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    By the end of this month everyone who backed the Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter will have their Steam / GOG keys and going exclusive with Epic wouldn't involve taking them away, so using that logic I'm assuming you wouldn't actually mind us signing an Epic exclusive deal? Everyone would have got what they paid for and no promises to backers would have been broken ... but in reality I think there'd still be a big backlash if we did so. I personally find the whole Epic Store debate quite interesting. In principle I like the idea of Steam having more competition, because whilst overall they've been a huge boon to independent developers, they represent about 90% of our sales and yet our only contact with them is one guy who probably replies to our emails less than half the time. Having a competitor to keep them on their toes and make them more responsive to what users and devs want from them can only be a good thing - but then having games be exclusive to just one platform is kinda annoying as a consumer (although Battle.net / Origin / UPlay / whatever have been doing that for a long time so it's hardly a new phenomenon). Anyway, I suspect Snapshot were offered more than enough money to make the backlash they are facing worthwhile. I think it's a very dangerous thing to break promises to your backers and I can certainly see why people are angry, but everyone has their price and if there was enough money on the table then I could also see how that would be tempting for the dev team.
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    I don't think we'd be given the chance to have that kind of deal, even if we wanted it - we're not as sexy a game as Phoenix Point, who have already signed a lot of deals with various parties for a lot more money than we have. So I doubt there's any risk of us ever becoming an Epic exclusive!
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    I think "strategic operations" are one of the most interesting ideas we have in Xenonauts 2, and if handled well I think they have the potential to make the Geoscape feel far deeper and better connected than it did in the first game. I'll start by explaining the basic parts of the system: Strategic Operations are points of interest that exist on the Geoscape You can send your soldiers to these points of interest in order to resolve the situation (the operation is handled automatically; you don't manually fight a battle) You then gain some kind of reward for completing the operation Soldiers assigned to a Strategic Operation cannot do anything else while out on the operation A very simple example of a Strategic Operation is a "recruit staff" operation, where you can dispatch soldiers to a particular location in order to "recruit" (i.e. kidnap) some scientists or engineers to join your organisation. The operation takes two days and at the end of it you can choose whether you would like to receive two scientists or two engineers back at your base. That system forms the basis of a strategic operation, but there's a lot that can be done to expand and improve them. I'll give some of my ideas below and I'd like to hear the thoughts and suggestions of the community too! Geoscape Interaction: The example I gave above is the most simple form of reward - giving the player resources like personnel, or items, or money, or research / ENDGAME progress. However I think there's scope for incorporating some of the "behind the scenes" Geoscape effects into strategic operations instead. For example, you currently receive a few Alien Alloys when you shoot down a UFO that doesn't spawn a crash site (e.g. a Fighter UFO). Instead, these UFOs could spawn wreckage on the Geocscape and you only get those items when you physically send someone there to collect them. The same could apply to your own aircraft; your interceptors could be relatively cheap to replace but if they get shot down then their advanced weapons (and potentially the pilot if we decide aircraft should gain experience) might need to be recovered from the Geoscape before you can use them again. We can also move some of the alien invasion effects to Strategic Operations. Certain alien missions inflict Relations damage on funding regions to reflect the way that they are deploying infiltrators in that region, and in the first Xenonauts the alien bases cause a continual Relations drain in the local region. Instead, these missions could periodically spawn Infiltrator strategic operations on the map that provide say a -10 Relations penalty in the region while they exist. This has the same effect except the Relations loss wouldn't be permanent - a player can send a team to neutralise those Infiltrators at any point. You might even have a dedicated team specialized for killing Infiltrators rather than actually fighting battles. Those are the sort of ideas that make me feel quite excited about the potential of the idea; hopefully you guys can see some of the appeal too? Do you have any ideas of your own? Geography: I'm keen to tie the strategic operations into the positioning of your facilities on the Geoscape, so we've incorporated a basic "travel time" system that is added to the duration of the mission based on the distance to the closest Xenonaut base. This means choosing which strategic operations to complete is not simply a question of picking the ones with the best reward, but weighing the travel time to and from the operation against the reward. This would add another dimension to your base construction choices; even a base with no interceptors is potentially useful if it makes the nearby strategic operations easier to access. Skill Checks & Success Rolls: Currently the strategic operations succeed automatically, so one of the obvious improvements is to have various success / fail states and allow the number and quality of the staff you assign to a mission to influence how likely you are to get the results you want. One thing that I really liked in XCOM2: War of the Chosen was that it provides you