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  2. If you look closely, you can spot them. They usually write something about being new, not having any friends and if you'll be their friend... XD. (Bots are such a pain in the arse, time for some sort of anti-bot system for the forum gents?)
  3. Lylyhannah

    Hello. My name is Lyly.

    Hello. My name is Lyly. I am a new member, so I do not have a friend. You can make friends with me. I want to learn more.I Liked the site and thought should join, hoping I will be of some help and of course to get some help.. Thank you
  4. <3 Maybe its because we improved on the overall gameplay ? How do you like the additional options in the installer ? Im pretty sure that you cant get anything that would identify as a Facehugger Corpse in the game. You can only get them alive. It sorts ... soldiers. You can choose the order of your soldiers with it. Thats a definite plus when you have more than 16 soldiers in a base and are under a base attack. The game takes the dropship crew + the rest of the soldiers following in a chronological order. So if your best horse is at the top of list but at 32% hp, you can sort him out of the combat readiness. PAW ! ><
  5. My understanding is that you can only train weapons accuracy skill at the home base, you can't actually get any experience outside of combat at all.
  6. In one of the dev threads, they've already covered this -- it's going to be a cross-breed of typical X-Com style and Silent Storm: Sentinels training system. Some skill can only be gained by seeing combat, but you can train significantly while chilling out at home base.
  7. thethirteenth1

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    <3 I've found my way back to this mod after a long time away (Like .96 I think?) I must have learned something because things are going a lot smoother with less save scumming! I'm loving the fleshed out descriptions for everything. Really helps tactical decisions as well; I remember I used to have to go into the .xml files just to figure out what was going on. Small Note: Facehugger Autopsy still has XXDescriptionXX Also, what / where is the soldier sort button, and what does it do? I've installed the latest .10 unofficial patch, but don't see it on the soldier equip screen. It's amazing watching this mod grow over the years!
  8. Chance for that is 10%. Its there to force alien bases upon the player if they dont take it out while landing.
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  10. I had some ideas for systems to "bring up" rookie soldiers, such that they would be useful as the game progresses and you can realisitically replace losses without throwing green meat into endgame combat... Idea #1 Organizational Experience Your men bring back their experience from the front line, they talk to others who have not yet been in combat, they provide training for the newer recruits. You could have a system where any experience that is earned in battle, is calculated and then a fraction of that (say 10%) is brought back and applied to new recruits. When fresh soldiers are recruited, this experience is damaged or reset, so you'd basically hire recruits in batches or waves. This makes sense, the next set of men are awaiting combat "around the corner" and are just waiting their final hiring into the main combat team. Once hired, the next set will need to learn and train. This gives you a reserve of decent soldiers (based on how much actual combat you've seen) awaiting recruitment. Idea #2 The Jagged Alliance Method As the game goes on, better soldiers are available for hire from more prestigous training schools for more money. Maybe your hiring "Militia" at first cheaply, but later gain the option to hire professional and even special forces soldiers. These will naturally cost more money, but come with better training and stats from the offset. This is much like how Jagged Alliance did it, as you could hire better soldiers for increased pay as the game progressed. The best soldiers would simply refuse to work for you until you've proven your worth. Idea #3 The Mentor System A buddy system where a recruit is paired with a more experienced soldier (must be 2 ranks lower) and gains experience at 75% of that of the soldier they are paired to. Effectively, your A-Team is bringing home their valuable experience for the B-Team to learn from, on a 1 to 1 basis. Fiddly to set up, but would be very strategic. Naturally, rank ups would occur only in combat, but stats could be gained which is the key thing. I know that at the moment there is a weapon training system, but I am not sure this would matter in the case of an A-Team wipe, since your stats will still be awful. So here are some ideas I had for methods to provide that experience without the super-training of XCOM:APOC.
  11. thethirteenth1

