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    Hello everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! Goldhawk are back to work tomorrow so just a quick update from me about what we got up to in December. This is just a brief one because I'm technically still on holiday but I want to get this out of the way now so I can focus on development tomorrow. The main thing we worked on was the soldier Morale system - the system that causes your soldiers to panic when things go horribly wrong on a mission. We actually planned not to include this in Xenonauts 2 for quite a while, but ultimately I felt the game would be weaker without it and not having it gives me fewer tools when it comes to designing the alien abilities (particularly psionic ones). Anyway, this system is mostly implemented but there's still quite a few bugs and edge cases we're working through. We've made a few improvements relative to the first Xenonauts. The first is that Morale always starts at 100 for every soldier, and the Bravery of a soldier (boosted by the squad commander bonus) reduces the amount of Morale damage taken when something bad happens (a soldier with 0 Bravery takes about 3x the morale damage that soldier with 100 Bravery does). There's now a button that allows you to spend TU in order to gain Morale, and the morale system is a bit more sensible in general. Units are generally only vulnerable to panic if Xenonaut soldiers are dying around them (particularly high-ranking ones) or the unit itself has been wounded, or if there are psionic aliens messing with their heads. Balancing is still required but overall it should be a little smoother and easier to understand than it was in Xenonauts 1. Work on the updated UI designs and final art assets also continues. I've done an updated layout for the tactical combat UI because we've added several new features since our current design was done, including the morale system which now needs to be displayed somewhere. Our UI artist is working on styling that at the moment, and in the meantime we've finished styling several more of the strategy panels. Work on the 3d models for the human civilians and alien armour variants also continues, etc. That's it. A number of the team had a lot of holiday left over from the year so it was a relatively short month. Hopefully we can put out another public build towards the end of this month and show off some of the new things!
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    Yeah, as Alienkiller correctly points out below that's just a typo. I've fixed the original post, the second number is meant to be 100. At the moment the morale boost takes 60% of TU and grants 30 morale.
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    Chris meant originaly: "a soldier with 0 bravery takes about 3x the moral damage that a soldier with 100 bravery does" It´s only a writing Failure. All in all I like the December-Diray and the Announcements / Informations in there. And that Devs need Hollidays / a Pause time too is fully understandable like we others too. Hope the Team can enjoy it as good as possible.
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    You said that you receive these weapons in the beginning, right? Does that mean that you can perhaps upgrade your existing stun weapons into stronger ones? If so, tat’s pretty cool. Messing around with all of the stun weapons was my favorite things to do in Xen 1; it’s nice that I can mess around with more of them in the sequel. I did see a knife in the earlier beta builds. Are those still around or are the knives removed form the game?
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    Thanks. I'm not 100% sure right now, but I'm feeling a lot happier with the way the game plays right now. I think V22 is a much better experience than the previous build. I still don't want to commit to a date or timeline but we're definitely approaching the territory where it might be worth kicking off the open beta. Realistically I wouldn't do that before January though, given I'd rather not be stressing about it during the festive season
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    v.2 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too ~ 41 kB download This mod changes: rank names match those of the aliens and reflect experience, less military hierarchy. I felt having high rank officers only squads like in vanilla kind of ridiculous. "Xenonaut" became a rank name level up threshold modified custom made soldier rank insignia higher tiers feature X shape ranks_renamed_v2[B4X2].zip
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    v.4 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection made for Community Edition (0.35) ~ 5 MB download This mod changes: Starting helicopter (Chinook) carries 8 men. Improved helicopter (Charlie) carries 14 men (or less with vehicle) Chengdu mig 21 variant = early low cost fighter. Saracen torpedo bomber = mid/late game heavy aerial torpedo launcher. Foxtrott Mig13 improved = carries 2 additonal light missiles. Nimrod surveillance plane = slow recon plane. Shrike/ Valkyrie = up to 16 men, can bring 2 vehicles. Important: Fuel range of helicopters is low. You need SEVERAL bases with ready dropships to be able to reach distant Alien terror sites in early game! Therefore base founding cost was reduced and starting money increased in my other mod "Ironman Vet rebalance" that is highly suggested together with the other mods of my [B4X2] mod collection. more_planes_v4[B4x2].zip
