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  4. Got a bit more gameplay in. I'm curious about reaction fire and doors now. In X1, I remember you were ultimately satisfied with the reaction fire design, which included not firing when opening doors. In X2, it seems to work differently, but there's no mutual surprise rule from xcom? Am I misunderstanding what I'm seeing, or have you changed your mind about reaction fire? Bug/QoL. I had a soldier with a laser machinegun and a laser pistol, and spare laser clips. When the MG ran out of ammo, I managed to reload the MG with the smaller laser clip (5 shots) and so couldn't fire at all. It should be clearer by displaying the right clip above the right weapon. Related QoL: those ammo clips should have a tooltip. With the HEVY for instance, you can carry smoke and explosive reloads but you can't tell which button is which, you have to remember the graphic of each ammo type. QoL: why are base building construction times shown in hours? I don't want to think about 360 hours, the game's in days. Balance: Defender armour is too cheap at 10k per suit. It's basically disposable, and I can easily crank out a suit for everyone even early on. Balance: the accelerated MG upgrade seems fairly useless. It's expensive (100k and 20 alloys) and takes valuable engineering time. MGs rarely hit anyway, they're for suppression, so 20% extra damage isn't worth much, especially not when you get laser weapons soon enough anyway. Related: is it intended that the laser MG only has the big 10-round burst and no lower-TU burst? UI/QoL: the soldier bar should show current armour somewhere (next to HP?). Armour makes a big difference in the game but you currently have to open the soldier's inventory to see it. Bug? Sebillian Brutes can go berserk, which renders them harmless for the turn as they're melee. Everything about air combat now is weird. Turns out the only correct move is to arm all interceptors with torpedoes only. 2 Angels with full torpedo loadouts take out Observers and Destroyers without taking damage, and without you having to do anything, just deploy behind the UFO. You don't even need Alenium torpedoes, the basic ones do it. Also the same loadout works against Fighters that for some reason do not dodge. In X1, you needed Foxtrots for speed - very early on, UFOs would show up (Scouts) that were faster than your starting Condors. Here in X2, I entered the fourth month without encountering a UFO that could outrun Angels, which makes the faster Phantom seem much less important. The Medical Center should perhaps have upgrades to increase the healing rate? It remains static, as far as I can see, which messes with the progression. As my soldiers gain more HP, the base heals at the same 1.8 HP / hour, so if my high-level soldiers get wounded, they're out of action for 3-4 weeks.
  5. If you save a game, and try to load it later, it show a dialog box the the saved file is not comparable with this version???
  6. This is the sixth and hopefully final hotfix for V23. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. If you want to continue playing your V23.5 campaign (as this update breaks save games) then please switch to the Experimental Legacy Branch instead. Added research image for the Mentarch autopsy. Added research image for the Pegasus dropship. Added a 3d model for the combat knife. Fixed a crash that could occur if your entire team was wiped out on a tactical mission. Fixed a crash that could occur after one of your units suffered a morale break and fled. Fixed the walls inside the UFOs not correctly disappearing when destroyed. Fixed Eternals not dropping the correct item, meaning their autopsy / interrogation projects never got triggered. Fixed an animation issue with some of the Sebillians. Let us know if you continue to experience further bugs in the game. Hopefully no further hotfixes will be required for this build!
  7. On my Cleaner Mission a single civilian guy with a pistol shot - at least it looks that way - at the bus next to my soldier and nearly totally wrecked it. Is the damage done to the bus correct? Otherwise this time I found no other bugs. Just two remarks: As I learned (again) that you can compare soldier weapons with holding down CONTROL, this is unfortunately not possible with jet weapons. Would be helpful to have the same there. Base Defense: All movements of soldiers and Cleaners are really laggy. Hope that will be better in final release.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce that crash. We don't have time to fix it before the next hotfix but we'll do another one afterwards.
  9. Last week
  10. Hey @JoshT, just getting into this but when trying to download the file here I'm getting 0 byte file
  11. So this has happened 3x loaded saves in a row. When the Zombie comes towards the team at the end of the turn if it is killed by "overwatch fire" and "hatches" the new xeno the came insta crashes to desktop. **edit to clean up the language a bit** auto_groundcombat_turn_3_end-139.json
  12. It shouldn't be able to panic, no. What version of the game are you playing?
  13. Thanks @Solver, it's always useful to have feedback such as this and I'm glad you enjoyed what you played of the game. There's a lot of good stuff here. I'll respond (and action some of the points) when I have a bit more time.
  14. @Chris I'm finding when I have a shedload of save game files on my laptop (it's a bog basic laptop) it appears to be beneficial to clean up the past save game files from UFO encounters and that. I make Manual saves and bin the rest off until I know I'm not going to need them from then on. As for any prior cruiser mission, honestly, I can't remember sorry. I know I avoided a terror mission because the panic levels were so low. It had peaked to 50 and then slowly dropped back. As for the Eternal, yeah, it was from an alien base mission in Spain. Regards, Compo.
  15. Thanks. Did you use any cheats in the mission? In particular the cheat that teleports soldiers around? Because if I move the two soldiers that have the USBs out of the dropship and then back in it detects it fine and ends the mission. But I don't think teleporting a soldier into the dropship counts as them entering the dropship (as it's not an actual move) so it won't trigger detection of the items being recovered.
  16. We've looked into this a little more and this is actually a very strange bug. Basically at the start of day 244 there was a wave of UFOs that contained a Cruiser on a Terror mission, which you shot down shortly after it spawned. It spawned a crash site that somehow has no icon, so is invisible on the Geoscape. This crash site times out after 24 hours and the game crashes due to the lack of an icon. Question - did you do anything unusual to that Cruiser, or the crash site it created? Did the crash site appear on the map at any point (maybe you fought the ground battle?) Can you think of anything unusual that might have caused it? If not, do you have any earlier saves we can look at?
