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    Hello everyone - September is now over and it's time for another update. We released V21 earlier this month with a number of cool updates and are planning to release V22 in the next week or two. Progress this month has been slower than normal, as two important members of the team were on holiday for a couple of weeks and other members of the team ended up getting ill (sadly I was in the latter group rather than the former!), but nevertheless we have made some improvements. As well as doing a number of bugfixes on V21 after its release, we have mostly been working on the strategy balancing / air combat and some of the new art assets for the tactical combat. Improved Tactical Art: Firstly, the new art. We've done a texture pass on the entire Western Town biome now, which is one of of the biomes used in Terror Missions. This had some very inconsistent visuals before but it's now looking much neater and more detailed in general, and we're now working on the final damaged / destroyed states for all of these tiles. Next up is the Boreal biome, which has already seen a lot work done to the sawmill building. Hopefully both biomes will be ready for the release of V22. We're also in the process of hooking up those final Xenonaut 3d models. They're now all rigged and have the various hair models set up, but we need to do a final bit of code work to ensure that soldiers display the correct ethnicity / hairstyle / hair colour in the tactical missions to match the portrait of that soldier. Again, hopefully this will be done in time for V22. Strategy / Air Combat: Next, the strategy balancing. I spent several days doing this, which involves multiple campaign playthroughs of the game where I manually fight all the air combat battles but automatically win all of the tactical battles (because that way a campaign only takes an hour or two, rather than an entire day). During this time I was experimenting with various ways of making the air combat more interesting, and I've settled on a number of changes. The first is that interceptors are now built in squadrons of three, which all share a single 2x2 Hangar (dropships are build individually and also fill a 2x2 Hangar). Once constructed, these interceptors are controlled as normal so it's possible to send a squadron out with fewer than three aircraft, or even send out a squadron with a mix of different interceptor types. If an interceptor is shot down, you can either wait for it to be replaced automatically as normal or you can pay a certain amount of cash (plus alloys / alenium in the case of advanced interceptors) to replace it within a few days. I've made this change because 1v1 air combats are much less interesting than 3v3 battles, and it's easier to balance the air combat if you know the player can always send 3 interceptors to fight a UFO squadron if they want. It also makes it faster when building a new base - in X1, building a base in the early game usually forces the player to build at least three planes and possibly more if you want a mix of capabilities (e.g. you might want 3 Condors and 2 Foxhounds, which is 5 interceptors to build). Under the new system you just build a single squadron, or perhaps two if you want a mix of capabilities. The second major change is to give the aircraft a wider selection of equipment, but also give them a maximum weight capacity. In X1 if you wanted an aircraft with heavy torpedoes, you had to build an entirely aircraft capable of carrying them. In X2, the starting interceptors are actually capable of carrying heavy torpedoes, but they need to unequip their cannons and light missiles to do so. The advantage of this is that it gives the player more options to react to a changing situation - if alien capital ships start appearing, you can rearm your existing aircraft rather than having to build an entirely new set of interceptors. It just makes the strategy layer a bit more flexible than before. The actual air combat has seen a few additions, too. The combat now supports rotating weapons with limited travel, which means we can have side-firing weapons or turrets that track your aircraft. The Afterburner ability from X1 has also been added to all the interceptors. Other Systems: We also added a couple more systems to the strategy layer. The first is a solution to the problem of your engineers or scientists sometimes not having anything to do: now any idle engineers or scientists will automatically generate income for the player at a rate high enough to pay their wages and still generate a small profit (it's assumed they're helping out with maintenance work you would normally have to pay for, etc). This is a lot like the ability to manufacture and sell items for profit in classic X-Com, except it requires less micromanagement and is a bit more intuitive for new players. The effect of this is just to smooth out the difficulty curve on the strategy layer a bit, as having idle staff could previously be financially crippling. There's also been more work done on the tactical combat morale system. We need to do a bit more work to get the actual panic / berserk / etc effects working correctly, but there's now a proper morale system like there was in Xenonauts 1 and the original X-Com. This also ties into the Stress system - when we reactivate this system, soldiers will suffer Stress based on what has happened to them in combat and their Bravery score rather than just suffering a flat Stress penalty for going on a mission like they did previously. This is getting to be quite a long post now so I'll leave it there. The team is back to full strength next week and we'll start planning for the V22 release as soon as that happens!