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    After several months not playing the game I decided to share the "Full Soviet Weapons Extension Pack"-mod which I created long ago but never really finished. It includes all available soviet weapons such as Makarov pistol, AK-47 assault rifle, AK-74assault rifle, PK machine gun and RPG-7 rocket launcher. Description: This mod expands the set of ballistic nato weapons by their soviet counterparts. Simply put, it makes it possible for players to equip their soldiers with soviet and nato weapons during the same campaign. The soviet weapons have the identical ballistic stats to the nato weapons (the only significant difference is the larger magazines used by soviet rifles - these contain 30 instead of 20 rounds). The already existing AK-47 assault rifle has been slightly modified - it has lower accuracy and range but better armour penetration and the ability to fire 5 rounds bursts. (These facts make it an interesting option in close combat especially when facing armoured enemies like the androns) Besides all soviet weapons now use a consistent colouring scheme. Weapons included: - Makarov (weapon.pistol2) - AK-47 (weapon.ak there is also a weapon.ak47 in the game which is not the same) - AK-74 (weapon.rifle2) - SWD (weapon.sniper2) - PK (weapon.machinegun2) - RPG-7 (weapon.rocketlauncher2) Installation notes: To install, you could either: (a) Unpack the file into assets/mods (b) Or install the mod using the mod manager Download: http://http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=141
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    Clicking a unit’s portrait in the bottom center of the screen should center on the unit. Borderless windowed really should be an option instead of just full screen and windowed. Doors should be visible on both sides when you see it on one side. You should not be forced to rotate your camera to find out there is a door there. The picture below is the same spot rotated. As you can see there are three doors, but you can only tell this from one perspective. The doors should be highlighted. Currently you can only tell if you rotate the screen or happen to mouse over where the door is and your cursor changes. In the old version if you saw it on one side you could see it no matter what There should be transparency around the mouse so you don’t have to rotate the camera to see on the other side of crates or objects. In the current version you can see there is a crate here in this shot. But in the other three rotations you cannot see the crate at all. The old version had transparency around the cursor to see things. I really think this should be included in the second game. Its rather annoying to constantly have to rotate the camera around to make sure you don't miss something or to figure out why you can't move because there is a crate you can only see from one angle blocking the path. Aliens need to have a transparency around them or a red outline like the xenonauts have green outlines (when in line of site). Currently you could be standing right next to an alien and not even know it because you can only see them from one angle (like the crate I showed above). The mars weapon platform should not be able to move though a jersey barrier. The green line makes it look like you should be able to move another tile or 2 but in reality you don’t have any movement left. Its inconsistent on what you can shoot around and what you cannot. It seems like when you are shooting to the right it lets you shoot but to the left blocks. The new range limitation is silly. You used to have green yellow then red ranges with a penalty in the yellow ranges. Now it just goes from green to red and the distances seem way to short. The constant popup and down of the hidden movement screen is annoying. Either do all the movement we can see at one time and hide it or just down have it popup. It was better with text saying alien movement or friendly movement. 0% block chance should not show up. When you click the red alien head it should raise your cursor to the level the alien is on. Currently when you click it it stays on whatever level you had it on. This leads to easily clicking the alien and thinking you are firing on it when in fact you are shooting the crate below it. In the original game it would raise your ground height to match the alien level. This also made it must easier to determine the height of flying units in the old game. Below is a picture of what happens when I click the red Alien Icon currently. You can see the selection bot is below the alien. The following picture is what I feel should happen(just like the old game) The reticle is on the same level as the alien and I don't have to change the height to find the correct one. I wish you could turn the grid on I liked the old version of shields that had a 100% chance to block damage from the front with a % for sides. Having only 80% for font significantly lowers the usefulness of shields. I love that aliens stay visible even if the unit that spotted them turns or moves away and loses Line of sight. You guys are doing a great job and I look forward to the new game. I can't wait until its available on early access so I can go more in depth with it and stream it.
