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  2. I was unable to produce a weapon system that could take down the Battleships, so the games seems to have come to an end!!
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  4. Hah, yeah. That's the Sentinel exosuit rather than the Guardian armour though, right? That model isn't rigged yet. I'll take it out until it's properly textured and rigged - the soldiers will display as pink models but at least they'll work.
  5. Yeah, the main difference between now and when Xeno 1 came out is the fact that sites didn't review Early Access games and there were no Steam reviews, so there wasn't much downside to releasing something that was a bit unpolished onto Early Access. These days you've got to be a lot more careful. But if you take that logic too far, you'd only ever release a completely finished game - and I think X2 will benefit from a decent period in Early Access. V15 is starting to feel reasonably stable and most of the core systems are working well now, so it's a good foundation to work towards an Early Access launch from. Then once we're in Early Access we can hopefully just run the project as long as we need to polish it into a final finished game.
  6. At the moment i also struggle with the Tech-Tree @15.3, i researched Heavy Laser and Gauss Weapons but it did not unlock the Aircraft Laser and Gauss Cannon...
  7. I have been playing 15.3, and I was able to build Plasma weapons, don't know if they work, as I was not able to shoot down any Battleships, to try them out?
  8. Yeah, you've just reached a gap in the tech tree there - this build is really about getting the early-to-mid game working properly. Human plasma weapons come later on in the tech tree and they're not unlocked directly by alien plasma weapons - those will probably unlock upgrades for the human laser weapons and potentially also gauss weapons. We'll extend the tech tree a bit more when the V16 builds arrive.
  9. Ruggerman

    Lift Button

    I have played this scenario, on version 15.3 and had the same problem, as I tried to ascend the lift and it didn't work, so I moved on, but it did work on other lifts in this Alien Base, just not this one?
  10. The Guardian suite of armour, is not working as I think it should, as it might be good a scaring crows, but not defending the Earth.
  11. Chris

    Lift Button

    Thanks. You're playing V15.2 though, right? Unfortunately there's a bug in V15.2 where the teleporters just don't work - it's fixed in V15.3 onwards. Any unit that ends their movement on a teleporter should be automatically transported to the corresponding teleporter, so if everything is working correctly they should be quite easy to use and no UI buttons are needed.
  12. Yeah, to be honest you're not really meant to be playing that far into the tech tree. We'll hopefully be replacing the X1 Shrike with an entirely new design for the Pegasus, and I'm still not sure exactly what we'll do with the Valkyrie. You're still right that the Pegasus having 16 soldier carrying capacity is incorrect, though - it should be 12 like you say. I'll change that in the hotfix. Thanks.
  13. Chris

    UI/UX discussion

    I think more people will start posting in this thread (or others like it) in the coming few months, as the pool of testers right now is pretty small - it's basically limited to Kickstarter backers, and not many people have mantained their attention for the two years since the Kickstarter given the game only recently became properly playable. Usability issues become much more important once the game can be played. Anyway, thanks for the additional suggestions. The stuff we'll want to address in the short term is the Combat Shield not displaying its HP and the LOS disappearing when you press V. The latter is just a bug we'll have fixed in the next hotfix, and the former is a little UI thing we forgot to implement. We'll also be looking into the camera / hidden movement issues as part of our work on the next build. The other two are interesting ideas but are definitely new ideas rather than better ways of displaying the current information. I don't think they're particularly hard to do, actually, it's just a question of designing the UI for them and seeing if we have time to include them. But I'll make a note of them because they are improvements I would like to include in the game in an ideal world.
  14. Maybe i just too forward in the game and you doesn't really have plans of the secound dropships, but i found that Pegasus (2nd dropship) and Valkyre (3rd dropship) are the same. Also Pegasus is a little too OP with its 16 people after 8 so i think Valkyre was meant to be the 3rd dropship and there should be another secound one.
  15. Hmmm. There's meant to be something set up in the UFO map that stops that from happening, so that's something we'll need to take a look at - hopefully a quick fix though. Thanks for the post and screenshot.
  16. Not really a major bug, but should be corrected sooner or later, that there shouldn't be any obsticle inside the UFO what is not meant to be. I always found some of these grain piles there but this picture shows that there is always too much in the way of them.
  17. As a small suggestion from me, if my village is attacked by aliens and the military comes to defend it, then I try to get to their transporter as soon as possible ;-) So it would be really realistic if the civilians run to the transporter and the aliens chase them - just as a suggestion
  18. As far as I remember it was a plasma of aliens. If I understand correctly, an alien plasma study should open a human plasma study, or at least another intermediate study that will open a human plasma study. In my case, after the study, nothing happened at all, just wasted the time of scientists. In general, is it possible to study the plasma of aliens now?
  19. The idea of the possibility of destroying the walls of ships is not reasonable. It creates a lot of additional problems, and is currently designed terribly. If the possibility of destroying the outer walls of ships is allowed, then the inner ones must also be destroyed. And it will create even more problems. I believe that you should take away the possibility of destroying the walls of ships, but leave the destruction of doors. Alternatively, you can simply add an additional input in some models. What is worth adding is the ability to close the doors of ships and bases (if they have not been destroyed). Now, after opening the door, they remain open all the time in the opponent's queue and automatically close before the next move of the player. This is very inconvenient for the protection of soldiers. The player must be able to open and close the door when required.
  20. Yeah, the AI is very dumb at the moment. It's something we'll start working on once the game is stable and we've ironed out the worst of the usability issues!
  21. The changelogs for new builds are posted in this forum: https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/forum/7-release-announcements/ OK, so are you talking about the alien plasma weapon research not unlocking projects here, or the human plasma weapons research? One of the things we changed recently is that research projects themselves and their research text / image pop-ups are now seperated out, so if a research project completes and doesn't display an image and some text then it might mean the pop-up hasn't been set correctly. I think that's what happened in the second bug you posted up - the items you brought back triggered an autocompleted research, but the image / text was set up incorrectly so you only saw the "research completed" popup that comes afterwards. Do you remember what the previous mission was?
  22. It appeared when the team arrived at the base, not after the research was completed. The research was completed, but did not open new projects for research or production. Just wasted 5 days of scientists' time. By the way, is the plasma weapon available to the player? And which is better plasma weapon or MAG? Is it possible to read the differences between v15.2 and v15.3 somewhere?
  23. Thanks. I can't check that file because it's from V15.2 rather than V15.3, but is the project being unlocked a project that you've already completed? Or is it a project that appears in the Research screen that you just can't begin? When you say plasma weapons, do you mean the human or alien plasma weapons? That one is actually not a bug - maybe it's confusing, but we provide that popup so players are reminded that the research is completed and they should go to the screen to set a new research project.
  24. Last week
  25. Ooops, looks like I made a mistake setting those tiles up. Thanks for letting me know, I'll get it fixed!
  26. I've noticed a weird behavior (well, not exactly) with the AI. I was assaulting a UFO and the aliens overwatched instead of shoot to me, which made them kill a bunch of civilians what were moving in their turn. It's not a bug but it feels kinda stupid how they kill civilians instead of my soldiers, specially when they're already at close range.
  27. Maybe its better to give him also a pink suit ^^
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