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  3. wonderfull mod. have been playing it for a long time right now at the final phase. But find a problem. FULLWHITE ROBODGS ARE INMORTAL! I have unlocked and tried almost every weapon, shooting it for several turns with whole squad and no damage done, never. Only way to finish mission i have found is to lure them out of the ship and capture it. Any ideas?? Are they really supposed to be indestructibles or i´m missing something?
  4. Look above your post. Solver has a temporary download link that works until the other link gets permanently fixed.
  5. Some of the Parts get discussed already between the Beta-Testers and the Devs, but it´s good that you bring it in again. The Structure-Upgrades are such a Thing as well as the Scientists / Engineers for Specials. That an Base is out of Order for a Time is an Good Idea, but the Problem is to implement that. In the UFO-ET-Series, new XCOM-Series it get discussed too since UFO 1 ET (Standard from 2007) comes out. If the Devs there would have an Solution, they would had implemented it already. What do you mean with Adjacency? There only the Radar-Waves could do that if you build up the Bases decent. What the Resources belongs, it´s the same like good old X-Com from the beginning 1990s. If you don´t have it from Special Missions, Base-Missions, Terror-Missions and important UFO-Missions, then you are lost, before the Game beginns. You need them for Buildup, Upgrades and much much more. If you wanna play a Differnece to that Game, then play the UFO ET-Series, where you can build up Secondary-Bases too, but with much lesser Buildings. In both Games the Device lesser buildings in the Secondary-Bases is important. In Xenonauts 2 too the lesser Bases you have the better Founding you have. And an Special with the collected Ressources as difference to good old X-COM, new XCOM and Xenonauts-Series.
  6. Alien-Bases come from many different Buildups. So you will be surprised. What the “single Race”-Part belongs there have been implemented much new Stuff already. You will be surprised like the Beta-Testers too. Yes, that’s confirmed with surprises there too. The Beta-Testers can sing a Song of that. What the Camera belongs. No one will buy a Game without that 3D and Rotating Elements / Zoom Elements, especially in such Strategy-Games anymore. Such Elements (Armor-Variety/ Weapon-Variety etc.) get integrated more and more in the last Beta-Versions and aren’t finished yet. The Beta-Testers can Test the already implemented Features of that sine the last Beta-Versions (V.19 upwards).
  7. I think you play an much older Version. In V.22 / V.23 has much done with the Interceptors, esp. the Modular Parts. More incl. Adjustments comes with the next Versions. After that are playable for normal Gamers (which can play the much older Versions) you will see the difference. With the Pilots I give you right. That the Beta-Testers mentioned too. Maybe such an Dropship is in already in Xenonauts 2. The last Dropship get done with the latest testable Version (V.23). Your Idea sounds like in old X-Com (EU / TftD) and UFO ET-Series (UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold and UFO 2 ET), where such an Dropship is in already at latest.
  8. That´s changed and adjusted drastically already to come later as well as then in 1 or 2 Month-Steps as well as the Panic-Encounters. Testet in V.22 or V.23 when it comes in again. An more adjustet Beta-Test is comming in V.24 after the Beta-Tests from the last Version it comes after the big Rework.
  9. That we tested already with higher Tech-Levels. Atm. it´s not integrated for Upgrades / Reworks or Refit about the Things you mention and the Beta-Testers found out. In the Tests it was 1 Month, but that was to short to make an Field-Test for the Xenonauts and then for the Major Gouvernments as new Techs too. So we have to wait for the big Overwork of that and Beta-Test it again. What the Scientists and Engineers belongs, we will see. Maybe we will get an Upgrade there too later on. There the Beta-Testers have some Ideas too, which get discussed already in the Forum here.
  10. The Chars are Founder-Chars, so no Change allowed. And if someone outside the Devs get Hands on the Chars, then we court that People judicial, dosen´t matter if they are Normal or Modders (Unlimited Copyright from the Founders and the Devs). We like the Stamina-Idea about s it’s realism. The Soldier / Specialist needs a short or long break (and if someone works in such an Job like f. e. Policeman, Firefighters, Doctor, Military in Action) can understand that. Especially the ones which do or did such Jobs. All others have to do such Jobs first for a Year or so without a break and can then decide about that. The Mod to kill the realistic important Stamina-Effects in XCOM 2 comes from unrealistic Humans. Stamina-Effects you have in the new XCOM-Row, Phoenix Point and Xenonauts 2. It´s not unrealistic that such an System comes too in the UFO-ET-Row too to make it more interresting and much more important realistic. The most interesting thing of the Game Xenonauts 2 is not to make unnecessary Ground Missions (like every UFO-Chrash-Site). You have to make the important Missions (interesting Crash and Landing-Sites, Terror, Bases, Specials and so on), which come more often then you think. What the Stats belongs, build up the Training-Center (normally 1 is enough, in Case 2) and give your Specialists time to train. Then the Stats grow up slowly but Steadily. An similar cool Thing came in the UNI-Mod for UFO 1 ET (Standard- / Gold-Version). The Vehicles are a cool Stuff and the Vehicle-Upgrades (Weapons, Armor, Technology) came up the first time with the new XCOM-Row. The UFO-ET-Row (UFO 2 ET, UFO 1 ET-Refit) and Xenonauts 2 are the first new Games which make this System very interresting and bring out the best of the best what can be done in that Sector. I can´t see what can be done better in that for the next Decades+.