with resistance operations that offer useful rewards in exchange for making you send one of your best soldiers away for a couple of weeks - which forces you to rotate your combat team or make hard decisions about whether you can actually afford to spare that soldier. There's quite a lot of different ways we can handle skill checks, and lots of different metrics we can factor into the calculation - the number of soldiers, their individual stats (e.g. Accuracy), their experience, etc. We can have the team affect the success chance of the mission or the duration of the mission, or both, and set minimum requirements for pretty much anything we want. It's just a question of finding which system would work best for the game. Of course, different missions can have different skill checks too. Perhaps the Infiltrator missions mentioned above might require Accuracy in order to succeed, whereas recovering UFO Wreckage might not have a skill check but might go faster if you send more people (irrespective of their skills) and so forth. Incidentally, in Xenonauts 2 your scientists and engineers are treated as personnel in just the same way that your soldiers are - so we can consider designs that allow or encourage you to deploy scientists and engineers on these strategic operations too. Balance & Limitations: The final thing to talk about is how we limit the strategic operations so the player has to make choices about which operations to do and which not to do. Right now the only limitation is those soldiers are not able to take part in ground combat (and even this restriction is bugged and doesn't currently work), so it's pretty easy to circumvent it by building an extra Living Quarters and recruiting like 10 additional soldiers, as soldiers are very cheap. I've got a few ideas on ways we can add some limitations: As mentioned above, requiring experienced soldiers means you can't just brute force every operation with a horde of new recruits We could require each team sent to a strategic operation to require a small helicopter, so you'd need to have one helicopter at the local base for each operation you were running. These helicopters would fill the same hangars that your interceptors could use, so in some ways you would have the balance the number of interceptors you have against the number of strategic operations you want to run at any given time. I'm open to further ideas here, or on any of the ideas outlined above. Basically I think this is a really exciting idea but there's quite a lot of things to consider before we get something that delivers on that promise. What do you guys think?
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    Xenonauts-2 was originally scheduled for launch into Early Access towards the end of this month, but after reviewing our progress and the current state of the game we've decided to push this back by approximately three months (although it could be longer than that) because we simply don't feel the game is ready for Early Access yet. How does this affect you? We've taken a number of steps to ensure that this does not affect our community too much. Let's talk about them first: The first group of people affected by this change are the £18 Kickstarter backers who are not part of the Closed Beta and were due to receive their keys when the game launched into Early Access. We'll simply be sending these people their Steam / GOG keys at the end of this month as promised and inviting them to join the extended Closed Beta, so this change should not affect them at all. The second group of people are those who missed the Kickstarter and want to buy the game. We're strongly considering selling the game through Xsolla until the Early Access launch, and anyone that purchases the game on Xsolla will get immediate access to the Closed Beta on Xsolla and then also receive a Steam / GOG key as soon as we hit Early Access. If you're already part of the Closed Beta nothing will change. We'll continue pushing out updates to the beta on Steam and GOG as before. The reason why we have to do things like this is because (with the exception of one-off events like Kickstarters), Steam will not allow you to sell Steam access to a game until that game is actually on sale on Steam. So we can run the closed beta on Xsolla and then generate Steam keys for all our existing backers as soon as we launch into Early Access, but non-Kickstarter backers can't get access to the Steam / GOG beta until we start selling the game on those services. Why have we chosen to delay the Early Access launch? The point of the Closed Beta is to get the game into a state where it is playable and we're not quite there yet. There's a few big expected features that are missing (e.g. the ability to save in the ground combat) and quite a few of the mechanics are so rough that people are instinctively going to have a negative reaction to them (e.g. the unfinished air combat implementation). This is mostly a problem because of Steam Reviews. We know large sections of the game need more work and we've already got much of that work planned out, we've just not had a chance to do it yet - but if someone picks up the game and writes a bad Steam review on the basis of an air combat implementation that is only 30% finished, that review will stick with us and potentially impact our sales for the entire lifetime of the game ... even if the final air combat system ends up being far better than the one in the first Xenonauts when the game is finished. We're not under any massive financial pressure to rush our launch so it makes sense for us to spend some extra time adding the missing features and polishing the game up first. It's a shame to miss our deadlines but you only have to check the beta build changelogs to see how fast progress has been in the last three or four months, so it's really just a case of a game this complicated being a LOT of work. Assuming all goes to plan with Xsolla I'll be posting up an update here and sending out an update to our mailing list / Kickstarter backers when pre-sales become available, so stay tuned!
