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  2. I have also, had the same problem!
  3. I have attached the last Auto-save that occurred before I started trying to transfer items to my other base. In the game, I completed construction on the workshops at a second base and in order to move my Engineering completely over to that base I went in to transfer all the materials from the first base to the second one. I tried transferring the items 4 times: The first time I just went in and tried moving all the items I wanted. The main base was overloaded in storage but I didn't really pay attention to that since I was moving items. The second time I sold a bunch of corpses and live aliens (Why do they take so much room? Stack them like firewood :P ) then I tried moving the items after the base had a lot of extra room. The third time I tried moving about 1/3 of the items and never more than half of a single stack The fourth time I tried moving 1 single piece of Alenium Game crashed every time all the way back to the desktop. This also brought up a secondary issue that is not really a bug as much as a convenience issue, you have to move everything one at a time.... which is fine when there are 10 or less, but is a Huge problem when you have 100+ Maybe make the number to transfer a free-type field to allow for just entering the number you want to send and/or adding a second button for 10 of the item (and maybe third for 100?) auto_strategy_funding_report-31.zip Logs.zip
  4. You see, I'm not killing their soldiers; I'm just using the stun baton to give them a little nap, they must have been tired after all. Ok in all seriousness, I do get your point; there would probably need to be a mechanic dedicated to punishing you for your actions, thus maybe creating more trouble than it is worth. Though I would love for this to be explained through in-game lore.
  5. You wouldn't get anything. Your bonus was being able to use them in the first place. Presumably the army of the country they belong to would come in the clean up the site after you leave. If we wanted to make a stealing mechanic we should also start having the countries your stealing from get angry. At minimum cutting funding, and if you're killing their soldiers then openly attacking you. An army of 1,000,000 russian troops hitting your base with artillery, tanks, bombs, etc is likely a good deterrent. Especially when you have your own troops from russia attacking you from within.
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  7. When my skyhawk reaches a crashsite, as soon as I click commence mission the game crashes. I can't even see the loading screen. output.log user_test_2-20.json
  8. Deleting a soldier loadout preset doesn't remove it from the list until you close the preset menu and reopen it. This is an old bug and not particularly critical.
  9. Moving items within a soldier's loadout is not permitted for no apparent reason. I can replace items from the menu but moving them to different slots doesn't work.
  10. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    So 1 Month later as expectet UFO 2 ET is after 9 to 10 Years of Development finished. It comes today on 17:00 Hours European Time on Steam. For the far East Europe (Russia and such) as well as all Pacific States the Time Difference will bring it 1 to 12 Hours later. For the Western Border I have no clue if they get it faster or not! But that only as Side-Note. Update: It´s out since about about 40 to 50 Minutes [14:00 European Time] and costs 30 Euro. From what I and all others could see in the Vids, Pictures and Informations there are many differences between all Games we know of that Part: - The Ground-Fights are like Xenonauts or old X-COM is Turn-Based (You, Aliens, Helpers, Civilians). The differnce to all other Games is there, that you in UFO 2 ET need minimum 3 differnt Tactics. 1. Tactic (UFO Recovery and similar): The Alien-Installations and Systems are mostly undestructable, dosen´t matter what you use. You have to search the Weak-Points from that installations / Systems to fight sometimes horde of Aliens. 2. Tactic (all Missions in Human Eras): All Human Buildings are destroyable, but Helpers, Soldiers and Unprotectect are in full Danger. On the other Hand, Hordes of Aliens can be standing idile. But you have to use that Eras wisely, because it makes the Difference between good and bad results. That´s the first main Difference between UFO 1 ET and UFO 2 ET. 3. Tactic (use the Brain before going in Battle): The second Difference between UFO 1 ET and UFO 2 ET is not going Straitforward. Then you won´t win the Mission in several cases and you don´t know when that comes. Now a new Element is implemented and that is hold Position or tactical move until the Aliens are weaked to move forward again. - The Geoscape is different too with complete new Elements (real-Time Defense from Bases to help the Fighters / Helicpoters) as well as 2 Types of Bases. 1. In all Games before you had only static Defenses. You had to wait that an UFO attacks your Bases. UFO 2 ET goes an complete new Way in that. The Bases-Defenses (Rockets, Laser or whatever) will now work on the Realtime Geoscape. Means all your Fighters and all Your bases shoot at the UFO / UFOs together. That´s fully new, that wasn´t too in UFO 1 ET. 2. The second Thing is, that you don´t have only static Bases. You have now mobile Bases (Carriers). It´s comparable to the Avenger-Base in XCOM 2. I have no clue if they are fully useable or not. 3. The cool Elements from old X-Com get in, because all Bases can be attacked. The difference to all Games we know is now, if the Infos are correct, that Bases will be out of Order (Sinking, New Buildup etc.) with to much Damage. - The new Resarach & Development-System brings much more new Elements then in all Games before. 