  11. All sounds good to me. I have probably said this before but I am getting excited that things seem to be getting close to finished and I will be able to play through
  12. I would much rather see diminishing returns rather than hard stat caps. Having soldiers always able to improve (albeit with more work) makes sense. Though I would hope those diminishing returns stop at a point. So it gets harder and harder up to a point, and then flattens out and is always "that hard" to advance. The stamina idea is terrible. XCOM did that, to force players to rotate troops. And the mod to remove that feature ended up being one of the most downloaded of all time. lol We have enough trouble getting a decent force put together. Forcing us to give them all downtime and try to manage multiple forces from a base is just cruelty. Also, we get attached to our soldiers who start doing well. Being told we're not allowed to use them doesn't go over well. As far as vehicles go, I think that having three and using your modular idea works well. Have the vehicles be the "core", where we start with a basic one, get an advanced on, and then end up with our end game model. On this core you would add propulsion (so start off with just wheels and treads). We could then research better versions of those (so wheels with more movement, etc and tank treads made of alien alloy to be tougher) as well as researching the hover tech later in the game. Along with that, we'd have different weapons that could be mounted on the vehicle. So we'd have our starter core, with say a single small weapon slot, and some spots for upgrades (like armor or medpacks so anyone next to the vehicle can bandage up). We'd get a second version mid game, made of alien alloys, with a bigger gun spot. And finally end up with our Xenonauts masterpiece, made of the best tech, that has say two gun spots on it, and more equipment slots for bonuses. And each of those can switch propulsion and weapons as we please. Also, please give us a lot more control over the customization of our characters. Let us rename them as in X1, but also let us change the face (would simply be a portrait/head swap from a big list of all available). As well, let us change the nationality. So that way we can make the soldiers we want to see (like having a squad leader from your home country).
  13. Earthling Tech Something I wanted to mention... according to the story, Xenonauts is sharing the research they come up with with the rest of the world. At least, the major governments and such. With this in mind, I think that it would be appropriate for friendly units that spawn on maps to get some of the upgrades we come up with. Maybe some months or something after we've developed a tech (or perhaps unlocking the previous tier for them when we get a new one), we could start seeing soldiers (or even cops) using new gear. So random soldiers on the map would start having newer guns and armor as the tech we come up with starts being used by the various nations. Also, one more thing (until I think of the next thing). The snark in some of the Lore entries in the original (from whoever the scientist is) is entertaining. I would love to see that expanded on in the sequel. Have entries made by different scientists and engineers. Each with their own opinions about the others and the troops and such. I think it could be highly entertaining to have a bit of back and forth between your team.
  14. I very much DO NOT like this doomsday weapon thing. It just seems like an arbitrary penalty. I wouldn't mind if it was there and the player's actions could delay it. Say the aliens need a UFO to scan a target for a certain amount of time, so if you take down the UFO, you reset the lock. That might be interesting. But just having it wipe out a city every 10 days seems like very bad design. Especially to players who like to take their time and just enjoy the core gameplay. It means you're forced to rush to a finale.
  15. I really liked the combat system from X1. It worked, was efficient and interesting. If anything though, I'd like to see MORE aircraft unlocked, not less. But having modular aircraft is a great idea. One of the things I hated in the original was how the Foxtrot had two missiles. And that's it. Without a gun, if your missiles missed, you were useless. Being able to switch missiles for guns, or at least expand the missile racks would be nice. That was something I loved about X-Com Apocalypse, was how you have equipment slots for your vehicles. So you could choose different weapons, as well as extra items (like shields, engine boosters, scanners, etc). Each vehicle had weapon slots based on the vehicle, and a certain amount of space for equipment. Having that kind of option for X2 would be amazing. It would drastically increase the viability of earlier interceptors as we'd be able to simply enhance them to be able to keep up for a while with new UFOs. So you could have an interceptor with say a light and heavy mount. The light mount could have a gun or light missile, while the heavy mount could also use a torpedo (or even larger guns). And I really like the idea of pilot progression. It makes sense. If your pilot has survived multiple encounters, they're going to be a lot better at fighting the enemy. So having a level up system for planes (getting accuracy and evasion bonuses per level) would make sense. Another thing, I would love to see the final aircraft be a hybrid. So you'd work your way up with different and better models of interceptors, as well as a couple of different dropships, like in the original. But the final aircraft you unlock should be a fighter-transport. Your ultimate ship, with all the tech you've collected, being the best interceptor that you can make (with the most health and guns and equipment space) that can ALSO carry a squad into battle. This would allow you to shoot down a UFO and immediately assault it at the crash site. Now, there could be a limitation on that. Say the original dropship carried 8 troops, you research a new one that carries 10 and another that carries 10 but has a gimmick (like the drop pods in X1) and the final one is a powerful attack ship but is back down to carrying 8 troops (so you've got a couple less guys, but your response to a crash is immediate). It could also be a bit slower than the best pure interceptor you research (because it's got more weapons and space for soldiers). But overall it would make a lot of sense for that to be the best ship you can make.