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    Thanks for the post. You're right that none of the modern X-Com sequels including Xenonauts have got the horror feel of X-Com quite right, and it is something I'd like to bring into X2. The game you linked in that video isn't necessarily a feasible way to do it though; shadows and lighting are very complex things to get right and games like Xenonauts don't translate well to that sort of setup for several reasons - firstly, it's very important to be able to see which tiles are visible and which aren't, which might be kinda tricky if you have eight to twelve soldiers each using powerful torches like in that video at the same time. Secondly, using light cones also doesn't work very well on a tile grid because things tend to look very jagged due to the shape of the tiles and the fact entire tiles have to be lit up or dark, not just parts of tiles. Thirdly, I suspect people want a game like Xenonauts to support both day missions AND night missions, so we can't get too hung up on specific light effects even if we wanted to. Finally, environmental destructibility and fancy lighting don't tend to play nicely together. To be honest, the original X-Com did horror very well without all the fancy lighting effects. Playing a mission even in broad daylight could be very scary so I think we need to concentrate on trying to bring the horror in in other ways.
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    This is a planned feature, yeah. It's already semi-supported in the beta. Dagar - you now always have a "lifesigns" for each UFO and ground mission, and any alien you've autopsied will be recognised and appear in that list.
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    Today we're releasing an update to the Closed Beta builds that launched at the end of last year. V3 is the first build where we actively started considering the gameplay experience and we've introduced a number of new features / updates to improve the gameplay, but it's still not in a state where you can play it as a proper game. Please note the closed beta is currently only open to Kickstarter backers who have backed the game at the £25+ tiers (this will change later this month). Anyone who is not already part of the Closed Beta who wants to be notified of development progress may want to do one or more of the following: Wishlist the game on Steam! Wishlist the game on GOG! Join our mailing list! Finally, a quick word on our Early Access launch that was scheduled for this month - the Early Access launch is going to be delayed by approximately 3 months because we don't feel the game is ready for Early Access yet. Whilst this is disappointing we're hoping it won't affect anyone very much - the £18 Kickstarter backers will still receive their Steam / GOG keys this month as promised and we are expecting to have alternate arrangements in place with another provider for people who want to purchase the game and get immediate access to the builds (and you'll also be able to get a Steam / GOG key once the Early Access launch happens). I'll write a full update on this topic once the V3 release is sorted. So, without further ado, let's discuss the updates in V3. I'll start with a high-level overview of some of the key changes but the full changelog can be found below that: Main Base Update: The ATLAS Base building mechanics have been updated. Previously you had 18 building slots and you clicked on them to select what building to construct in that slot, but now we've moved to a more complex grid-based setup where you are constructing buildings of different sizes in the same way as you did in the first game (except the view is side-on rather than top-down). Strategic Operations: Scientists and Engineers are now resources that must be collected on the Geoscape rather than hired at your base. These "strategic operations" are Geoscape activities that you can send soldiers to in order to earn rewards; right now you can just send a soldier out for a few days to "recruit" some scientists / engineers for your organisation but we're planning to expand this system a lot and I think it has a LOT of potential (you can read and discuss my ideas here). UFO Flee / Guard Behavior: The starting Mimic UFOs don't have any advanced behaviour, but as the game progresses we've tried to make some of the UFOs behave a bit more intelligently. Most UFOs now have a normal "cruise" speed, and then a significantly higher max speed that can be triggered in certain situations like attempting to flee or attack your interceptors. What will hopefully happen sometimes is that weak UFOs will try to flee from nearby interceptors when they detect them and Fighter UFOs will light up their afterburners to try and rescue them from half a continent away, and things like that. Skyranger Translocation: Alien