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  3. Thats an unfortunate event in case the map runs out of drone spawn points, and generates generic ones instead, which sometimes end up in houses. Which is the case here. The solution would be to check every map for enough drone spawn points.
  4. Excuse me, but what is this? Walker inside the house. It is not active and allows you to easily destroy yourself. I think it's wrong.
  5. We just live on different sides of the Earth. You are already asleep, and I just woke up.
  6. All cool , that was to Suave. I read yours, and your image contributed to the solution immensly. Man, you are quicker than me. Fixed: MD5: a9e16d6951dff9f0ce49d6807659bb66 confirmed. This is a tank wreckage, it appears as it should be, almost. When you reload it doesnt appear to be destroyed anymore, but it is.
  7. Looks like another hotfix is going to be needed - there's a problem on lower graphics settings where the screen ends up being inverted, plus some other issues too. We'll hopefully put out a patch today or tomorrow at the latest.
  8. Seems to be working now! Cheers!
  9. The tank can not be destroyed inside the ship? This is the second tank, the first was destroyed outside.
  10. to Charon X-Division 0.99.41 MD5SUM=a9e16d6951dff9f0ce49d6807659bb66 Change please!
  11. Did this earlier -- see about 3 messages above. Please let me know if I can shed further details.
  12. Last week
  13. @Phoenix1x+52 managed to cut down the problem with okhams razors. Because of that we should now have a working installer. So I would ask everybody to download the installer again and to make an correct installation of the latest patch. Thank you for your patience. Pheonix & Charon
  14. Soory, got "Programme stopped working" message, same as axemangeorge. I do not seem to be able to copy from Snipping Tools in here...
  15. Of course, It stops working, I have tried running it as administrator, turn off Avast, still the same.
  16. Could you please go into a bit more detail ? Like specs, error message, when did it appear ?
  17. Hey Charon, Actually, it did not - I have had the same issue as axemangeorge...So I just unzipped and copied over. It seems to work.... Oh, and thank you both for your valuable advice towards air-combat!!!!
  18. @Suave Did the installation work for you ?
  19. I'm still in Phase 1. During my last play-through I disabled the Easy Airgame mod and got about 28 pilots killed before I started learning some air-to-air tactics... So here's what I do: Send in 2-3 Aserius armed with Mauser (then Gatling Laser), and/or Fighter Beam. If the adversary has a fighter escort, throttle back and loiter outside primary target's range. Escort races forward. Engage them 3:1 until they're destroyed. Break left and right, full afterburner, staying mostly outside primary target's weapons envelope. Leave one fighter loitering out front as bait. Take left and right around behind primary's weapons arc, throttle way back, and empty all weapons, then run away. If that isn't enough to take down the primary, send a second squadron of 1 Aserius + 1 Foxtrot to finish the job. This same left-right-bait tactic works well with 2 Aserius + 1 Foxtrot, so long as I DON'T use the Foxtrot as bait. If the Fox can get outside the target's engagement envelope, then he can idle the engines and launch torpedoes at maximum range without much risk. Vs. Heavy Carriers and anything that shoots drones -- I've kept my fighters alive WAY longer than should be possible by barrel-rolling at the very-last-second away from the drones. I end up with fighters dragging tails of 10+ drones in big loopy circles all around the primary target, occasionally getting a few hits in. (I really don't recommend this, though -- it's super dangerous, but a good backup when your Antimissile doesn't connect.) Mostly, the aliens target whichever of your aircraft is closest. You've just gotta be like a close-up magician: give them something to focus on while the REAL work happens off to the sides.
  20. It is clearly not working for everybody else, except us developers, which is a critical issue. Some people figure out how to copy and paste the assets, which was the reason why i put them like this, but there is more to the installation. And it is not our goal to change a working complicated installation into a non working one XD. I presume it stops for you too after the first dialoge ?
  21. Mkay, here goes: Specs: attached. Run as administrator: Yes. Then I updated the exe file properties to always run as administrator, and confirmed the exe had full read/write/execute privileges. Tried again with same result. Antivirus: No antivirus alerts popped up. (I run BitDefender if that's any assistance.) Error message: attached. Another computer: No -- just using the one PC for everything, work + play. Please note I'm not complaining -- just want you to be aware of a possible issue. If it's working for everyone else then it's clearly NOT a critical issue.