1. From what you can read it won´t be to linear anymore like all prevoius R & D-Systems we know from old and new XCOM, most Fan-Projects and esp. UFO 1 ET. 2. The same is annonced for the Analysis and Interrogations. 3. From what you get shown is that the UFO-Pedia is much more cooler then in UFO 1 ET, you haven´t had to much Dead-Ends, because you have to interrogate. - The full Soldier-Equipment, Transport and Fighters get an Refit or Upgrades too. 1. Transports can be differnt now. We have to see in what form, because it wasn´t shown. You could only see 1 Troop-Transport in the Explain-Vids and the Big Teaser-Vid. 2. Fighters get an Refit. You don´t have only Engine-Fighters (like in old X-Com, Xenonauts, Xenonauts 2 and UFO 1 ET), you get Helicpoters too. That´s an other new Element in the Game. 3. Soldier-Equipment get many Refits too. You have similar Weapons (like the Rocket-Launcher), Armors etc. like in UFO 1 ET but you get many new Elements too. Some get shown in the Vids too (like the Mortar). - Other Refits are Graphics-Updates, Sound-Refits, better AI and much more. - The Game is modding Compatibility, but not so much like it was in UFO 1 ET. The differnece to UFO 1 ET (which needs an Refit in many Parts like Blizzard do it with Diablo, Warcraft etc.) is that UFO 2 ET has DLC-Backdoors. - UFO 1 ET (Standard- and Gold-Version) are an locked game and Grayfiends UNI-Mod-Team tickle 100 % of it outside with the GF-UNI-Mod [latest V. 3.93] incl. Sencondary-Mods. But more comes, because the Mod for the first Game isn´t finished yet.
  11. Hmm... we will see what else there will come. It´s not finished yet. Maybe we will get an complete new System in Equipment- and UFO-Recovery. Btw. UFO 2 ET comes out today on 17:00 Hours European Time. Evtl. we will get new Ideas for Recovery, R & D and so on. It´s the direct Competitor to Xenonauts 2 in Ground- Combat and Geoscape-Modernisation.
  12. You could just take out the aliens first, knockout the local forces, then raid the alien ship. The local forces are not particularly useful for raiding crashed ships from what I've known from playing xenonauts and seeing some of the beta, so this strategy would not hurt you near the end of a crash mission. I guess this topic applies to aliens shooting down local forces as well, so should you retain weapons from looting the courses of the soldiers or should the weapon self-destruct like how the alien weapons work currently? If you are given a mission to deal with traitors, then I think their weapons should be blown up when killed so the player does not get a full squads worth of equipment from a single mission.
  13. Deliberate shooting down and stealing Weapons from your Financers and very helpflull Assistance in Combat is not a good Idea, esp. in Missions where every Help is needed. If they are dead (shoot by the Aliens) or you have an official Mission (Secret Mission against Traitors or so) and you get the Weapons then is an other Pair of Shoes.
  14. So how would that end up happening? Should the weapons be given back for free or should you be able to get some compensation for picking them up like weapon components or money, similar to how alien weapons were handled in xen 1?
  15. I'm kinda sad that there's almost no discussion around this topic and these suggestions... I kinda hoped that if I share these things here on the forum there would be more response to them.
  16. An important note on difficulty. It always felt to me that making combat difficult by making soldiers weak does not fit into the lore at all. How is it an organization like that does not get the pick of the best soldiers?? It's so much better to make the combat difficult by other means. Soldiers should be the best of the best, with some room to improve of course, but not much room. It should be that soldiers can measure up to aliens only by applying their technology and abilities (psionics) against them. Aliens should absolutely be SUPERIOR to humans on the battlefield. They should be scary even with the best soldiers of the Earth. I wrote here previously about some suggestions for alien abilities, and those abilities and probably many others should make the combat hard, deep, and the victory rewarding. Going on a combat mission always should be a real RISK of losing soldiers. It would present a price for the reward of the missions. Bombing crash and landing sites from afar should have it's merit, in being a much safer option (and not just an escape from the repetitiveness of the combat). Otherwise missions turn repetitive, when they are too easy to complete. And as it is now the combat is too easy and predictable indeed. Addition: Lizards with their regeneration should easily shrug off even grenades, growing limbs back in mere minutes. If this could be done visually, it would make the combat incredibly interesting. Killing lizards should be VERY HARD. Like "bullets alone are not enough" hard. Maybe also give them an incredible speed, just like many lizards do have, maybe even make them run on all four legs..like lizards. That should make them incredibly scary and alien, as they should feel. Androns also have to be extremely tough, otherwise in X1 they felt as much worse version of what Boston Dynamics does today. Speed and extreme armor should be their thing. Wraith could teleport away from the attacks, making it extremely hard to catch and hit them. Maybe it's necessary to research some kind of counter to their ability to teleport. They should 100% do sneaky stuff like teleporting near a soldier attacking and teleporting away immediately. That will make them really alien and superior to pitiful primitive humans. Praetors while dying might emit a psionic pulse that kills and psychologically breaks many soldiers. That would make the player reconsider doing it until he can research some psionic protection.
  17. Gulskjegg