teleportation technology is key to the story of Xenonauts-2, and the Skyranger has been reverse-engineered from this alien technology - indeed, the fact the Xenonauts are the only people who can instantly respond to alien activity anywhere in the world is the main reason why the rest of the world needs their help. As such, the Skyranger no longer appears on the map directly; the ground combat missions just begin immediately after you choose to deploy troops to that location. Armour Fragments & Magnetic Weapons: I've been experimenting with requiring the early game advanced tech to require recovered alien resources to construct, so I've hackily implemented "Armour Fragments" and "Alien Magnetic Weapons" that are resources recovered from the battefield and used to build Combat Armour / Accelerated Weapons respectively. See what you think. Alien Outpost mission: A small alien base mission now spawns on the Geoscape at about 14 days. This is still an early version of the Alien Base tiles but it's good to have them playable in the game. New UFO Crash Site Maps: We've added about 30 new maps to the various biomes where UFOs can crash, and updated various older maps where buildings were missing interiors etc. Sebillians: You can now encounter a second alien race on the battlefield, the Sebillians. The regenerating lizardmen from the first game return in the form of the Warriors, who are the general-purpose Sebillian soldiers that can use a variety of equipment (including shields). There's also a larger and tougher variant called the Brute, which carries a machinegun and presents a bit more of a challenge. Soldier Recruitment: Soldier recruitment is now done on the Personnel screen in the same way that it was in X1, so you can now see soldier stats before you hire them. Soldiers are currently free but the pool of recruitable soldiers only refreshes with each Funding Report you receive. Soldier Generation & Portraits: The soldiers now fully randomise their nationalities, genders, names, ethnicities etc like they did in the first game and we've added about 250 portraits to the game so there should be a lot more soldier variation than before. Soldier Strength: We've brought back soldier Strength, with stronger soldiers able to carry more weight than weaker soldiers. Strength does not yet level up though, and each point of Strength gives less of a carry capacity gain compared to the first Xenonauts. UI Improvements: We've spent quite a bit of time improving the usability of various screens in various ways - the ground mission briefing, the mission debrief panel, the save game panel, the dropship soldier assignment panel, loadout assignment / editor, base stores, etc. There's a lot of big changes here, and there's even more in the changelog below - it's been a very productive six weeks. Our priority at the moment is to try and implement the few remaining large missing features so we can spend more time on the usability and game balance and all that. This includes reworking the ground combat UI and then implementing ground combat saving, and doing a pass over the air combat and perhaps implementing the Geoscape event log from the first Xenonauts, etc. Maybe getting the Terror Sites and Base Defence missions working in some form too. We won't get all of that done for the next build but the list of core features that we still need to implement is shortening quickly. There'll still be a lot of polishing and balancing and AI work to do once the core features are in place, but the game will feel far more "complete" and enjoyable once all the major parts are running properly. FULL CHANGELOG: General: The soldier generation system now operates like it does in X1; it can generate effectively unlimited numbers of randomised soldiers in each game. Approximately 250 new portraits have been added to the game. The "Save Game" UI panel has been restyled so it's a bit cleaner and easier to use than it was previously. Toasts (the small messages that briefly appear to say things like "Insufficient TU") no longer queue up, as a few misplaced clicks could easily queue up 10+ seconds of notifications before you realised what you were doing. You now get the "This is a test build!" warning screen the first time you play each new version of the game Strategy Gameplay: Winning a Raid mission now grants you +20 Relations in the local region DEFCON now counts up from 0 to 100, rather than down from 100 The flow of time on each of the four speed settings is now much faster, making the Geoscape feel less sluggish and bringing the timings more into line with X1 The Main Base screen has been updated to support a building grid and a list of buildings you can construct on the grid. Note that buildings must be placed horizontally adjacent to an existing building, so to build downwards you need you build off the missile silo (we're going