  16. I love the idea of more lore, and more things to research. That's part of the fun of these games. I would very much like to see more entries for the different classes of each alien race. So capturing one of each should unlock it's own entry (and some could have specific tech unlocks, like a Ceasan psionic unlocking some psi-tech, while a Ceasan soldier might get an armor upgrade). Then there would be the basic entry for the race and the autopsy for each (the race entry from simply capturing any class alive). The tech tree in general I would like to see more of. Expanding it is always good. More tiers would be nice, though understandably challenging. However more general items like improved rooms and such would be great. Different tiers of radar for example, each with better range. The Hyperwave Relay as mentioned. As well as improved science labs and workshops (after all, you find all this alien tech, it would make sense to use it to upgrade facilities). You could even have advanced hangars (using alien tech to launch aircraft faster so they start off with a higher speed for example). As for armor, I like the modular idea. Xcom Apocalypse had that (and honestly it was one of my favorites in the series). So you could mix and match head, body, arm and leg armor. One of the issues with that game was simply the lack of armor options. But researching different styles of armor within a set (so light Wolf, medium Wolf and heavy Wolf) would allow you to get an upgrade tier, but not be forced to have everyone in the same gear. You'd have options within each tier. And with modular bits, you could easily equip say a chest piece with a jetpack (which might be weaker armor but has the mobility). Or equip different helmets for gas resistance or maybe better visual range, etc. I would also like to see psionics implemented. I mean, why not let humans be modified to get psionic abilities? You research all that tech about it, so it would make sense you could use it. Could give more abilities. But you could also do the reverse, where you could alter a soldier to be psionically resistant. So they'd be cut off from using psionics, but be all but immune to psionic effects. I also like the idea of improving on existing tech. The project to upgrade grenades and such when that stuff is available makes sense (though the auto-upgrade was convenient). But having workshop projects to further upgrade a tech once researched is nice. Also, it could be done by simply having a new research that unlocks the upgrade for the mechanics to do... OR... what about field experience? Say fire X type of gun say... 100 times? After doing that your mechanics have analyzed the usage and wear and tear enough to know how to upgrade it. So basically you would unlock the upgrade for gear by actually USING the gear, and not just an arbitrary research (that was fine for unlocking the gear in the first place). And of course, fine tune the balancing, so it could be fire a gun 100 times... use a stun rod 20 times or maybe on say, 5 different species... have a shield take 20 hits... toss 50 grenades... etc...
  17. XCE on both zip and 7zip doesnt work is there any hope of an update?
  18. As far as power goes, that's hit or miss. Some people like that extra bit of management, others don't. Not having to worry about it in X1 was kind of nice. Just one less thing to build. At the same time, it does deepen the base building some, and is a prime target in base defense missions. If the aliens do enough damage to key structures there, it could cripple your base until repaired. If power is a thing, then you'd naturally have to have different tiers of power generator that get researched. With the final tier essentially being enough to power an entire base on its own. Slots in structures is interesting. But would be hard to balance. You say that this time we don't have infinite scientists/engineers. So they're individual units now, and not just mass hires I take it? If so, then yes, having them assigned to a building instead of researching or building would be a consideration. But also just what bonuses they'd give. Would a scientist and mechanic give the same bonus? Maybe one adds a bonus to the room effect while the other lowers maintenance? Or they both give different effects, such as on a radar, a mechanic expands the radar range, while a scientist makes any ship picked up by the radar stay tracked for longer when it goes out of radar range? You could also simply make is a financial/resource thing. Where each room has an upgrade slot, and you can research different upgrades for each room, and only equip one at a time (or maybe multiple for higher tier rooms). So the basic radar has a single slot. You could install a range extender, or better tracking so UFO's that leave range stay visible longer, or a scanner to tell you what race is on the ship (which could be a higher end tech to research). Things like that. It would allow rooms to be somewhat modular and allow players to focus on the bonuses or play style that they want. Have a workshop upgrade that can make anything made cost less money, or less materials, or produce faster, etc... As for the radar, I don't like the idea of multiple radar rooms per base. I thought that was a bad design in the original. What you SHOULD have, is simply upgraded radars. As with other tech, you get higher tiers to research. Each one having a bigger and bigger range. And in addition to that, there should be a room like the Hyperwave Relay in XCOM, that lets you get more info on ships you detect, showing what race is on board and what their mission is. Building adjacency I don't like at all. It worked in XCOM because you only had the one base, so making the most out of it was part of the strategy. But for Xenonauts, where you have multiple bases, it doesn't seem like a good fit. You'd essentially want to just have a science base, a workshop base, etc... to get the most out of that. I think it should be avoided. Resource generation I'm also not a fan of. That's basically the point of going on missions. You take down a UFO, wipe out the survivors, and gather up goodies.
