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    Yeah, that's a nice piece of music. However the soundtrack in Xenonauts 1 was generally well received and the same composer is back to do the music for Xenonauts 2. You can always swap in different music if you want though!
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    The one you want to save and restore is the one in the X-Division folder.
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    The closed beta for Xenonauts-2 is due on 28th November 2018. Access to the closed beta is only available for people who backed our Kickstarter at the £25 tier or higher, with general access to the game coming when we launch onto Steam / GOG Early Access approximately three months later. The purpose of this beta is to test and improve the game until we've got a sufficiently fun and stable game to put it out on Early Access. This means that the early builds of the closed beta aren't going to be a huge amount of fun to play, because that's the end goal of the beta rather than the starting point - at the start we'll mostly be testing that things actually work before we start tweaking game balance and all that! The full Kickstarter update on the closed beta is here (although much of it contains the same info as my previous forum update): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69341191/xenonauts-2-strategic-planetary-defence-simulator/posts/2320147 Right now we're working pretty much flat out to get everything ready for the beta in just over a month. We won't be adding any big new features in the next month, we'll just be fixing up what we already have and polishing out the most obvious issues. I'll try to keep you all informed about our progress, but it'll be great to finally get people playing the full game and moving us towards the point where it's on sale for everyone!
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    Awesome, going to try this when get home later. @Dagar they do have decent suppression power already, I dont want them to become too powerful, all I want is to make them a truly legit option to pistols, and as it is now their not, which leaves no point in using them and that is a bit of a shame. But your right, it would be cool to have a weapon like that, maybe too cool.
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    Dunno how well the SMG does it right now, but maybe alternatively you could look into it suppressing a bit more. A CQ high reflex one handed suppression weapon would be pretty cool to have. Of course it should not suppress as reliably as the LMGs or miniguns do.
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    @Svinedrengen For now i have increased the bullet per burst from 6 to 8 and clip capacity from 30 to 40. I also adjusted the accuracy of the gauss smg. Edit: strings.xml weapons.xml weapons_gc.xml
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    I forgot to point out that the order of mods in the screenshot reflects what I used in most of my game, not the mid-playthrough attempt I made to get the Blackbird to appear by bringing the mod to the top. My bad!
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    UniCamo v. 1.0 - unified camo for human aircrafts v. 1.0 Inspired by SoloA Author bergamon --- Overview --- Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. All early aircrafts are redesigned and have unified camo. First human aircrafts are weak and have less than 10000 range - in my opinion it makes the game more realistic, because F-17 parameters in vanilla ver. are too exaggerated for the 70's. Both F-4 and F-5 have big external fuel tanks at their images. --- Features --- - Player can buy F-5 "Tiger" at very beginnig of the game and manufactrure F-4 "Phantom" after "Alien Invasion" research. They are more vulnerable and have less ranges than fictional "Condor" in vanilla ver. - MiG-32 "Foxtrot" is invented together with F-12 "Blackbird". - After "Alenium Fighter" research player can produce two versions of "Corsair" and "Condor". - "Corsair" still looks like F-14 "Tomcat" with double auto-gun but has its version armed with two light missiles. - "Condor" is based on MiG-23 design and is cheaper alternative for "Corsair" - Prepared new Xenopedia images regarding F-4, F-5, F-12, Mig-32, "Corsair", "CorsairR" and MiG-23. The rest of later human aircrafts are not changed. --- Tips --- - F-5 "Tiger" is too weak to attack even smallest UFOs one-to-one, need some support. - F-4 "Phantom" has one heavy hardpoint, so it is possible to shoot down medium UFO (witin short distance from base) before heavy interceptor is ready to fight. - F-12 "Blackbird" has no ability to make evade maneuvers, but its significant acceleration enables rapid escape. - "Corsair" with two auto-guns is more agile but "CorsairR" armed with two light missiles has better detection chance and longer radar range. --- Known Issues --- Let me know if any UniCamo.zip
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    Thank you. And my eyes thank you also.
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    Antimatter Technology 2 is not unlockable in the current version .01. This doesnt keep you from getting Antimatter Technology 1,3 and 4 though. The armour progression has been stretched so that some armours are faster reachable, while others have a more logical progression. The goal was to better distribute armour research so you get enough time to play around with a new armour before the logically next one gets unlocked. Some roborex dependencies were removed which made 1 armour not unlockable. A data hack had an inappopriate, but still researchable requirement. A few fixes all around the board. Additionally the research was optimised for Palus Shining Xenopedia.
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    Hi, is the Roborex unkillable? It seems to just keep reviving with an explosion every 4th turn. Or is there a finite number of times it has to be destroyed? Edit: Oh nevermind, it seems that you have to shoot it when it is down and not targetable automatically. I thought it was dead because of this.
