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  1. You neglected the the choice: When it's ready. No software company should release a product with lots of bugs or game mechanics/balance issues. I've seen this happen before and it's bad. Once the game comes out it will get immediate published reviews before there is even a chance for patches that might solve all the problems. If it has problems that will cost a lot of sales and more often than not there is no second chance at the reviews. They rarely re-review things and if they do they don't make it a high visibility article. Usually is a passing note or addition to the first review. Sim City 5 and Sword of the Stars II come to mind.
  2. Ideally, some aliens will block (say under cover and wait for targets) while others will try to sneak around your flanks.
  3. The squad vision accuracy penalty as described by Puciek above does make a lot of sense to me. If you can't actually see the target even if someone is pointing it out to you then spray and pray is the best you can hope for. Only the sniper rifle, grenades/HE weapons, and assault/machineguns should get a reduction/avoid this penalty. That said, the penalty should apply to the aliens as well.
  4. Chris, Maybe there should be a Bug Reporting thread for this and move all the current reports to it as well? The title doesn't seem to match the purpose of the thread anymore.
  5. www.xenonauts.com still looks hijacked to me.
  6. I'm getting this strange TWiki thing when I go to goldhawkinteractive. Also, www.xenonauts.com looks hijacked to me.
  7. Also www.xenonauts.com looks hijacked / stolen or copied.

  8. Did the Goldhawk server get hijacked?  It looks real weird right now.

  9. Wow! This literally more than doubled in the four hours since I put in my 2 cents worth. Looks like you'll get all the money you need Chris and team! Congrats on another successful funding!
  10. How about if you use custom nose art submitted by $500 level people on jets and helicopters? Or name the aircraft after them? Or both? Obviously taste and reason would be required aka no porn on the AC.
  11. I'd pay the extra $10 to do some beta playing/testing. One of the previous posters said he didn't think beta testers had much of a voice. I don't believe that is true with Goldhawk. I know that a couple of my ideas made into X1. I know that you take thoughtful suggestions seriously i.e. something that is not just ranting. :-)
  12. I've advocated for either increased shotgun damage, an SMG, or a machine pistol since the first Xenonauts. That said, the shotgun should be great inside buildings and devastating at really close range. 00 shot from a shotgun has the same hitting power as a 9mm round and a single shotgun shell holds nine of them. So, going strictly by "reality" it should be like unloading an entire pistol at the target instantly. The other two weapons are basically just fully automatic pistols with the SMG having the advantage of being easier to control and having a larger clip. The machine pistol does have the advantage of being a one handed weapon, but would nearly useless at anything beyond very short range.
  13. Not sure I'd do too much re-balancing on the shotguns yet. They should be much more effective inside spaceships and buildings. "My" shotgun would be devastating at close range and nearly useless long range if I was making a game.
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