  17. Thanks. Yes, we can reproduce this crash - we'll get it fixed!
  18. Thanks. Yeah, this usually indicates that there's a corrupted UFO mission trying to spawn onto the Geoscape and it looks like that's what's happening. We'll try and figure out what's gone wrong and patch it in the hotfix. Regarding the Eternal Interrogation mission: actually, it looks like I was wrong about that. There's no requirements on the research project besides successfully capturing a live Eternal. The problem was some mis-set data on one of the Eternal data files, which I've now corrected and will be in the hotfix. EDIT - although just to clarify, the floating purple brain enemies are called Mentarchs. The Eternals are the equivalents of the X1 Praetors so they only appear on Battleships or large alien bases. Maybe on Harvesters too.
  19. Incidentally we've figured this one out, and it's a much less serious bug than I first thought - and it'll be fixed in the hotfix. The problem is that you've destroyed those walls, but as they don't have any destroyed art setup they just stay fully visible despite no longer existing in game terms. I've set them up to disappear when destroyed now.
  20. One of the things we did based on watching people playing the game and getting very angry is remove the TU cost for rotation when shooting, so it's unlikely to be anything related to that. It's probably something weird in the code like an interaction with alien overwatch somehow resetting the reserve counting, etc.
  21. Multiple tries at this mission/turn with a crash at the end before User turn. Hope this helps with t/s autooutput.log.1output.log_groundcombat_turn_1_end-192.json
  22. Yes, there's a temporary download for it at https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/xce-035.1.7z
  23. Hi, i have gog version of xenonauts, the only way i can get X:CE is from your site, i finished vanila game and wana try X division, but need X:CE first, can you pls repair download links, they only download file with 0kb and it stops, thanks for great game!
  24. @Chris I'm getting a crash to desktop on day 245 at time 01:04:00 for no apparent reason I can find. All is going well until that point. No manufacturing or research ends that day. Nothing jumps out at me as triggering the CTD. I've tried the same on all 3 time speeds and it CTD's at the exact time on the same day. Regards, Compo. P.S. That Stunned Live Eternal I always stun on a cruiser or observer UFO with the Wraiths never appears afterwards with the recovered items. You said I had to be further along in the game's storyline to do this? I haven't had any visiting battleships as of yet so it might be connected to the Battleship research? user_day_244_manual_save_before_ctd_at_d_245_t_0104-6.json
  25. @Chris Here's a manual save from during a cleaner intelligence hub mission where I have the required number of 10 data sticks and all of my soldiers are back on the Skyhawk awaiting dust-off. user_day_244_cleaner_intelligence_hub_manual_save-4.json
  26. Hey everyone, My company is developing a cloud-based SaaS product for the veterinary and human healthcare sectors and we've been repeatedly let down by our current (offshore) developer and are now way behind on our dev timeline. We want to use someone based in the UK from now on. Basically, we need someone who can code in PHP/Laravel, is used to APIs and databases. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a PM. Thanks
  27. Nice Feedback from you all. Where I agree is that the Riflemen / Riflewomen and Infantry look the same. But what´s the Alternative? I personaly don´t have one with the Equipment we have at the beginning availible. Evtl. later on when the Tutorial get fully implemented. Atm. I change 2 Riflemens in Grenadiers and 2 in Shield-Protectors. Where I agree too is the Combat Ballance. There are very much missing Bonuses (Crunch, Lay-Down, Closed Combat for Shotgunners and Pistols). I have played X1 too, but I personaly confer it with the direct Rival the UFO-ET-Row, which is the only Game on the same Leveldesign in our Timeline. The Devs there have integrated that Bonuses direct in the beginning or End Alpha-Phase. Where I aggree too is that for Missions with Alternate Rules are missing some Info-Upgrades. Where I agree too is that some Features should come first after Autopsys and / or Interrogations. Like better Weapons-Research (Gauss, Plasma, Fussion), advanced Armors, Fighters etc. as Equipment and Helping for the Ground Combat. The Base-Missions are fully OK for me. I don´t like to much Terror-Missions and Base-Defence / Base-Attack-Missions or to much Loot-Missions, where the Team don´t have Time for R & D. That was the Problem in X1 and UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold and is one big with new Phoenix Point. That new XCOM soluted much better, where you have to time for R & D, Upgrading your Troops etc. The better soluted Way from XCOM is getting in for X2. The Airfight is nice too. It´s an upgraded Variant from X1 and atm the best we have testet with more cool Features. But that´s only the beginning to make it more interresting and more Features like Clouds or such are planed and evtl. come in for the next Versions. Otherwise the Airfight can be done like in the UFO ET-Row, directly on the Geoscape. The Day-Feature with the 24 Hour-Clock is an Ballance-Thing. We had to much Problems with the normal Date-Screen. Evtl. it get changed back later after the big Problem there get solved. With the Day-Feature the Game runs fully normal. What the R & D- etc. Points belongs, there are most which are in Rework / Refit / Finialising and in WIP. There are coming more Content / Bugfixes etc. Step by Step. I have many on my List, which get checked with every new Version if I get to the farest Point I have reached in an Prevouis Version. Short said: Not fully done!
  28. I find it not unrealistic, if you try to make your Weapons better (Rockets, Guns, Grenades etc.) for your Soldiers / Vehicles / Fighter-Aircrafts. Why not with the Ammo too. Like said, there are new possibilitys since the last Decade (2010+), which get XCOM 2 with the Extra-Ammo an big Upgrade as well as UFO 2 ET an immense success. And that´s only the beginning, so why not here too to give the Players more cool easy to implement Chooses.
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