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    ...why did this medium ship have TERROR CARRIER escorts... ._. (Phase 1, NG+1)
  12. Thanks for the reply. I did miss the Kickstarter, and had no idea it was even happening. I suppose I will wait for the open beta in March, if such a thing happens. Failing that, we are not to far from Gold release.
  13. Given that they've stated that one of the design goals for their new strategic layer is that you lose games where you're losing more quickly, I don't think balance is going to be a problem. Imagine if in X1 if you didn't follow the proper "put your first base in the middle east, immediately drop a second air-only base in central America, add a third to cover Indochina + Australasia ASAP" strategy, you just game over'd in November 1979, instead of limping to February 1980 to die there like you do now -- there wouldn't be a balance issue, you'd get it right or the game would quickly end instead of creating a really unfun 10 hours where you can't really do much.
  14. Yeah, so effectively, the total opposite of the first game. I guess this kind of fixes the lore problem, but not the balance one. Will have to give it more thought.
  15. Apparently the open Alpha/Beta will start in March. Only Chris could answer your other questions, I do find it interesting that you can't preorder yet (if you missed the kickstarter). It wasn't necessarily well advertised and I would presume a lot of people missed it.
  16. I'm, not really sure about the story of X2 or the timeline of it, is there a way to go over the existing story content? I know it's actually a bit light at the moment and so it could in theory, change a lot.
  17. Dr. Ethan

