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    Today we're releasing a second hotfix for Beta Build V4 from last week - there were quite a few crashes left in the game so we've taken a bit of time out to fix the worst offenders. Hopefully this will be a much more stable experience for everyone to enjoy. Changelog: Fixed a crash that would occur at the end of the first turn of any combat mission that contained an alien with a shield, as the AI previously wasn't set up to handle it. Fixed a crash that occurs at the end of a ground combat mission (this was related to the soldier fatigue system we'll be introducing soon). Fixed a crash that would occur if you took a Laser Rifle or Laser Shotgun into battle (turns out I'd accidentally set these to regenerate HP rather than ammo). Fixed an issue where the soldier assignment list for Strategic Operations would not display correctly on non-16:9 screen resolutions. Fixed an issue where aliens would sometimes go into a T-pose for a few seconds when crouching or uncrouching. If a soldier is killed in battle, their slot now remembers their equipment so you can easily replace them with someone new. Personnel screen should now show the correct TU values for soldiers, rather than the values they had at the end of the last turn on their previous mission. Added a missing move path preview tile for a soldier making a diagonal move onto the bottom of a ladder. I think those three crashes accounted for most of the crashes people were experiencing in the game, but please let us know if you experience more crashes. I'd rather not spend any more time on hotfixes unless there's more big crashes we don't know about... but we'll see what bug reports come in and make a judgement on that. Incidentally, the bug reports over the past week or so have been really helpful - we added a lot of content in this build and it wasn't practical for me to test it all, so it's been great having you guys keeping us informed on what doesn't work properly
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    Hi guys, I a a former Navy SEAL and K9 handler. Feel free to find me on instagram @devinek9s. Having used K9s overseas and know the history of special operations using them in Vietnam, I believe it would be a awesome addition if we could utilize K9s for the game. They move fast, while running full sprint almost impossible to take a aimed shot on. Able to detect hidden enemies and explosives/booby traps, which leads me to another topic, there should be mines, or booby traps. Claymore mines for ambushing aliens. They are able to subdue enemies and kill. Want to capture a alien alive?, have the K9 latch on to them while you move in and stun them. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can, I am not a computer developer or programer, Im just a guy that has gone overseas with a K9. Other features would like to see Night vision goggles Sneak/Walk/Run Skills: computer/science/medical/sneak/hand to hand combat/....more Training: ability to train you soldiers without sending them into combat aka a training school Bio upgrades, drugs, DNA something that makes your soldiers better artificially GEAR!!! need better options for weapons and gear. Ability to add scopes, lasers, grenade launchers ext ext. These are supposed to be the tip of the spear and the national guard had a better arsenal than these guys in 1979. Let me know what you think is realistic enough to put in the game. John
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    yeah i'm just gonna jeer from the crowd on some of that ['coz it's similar to some of what I was sayin' back there anyways & uhh..] if you're going to be developing 3D models for all those planes & etc then surely ya can work on that k9 unit some of us have been pestering you about too, eh? :bananamandance.gif:
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    In the beginning the doors to get to UFO were pain in the butt. My soldier would open the door and than he will meet various enemies all in overwatch position. Moving out or shooting and the soldier was dead. Than I discovered a cheesy tactic - one soldier opens the door, and the second one shoots. Than the first soldier closes the door, the second one moves out, and the third moves into his place. Than the first soldier opens the door, the third one shoots, the door are closed and third one moves out to make a place for the fourth one. This opening and closing of the doors makes storming the enemy base/ship a piece of cake. Suggestion - either to make the door as grenades - that after activating they will open/close only at the end of the turn; or to make the door automatically open when the soldier is in front of them ...