  22. Ok, lets get this started ... . Made an installer to make the installation easier .. doesnt work for people ... the life of a coder. What is your specs ? Do you run as the administrator ? Does an Anti Virus Software prevent the execution ? What exactly does the error say ? Screenshot or video does help enourmously ! Did you try it on another computer ? Thats all i can think of at the moment. After you used the installer there should be no more questions to ask, the installer sets everything straight. Only if you want to change the activation of some mods you can do that after the installation, but everything else should have been taken care of. Air combat related really a lot is possible, and mostly everything works in one way or another. Some russian guys even fight with 3 foxtrot vs 3 heavy fighter and win unharmed. The airgame is up to your fantasy to how to use it. I usually use them like they are designed to: Asierus + Mauser vs Fighter, Foxtrot with torpedos vs anything big and slow, and fighter vs drone stuff. But in Phase 2 things are developing and become way more interesting, because of the sonda. Its 2 normal slot means you can give him Pirhanja Torpedos for close combat, or double plasma missile for maxiumum damage, or or hyper missile + anti missile, or ... . Really lots of possibilities. And they are just getting more and more with each Phase, the Pulse emitting cannons are definitely interesting allowing for great coverage without quite having the max damage. And, and, and . Its just like a painting, only your brush decides what its going to the picture. I really like it ^^. Thank you and i hope you enjoy it. In case there is nothing in the vanilla game, no, the progression is always the same. Unless ofcourse the code is not working which is not unusual. I can already hear the screams ... aaaah. Like breathing fresh air. A pity we dont have that on video XD. An alien outpost is usually phase 2. When something goes south we usually desing the game so that you can abort the mission, not save/load as an compensation. If something looks too hard it usually is designed to be not beatable for you ( Ironman ), yet.
  23. I like the idea of a proper first aid system . I don't know how many things and action sI would like there to be, but now that you say so, it would be cool to have painkillers and whatnot, and perhaps even having your medic give CPR, which would take several turns and have only a certain success chance. The first X-Com game had painkiller and stimulants in the medi-kit, after all . There is something about having a wounded man and having to cordon off his position and hold it while the medic or medics treat him or her that I like.
  24. Could soldiers develop persistent personality traits over time? I don't like naming examples because it easily turns into a discussion on whatever game I use as an example, , or like I'm just stealing ideas, but I'm thinking of Crusader Kings II or Darkest Dungeons-style traits that develop over time based on what happens around the characters. I'm using CK2 as an example because it has such a large selection of personality and physical traits. Both things such as "Slow", "Quick, "Genius", and "Hunchback", and personality traits such as "Trickster", "Arbitrary", and "Organiser", some of which are acquired over time. For Xenonauts 2, I think it would add a lot both to depth and immersion to have appropriate traits for your soldiers, both traits that are present at start, and ones that develop over time. You could even have temporary buffs and penalties such as fevers, high morale or pride following a successful battle, cowardice, disillusionment, complacency, and so on. You could also have injuries like losing an eye or getting a lasting hand or foot injury.
  25. I have no idea how this would be implemented, but an X-Com game where you play as the bad guys -- either aliens invading Earth or humans invading some other planet -- has been a dream of mine for a long time.
  26. I honestly had no idea what to call this suggestion when I was making the thread. So, when playing games like this you basically have to make a choice of how much you want to "save-scum". Some choose the ironman approach, which has even become an official setting in newer games, while others choose to reload missions and even turns if things don't go as planned. So I've been thinking -- how about an option to allow the player to save the game, but to regenerate certain things each time they do so? I'm primarily thinking of ground attack missions here -- you would be able to save the game, but each time you load the save game, the placement of aliens, civilians, and so on in the fog of war is generated again. This means that you would be able to "save-scum" by loading a mission if it goes badly, but that you couldn't do this to "learn the scenario by heart" to perfect your approach. Each time you reload, you're playing the scenario for the first time, especially if you were only allowed to save at the beginning of a ground assault mission when playing with this system. The map itself would be the same, but Of course players could use this system to repeatedly generate missions to make things easier for them by for example reloading if they find an alien in a good position, kinda like how you can start new games of Civ to get that perfect city spot with the exact resources you want and whatnot, but I think that it could also present a nice challenge to players who use it seriously, so to speak .
  27. WOAH... Started my first alien base assault last night and I was shocked, shocked to see civilians in the base. Thought it was a bug and made a save specifically to report the bug. Then. OMFG Wraiths popping up everywhere, Caesan terror soldiers firing new, interesting, multi-colored beams at me which led to a spit-take moment: I couldn't help but imagine how the rest of the squad would feel when Major Hachisuka, veteran of 24 combat drops including the liberation of both Dakar and Seoul from alien terror attacks, the most decorated Xenonaut of the alien invasion, ABSOLUTELY LOSES HIS SHIT less than two minutes into the mission: "That's it, man -- game over, GAME OVER! What the fuck are we gonna do now?" I have NO IDEA if I can win this mission even taking save/load spamming into account. Having a total blast trying, though!
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