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    i have been noticing a ton of techs have blank descriptions/descriptions that just say description
  18. Last week
  19. I can not seem to find a link to preorder. I searched the Steam Store and GOG but found nothing. Here are my questions: If and when such an option becomes available, will it be posted here? Will preordering give early access? Is the February 2019 release date still valid? Thanks!
  20. ...I thought that the entire concept of Xenonauts-2 is that it's a shadow war with the Aliens infiltrating governments rather than overtly attacking like they do in the first Xenonauts?
  21. That would make for a better large-scale combat simulator, with the war progressing through phases. But such a thing is not what xcom/xenonauts games tend to be about, where the tactical layer is often referred to as the meat (and/or potatoes) of the game. The strategy layer has meaningful activities (i.e research), yet it is pretty much just for spawning ground combat missions. I mean, compare it to any other strategy game - it is very dilute. For instance, air combat is almost entirely about having the right tier of weapons at the right time. XCOM2 got rid of it entirely and it hardly changed the game. Having said that I reckon it is worth thinking about how it could be beefed up through mods or the like. Firstly, I'm a complete novice in the field of mods. I looked into some of what could be done in X1 but didn't get anywhere. As far as I'm aware, adding an NPC to the geoscape is beyond scope. Although maybe UFOs could be set to create a crash site sometimes instead of landing, i.e. imagining a battle with local forces. I think what you'd want is some indicators/symbols to appear around the globe to give the feel of activity. Maybe it wouldn't be too hard to have some UFOs actually be IFOs, with friendly blue coloured icons. Like I said, beyond me. *However, as for altering the paradigm of the war, I'm pretty sure that could be done. Firstly, early-game ground combat could be made impossible by setting conventional bullet weapons to air-soft damage. Then, neuter the loss condition so you can survive on a diet of air-strikes rather than successful missions (i.e. it is much harder to lose regions). Finally, set the cost of bases, hangars and radars to something negligible so you can build a giant airforce. That would force you to stick to the air game. Something creative would need to be done to make dog fights replayable and fun, e.g. tons more aerial ordnance. The key would be controlling progression to the phase when ground combat were possible. In xcom/xenonauts the leash is always determined by research. To move forward, the R&D of laser weapons would be the latchkey discovery. The simplest solution would be to have the laser research project require many months to complete, so you'd be well into your air war before ground combat is even approachable. Then, as @Edmon says, make soldiers and weapons cheap. A dime a dozen. You throw a dozen laser troopers at a crash site and you are finally able to hold your own, but only against Ceasan solders, or only against the lowest ranks (say if the Ceasan's health is x then other species' health is 100x). Thus, the objective is to loot the aliens, not push them back. Once you bring back enough artefacts from dead Ceasan's, you trigger plasma research. Maybe even have the construction of plasma weapons require an alien rifle (or five). Then, with plasma guns (100 times the damage), you can fight on equal terms with Sebillians... the idea is to make the stats of each alien/weapon tier an order of magnitude beyond the former. Effectively, this would all be to change the strategy from winning ground combat: The last addition I'd make would be to have enemies like Androns be immortal to all but the top tier weapons, and have those top tier weapons require some ludicrous condition for triggering the research. That way, only the most determined player could manage it. It would be a reward for pushing the envelope. I think that everything from the * above is feasible with the settings that could be manipulated in xenonauts 1. The crucial step would be in adding strategical challenges to the strategy layer, otherwise it'd all be for nothing!
  22. I actually tried Rocket Launcher on attempt #4; that was part of how I lost six guys on one turn and ended up wiping (seriously, how do you miss your target by 30 degrees?!?!) I've gotten to March 1980 on attempt #5, and think I've found something that's working -- I've stopped using assault rifles entirely, and instead run this: 2x Shield + Pistol or Shield + cattle prod 2x Sniper rifle with Shotgun in the backpack 2x machine gun 2x Rocket Launcher Start the mission with a basic UFO approach with shield acting as scout, sniper + machine acting as fire support, Rockets acting as cover destroyer (and also destroying the front door of the UFO). Usually during the "approach" phase of things I'll break into two four-man fireteams that stay close enough to offer each other support when needed. When it comes time to push in, have snipers switch to shotguns, and abuse the combination of teleporters, the low AP costs of pistols and shotguns, and reaction modifiers to just potshot like crazy.
  23. Ho da poco installato questo gioco e ho provato ad adattare la vecchia traduzione alla versione 1.65w (versione G.O.G. Sembra andare. Non ho avuto modo di testarlo fino in fondo. Qui vi allego i file da scompattare semplicemente nella cartella di gioco. Uno è la Traduzione ITA (con l'opzione autoscaleTexts value="true"), l'altro è il backup in inglese (con l'opzione autoscaleTexts value="false"). Trad-ITA_Xenonauts_v1.65w.rar Trad-ENG_Xenonauts_v1.65w.rar
  24. Emperor of the Fading Suns is a 20 year old turn based strategy game taking place in a futuristic galaxy ruled by feudal houses. Players manage fleets of spaceships along with units and cities on the surface of various planets battling or wheeling/dealing to gain control of the throne of the emperor, in the mean time producing the income and resources to maintain his forces. 5 players are needed for a session of Play-By-EMail game which will probably span a year or so, assuming a turn cycle per week can be achieved. And needless to say, it requires dedication, continuity, honesty from every player to deliberately refrain from taking actions that trick the AI or the ancient game engine. If you're interested, reply to this thread, or post here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/emperorfadingsuns/discussions More info and download links about the game can be found in the discussion threads in the link as well.
  25. I would never refer to anyone as a lesser player, maybe a player with more of a social life than my wife & I I guess my secondary issue, after the one of the balance curve, is just how indisposable everything is. Leading to the death spiral if you lose a few items or a team. Soldiers should be cheap as chips, every weapon being so precious just reduces the tolerence for failure. There is little room for experimentation. This is where the NPC presence can be kind of clever... if you were arming the forces of earth, what does it matter if you produce 100 laser rifles and you lose 8 of them to a wipe? But it is of course, less units to dish out to the rest of humanity to fight back with. I see the Xenonaughts as a sort of glorified research division with a tactical element. In the other games, of course, they do everything and win the day. But I am thinking, instead the game is mostly similar, but you are arming humanity for the fight so they can hold their ground and/or win the day. Goals can be set for arms and research to be provided per month, with the war eventually being won or lost based on the player taking bigger risks to acquire more samples, goodies, etc. It needs a lot of work to turn into a usable element, but I think it solves a lot of the early game issues, while also allowing you to make the game harder at the end... Just more thoughts...
  26. I'm not aware of any blank/dummy xenopedia entries for anything that actually appears in the game (without hacking, of course), so if there are any I'd like to know. There are a fair number of entries that are described as "Dummy" as they don't appear, though. I don't believe there's any work done on the research descriptions, though.
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