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    You reminded me of one interesting feature of the original x-com. Each alien ship had a purpose for which it flew to earth. I played Xenonauts 2 many times, but never noticed the alien ships land during their missions. The original x-com had two features: 1) The number of aliens to be destroyed in the ground mission depended on the damage to the ship during the interception. The more damage - the less aliens will be on the mission. We have something similar. 2) Damage to the ship affects the player's final loot. The more damaged the ship, the less valuable things could be obtained from it. Thus, with heavy damage, the mission was easier, but the reward for it was not so valuable. In order to obtain valuable technology: Power supplies, engines, etc., the player had to explore the surviving parts of the ship. This could be done by capturing a small UFO that landed itself, or by intercepting a large one (alien ships fell if more than half of their engines were destroyed). Thus, the player could intentionally not destroy a small ship, but wait until it lands to capture it and make significant progress in research. The dependence of the player's final loot on the degree of damage to the ship also affected his actions in ground combat. If he used a lot of explosive weapons and destroyed the ship during the mission - he lost much of his valuable loot, so he had to act carefully to capture as many valuable technologies. @Chris I don't know how difficult it is to implement it, but it would make the game much more interesting.
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    I agree. In addition, this information should be additionally displayed in the top menu of soldiers. This is important information for the battle, which the player must always see.
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    The icons on bleeding, war mind need their own pop over message. Right now no one knows what War Mind does, how to "combat" this, what are the chance of panic, mind controll, resistance. If the general hint of HP bar interferes with this, then just move status icons somewhere else.
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    1. Make it easier to access drop ship troop layout. Possible from troop equipment menu 2. Allow filtering out soldiers in barracks. For example if I right click on soldier he will be "grayed out" and next time I change filter he will be moved on the very bottom of the list. 3. Please remember my filters in the barracks until I exit to geoscape. 4. Allow me to switch in combat to see number of TUs I will use for movement. 5. This might sound like a joke, which sort of is, but if it is possible then hey: Allow me not to interact with metric/imperial system in all sorts of descriptions Use selected all the way through 6. There are instances where enemies are in black undiscovered tiles, but the LOS says I can see them. Please allow me to shoot such enemies? Or maybe this needs tile removal fix. Alternatively have entire map revealed. 7. I had instance when my soldier went unconscious when ending turn inside smoke cloud. Well technically you can see he/she is out through the icons above, but during fight I was more occupied on the middle of the screen and didn't notice this until I cleared the area of the hostiles. Maybe center on a soldier that lost consciousness with a message, same thing like you do with bleeding? 8. In soldier equipment screen there is a button which adds gas mask when wearing combat armor? Not a clue is it just visual or it does something. It also changes view of MARS vehicle.
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    I don't think we'd be given the chance to have that kind of deal, even if we wanted it - we're not as sexy a game as Phoenix Point, who have already signed a lot of deals with various parties for a lot more money than we have. So I doubt there's any risk of us ever becoming an Epic exclusive!
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    ON THE EDGE - More Realistic Battle Mod v4.0 (11.11.2020) Made very important corrections (!!!) to previous versions of the mod and changes in the behavior of aliens, their weapons. Graphical fixes and improvements have been made. Please, use only version 4.0 of this mod!!! DOWNLOAD  First. I am grateful to the creators of this game and all the active community involved in improving it. The mod was created in an effort to add more realism to the game in the equipment of tactical combat groups, their appearance, and also analogues of existing military aircraft and light armored vehicles. The mod does not affect the economic aspects, and does not change the main plot and atmosphere, which, as I see, the developers have created at the highest level. (Sorry, English is not my native language... vodka, matryoshka, balalaika). Important! When installing this mod, "OTE" should be at the top of the list when activating any other mods (including XCE). This mod is compatible with both the original game (ver. 1. 65) and XCE 0.35x. It can also be compatible with any other mods that add new weapons, enemies, maps, and any equipment. The mod slightly changes the game's graphics and some parameters: - ballistic weapons, body armor, grenades, shields, first aid kits, and some other equipment; - alien and human aircraft, their weapons, display on the tactical plan; - behavior of the original enemies in air and ground combat. A few details. Ground battles. - Your special forces, now really are a group of trained military, not a gang of housewives, as in the original game (with all due respect). Characteristics of combat skills that are essential for every soldier, such as the ability to shoot at the enemy (the accuracy and precision shooting), ability to shoot at moving targets (the reaction and attention during the fight), basic physical training (strength) - now no lower than 50. The percentage of presence women in the сombat tactical groups reduced to 10%. - The outfit on your subordinates is now more appropriate to the case. Added my armor mod (it cost me a lot of work.. but it was interesting) changing