to experiment with replacing the missile with Access Lifts in the near future). Scientists and Engineers are now recruited through the strategic operations that spawn on the Geoscape. The Skyranger no longer flies to and from the mission site on the Geoscape; instead the game will play an animation to signify the teleportation and then commence the ground combat. There is now an "Alien Outpost" mission that spawns about 20 days into the game, which is a small alien base mission intended to let you test out that mission type. Soldiers now have Strength values that control their carrying capacity, although this does not currently increase with experience like the other skills (I need to think a bit about how best soldiers should gain Strength). There's currently a cap on the number of anomalies (and thus damage) that can be inflicted by a single UFO; this will be replaced with something a bit more elegant tied to the air defence strength of a region in the next month or two The alien invasion spawn locations now have a "rotation" system, which ensures that the alien spawns for each mission type are spread relatively evenly across the different regions (although still in random order) Geoscape is now centered so all of the Soviet territory is on the right of the screen, rather than having it run across the edge Weapon tiles in the inventory no longer disappear when you assign the last weapon of that type to a soldier, as that prevented the player from accessing the ammo magazines associated with that weapon There's been a large number of updates to various UI panels: There's now a quick explanatory "character pop-up" asking you to place your first airbase at the start of the game The ground mission information pop-ups now shows "Lifesigns" (allowing you to recognize alien units that you have performed an autopsy on) and also has a biome preview image that gives you an idea of the environment you'll be fighting in in advance. The post-mission debrief panel now has a new style of soldier progression element that should make understanding their stat increases easier You can now see the stats of your soldiers when you are selecting which person to assign to a slot in the dropship The Base Stores screen has been restyled to make it more obvious what is in your stores and what is due to be sold Added some simple art to distinguish between the "research project available" and "engineering project available" panels The names of Geoscape airbases now support spaces Removed some redundant information from the Engineering project cost text Sale values of items have been rebalanced slightly The corpses of dead Xenonauts no longer appear as an item in your stores that you can sell The Aircraft Equip screen is now correctly limited by the items you have in your base stores Ground Combat Gameplay: Frag Grenades now explode at the end of your turn like they did in the first game. Sebillians have been added to the game, in two variants - the X1-style Warriors and then larger Brutes who are significantly tougher and carry LMGs. Some of the Sebillian Warriors carry shields, although these are currently lacking custom models and animations. Combat Shields are no longer starting items, and you must capture and research an Alien Shield before you can build your own Combat Shields (these will probably be replaced by something a bit more sci-fi). We've added a LOT of new maps to the game. Every crash site biome except the farm now has 5 maps for the first UFO and 3 maps for the second UFO. The grenade quickslot now correctly merges together all the grenades of the same type when you are cycling through them We've added some basic animations to the wall-mounted screens that you see inside the UFOs and the alien base Added support for regions of the map to inflict environmental damage; in future builds the alien bases will have poisonous air that inflicts damage on any soldiers not equipped with Gas-resistant armour The camera now follows a unit when it moves through a teleporter if the exit tile is not on the screen Strategy Bugfixes: Fixed a bug where your manufactured items would be duplicated when you took them into battle Fixed a bug where units would permanently gain the resistances from their armour after each mission, leading them to gain so much resistance they would eventually start healing from incoming damage. Fixed a bug where soldiers were not healing between missions Fixed a bug where loadout profiles became invisible after loading the game Fixed a bug wheree equipping armour through the loadout profiles would not update the soldier portrait with the appropriate armour Fixed a bug where soldier promotions came out of sync if a unit was promoted but had not killed any aliens on that mission Fixed a bug on the Soldier screen where you could not sort by the TU column The radar range circles will only