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    The delevopers already commented in other places to points 4 and 5 4) grenades are not yet properly implemented. They just use the same blocking mechanic as a direct shot at this point. This is still something on their todo list: 5) The thing with firing angles was already reported in V1. Chris saird it was supposed to be fixed "in the next few builds", however appearantly they did not get around to fix it and the people that tested since V1 just got used to it and did not report it again... Regarding the other ideas: 1) why not? It is a realistic thing. It may look dumb but save the life. However I guess it would be a lot of work to implement it properly if the developers would decide to do it. Some things to consider: turning as fast as standing/crouched should not be possible. There should be a TU penalty of turning in crouch stance, or even make it impossible if soldiers can prone, they should be able to crawl forward rather than getting up for each small move. This would need to be balanced out that crawling should cost more TU than running, so crawling one or 2 tiles would save TUs against standing up, running and going prone again, at further distances it needs to cost more Someone who is prone on the ground right before you is just as easy to hit as he was standing. So it should not just have a fixed hit chance modifier it needs to change with distance in a way that prone makes no sense in a close quarters situations Therefore I don't think the developers would implement such new feature at this point. 2) Wonder why bobit answered with "?", I understand the issue. A bush might block the view by 100% but bullets just go through it unobstruced unless they by chance hit the wood. Don't know how hard this would be to implement at this point, since the game currently seems to assume that you can't shoot what you can't see. Regarding fences, I was not aware they had 30% block chance. In X1 it was like 10%. 3) Xenonauts 1 had an advantage to viewing distance by height which made climbing up with a sniper worth it. But I am not quite sure I understand the bonus/penalty you suggested. Damage bonus would not make sense. I think there already is a penalty to hit chance (I.e the edge of a cliff has a blocking chance if you shoot up but not other way round.), this could be polished further. Or are you talking about TUs? This could again kind of make sense (i.e. needing less TU to raise the gun if you shoot down but more if you shoot up).
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    Have not tried them myself, yet, but according to the research text, they are supposed to do just 20% more damage than ballistic ones. I think, this should later be balanced by different aliens having different resistance values to damage types. The research text for psyon autopsy says, they have a suit protecting them from ballistic impact, so it would appear quite natural for me if lasers do more damage against them. Not sure if there is currently any alien in game that has increased resistance against laser, though. Maybe sebillians have a natural heat resistance if they originate from a hot planet? Or maybe drones with a shiney metallic surface should just reflect part of the laser? Don't know because the research text for sebillian autopsy is still a copy+paste from X1 and there is no gun drone disassembly research, yet.
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    I have seen this too. I believe it is already reported, Several list views will have scroll bars added in next major release.
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    Imagine this: one of your craft has been shot down, and you have been able to confirm via radio that several of the crew members, including a mid-level officer, a good scientist and some valuable engineers, are now stranded behind enemy lines. You can assume from previous engagements that the force that shot down your craft is assembling a strike team to take these soldiers prisoner or kill them, and obtain as much of your tech from the damaged craft as they can. Would you not send a strike team in to rescue them, and place a bomb at the crashed transport craft to render it worthless to the enemy? Why aren't the aliens doing this? I think that would be actually be an interesting (and reasonably easy to produce) addition to the game: if a UFO is shot down, a "Rescue UFO" is spawned not long after, which will fly to the crash site and render it unusable. That "Rescue UFO" would need to be accompanied by a strong fighter cover to avoid cheesing (shoot down one UFO, then intercept the rescuers for additional resources), and it might also be an idea that once a rescue party has been wiped out, the aliens will not send them any more. While this is stretching realism to a notable degree, it would even be an idea to have the alien rescue party show up after a certain number of turns at a crash site (optimally that number of turns is determined by the distance of the Rescue UFO to the crash site), introducing a believable game timer for wanting to clear the crashsite quickly enough.
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    Having played X1 for quite a while now, there's a real sense that positioning is important. Alien weapons are generally 2-shot deadly (even with armour) so you have to manoeuvre your troops into good positions to get the baddies while they can't get you as easily. But while positioning is important, cover doesn't feel important. This is difficult to put into words, but it feels to me that the 30% block box that a squaddie hides behind isn't important because the 32% barrier that's between the squaddie and an alien that shoots at him takes precedence. So could cover feel more like cover? I mean, there's lots of cover in the maps, they just don't feel like cover. I remember in an early iteration of X1 cover granted a "saving throw", which was taking after a shot hit the target. Could we have something like that, perhaps? Perhaps the block % could also double as a malus to damage, so if LOS passes through a piece of terrain which is next to a soldier, then when damage is calulated, the block % is added to any armour when calulating damage. Would that be possible? EDIT: Perhaps only if a squaddies is crouched as well?
