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    Exactly and it´s not finished with such improvements and special Secrets yet.
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    V 16.2b The early downed (small) saucer battlefields are a 99% improvement on previous iterations. More interesting attack approaches and ambush sites to defend against, more structures to worry about (although so far not much use of inside ambushes by aliens to guard against), less single aliens charging into open areas as a way to attack (although they still run into smoke rather than waiting at times--maybe those are the rookies?). Anyway, huge improvements to my gameplay. Thanks!
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    Thanks. Yeah, this is easy enough to fix, I'll get it done.
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    I'm happy you found it useful. Thank you for the reply. That's what I like about you (based on X1, X2, forum...), you like to do things well and care about providing quality. Unlike most devs nowadays that just provide minimum quality required to make sales. I've been playing PC Games since 1997 and you're probably the only developer (on big projects) left that I trust both in quality end-product and design/features choices. Also while I'm at it, I like that in your games, you don't include any unnecessary mechanics that are annoying. In other words in your games I never find myself thinking "this is so annoying, why did they include it when they could have left it out and it wouldn't have changed anything". lol the Russian devs are pros to include those in their games.
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    Yes it was no problem. Wait did I say 10 ? I meant 3 teams of 12 soldiers, my bad.
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    Thanks. Yup, we can reproduce the hang from that save so we'll take a look at it and hopefully we can fix it for the next hotfix!
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    If I recall correctly the way the system works in UFO:AI is that you recover the actual UFO hull back to your hangar and then have to cut it up with your engineers to recover the components and resources. I've always thought it was a bit of a dumb idea but for some reason I suddenly find myself thinking it feels quite smart, as it fixes two gameplay issues - first, that players can grind crashsites to gain too many resources and too much money, and second that your engineers don't have enough to do in the early game. It's probably not a good idea to throw a major new system into the game right now, and there's probably downsides to the system that haven't occurred to me yet, but it is quite an interesting idea nonetheless.
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    Haha, good find. Sadly we'll have to remove that "feature" but thanks for the report!
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    Interceptors don't take off because they don't exist (sold out, don't pay attention to that). I installed only the community. I logged in and out of the game after installation. I installed the game many times, according to the instructions on the site and without it. Observing all the points and breaking some. I was trying to find a bug why I don't have a section for first aid kits and shields. Each time I demolished everything and started again with the installation of the steam community edition. On the equipment tab, there are only sections of grenades, rockets, and batons(which only has a baton). On the weapons tab, there are sections division, mag (where knives, axes and baton are concentrated), laser and plasma. 3 months ago, I started playing the version installed according to the instructions on the site. My modlist looks like your. I got access to standard first-aid kits and shields through the soldiers equipment sets. It's inconvenient, but you can still play. But still I am tormented by the lack of this section and access to its contents. I was trying to sort out the files. I found a lot of interesting things. But mostly for cheaters. For the experiment, I changed the starting planes - for this reason, I sold the planes in the provided game save, so as not to confuse them. But I have not yet been able to find among the pile of files how to return access to the section with first-aid kits and shields. The big problem is that I don't know any English at all. I have to use a translator, which is not very convenient when working with game files. THE DECISION: BIG THANKS to Charon! Delete %APPDATA%/Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal\scripts once.
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    We seriously need a way to roll the grenade when used indoor. That way not only would the the game not needed to caculate throwing arc but it would also prevent hilarious bugs where the grenade just drop on your soldiers feet and explode.
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    I honestly don't think that adjacency bonuses are going to work very well in X2. The reason they work so well on FiraXcom is that you only have the one base - ever. Therefore you have strong competition for space between the different room. In X2 I can build a new base, name it "FACTORY" then proceed to build all the workshops I'll ever need and reap the rewards of multiple adjacency bonuses. In fact, with X2 you might want to consider adjacency maluses so that if people want to build a factory or a lab complex they can, but the overspecialization in a base carries its own dangers.