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    Closed Beta Build V22 has now been released on Steam and GOG. Note that this build is only available on our Experimental branch so you'll need to switch over to get this update (instructions on how to do that here). It has been five weeks since V21 came out and we've been trying to focus on polish with this build - or, at least, making the game a bit more playable in the early stages. There's several new features that have already been wholly or fully implemented (the soldier morale system, the new tactical mission types at the start of the game, etc) but I didn't want to try and introduce them into this build because there were more pressing gameplay issues to fix. If all goes well I'll be introducing them with V23. Key Highlights: New UI (Loading Screen & Geoscape Topbar): we've rolled out the final UI for the loading screen and the Geoscape topbar, which look quite a lot slicker than what we had before - however I've just realised that these don't display very well if you're not using a 1080p resolution (I'll have to look at that for the next update)! 3-Aircraft Squadrons: the air combat is always more fun when you have more than one plane, so we've set up hangars to hold up to three interceptors and made interceptor construction also to happen in squadrons of three. The game will therefore now be balanced assuming you are sending three interceptors into every air combat! Early Game: we've spent some time balancing the early game, and adding more tactical maps so there's more variety. This part of the game covers the period where the Xenonauts are transitioning from a covert organisation to one capable of fighting a war against the aliens, so for example you don't start with interceptors and have to research them while battling the Cleaners so you can be ready for the aliens when they start to appear. New Visuals / Content: the final Xenonaut 3d tactical models are now in the game, and they support different hairstyles and hair colours too. We've also continued to update some of the environment art (mostly in the Polar and Boreal biomes this time). Ten early game research projects have been written or rewritten, and eight new Raid maps have been added. Unassigned Scientists / Engineers: to stop unused scientists / engineers being such a dead weight on your finances, these staff now generate $50 each per hour when they do not have an assigned project. Effectively, they're just helping out around the base and reducing your maintenance costs. Major Changes: General - added new UI for the Loading screen and the Geoscape topbar. Strategy - scientists and engineers that have lab / workshop space available but have nothing to work on will now generate income for your organisation, rather than just doing nothing. You currently earn $50 per hour per staff member, which is enough to cover their monthly wages and still make a small profit. Strategy - hangars are now 2x2 buildings which contain either one dropship or three interceptors. Constructing an interceptor now gives you three interceptors of the same type. Strategy - if an aircraft is shot down in air combat, you can either wait for it to be replaced for free or pay a resource cost to have it replaced in a couple of days. Strategy - aircraft now use a "carry weight" system to control the equipment they can carry. This is visualised on the Aircraft screen. Strategy - 10 early game research projects have been written or revised to ensure they are consistent with the current game lore. Strategy - there's been quite a bit of strategy balancing done on the early stages of the game. Tactical - the final 3d models for all Xenonaut armours have been added to the tactical combat. Tactical - Xenonaut soldiers in the tactical combat now have a variety of available hairstyles / hair colours, so the 3d model should (mostly) match the portrait of the soldier. Tactical - new environment art has been added to the American Town biome, and to the Polar and Boreal biomes. The latter two will get more updates in the coming weeks but should already look a lot better than before. Tactical - some new art for the alien plasma weapons Tactical - added eight more Raid maps to the game, which means the Polar, Farm, Desert and Boreal biomes now have three Raid maps each instead of just one. Air Combat - added the afterburner to human aircraft. Your aircraft cannot fire weapons while using the afterburner. Air Combat - weapons can now be set to face in a direction other than forwards, and rotating weapons can be set to only rotate within certain bounds (this is mostly for use on UFOs). Air Combat - units now preserve their turn speed even when they change direction, like they did in X1. This means they feel a lot more responsive to new orders. Minor Changes: Strategy - added an indication when engineering progress has been stopped due to lack of storage space Strategy - UFOs that don't generate crash sites now produce wreckage on the Geoscape which awards items to the player 24 hours later. Strategy - "Building constructed" popup now lists the base at which the building was constructed Strategy - the biome name on the mission information panels now shows the name formatted correctly Strategy - recovered items (including when your dropship is shot down) now tell the player what items are recovered Tactical - some visual updates to the Valkyrie dropship ground combat tiles just to tidy it up a bit. Bugfixes: Fixed an issue where no aliens spawn after day 149. Fixed projects that have another project (research or engineering) as a requirement showing an unintelligible file path rather than the project name. Fixed all UFOs having a $150k crash site airstrike reward, rather than it increasing with UFO size. As always, please let us know if you encounter any bugs by posting them up on the Bug Reporting subforums, as we'll release a hotfix if necessary.
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    If by manufacture menu, you mean the xenopedia, then I'll admit I stopped reading the walls of text from the xenopedia at some point, or at least skimmed through most "info" unless they mentioned weaknesses or hinted research requirements. But alas, silly me. The picture literally shows a live alien in a tank. And now that you mention it, I do recall an entry about their acid disintegrating their own bodies after death...I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner thank you both for quickly confirming. After checking my other stuff, it turns out that I also haven't procured live reaper specimen in a while as well. I guess I got myself in a tangled mess with how the corpses worked, and have subconsciously treated both Reapers and Xenomorphs like Androns...I've been so terrified of these guys that my instinct was always just to KOS lol.
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    Mission crashing at the end. I hope these files are needed. quick-184.json Logs.rar
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    I also have repeating crashes after last cleaner is killed - also the laptop hangs, a blue screen appears and then it restarts auto_groundcombat_turn_8_start-147.json auto_groundcombat_turn_7_end-146.json auto_groundcombat_turn_7_start-145.json auto_groundcombat_turn_6_end-144.json auto_groundcombat_turn_6_start-143.json auto_strategy_before_combat-19.json auto_strategy_after_combat-18.json auto_strategy_before_combat-17.json auto_strategy_after_intercept-16.json auto_strategy_before_intercept-15.json auto_strategy_funding_report-14.json output.log resolve_layers.log recording_9.rec output.log_1.9b5e6e0c77e4bd8e8ce6f0f5bec02bff recording_8.rec output.log_2.f230e807ec9d723b6f39a79831c04bf0 output.log_3.b67421b2fd170f496ff6d278589f9bfd recording_7.rec recording_6.rec output.log_4.9411159ab2ec565724e998eab50bb987 output.log_5.4ef01f98f4b130cbc733b7118b8cd0cb recording_5.rec recording_4.rec recording_3.rec
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    As requested, I have a crash after combat from a alien invasion of my base. V21.2 - Ground Combat nothing special, but i dont have good save files because i was save scumming to try to get around the crash. Ill go back and cheat this mission so i can proceed with this playthrough Base invasion win crash.rar