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    Leave this here, i am failed to google and i got from game files. Xenonauts X-division Aliens Interrogation scheme, same for Ceasans and Sebillians, all higher techs dont ask previous but give it: Leader class: Chieftain->Officer->Leader Ship OPs: ScOp->CorvOp->LandingOp->CruiserOp->CarrierOp->BattleShipOp LScOp and DreadnoughtOp doesnt give previous techs. Engi: Technician->Engi->Chief->HeadEngi Medics: Medic->Physician->Doctor->Professor WeaponSpecs: WS->WeaponOfficer->WeaponCommander->TacticalCommander Navigators: Nav->Pilot->CruiserCom->FleetCom Terror OPs, Base assaulters, Bomber operators: 4 numbered professions for each class. Terror Warriors: TSoldier->TWarrior->TElite
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    Yeah - everything there is safe, but the theme has reset itself to its default appearance, including placeholder text, hence the weird appearance (although the content is still there). Investigating.
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    Yeah, I know tricks like these are possible, and of course you can calculate your ETA, but I don't know when exactly a mission to Novosibirsk is counting as day or night. The thing is that changes to these would be QoL features, which was the thing that was asked. Generally speaking, in a strategy and/or tactics game, all of your actions should bear the meaning of your decisions, in contrast to just being performed because there is no easier way to do that. I do not desire calculating when I have to send my drop ship to do a mission as early as possible in day light and then click through the game speeds repeatedly. That is no meaningful action I am performing, and the game could do that for me. Instead, I could focus my mental capacity on more interesting and meaningful stuff. But maybe that is just me, being fond of turn-based tactics games and not so much of RTS where your reaction time and doing small work-like actions in split seconds matter for the outcome.
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    QoL: As Dagar said, a "look" option to see what's in a tile would definitely be useful. That would allow me to see if I managed to capture a desired alien, if useful alien equipment was dropped (stun grenades and stunning weapons, mostly), and while pile of weapons contains the weapon of a particular soldier's weapon after a whiffle stick whack fest. It would also allow me to determine whether I care whether I destroy corpses and equipment in the vicinity by using missiles (I don't care about enemy chemical weapons, for instance, as chemical cores are useless). Anyway, I've updated the X-pedia to cover the Shock effect (Ground Combat + the shotguns/SMGs + Shock/Electron tech and weapons). I haven't added anything to the higher tech higher Mk level shotguns and SMGs, as I expect the reader to know by that time that the effects are the same as the base one of that tier. xenopedia.xml Edit: QoL discussion: ETA display: While it's not hard to calculate at which GMT time a craft will arrive at, there is no easy way to determine whether it will be dark at that longitude at that time of year or not when arrival would be close to dawn/dusk. It's particularly hard at extreme latitudes in winter, as it seems dawn/dusk is treated as night.
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    The reason for why my previous post doesn't make sense is that my installation wasn't updated, for whatever reason, when I ran the installer, so I tried to find changes that didn't exist, and make sense out of what I found. Rerunning the installer did actually result in updated files, so I'm not sure what went wrong (running the older 1.00.10 installer?). Anyway, I now see the changes.
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    I like this new feature, will be interesting see how it plays out. Yeah I just saw the video, I will send you some stuff to make the brickwalls crushable later. Did you have any succes on the other props (conretepiles, fullcover woodenboxes) ?
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    I'd think of something like off-balancing the unit, but I fail to find an eloquent word for that. It would however also hint at the temporal nature. @Charonwhat happens to shocked units that are then suppressed? From what you wrote I expect them to have half TUs next turn while not being able to reaction this turn, right (so, exactly the same as if shock had not applied)? What about Xenonauts becoming shocked by enemy fire?
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    I'd rather call it "shock" than "maim" as suggested. If I understand it correctly, real world shotguns frequently don't kill due to lethal damage, but a shock caused by the sheer mass of injuries that, had they not been inflicted at the same time, wouldn't have been lethal in combination. Explaining the shock effect will require a bit of thinking, as I don't think there's a significant difference between getting a slug punching a hole in the body compared to a laser beam or a plasma drilling one, and while real world logic isn't the main thing here, it would still be nice to say something that can be accepted with a generous helping of suspension of disbelief. I'll try to come up with something later today. So far I've gotten the feeling that Kinetic weapons have been a bit under powered compared to Energy ones because most things have a much better Kinetic resistance than the Energy one, so without having seen it in effect, it feels a bit like a balancing improvement to provide an edge to Kinetic weapons (I would change the equipment loadout depending on the enemy to a greater extent if I had been able to produce enough alternative weapons to use, and this would probably favor such an approach more).