be shown on the Geoscape in base placement mode if you are over the world map (i.e. not the map sidebars) Ground Combat Bugfixes: Fixed a crash that was occurring whenever the Psyon Commander appears Fixed a crash that could occur when using the Medikit Fixed an issue where intervening units were not blocking or reducing accuracy of shots Fixed an issue where TU reserve settings were not properly stopping soldiers from spending those TU in some circumstances Fixed an issue that made it extremely difficult to shoot through doors, as the allowed firing angles were very small Fixed a bug where non-player units were "teleporting" when they moved out of Xenonaut line of sight Fixed a bug where civilians had 100HP instead of 20HP Fixed a bug where GC inventory items showed their names all the time Fixed an issue where the laser weapons and alien weapons were always being shaded with the green obstruction shader Fixed a bug where the alien Magnetic Rifle was visually shooting plasma bolts or kinetic rounds at random
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    I am at work right now, so I cannot currently give this thread the attention it deserves. However, I can see that people are still fighting. I'm not having this any more. Dr Ethan. Please can you open a thread for your Fire in The Hole port on the modding discussion subforum and continue your port and all discussion on that port on that thread. Can everyone who is interested in Dr., Ethan's port please continue discussion on that thread. I also require everyone to immediately cease this disruptive argument between Dr. Ethan and Charon as of this post. Further sanctions WILL be implemented if anyone disobeys this post.
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    That's an interesting link, actually. This is a survey from another developer which breaks down the data in more detail, but says largely the same thing: https://www.fortressofdoors.com/operation-tell-valve-all-the-things-3-0/ What's interesting in that survey is the number of devs who feel that Steam earn their cut has dropped from 39% to 11% in the last year - I guess taking a 30% cut seems very reasonable for what they offer until someone starts offering a similar service taking a 12% cut instead. Note though that 60% of the devs agreed that Steam deserved their cut at some point in the past while they were partners, so I guess that aligns with how I feel ... Steam could do with some competition to get them back to their best, but there were definitely times in the past where their 30% cut was warranted.
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    The Epic store is much better than the steam one, because it fucks the poor developer a whole lot less. Epic take a 12% cut and if you use their unreal engine, you normally owe them a 5% cut but they waive it if you sell your game on their store. 12% means 12%, in otherwords. Steam take a soul crushing 30% cut of every game sale, they make more money off of finished games than most developers do. Their extreme monoploy status, basically means that they strangle the life out of all but the biggest developers, by taking all the money they might have used to expand their offices, hire staff, etc. I have always hated steam for this reason, but it seems swept under the carpet a lot that they take 30% and also do sales which the developer effectively also has to pay for.
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    I currently own a full Obutto R3volution setup and to be fair it is great, I used to have a custom built Desk that I made myself before this with the PC built into it, Lian Li do some great new desks that you build into but they are even more insanely priced, id not be willing to go that high, think the R3vo cost more than enough.
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    Thanks for the report. I can reproduce this at my end too - it doesn't always happen but it often does. I'll ask the coders to take a look!
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    Hi, it happened again already in Build V3. This time it was a normal grenade launcher shot queued. output.zip
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    As a developer myself, I completely agree with you. It's much better having early good reviews and satisfied customers than having people angry due to CTD or because X1 'was superior'. Take the time you need.
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    A quick glance at the epic store may have you ask, yeah, what's the problem? You have to do a little study, get down to the dirty underwear and the deeper you go the more revolted you will become. Going with 'It's just another launcher or Its just another outlet, means it doesn't even have your attention. In a nut-shell; To be convinced you need to look further than your nose.