    Yall wanna help out the people this file does not work what so ever any new update or something at all?
  19. So, as far as maps go, yes, more is better. And yes, good players would generally be shooting every UFO down, so terror missions and bases wouldn't be encountered. I figure an easy fix to that as far as bases are concerned, is having the odd base be constructed even without UFO landings. They would simply take much longer to spawn than a regular base being built would. That way players would still eventually see them and be able to respond. Also, you could have some UFO's spawn where their mission would be, and have them land almost immediately. They would be rare, but it would allow for terror missions and base building without the UFO's being shot down before they get where they need to be. In terms of alien composition, I like having "single race" ships. It makes more sense for MOST ships. Having the odd specialty unit for a race to add a bit of balance to them makes sense. As does "companion races". Sebillians having some "pet" race that helps supplement them. Or how Androns and Harridan work together. That works out nicely. You know what the bulk of the force will be, but also know to be on the look out for their support units. Meanwhile, the largest of the alien ships would also make sense to have a mix of races. Transports make sense for this, as they could be carrying different troops to different places. Meanwhile the largest ships would also likely be more of a coalition of races used to challenge you directly instead of just a single race on a mission. Though of course, there would still be plenty of the largest ships just crewed by one race. But it would add variety. You say there's 8 types of UFO in the game. Do those come with variants? Like cruisers with multiple internal setups? Because just 8 seems... small. I mean, you'd want 2-3 "no crash" ships, like the fighters in the original. Then two sizes of scout ship. Then a destroy (small ship more for combat, but still overall weak, with small crew). Then a transport (easy to kill but huge crew). Then your covertte, cruiser and heavy cruisers. Then a carrier (massive troop transport). And a battleship. Possibly even a "mothership" style ultra rare spawn, which could be a huge ship full of a collection of races. And with each ship (at least from the medium size up ones) you could start having multiple layouts with them. So just different internal layouts, as was in the first game (unless that was just a XCE thing, but still, should be done). As far as camera... I don't really care. The isometric was just fine with me. Aliens having tiers of weapons I like. Though honestly, I would like to see A LOT more research for the Xenonauts. More equipment tiers would be nice, as well as "side grades". One of the issues these types of games tend to have is that things are generally a straight progression. You'll sometimes get a slight side-grade, like the Buzzard and Wolf armors. I'd like to see more of that. Maybe having a light/medium/heavy armor for each tier. So as you get to a tier, you can have different armors for scouts vs heavy units. Not just everyone switching to the new shiny and being exactly the same. Also, more gadgets would be nice. You have the basic grenades, but what about things like mines or proximity grenades? A grenade launcher that a unit could use to fire grenades accurately over distance. A ranged stun gun type of weapon. Maybe even deployable mini-turrets and such. Shield generators or deployable cover (kind of like the riot shield, except it's a cover you set up and crouch behind, which could be good for setting up in choke points).
  20. I remember being absolutely annoyed at the psionic abilities wrecking my teams previously and changed the TU cost of the abilities so they couldn't be used.
  21. Chris, thanks for the new Diray. It´s good that the exisiting Parts get Bugfixed, Reworked or Refited and Stabilised as well as the Gaps get filled to make the first 3/4 of the Game fully playable / testable as well as the first Parts of the Endgame. If you need more time for V24 then it´s fully OK and give me time too to finish some other important Projects, which get done between the Xenonauts 2 Beta-Testing.
  22. And here I am, August 2022, still annoyed by this neverending steps. Click clack click clack click clack....
  23. Different playthrough - same crash. Shot down 2 UFOs, finished with the ground combat at the 1st. Then whatever I do, after like 20 hours the game crashes. I have a suspicion - I have shot down an UFO previously that didn't generate a crash site. I have caught it over water, then chased it over land (some small islands). At the prompt I have shot it down, but it didn't generate a crash site or anything. I shrugged and moved on... it is possible that the crash happens 24 hours later when the non-existent crash site wants to disappear... I think the UFO was a destroyer, but not sure. Plus, this is just a theory I am trying to confirm now. output_log.crash.again.txt
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