combo of both) is up for debate, because there's advantages and negatives to each. There's some situations where a HP value makes much more sense and others where resistances make much more sense.
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    I know this is a long shot but any chance that can be pushed up a few days? Those of us in the states have long weekend coming up and it would be a great opportunity for us to dive in and tinker with the new changes.
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    Strategic op suggestion Sir, the war has begun. We need to evacuate <key political figures>. Do you want to: Send soldiers to guard the President until evacuation of the Whitehouse is complete? (Full evacutation of items and personell - takes days). Play the mission yourself? (Evacuate the president now - let others worry about his furniture). We cannot spare the personell! (Count on the secret service to keep him safe - they are trained for it). An alien vessel has crashed. Do you want to: Raze the site with bombs. Eradicate hostiles manually (Play the mission). Spend days securing the crash site (No risk to your soldiers, but they will be busy for days. Auto-resolve (Roll a dice and see if your team eradicates the threat or flees. A UFO has been scanning the area near one of your bases. Do you: Attack it (Increased chance the enemy will detect the base. Shut down power grid and go silent (Chance it will not detect the base an move on. But base defense batteries are offline.) Strategic op requirements SO's have specific fixed-value requirements. For example: Assassinate Alien Commander - requires 200 points of accuracy for a 50/50 chance. You can send 4 rookies with 50 accuracy each, or your best soldier (100 points of accuracy) with an expensive alien-tech sniper rifle that increases the chance by another 100 points (but you cannot use that sniper during missions while the agent is away). double the accuracy points to get 100% success rate instead of 50/50. A base is compromised - send 5 personell to help with moving things to a new site (any 5 personell - soldiers or scientists - they can all assist with moving stuff). Blow up an alien refinery - Requires 1000 points of munitions. Select a soldier and give him all the explosives we have. Handgrenades, molotovs, timed bombs, RPGs. Destructible objects in Geo-Scape The geoscape in X-COM Apocalypse was fully destructible... Failed SO's should leave a visible 'mark' in Geo-scape: Ruins after the white house. Burnt down rain-forests. Broken pyramids. California sunk into the sea. An active super-volcano. Pre-landing safety-measures Before landing a heli in a hot-zone, players should get the following options (depening on their resources and tech-level): Hover - The helicopter above the landing site so snipers can take out any hostiles in the immediate vicinity pre-landing. (risk of damage to the helicopter). Quick fly-by - The map terrain is revealed prior to landing, but enemies remain hidden in the fog-of-war. (Risk of damage to the helicopter). Drop bombs/napalm/Cryo-bombs/Stun-bombs before landing - You may select several points on the map where you want to drop any payload you have manufactured. (Bombs and fire leaves no lootable tech. If there are hidden allied targets in the target zones, then you will get civilian csualties. 'Nuke' the site with cluster-bombs/carpet-bombing/mini-nukes - This will kill everything on the map, including loot. But it may be the best way to deal with a crashed UFO Troop Carrier when all your agents are tied up in side-ops. Satellite coverage - Full map. No Fog of War outdoors. Fire support - The heli will circle the edges of the map and you can order a soldier with a sniper or gatlin gun to stay in it.
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    I think that we may be going into a completely different gaming genres!!
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    Unfortunately you won't get it until towards the end of the month, sorry. Even migrating people off Xsolla is complicated.