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    All that hate against Epic seems pretty petty to me. I'd prefer Epic Store over Steam actually, as all those "features" Steam supposedly has don't concern me anyway (maybe generation facebook needs to share to the world how many hours they put into a grindy shooter or how they tossed the most epic item of the game into lava for an achievement, I don't), and Epic actually gives more of the money to the developers, which is what counts in my book. I still prefer gog for lack of DRM, but I definitely won't get worked up about whether I need to download another piece of free software to play a game, I've done that many times since buying games over the internet became a thing. By the way, Chris never said he would not take a deal akin to the one Snap Shot took, he just stated that he does not deem it very likely that Goldhawk get such an offer in the first place. Oh, and yeah, Snap Shot behaved pretty shitty concerning promising Steam and gog keys and now making the game exclusive to Epic, but to me that does not justify the kind of shit storm they receive. But you be the loud minority all you want, after all it is free exposure for Snap Shot who you intend to hurt with that campaign. I'd love to see that kind of money and exposure for Xeno2, actually.
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    The answer: Found in this post: As I understand the Early access date was never set in stone, however the kickstarter backers who got the promise to have early access by new, should get closed beta access now.
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    Might just be the allergies but man, was it beautiful to see soldiers and civvies hiding in a room with no windows. Whatever gave them the crazy idea to not run out and die, it worked and got their asses saved. Just wanted to share that. Apologies for phone picture. My PC is demolished with neither USB nor internet working, so I decided it was either that or burning a CD. Great many thanks for the years of enjoyment I got from this beauty. Games that work without internet are a bit like Jesus. Dead, unfortunately, but also much revered.
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    As February has come and gone, I think I owe everyone an update on our progress. Lots to discuss, but first I should mention that anyone that wants to stay informed about our progress and hear about the launch of the game can either sign up for our mailing list or wishlist us on Steam / GOG: Wishlist the game on Steam! Wishlist the game on GOG! Join our mailing list! Early Access Launch & Beta Build V3: We're planning to release another build in just over a week, on Tuesday 12th March, although this may slip if we encounter serious bugs when testing the build next week. This will be Closed Beta V3, the first build where we've actually started to consider the gameplay experience rather than just purely stability and functionality. The game hasn't magically transformed into something different overnight, but we've implemented some cool new features and we'll be starting discussing some of the bigger mechanical changes with the community when it releases. I should also mention that our Early Access launch was due to happen at the end of this month, but unfortunately this is likely to be delayed by several months. We're hoping that this won't inconvenience our backers too much though - the remaining Kickstarter keys will be sent out at the end of this month as promised, and we're looking into alternative ways people who missed the Kickstarter can buy into the beta and still receive a Steam / GOG key when we launch into Early Access further down the line. I notice Phoenix Point are using Xsolla to run their beta but still grant a Steam/GOG key on release, so perhaps we can do something similar... The reason for this is simple - we don't think the game is polished enough or has enough content for an Early Access launch. Any negative reviews we receive now will last forever and potentially reduce sales for the entire lifetime of the game, and as our finances are still relatively solid there's not really any need for us to risk it happening to us. Features & Improvements: There's actually a lot of new stuff coming in Build V3 - we're adding new maps and mission types, bringing the Sebillians in, updating the base structure mechanics, finishing off the soldier generation / hiring code, adding "strategic operations" to the Geoscape, and more. Our new design assistant has spent the last month working on the maps, and we're hoping to add the first Alien Base and Terror missions into V3 along with a lot more UFO crash site variants for each biome. All of this will require additional polishing in the future (e.g. the Alien Base maps have some weird fog of war interactions, and it's pretty obvious we need some wall-hiding functionality to make navigation easier) but I'm pleased with the progress we're making in this area. We've also added two types of Sebillians to the game. People who have been here a while may remember the big bulky Sebillians that appeared in the free builds over a year ago; those guys are now called Sebillian Brutes. They are now accompanied by the old Sebillians from the first game (now called Sebillian Warriors). I've not really balanced the stats yet, but idea is to add a bit more variety to the race - the Warriors are a bit less resilient than they were in X1 but are better shots at range, whereas the Brutes have a LOT of health and carry heavy weapons or melee weapons. The Main Base has also been updated to support a grid-based construction method that allows structures of different dimensions rather than having several "slots" of predefined