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  2. How to stun Androns when i saw in tips 100x that stun damage cant do nothing with robot units ? Emp granades ? I dont have them and i dont know how to get them. there are soooo many research things to do, like you wrote 1000 of them ( and i love that ) . it would be nice if we have some kind of research tree, because for us who didnt made this mod, is really hard to remember all that stuff...
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  4. Hey guys what do you think if that kind day and night cycle would be in the next version ?
  5. Androns. Good luck .
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  7. Anyone knows who i have to kick in the face for better armor then Fox ?
  8. --- Once again, nothing much new report. @thixotrop has already gone into the details that pretty much made completing mission semi-impossible. - Another something I yet have seen is related to "Mission Objective Capturing". I.E. cleaning the UFOs and then waiting 5-turns to capture them. I have previously reported this system being pretty much not working at all. But I know the reason: "Outer-wall"-tiles also count as "indoors" of UFOs, so if an AI-units stands near them, then the countdown doesn't start. It is very possible some of the more "showcasy"-corners spawned "Pocketed" units within / inside these things thus this prevented the capturing countdown. (( I know that on this example image I did say I searched the whole map. But it is possible one or more of mobs was actually "Inside" the wall(s) itself... )) - Switching weapons or even "measuring" how well grenade throws go makes the solider to stand-up. -- If solider is moved right after this, they can move around without the "standing"-fee of TUs being spent. -- If player wants them to kneel again, they have to click the "Crouch" trice which also costs the crouch-action twice - "Hidden Action" simply completely hides the AI-units complete until they shoot or they're hit by reaction-fire. And yes, I did say this was "semi-impossible" to complete: I ended up winning after using machine-gunner to tear down pretty much all the interior walls of the UFO (once we got rid of the door-guard that the same machine-gunner was not able to hit at all at point-blank ("hits" are shown as black-stripes under the "Reaper"): The image above should have the "Mission-Capture"-timer-box, but I was simply too slow; it started at "4" right after I had killed the "Sebillian", and the "Drone" has entered the UFO via the door. Notice also the floating "machine-gun"-bullets on the spots where the walls used to be. --- --- --- output.log recording_7.rec
  9. So there is this weird problem that my game immediately crashes when I hit the "play game" button in the launcher ONLY when I selected the 1080p (which is the native resolution of my monitor.) But the game runs perfectly fine when I run it at any other resolution. I've tried searching for a solution but I couldn't find one. Here is the list of things that I've already tried. - Verify game files via steam. - Reinstalling the game. - Running at windows 8, windows 7, windows XP compatibility mode (I am running windows 10 by the way.) - Running the game windowed or not windowed. - Running the game using "LauncherFix.bat" If I'm missing any possible fix, please tell me. I want to play this game on 1080p if possible
  10. I don't know whether there is a multiplier to set, but you can modify the "Unit Days" column in manufactures.xml.
  11. Best stun weapon - is shotgun
  12. I've played every X-com game there has ever been, and one addition I loved in Xcom 2 was the mod (called Perfect Information) that allowed us to view shot chances and rolls for both my shots and especially alien shots. It takes away frustration and allows me to learn what I'm doing wrong. Without it you might get hit a few times doing something that was actually good, but because you had bad luck you think 'I won't do that again..'. So basically I just want a little popup when an alien fires that shows their adjusted % chance to hit me and also their dice roll. Same for my guys shooting would be nice too, seeing the dice roll would take away frustration of 'how did I miss a 95% shot?!' That's fine I can see that I rolled a 98'. I can't find anything like this for Xenonauts, does it exist or is even possible?
  13. Basic Specialists, Phase 2.
  14. Physician?? What is it? Early specialist? Or he is not present in Scouts and corvettes?
  15. 1. A stun rocket does 60 chemical stun damage, 10 mitigation and the stun gas does 30 chemical stun dmg per tile the reaper runs through. The armour reduces the stun damage, but the reaper has 0 chemical armour. Furthermore the resilience is 140, and it has regeneration, of which i dont know how much stun damage it actually recovers. Rockets additionally do explosion damage which gets reduced the further away the target is from the explosion zone. The outest ring does 75% while the hit tile receives 100% of the damage. Since the damage gets rolled between 50 and 150% you minimally need 2 150% bulls eye hits or in the worst case scenario 7 rockets which all only strafe the reaper, excluding the gas tile damage. Since a reaper does not move in your turn it may regenerate the stun damage you dealt during your turn, but still run through a lot of gas. 2. MK2 + Caesan Data Hack 1,2 and 3. 3. Researches.SebillianphysicianInterrogation No, it isnt.