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    I'm not sure when the game locks in the specific mission map in X2 (so this may not work), but I suspect the solution seems to be autosaving once when the dropship reaches the combat site and a second time at the start of the GC mission. Then you have the choice between playing a new mission map or the exact one you just played.
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    Pretty late response on this, so hopefully you haven't gone too far with it, but I'd take a page from Xcom 2 Longwar. In Longwar, you could assign Soldiers, Researchers, and Engineers to "havens" (allied bases on the maps). Assigning a research or engineer (which are limited themselves) would improve one of two resource generation of the haven, depending on which one you sent. Sending a soldier would root out alien infiltrators, and improve recruitment at the haven. Rooting out the alien would result in a combat mission, with the soldier having whatever equipment you gave him and some haven civilians to assist. The effectiveness of the soldier also depended on his rank (experience). Soldiers assigned to havens would also help defend the haven if it came under attack. The importance here is all the benefits you gain from assigning a valuable, skillful soldier to a haven. It improves his effectiveness, and improves his combat effectiveness if he ends up in a mission (his survival and the mission completion). I think it's also important that the haven can spawn missions. It gives some tangibility to the assignment, rather than just numbers. If you send a good soldier there with equipment, then you'll have an easier time in the tactical battle, rather than 10% less chance of failing on a dice roll. For example for Xenonauts 2. Let's say there's oh, an important research base reverse engineering alien tech in Russia. They help assist you in research. You can send scientists and experienced soldiers to assist with research (soldiers providing first hand knowledge). This base will also be periodically attacked. It's important to send a good escort to make sure this base stays up, but you also have other priorities as well so you can't perfectly defend it. You could forsake it for another objective, maybe it won't be attacked in the mean time. Maybe you're confident you can maintain air superiority and nothing will slip through. Important choices that aren't just numbers. I think that's important. You don't want it to be busy work (for example, I dislike the idea of limiting it by helicopter amount. That screams busy work and just another number to balance. I would rather have few, interesting strategic operations, than so many that I don't have enough resources to do them all)
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    +1 for tooltips on everything we can equip as part of the next UI pass, showing the basic info. +2 for having the ingame reference page display all of the data about weapons and armor, including range/accuracy, fire modes, ammo types... all from the actual data.
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    Ah, thanks. I wasn't really expecting people to play that far into the game, guess I'd best get the art sorted for the Exosuit sooner rather than later then
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    It's almost certainly possible, but it's not something I'm going to worry about now. Bug me about it in Early Access and I'll have a think - off the top of my head the big issue is that any door that's open in your turn and closed in the alien turn tends to give the AI problems, and any door the aliens open themselves will potentially cause that problem the subsequent turn. This is already implemented - all the UFO walls are destructible and you can research C4 charges to blow them open very early in the game.
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    Thanks, that's a very useful report especially with the videos and screenshots you included. We've had a lot of these reports of this come in through the error reporting too, and we'll hopefully have a fix ready for this in V5.
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    So at the minimum we'll adopt the solution we had in X1 here, which is that alien doors autoclose at the end of the alien turn but cannot be closed manually once opened (and opening them can trigger reaction fire).
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    I like this cheesy tactic, I use it and variants on it, like lining up as many soldiers as possible and open the door and then have them all unload all at once into the room. Now, common sense tells me that if I am on the defensive, I should have "locked" the door to begin with, forcing the assault team to blow the door (or wall) open, thus eliminating this "cheesy tactic" mentioned. And taking this one step further, in anticipation of the door being assaulted, setting some proximity mines/grenades to detonate as the assailants make entry. Just my 2 cents...