the appearance of your combat group (made only for original faces). - All of the original ballistic weapon now more corresponds to their real-world samples (changed the number of bullets in a clip, weight, range, killing power, reload time). The machine gun deals more damage than rifles, and things like that.. - All blast weapons now deals more damage and has a wider kill zone. (As possible, of course. For example, in real life, a fragmentation grenade has the radius of the splash damage more than 5m). - Increased firing(and throw grenades) range. - Аll grenades explode with the end of the turn. (Time delay fuse, again, the f-1 grenades: 3.2 to 4.2 seconds). - The explosive and large-caliber weapon has a large effect of suppressing, and also have stunning damage. - Medkits now contains more medicine and bandages than before. - The shields are now not made of "сhinese porcelain" (which in the original game is broken down into dust after a couple of hits). Now they are really doing something for which they were created. Margin of safety is increased. - A lot of work has been done to improve the original textures to make them clearer, more detailed and less blurry. Changes affected all weapons and appearance of characters, portraits of agents and the environment of the base. Due to improved textures, the size of the mod has increased significantly. But it's worth it. - Now the enemies are better armed, and more accurately shoot. - All frequently used shot by the reaction. - All the enemies and your operatives can now see further in the daytime. Air battles. - Aliens are more active and smarter during air combat. Now they aggressively shoot your interceptors from a long distance and actively evade missiles. Therefore, I advise you to use missiles only from a short distance, if possible from the side. And of course, constantly hold the hand on the button pause and dodge .. How it is not realistic .. However. - UFOs have enlarged Sectors and firing range. - The boundaries of sectors and the range of shooting for a UFO on the tactical plane are not visible any more. It's strange that at the first meetings with a UFO, the headquarters already had information about their weapons, was not it? - Downed in combat aircraft can be recovered only 20% chance. This is a grim reality. Damaged from enemies, jets losing altitude, and most likely explode and burn after hitting the ground or water, or fall apart in the air.. - More realistic armament of our aircraft. For example, F-16(which prototype is f-17), armed: > Guns: 1 × 20 mm (0.787 in) M61A1 Vulcan 6-barrel rotary cannon, 511 rounds (!!!). > 6 × AIM-9 Sidewinder (Not two!) MiG-31 is designed to intercept and destroy air targets at extremely low, low, medium and high altitudes at any time of the day, in simple and difficult weather conditions, when the enemy uses active and passive radar interference, as well as false thermal targets. That is, it is able to actively maneuver, dodge and evade. (fixed). On Board, one 23mm gun GSH-6-23M (260 shells), up to four long-range missiles + up to four medium-or short-range missiles. - And other changes... Install using the mod manager in the Xenonauts game launcher. Or unzip the contents of the archive into the mods folder and then activate it in the mod manager when the game starts. Use only with highest priority to other mods. (This mod should be the topmost in the list of mod manager!) After installation it is advisable to restart the game launcher. However, I highly recommend XCE and the mods adding new maps and some other aspects of the game, for example - Armoured Assault! It is also advisable to start a new game and kick the alien's ass again ... with more realism And one more thing... time is the only real wealth we have in our lives. Keep this in mind when playing computer games. And may God bless You and your family in the name of Jesus Christ...
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    Army Colour Uniforms - Sprites and Base Mod description: This mod changes the colour of the basic and jackal armors from blue to khaki green. The change affect both the sprites and the preview in base when you pick your team. Mod installation: Just unpack the file, open the folder and merge the assets folder with the one in your installation folder. Mod download: >> Click here << to download the Mod. Mod permission: Please do not repost this Mod anywhere whitout my permission. Mod screenshots:
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    Phens Rank + Medallion Overhaul I know, catchy right? UPDATE Welcome everybody, I have now updated the pack to include both the rankings but also the redux editions of the ingame medallions following the original designs. Download link has been updated! My next concern is to get some varied styles in game, I have yet to start any, so if you feel you have anything you would love to be ingame, give me some feedback in this thread and I will see what I can come up with! Still labelled as 1.06, however the contents of this mod should not be gamebreaking throughout later editions of Xenonauts (1.07 is safe) Current Content - US army xenonaut skull pack - Phens medal redux Features US army xenonaut skull pack Phens medal redux Updates 24/06/2014 US army xenonaut skull pack 25/06/2014 Phens medal redux US army xenonaut skull pack is a replacer for the current rankings in game, from private all the way up to commander., previews can be found in the spoiler link below:- Phens medal redux is a replacer for all of the current medals in game. Spoiler link below :- Upcoming Content - Additional alternatives to the current style available - Alien alternatives for people who want to play as the aliens to fit with the aesthetic sneak peak Started the alien alternative profiles, I am not sure as of when they will be downloadable, however here is a sneak preview :- Download -http://www.mediafire.com/download/kx2rx0g0qck1h2i/Phens+Rank+%2B+Medallion+Overhaul+1.06.RAR Installation - Extract the assets folder into your Xenonauts directiory. (eg ...\steam\steamapps\common\xenonauts) - Overwrite any files (Back up original files if necessary) - Log in and enjoy!