  16. About Medpack i wrote, possibly bug....
  17. 3 questions only @Charon or anybody who can answer. 1. How many stun rockets needed to stun reaper? 2. What are pre requisites for mk3 lasers? 3. How to get advanced medkits?
  18. Thats good to hear, but odd. Your modloader clearly states you are playing the .4 version + .33V of Charons Changes. And the exe is outdated too, it should be 0.34.3 23/7/2017. So i guess you just reused your old picture.
  19. Not upgrade medpack after sibillian research. Why? all sibillian interrogated, include medic...Bug?
  20. Just doublechecked the loading screen -- I am in fact playing the .41 version, and getting my ass kicked... LOTS of surprises! Thanks for the props on proper bug reports. Maybe you could guess I've done a bit of user-acceptance testing between epic bouts of xeno genocide?
  21. Hi, i just got the game via steam i'm using a win 10 64-bit after playing the game i cann't save. i do the normal process of saving it gives me no error and the game goes on but when i go to load the save does not exist. i tried to change the save location but it stay as it was initially.. please help it looks like a great game.. Thanks
  22. Hi, I'll skip the intro, keep it short & to the point. I played the first game, have been following the forum, and like where Xenonauts 2 is going, so I want to pitch in my two cents in the form of suggestions, things that - in my eyes - would greatly benefit the game, give a big + for replayability: * Concerning stats - keep the system transparant and interesting: - have an unreachable, but clear maximum for stats (e.g. 100); the closer to the maximum, the slower the improvements - have the option to train a stat in the base and have a training maximum for stats (training can go really slow, but at least you have the impression that your soldiers are doing something useful) - have different patterns for the soldiers' evolution, some may have more/less talent in certain aspects than others, e.g. one soldier may quickly improve his accuracy stat, but need more time for his strength stats (we are talking about humans, right?) - keep all the above editable in an xml-file and the patterns could be explicit or not according to game settings -> There is no fun in knowing in advance that shooting x times at your enemy will add y points after a mission while not knowing what the maximum is. It doesn't make it any better if this is for several stats.... * Concerning factions - add humans: - I really like that in the first Xenonauts game there are some humans that help you in a mission, as if you have some allies, but it would make a big difference if there was at least one human enemy faction as well. They could use exactly the same system that aliens use (e.g. bases popping up, infiltrating your base), but could give you supplies that you can use immediately, like weapons, grenades, ammo, as well as a vehicle & more experienced soldier (in rare cases). E.g. after fighting a certain faction there is a 10% chance of persuading a stunned enemy soldier to join your cause (I wouldn't make the chance higher than 10% as - in my eyes - it should be more like a bonus, an awesome, lucky event, than a reason to attack the enemy faction and stun everyone). However, a human enemy faction would bring more variety being a different kind of enemy using different weapons (i.e. use of shields, machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers like the Xenonauts) in a different setting. Furthermore, the player has another interesting option to train his soldiers that would feel like a different kind of mission. Most importantly, it would feel different to the player... To me this was one of the most interesting, fun features of UFO: Apocalypse. The factions could take the shape of cultists, extremists, some secret intelligence agency etc., I'm sure this would fit the story. (- You could expand on this and also add more factions in the form of companies... Whereas UFO: Apocalypse has them on a city level, Xenonauts 2 could have them on a global level, but I fear this would be suggesting, asking too much, especially going more into detail, although it would make things more interesting e.g. to choose the position of your bases, to make sure you keep good relations in order to have all back-up materials for designing a piece of equipment, etc.). So far for my two cents, I hope to see some reaction on this. Keep up the good work - cheerS
  23. 3 questions. First , im in February, doin ok , Suave tips helped me a lot, but i still have only have fox armour. How can i open next armour , who to stun ? I have all kinds of weapons, opened laser and ultimate / mag weapons.. but im stuck on fox armour and its getting really hard. 2nd q , i cant find enough alien stun granades, so i in last few months i cant produce stun granade or rockets .. What alien is giving me a. stun granades and do i have to stun him to get few ? 3rd q, i Still only have Asierus and Foxtrot, no new planes .. is that normal ? Im doin ok in airfights, just asking..
  24. Hi there it's been a long time lol. I'd like to know where to edit how much work can the engineers put each hour of their manpower hours... so I can produce things faster Also any other method to increase production would be great! other than editing the buildings to allow 1000 engineers lol Cheers thanks in advance!
  25. Yeah the ones that you identified are pretty much correct. After missions and kills, there are progress towards improving each stat. Don't recall the rest off the top of my head.
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