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    Arthur C Clarke, who among other things either initially or independently developed the concept of the communications satellite and space elevator. No human technology is ever sufficiently advanced any, because humans must understand it well enough to make it. All of the things like Prince Rupert's Drops that can be discovered by accident have already been explained.
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    One of the things that feels least satisfying to me is that a crate in the middle of the shot provides as much cover as one next to the target. The other is that no amount of marksmanship training is able to teach people to shoot around an obstruction. One change would be to care more about how close the cover is to the target; another would be to apply different amounts of protection based on fire mode; crouching behind a sandbag wall will provide a lot more protection from spray-and-pray shots, and substantially less protection from a single aimed shot. Also of note: Edge behavior. There are two major ways to use a corner of a building as cover; you can pop out around the corner and have LOS all the way down the wall with very little exposure, or you can back up to the wall and have total concealment but no way to see down the street. X-Com split the difference from the second way: you couldn't back up all the way to the wall, but you could stand in the center of the tile next to it, giving you about a 45-degree field of view but no cover. XCOM split the difference the other way= any time you were against a wall at one or more corners, you had to pop your head out around all of them all of the time. In general, it would be nice to be able to made modal selections between fully entering cover and sacrificing the ability to see, and popping out around or over cover to see at the cost of being slightly exposed. That would look like lying down against sandbags instead of kneeling and looking over them, and pressing flat against walls instead of standing a few feet away from them or peering out around the corner.
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    Let them pick up weapons on the ground, both human and alien.
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    I was thinking that 5 with the LMG is too little. I was wondering if there could be another fire mode for the gun, one that uses 95% of your TU (enough to turn and shoot) but unleashes a full 10 rounds. That would place the LMG as more of a fixed gunner who could lock-down a cone of the map.
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    Congratulations, you just brought a knife to a plasma fight
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    It would be fun to see some reporters around. And there can be an extra bonus by saving them, like extra funding from saving them in a terror attack. Also, some riot style civilian fighting the alien would be also interesting. Using cleaver, club, machete and even fist, or maybe throwing rock, brick and bottle.
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    I think the most interesting thing that could be done with Strategic Ops is to improve their interactivity. With both XCOM's Spy Ops and XCOM 2's Resistance Ops, all you do with them is set the agent on their task then forget about them until their timer has run out. It's quite easy to forget that you've set someone on an Op because they're just a little reminder down in the corner along with all the other alerts. I've mentioned this previously but I'd like to do so again. There's a game (at least, there's a prototype of a game) called Net Gain. Now, Net Gain is all about progress bars which is not very interesting. To spice up the progress bars, Net Gain interrupts the progress bars with occasional crisis points. The player has to make a decision at these crisis points and the decision can govern the rest of the op. Here's an example: This is something that's also used in Battletech. During the interstitial period flying between missions, occasional crises spring up which the player has to make a decision on. I think this could be used to good effect in Xenonauts. You could tie a crisis decision to a timer, and give the player a short period of time to make an important decision. Let's take an example. Perhaps you've got an infiltration mission, and the crisis textbox throws up the following "Commander, we have received an emergency communication from our agent. He believes he has been followed for the past several week by a shadowy figure, and is convinced it is an enemy agent stalking him. The agent has counter-tailed the figure and is in a position to take out the target. Permission to proceed?" Then you might be given the choice to kill the figure (which may kill an enemy agent or might kill an innocent), pull out completely (ending the op), or ignore the target (potentially avoiding a messy scene, or imperiling the agent). If you tie it to a timer so the player has only a short period of time to make a key decision you introduce a degree of pressure on the decision. Furthermore, the information on the textbox might be more or less accurate. Using the prior example, the agent may be convinced or mostly certain, with every lesser degree of certainty giving the player clues how to proceed. A useful sidenote is you can make all of this just text and it wouldn't loose the impact of a crisis, making it a lot cheaper to churn out crises.
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    It'd be best to hold off on any judgements for a while longer, as the two areas you're talking about (the base and the air combat) are the areas where we've not yet implemented our ideas in full or playtested them very much. We'll be discussing the base mechanics in more detail with the next update in 2-3 weeks.