    An accurate release date?

    I have the original game in my Steam library, and just added UFO2 to my wishlist. While I greatly prefer the more "realistic" approach of Xenonauts, UFO2 will be a nice distraction for now.
  18. Personally I think they should be usable in the mission but you don't get to keep them.
  19. You could check what is displayed if you pick two identical alien grenades up on the battlefield.
  20. Most aliens have fixed amount of grenades, that is, 1. It may be hardcoded in game. However I think you can make "copies" from alien grenades: human grenades that just happen to have same stats etc that alien grenades have.
  21. Keksimus Maximus

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta (1.00.11c)

    I'm guessing the problem lies with the fact that alien grenades seem to have some odd properties that separate them from regular grenades, the foremost being that they seem to have an "ammo capacity" since they appear with a 1/1 below them as a firearm would. That being said, I'm not really sure why that is as I can't see anything differentiating them from standard grenades in the weapon_gc or weapons XMLs.
  22. Keksimus Maximus

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta (1.00.11c)

    Sound advice, I was thinking of doing this since it would be a surefire way to make it work or at least be a step in the right direction. Thanks for the help.
  23. I have played many hours of xenonauts and I have never realized that you can knock out local soldiers and steal their lazer weaponry until pretty recently. You can make some extra money by smacking these soldiers and selling their weapons, which is a pretty corrupt move all things considered. So my real question is can you steal weapons in xen 2 and do you agree with how it has been implemented? Should this mechanic still be allowed in xen 2 or should it be removed entirely? It would be a pretty cool mechanic for you to be able to steal weapons from knocked out soldiers, but you would be directly punished for doing it. It would be pretty great game design if you stole weapons from local forces and then your payment from that particular region gets cut in half for a month. Maybe you can have a secret ending where the xenonauts drive off the aliens and rule the world through violence and corruption, even putting down the efforts of both NATO and the Soviet block. You would obtain this ending by whacking enough local forces and civilians.
  24. I also think that when you clear a mission with no injuries it should lower the stress for All soldiers (More for the members of the team, less for the ones at the base). The more you successfully run missions and each enemy that is killed would have a major impact on everyone. The reverse would also be true, the more missions you run where people get hurt and killed the more of a negative impact it would have on everyone. When you get to the point of 1/4 - 1/2 the people on the squad getting killed it would have a Major impact on everyone, even at the bases. If 3/4 or more die then it would be detrimental to everyone. A new discovery that gives the soldiers a new weapon or armor would have a major boost for all soldiers. It should be a blanket stress reduction across the board. Make them more confident that they can handle the upcoming missions. As for the aliens, when fighting the ones that have been killed several times and researched/interrogated there should be little to no impact on stress. It would become routine and 'normal'. New enemies, however, should have a major impact on stress. Totally new enemies should raise the stress level of everyone on the team by a lot, especially if someone on the mission you first encounter them is killed. The stress of combat needs to be tied directly to how many of that enemy you have killed, how many soldiers that enemy type has killed, and if you have researched and interrogated them.
  25. Mod makers (probably gone) might have better idea for this but usually in cases like this you are either missing something (some file(s) are missing some information) or something is named wrongly on some file(s). My suggestion: Replace. First try to make it work just by replacing one human grenade (say, fusion grenade) with one alien grenade, not making new grenade. Start modding one file at time (researches.xml, manufactures.xml, weapons.xml etc) adding alien grenade stats and see that it works. When/if completed, add back human grenade you removed. If works, add another alien grenade same way. When/if all alien grenades work, then add all human grenades back, they should work for obvious reasons. Should.
  26. Keksimus Maximus

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta (1.00.11c)

    Not sure how much anyone would be able to help but there's no better place to ask. I'm making a sub-mod for X-Division that allows the player to equip Alien weapons procured in the field and equip them in the armory loadout screen. It works perfectly for the most part except for one thing; grenades. I tried the same method to get grenades equipable in the grenades menu but every time I unlock the grenade through research and try to equip it, the game crashes when you select the "grenades" tab in the armory. I've tried switching them from simply being (for example) weapon.alienstungrenade to weapon.grenade.alienstungrenade like most human standard grenades. I even updated the specters and alien inventories to reflect that change in the aiprops.xml, but the fact that I can't get the grenades to be equipable makes this fairly pointless. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  27. Maybe sounds should sound louder/quieter according to the distance their source is. Hearing UFO sounds from across the map is not very immersive in my impression.. Running sounds can be more varied. It all sounds very..monotonous, repetitive. My brain is noticing that it's the same sound over and over again. Maybe slowing down the running just a little bit can give the movement more weight. Especially if the movement speed is dependent on how encumbered the soldier is. Two modes of movement walking and running, and also moving while crouched – can give the combat even more flexibility. P.S. Noticed an animated palm tree – NICE : ) More details like that will help bring the maps to life.))
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