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    UNOFFICIAL updated X-Division 1.00.10 Notes: X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam. You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well. The .01 to .10 patch is NOT savegame compatible. If you want to make it savegame compatible you need to make a backup of your researches.xml, run the installer, and immediately copy your backup over the new file again. You will miss out on the fixed researches but you can continue the campaign. As a basic rule, never patch during Ground Combat Installation: The Base for this patch has to be version 1.00.00 or higher. This update is not available for versions lower than 1.00.00 . Download the X-Division 1.00.10 Update: https://mega.nz/#!dBxUSKjQ!B0UB9WrlrSlG77Z8YNDUWyp6Yc3hLmw78C8XKlGC2aI Link ( MD5: c0083b44763a0c3f5248fd22e3871a9e ) Deactivate your ANTIVIRUS/UAC program(s), it can intervene with the installation. As soon as the installation finishes you can activate it again. Start the executable provided in the file. Follow the instruction of the installer After you have used the installer there is no need to change ANYTHING anymore, everything has been taken care of, including scripts, modloader priority, and everything else you may think of. The only time you might want to change something is if you are activating/deactivating No Airgame or change the soldier models. Enjoy . Changelog: Dunno, i changed a lot. These are the things i can remember: Fixed some bugs around the Roborex Roborex explosion on death no longer causes overdamage Roborex explosion radius decreased from 6 to 4.5 Halfed kinetic armour for semi-shield roboreaper. Their weak point should now be weaker Halfed energy armour for melee roboreapers. Their weak point should now be weaker added mitigation to human stun gas added one loading tip improved the AI of Drones a bit most importantly added X-Divison Palu's Shining Xenopedia to the game 7 new categories for the soldier equipment screen I think i also added the latest Monument IV map by Svinedrengen to the map pool new mod: Nerf The AI: The aliens have less sightrange, deal 20% less damage and have 10% lower stats. new mod: X-Divison Don't Die On Me ! :If your soldier doesnt blow up, takes a minigun point blank or gets left behind he WILL survive the mission. new mod: X-Divison Easy Airgame: Did you ever wanted to try out the manual combat but were put off by the difficulty ? Look no further, this is what you need. UFOs have 50% less hp, while your aircraft are 20% faster and have a 20% further range. Additionally the refuel, rearm, repair and recovery rate are 30% faster. Only TOGGLE this during a Geoscape save. The Xenopedia page doesnt correctly display UFO hp values with this. Its 37.5% for the lowest difficulty and 50% for all other difficulties of the displayed hp values. new mod: X-Divison Slower Invasion: The Invasion escalates 25% slower new mod: Empower Facehuggers: This will improve the AI of facehuggers, but as a side effect they will also be able to attack vehicles. Ofcourse this is not intended gameplay which is why it isnt in the base version. If you want to give facehuggers their intelligence back while having to drive your vehicles cautiously around this is for you. appended unobtainable andron terror unit loot to appropriate robodog/roboreaper units new feature: AP Damage: MAIM/SHOCK damage that reduces TUs for the next turn. revised Shock and Electron weaponry I think i will let a week pass and if no major issues come up this is going public. And then we can put a rest to future updates i think. @PALU The Shining Xenopedia mod still has description as its descriptions. If you want to input a proper description you have time until the release.
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    Xenonauts FR Version 1.01 -Xenopedia.xml traduit à 95% -strings.xml traduit a 90% Auteur* Firenoel pirelef The_Dude *Si j'oublie de citer des auteurs fait moi le savoir
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    Nauty Nauty:- Very Xenonauty Alien Infiltration- ergo, XAI
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    We can go for Stargate SG1 style to this problem. We can have big size space ships with enough fire power and shield mechanic against alien forces. Stargate got also very limited personel and not known by publish, so hidden operatives. Even so they got cool battleship (s).. so it's not so wrong to give some ships to the xcom at their fights against aliens. This would need more complex game development as "fighters" and "ships"..i would love to have it and if i can do it as a mod, i would go for it.. it was one of my dream for X-Division but could not make it because of engine/code limitations.. the real question is, will it worth it to add more complex air fight mechanic/content to a xcom game?.. for me yeah but don't know about others... http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Daedalus The fact is, i like to have different kind of planes and making different items/weapons to them.. even the game is mostly tactical soldier combat, i like to manage my fighting force. I think it's very important part of the xcom genre and fraxis made it wrong with erasing it totally. Boarding a dreadnought is nice idea, but you need to disable it before you reach it.. because it won't be alone out there.. probably heavily escorted.. Teleport idea likes a cheap/lazy script.. it would make everything much more easier.. if you can limit it with logical facts (like need huge amount of energy or uses something special to operate) , maybe it could be something cool but againt if enemy got it, why would not use it at all against us...
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    None of those options sound very witchy to me honestly. Maybe something like Xenonauts 2: Magic Reborn or perhaps Arcane Surprise or maybe even Xenonauts 2: Bet You Didn't Expect Mana Bars Did You? In all seriousness though the original title is best.