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    Yes, as the thread title says, I have now played XCOM:EU, and done it for several hours. And as I am of the old XCOM school (having played through all the two first games from the nineties and a greater part of the third) and also own the two first games. So what are my verdict? This: In short: The game of XCOM:EU is very appealing to the eye, have the kind of graphics you've grown accustomed to these days. And it's certainly nice bling bling compared to the old games. But (and this is a BIG BUT): the game lacks the general atmosphere of the old games. Take the music* for instance, it's got nowhere near the suspenceful air of the music you had playing on the Geomap as well as on the menues and in building the base/ministering the XCOM soldiers. And the classic "burp" when you change the screens is important! Though, I have not yet played for long, this general lack of dark feeling IS DISTURBING. I already get a "plastic" feeling from all the personas talking onscreen, before and between missions. The also look very artificial. No, I actually had to stop playing from getting nauseous. I don't know if I am in the mood of playing for a while now... Disappointed! I will try it out some more though. Not giving up yet. But this makes me look forward to Xenonauts! *The kind of music I'd like is more this: Or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URtn78-kzFg&NR Or the more modern version:
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    Just to clarify: I like XCOM: EU too but it really shouldn't have been named XCOM. Any other name and I would probably never tried to compare it to the original and wouldn't have been disappointed.
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    They should have called the last Firaxis game "UFO: Aftershave".
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    Well said. I'm enjoying it quite a lot as well, and I did play the original 3 X-COM games when they came out. I'm just glad it was released at all; hopefully there will be more games of this style in the future.
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    This is a weak argument to use in the era when anyone can boot up any of the thousands of complete playthroughs of a game on YouTube and see and understand everything there is to know about a title. You can make informed judgements through watching these videos and reading other peoples' writings, especially in the TBS genre where player skill in control is not a factor. The trouble with this stance is that you're essentially saying that people can't research a game purchase beforehand, and the only right to comment is gained by making unrefundable purchases of a game. Don't you see that you're saying people should gamble and spunk money on things they might hate? My own policy remains that I will never gamble on pre-purchases or blind purchasing at these kind of prices, and I will watch the hell out of videos on YouTube or find a friend who has the game (as I did with this). Publishers would love everyone to gamble on games, lets not encourage that behaviour.
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    Im glad i saved my money. i beat the game at my friend's house and its a good game, but it's not xcom. call the game Alien Dawn Alien battlefront or Aliens on Earth i dont care but dont call it xcom. i own the rights to xcom so dont abuse the name hehehehe i wish! Chris i dont care if you like the new xcom because i did too. just remember to keep xenonauts like the original X-COM: UFO DEFENSE with real 2012 gameplay ideas to push the game forward into the 21st century and not backwards like firaxis2kgames did. no bullshit trailer magic thanks. ill be waiting to buy xenonauts when i see for myself that the game is for me. i mean through the demo of the final game. i must know what itll play like in the end. i never gamble on games because industry loves generic entertainment. i gamble on GOG though. so far i have to best experience playing a few games on the 90s when i was born. OpenXcom is so far the only game i donated to. itll be the xcom i know and love but better! 100 percent bug-free and moddable to your hearts content. sign me up!!@
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    And another really bad thing with XCOM:EU is: The soldiers can't change facing during battles (to use right in overwatch). And another really bad thing with XCOM:EU is: The soldiers can't pick things from the ground (like dead comrades grenades). And another really bad thing with XCOM:EU is: The soldiers can't throw things from one soldier to another (in shortages). And to think that all those things were present in the old games but not in the new! Embarrasing! Well that's it right now. I'll probably find other stuff as I play along.
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    Hi, leider kann ich die Übersetzung nicht herunter laden. Bekomme immer ein Fehlermeldung! Weiß jemand vielleicht woran das liegen könnte? Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php on this server. Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) Server at www.goldhawkinteractive.com Port 443