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  2. Hi everyone, I'm Kimberly Montgomery. I have a problem I don't know how to solve, please help me. I want to install Xenonauts-2 on my Android 12 phone. But I don't know how to install it. I like to play sci-fi video games. So I went to ask a lot of forums and they guided me on techloky web that has a lot of good game mods. But I don't know if it's right that I don't know how to install. I came across this Xenonauts-2 by accident, so I wanted to download it and try it out. Can anyone help me download this Xenonauts-2 game to my phone. Thank You!
  3. Yesterday
  4. The backpack was always used in some way, in xenonauts 1 and until v23. I really think you should consider a hybrid: in UFO extraterestrials 1 and 2 they had SHIELDS, TELEPORTERS, JUMPJETS, ACCURACY MAGNIFIERS, etc. You could put those in the backpack. I really want to test v25 to see your ideeas
  5. Haven´t heard that the Open-Beta-Places are closed or full for the new Versions (from V.25 on). As long nothing else is mentioned you are possible to join.
  6. Is it still possible to join the beta? Just finished Xenonauts 1 and XCOM UFO Defense and would love to try out the sequel.
  7. Last week
  8. Though I've killed High Eternal In the Endgame mission, nothing happens. Savegame is attached. iron_man-683.json
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  10. Thank you all for the hard work. And about carrying out wounded soldiers to a safe place inside the dropship, that would be cool. It could be some tech in the dropship that would keep the soldier alive and helps to keep his morale up for the next mission. Anxious for the great beta. o7
  11. Ah mystery solved! Yeah, it's not exactly 21:9, though that's also the most common ultrawide resolution, as this is where it really shines (smaller ones at that aspect ratio just don't bring joy as much). Will check all the screens with the next patch.
  12. Yeah, that's the issue then. The expected screen size at 1440p would be 3413px wide, so there's an extra 27px of empty space that allows the bleed. The black background should fix it though.
  13. Ah, I think I just downloaded the error.log file rather than the output_log.txt file. This one has a bit more info in it, so I'll pass it onto the coders and see if they can figure out what might have happened.
  14. Should be experimental, maybe I uploaded the wrong logfiles. Will have a look.
  15. I´m an hughe Fan of that Gerne too. I liked the old X-COM-Series (EU / TftD / Apocalypse / Interceptor) and like the new XCOM-Series as well as the UFO ET-Series. In that Case Xenonauts 2 don´t have to miss in the Collection from the first Testable version on as Crowfounder / Mainbeta-Tester.
  16. I am on 3440x1440 resolution. If there is anything I can do to help debug, let me know!
  17. I am very interested in participating in the open beta since I am a huge fan since X1. with regards, Seka
  18. Couldn´t be long anymore that we can playtest the next Version first in closed Beta and if there is nothing big in Open Beta later on. If we look at the Informations from SteamDB, there is over 20 Days Silence in the History-Part. Means that the Devs are testing the new Version internaly since about 3 Weeks. https://steamdb.info/app/538030/history/ That´s good, so they can Manage more Issues before we Closed / Open Betatesters get the second fully playable Version in Hands.
  19. Thanks. Yeah, that's a weird one. We'll take a look.
  20. Thanks guys. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the way the sound effect is being handled, so I'll just reduce the volume of that clip by 35% and see how much that helps.
  21. Hmm, that's interesting. What's your screen resolution? Our ultrawide support is set up to work at 2560x1080 or a multiple thereof. Is your screen slightly wider than that? Either way I'll add a black background to the screen to prevent any bleed happening if the image isn't quite wide enough, but it'd be interesting to know why this is happening.
  22. Thanks. Unfortunately as this is from the default branch rather than the Experimental branch, there's no info in the crash dump. Hopefully it'll turn up again at some point during V25 though and we can get it fixed!
  23. +1 for this bug. Whenever there is a demolition grenade destroying cover, the sound it's really extremely loud! There is something definitely wrong with the audio regarding these demolition charges.
  24. Hello! I'd love to join the open beta if that's still possible.
  25. Current maps feel quite flat. I'd like to see more two or even three story buildings for more verticality and sense of exploration. Certain enemies should prefer higher grounds (roofs, upper floor windows and balconies). Higher ground should also provide bonuses for accuracy(does it already?) Needing to carefully clear upper floors from ambushing snipers would definitely give more flair and suspension to the missions. Especially more important missions like cleaner building where Xenonauts need to retrieve intel would feel a lot more intresting if you'd need to infiltrate higher floors for the intel. Urban area terror missions would cerainly also feel more dangerous when multi store buildings could be full of aliens shooting from second and third story windows... etc.
  26. Please add me to the play testing as well.
  27. Earlier
  28. This is an odd one, I have my squadron of 2 interceptors stuck over my base. user_broken_squadron-4.json I cannot make them land, or intercept, or anything, they just hang there for almost a month now. Attaching save.
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