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  2. what I'd like as a quality of life feature would be the suppression damage values of the various guns, while it does state that the AR and other guns besides the machinegun can be used to supress aliens, it does so unreliably. as such suppression is practically always done using either the 10 round MG burst, or the flashbang. knowing how "good" a particular gun is at making the enemy piss their pants when firing, can help out with that.
  3. After further playing, I'm not sure if it is this layout specific. I saw inverted doors on some occasions on other UFOs/layouts.
  4. Do you want Fusion Lance or Fusion Lance. I think I also saw missilies displayed twice, but maybe not.
  5. This is an old bug that came back. See picture. It appears to be due to a screen update not occurring. Did not have this problem for a while. A check for performance would be needed for 4.9.1.
  6. Description: I lack a file other than this rather silly image to document this minor humorous bug (also 1 is unloaded and has red error text when ever you check the stats) Backstory: not much out of the ordinary killed a cleaner soldier and checked the body (I was after all the inventory object images for wiki purposes) and then I found the glitch this thread is named after.
  7. Well Gauss Weapons clearly show that you can handle enemies easily, even so with Fusion, but when it comes to survivability, nothing beats pure skill and knowledge of the mechanics. A soldier with Colossus armor will die in 2 shots to plasma weapon. I sort of loved TFTD armor. The Magnetic Ion armor made you like imprevious to frontal damage, but side and back was vurnerable. The same you could say about the X-COM's Apocalypse Distruptor armor. It could take a few hits from the Devastator cannon, but after a while it got worn down. Here in X2 armor is depleated very quickly and at best it can survive 1-2 shots.
  8. @Chris these monthly posts are something I very much look forward to reading as they come out and as I haven't commented prior to this, I thought it best to reach out and give you my gratitude. I just wanted to say massive thank you for all the hard work and everything you guys are constantly putting into the game, it shows that it's a real labour of love. I'm a massive fan of the UFO Defence & Terror From The Deep, although I don't have many hours logged into the games themselves, I have watched streamers play them from hundreds of hours (mainly Lewis & Ben from the Yogscast) and I can't wait for them to play your game once its fully released. Now you have reached Milestone 4, I have decided to start playing myself and I'm absolutely loving it. Both my wife & I play it co-operative making all the decisions together and find we just lose track of time playing! I do have a couple of question if I may? Firstly, will there ever be an option for controller support? I know lots of people will instantly say that I don't deserve to play these types of games by mentioning the dreaded 'C' word, but as my wife & I play this our living room connected to the TV and viewed/played from the sofa, it makes for using a keyboard and mouse slightly tricky. Obviously I know this is probably unlikely, as I'm sure the majority of your target audience is playing at a desk, but it's worth an ask! Lastly, due to playing this from the sofa (about 2~3m away from the TV) it is very hard for us to read the dialog/information boxes. Would you consider adding an option for a larger sized text? Thank you so much for your time and I eagerly await to see the progress as it rolls out every month, keep up the fantastic work! All the best, Jay & Elz
  9. I hate all dynamic difficulty and level scaling systems in games - it makes progression feel unsatisfying. I know it's not exactly that in Xenonauts 2's case, but the end result of unsatisfying feel of progression is the same. This is why I also want to shoot down scouts later in the game: To see how powerful my troops and gear have become.
  10. The problem with armor is that, once you have it (The Guardian) aliens start using Plasma weapons which automatically negates the hardness of that armor, 24 of armor vs like 60 damage of plasma rifle is nothing. I don't remember if X1/X2 uses old x-com damage table 0-200% or TFTD table 50-150%, but if damage goes above the average then the armor means nothing. The same thing can be said about The Colossus armor. It's not much of an improvement over Guardian and it has several limiting factors. The Difficulty ramp I would blame mostly on constant lack of funds
  11. Scrolling through soldiers in armory screen with W and S should also scroll the list view when the selected soldier is topmost or undermost.
  12. Seems like you can see that green self healing effect through walls, so you can see where the enemy is.
  13. Guardian armor feels a bit underwhelming right out of the gate. I guess I expected a bit more - A slight superiority, even for a few weeks, when I've manufactured such badass new armor tech would have felt nice. Now I'm still one shotted with plasma rifles and it doesn't feel like a small victory I had hoped. How about differentiating enemy types more? Mantids could be a lot weaker and have their numbers doubled to make their missions feel like a proper ant hill swarm. Androns on the other hand could be twice as tough, but have their their numbers cut in half. Stuff like that. Difficulty seems to ramp up too much around day 180-220. I had a semi-manageable alien base mission, a super tough terror mission, quite difficult landed abductor (?) and a base attack where the aliens just ran over my already beat up team of rookies. Missions were so quickly back to back that I just didn't have time to recover. I play on veteran ironman, and I just quit there. See ya on MS5.
  14. Same with aliens, after corpse analyses are done, corpses should be tagged as junk automatically if they are not needed in anything else.
  15. This is not an actual bug, but decided it's worth reporting anyways: it doesn't make much sense that I can't complete corpse analysis if my storages are full. Are the test shootings performed in the storage? To add insult to the injury, completing those analyses would free the storage capacity as the corpses are moved into the shooting range and after that, to the dumpster..
  16. Geoscape day counter should also tell the number of days until the next pay day.
  17. Any conflict over territory, should have the ability to reclaim, other wise there is no point in it...!
  18. Last week
  19. Reclaim Territory you lost should be possible but to balance this, just make it harder as normal missions. To get no chance to do this is a real downer.
  20. The last one isn't a bug - the wall screens are scenery weak points.
  21. The cover looks very unintuitive. How come 2 pile of boxes that are bigger than the discount Gatekeeper, provide only 60% of cover? For normal person it looks like a 100% blocker. The same came to my surpirse with the shelves in 7-Eleven shops. You can shoot right through them despite they looks solid.
  22. One of the abductor layouts has inverted doors. They are opened when closed and vice versa. Additionally you can flatten walls that have screens on them with MARS. I don't think that should be possible?
  23. I just did a VIP extraction mission in an area I hadn't experience. It was a very well designed cleaner desert training camp. Of course I didn't like having 2 cleaners less than 10 yards away at the beginning wasn't expecting that. But you have to love a good Assault Soldier. Every time I restart something new is reveled, which is one of the things I love about this game.
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