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  2. Without the tactical Groups an Stress and Fatigute-System like in XCOM 2 can brought in. That get tested and it was not perfectetd for Xenonauts 2. I love the Stress and Fatigute-Level from XCOM 2 WotC about it´s easyness & individuality for every individual Soldier you have. There you don´t need the unnessecary artifical variable, which makes Xenonauts to complex.
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  5. Thanks for the bug report, we'll take a look and see what's wrong! By any chance, do you have the save file for when this happened? It'd help us save a lot of time!
  6. Thanks for the bug report! Yeah this is a problem w/ the spawn points ending up being inside larger UFOs, we'll get this fixed
  7. Thanks for the bug report! Yeah, it's a similar issue with the shipping containers. We're working towards getting a fix for it, probably will come out in milestone 4
  8. Hi Guys, Xenonauts: Community Edition is a fan-made modification for the game Xenonauts, providing bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. You can get it by visiting the Xenonauts: Community Edition website or by searching for it on modding platforms like Nexus Mods or ModDB.
  9. 5 weight sounds ridiculous while Knife has 10 Set it zero, and add supportive text: Perhaps you could add to the actuator description = > weight of the device is 50, however once the soldier takes it on, it is self supporting, so it feels like it weights 0 (zero) Then actuator adds 20 strength and 20 carry capacity. Pretty straight forward BTW Knife need to be way lighter than pistol. e.i. weight of knife should be 3-4
  10. Guessing he just spawned there. I can see him move around through the wall, but can't shoot him.
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    Every time I play Xenonauts I can't help but think what you could do with a title like Soldiers at War (1998). It was a great Xcom like set in WW2 by SSI. Check out https://www.myabandonware.com/game/soldiers-at-war-ck5 if you want to see more, it would be a cool new project to make a spiritual successor of after your team is done with Xenonauts 2.
  13. Destroyed caravan/trailer on desert map: - It still exists as a block and must be walked around. It also acts as a wall and blocked grenades even though the path is green (blew myself up there lol) - However, it will no longer provide cover and able to shoot through (as it should) iron_man-726.json output.log
  14. Hi @Chris the original strength was 85. It was 100 after. Sorry, I didn't realise I had clipped it out!! The post didn't make sense without it lol. But, yeah, now I realise it isn't designed for high-strength trooper.
  15. Striking the right balance between airpower and soldier equipment holds significant importance. In the initial stages, focus on cost-effective solutions by investing in essential technology and armor. As your income stabilizes, progressively upgrade weapons and armor. Stay adaptable by adjusting strategies according to the changing nature of threats. an whatsapp+10
  16. Being able to see the Strength value of the soldier here would have been quite helpful! The carry capacity formula is simple, and is 30 + 1 for every point of Strength the soldier has. Strength is capped at 100, so the most you can have is 130 Carry Capacity. Part of the problem here is that you're putting an item that gives +25 Strength onto a unit that looks like it already has 85 Strength, so the excess 10 Strength is wasted. Then because the module weighs 12, you're only effectively getting +3 carrying capacity. Part of this is a balance issue; I think I'll reduce the Actuator to give +20 Strength but only have 5 weight. But exceeding 100 Strength still won't be possible as there's a lot of things in the game that assume a soldier caps out at 100 Strength.
  17. That's alright, we all have one of those days! Let us know if you come across other issues!
  18. It's alright! The bug apparently is still part of the known bugs we've had but haven't had the time to fix, we'll get back to fixing it eventually once we've progressed further on the development of the game
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  21. You're spot on, I am playing on a surface pro. The zoom came back after I disabled "HID compliant touchscreen" from device manager. Thanks for your help!
  22. I am sorry, I did not think of keeping that save file. Because it will only show the after state (armor healed) and not the before state (armor broken) as the reloading process itself "heals the armor". To my recollection I think this phenomenon has happened before on a couple of occasions, but I did not bother to report it due to me thinking I remembered it wrong. However, I will keep my eyes out for this one and keep all my savefiles from hereon
  23. Yeah, you are right. I apologize, I must have been very tired, normally I am very careful when reporting a bug so I do not "hijack" your valuable time unnecessary.
  24. I think adding this victory condition would make the mission far easier (I think it's easy as it is, but I mostly play veteran only), but if I would add this condition I'd also add a reinforcements timer; but we already have so much missions with timers that it could be bad for gameplay variety. My course of action would be that: the old elimination-style mission remains (without pickup 3 soldiers condition), and new "bail out soldiers and escape until reinforcements arrive" is added too, but only one can generate per playthrough (with 50/50 chance)
  25. Thanks. Yes, there's not currently seperate models for each armour variant - we might look at that in a few months once we're certain the equipment won't change any further.
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