size which you could place any building into. This sounds like quite a small change on paper, but given buildings now come in different sizes in practice the base feels a lot more freeform and complex compared to how it did in previous builds. We're still updating the art to match the new style and there's a few mechanics I'd still like to experiment with, but this topic is something we'll cover in more detail once V3 comes out. The soldier generation updates represent us finishing the work required to move the game over from only allowing the hiring of specific soldiers to being able to generate unlimited numbers of soldiers with the appropriate nationalities, genders, names, ethnicities and portraits. The soldier generation system in X1 was actually a very complex beast but we've pretty much finished recreating it; in practice that means the soldier hire pool now refreshes with each funding report and you get to see the stats of your soldiers before you hire them like you could in the original game. The final feature I'm going to talk about are Strategic Operations, which are still experimental right now. They've gone through several iterations in the past and are the current incarnation of the "Geoscape Agent" system; the idea that you can send your soldiers out to interact with the local regions to improve your strategic situation. They exist as points of interest on the Geoscape that you can send soldiers to, and after a certain period of time those soldiers will complete the Strategic Operation and claim the rewards. Although the operations only take a few days to complete, the travel time is counted from the closest Geoscape airbase - so if you've got no bases anywhere near South America, it'll take you a long time to reach and complete a strategic operation in Brazil. At the moment we're only using these for positive effects (e.g. they're how you recruit Scientists / Engineers), but I'd like to incorporate some of the alien activity into this system too. For example - certain alien missions might spawn "Infiltrators" on the Geoscape, which would be Strategic Operations that reduce your relations with the local region. Sending a team to go and complete the Infiltrators mission (i.e. neutralize the infiltrators) would remove it from the Geoscape, but obviously deprives you of those soldiers for a certain amount of time. The idea is just to make the Geoscape less empty between waves of alien activity; you'll have some small teams of soldiers moving around the world gathering resources or cleaning up after the aliens. I'll be creating a thread to discuss this mechanic when V3 comes out too. There's actually a lot more to talk about, but this post is already getting very long so I'll just cut it off here. Progress is good, the next build isn't far away, and I'll be asking your opinions on several big topics soon!
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    (deleted what I wrote here before) Oh, wait, just realized that V2.1 was out on 7th Feb and you wrote your answer on 8th so "next patch" would be V2.2 (if there will be a fix release) or V3.0 and it can't be fixed in V2.1 - sorry for the bump... But now that I did bump it up anyway, I can use the opportunity to say that it is nice to know that my report was helpful - going to continue to test the heck out of the releases and report everything I find .
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    The "infiltration" missions aren't in yet, and currently there's not even a skill check (sending one soldier is just as effective as sending three) - but yeah, that's all stuff I'd like to play with. We'll put up a thread where we can collect and debate ideas when the new build goes up as I think this is a relatively small feature in code / art terms but could be quite transformative for the Geoscape if we can come up with a design that integrates well with our other Geoscape mechanics. Let's not debate this issue again, please - it was already done to death during the development of the first Xenonauts and almost always just results in people calling each other names rather than achieving anything useful. Note that the game is set in the modern day in an alternate timeline this time around so the realism argument is more tenuous than before, but in any case the level of female soldiers is a customisable value that (we'll probably add a slider to the settings). By default the Xenonauts will feature female soldiers, but if anyone feels strongly enough about the issue that they want to either increase or decrease the ratio of female soldiers then they are free to play the game however they want.
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    Huh? I went into the aircraft files (opened in excel) and changed it so the X-Division version of the mig could be bought (alongside nerfing the ufo turn rate. I like air battles, but I'm not that much of a masochist) and it worked without issues?
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    It's me guys. I officially released X1's music of platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, etc. I had the option to choose the youtube content ID for that, so i went for it after it was suggested. Turns out i had very little action over it and lots of youtubers started emailing me, so i had iMusician remove the youtube content ID on this album. I was curious to see what revenue such an option could bring. But, i'll try that on a personal project, and not tracks that will end up on gameplay videos. So, no worries for Xenonauts 2's soundtrack ! ;-)
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    Thank you for the detailed write up, I managed to perfectly replicate it and find the issue. It should get in in the next patch.