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  2. So long story short, my squads heavy weapons guy just mowed down my entire group and killed troops i had since the start because some xeno scum walked past us. Now after exploding rage, i thought about how a overwatch "lock" that prevents overwatch from triggering would be amazing and would reduce deaths by massive amounts. Also just another tiny idea but can we get a knife/bayonet weapon for our troops, just so if one of our guys run out of ammo while a reaper lovingly stares at their fleshy bits, they can have a fighting chance instead of just impotently slapping the reaper and them being turned into a walking xeno day care centre.
  3. The first terrormissions spawn around the 10th of October and at the same time marks the third of the first Phase as complete. So i would say the progression is nicely done. Remember that a lot of spawns are up to RNG and you might not get your prefered weapons and/or specialists as soon as you like. In my playthrough i had to skip the first one, and failed the second one on NG+2, so i think the time frame is just right.
  4. One mission with fullscreen: 1920 x 1200 Quality: Fantastic It seems the time issue of multi-shots has been solved. Blood is shown correctly now again, no white blood or aliens and humans anymore. Faces of the soldiers are not in 8-bit style anymore. In general: Still an issue: Camera/View: - Camera pans to black areas in hidden/friendly moveme´╗┐nt, this is quite annoying because the camera doesn't move back to the soldiers. - Also the camera doesn't move back when one of my soldiers is hit by an alien out of the black. This is not good, as it is impossible to assess where the shots came from. - It would be more convenient if the camera would pan back to last used soldier after hidden movement, i.e. at the beginnung of the new turn. - The pan of the camera is too slow when following a bullet to its target. - Now it is possible to pan during hidden/friendly movement, is that intended? Pictures: Left: Soldiers and Aliens can shoot through walls and roofs´╗┐. Middle and right: The wall changes with damage state. For me, this becomes more and more annoying. The shooing through the wall is just bad. "Leaning to the side" without showing it (as this was discussed some time ago) is no easy way out. Show that or it is not possible. If the wall is damaged more, the bricks may fall off completely, at least this is what I think is intended to be shown here. But the holes in the wall cannot vanish then. It just looks logically dumb. recording_3.rec
  5. Svinedrengen

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    It is actually easy enough to get all the laser mk1 and division mk1 + tank ( defender ) before the first terrormission. It is very possible to get all laser mk1 and tank in less than 3 weeks game time if played right. Keep in mind that all enemy units have resistence to something, some have resistence to several things, but that is for the commander to find out, and remember that it is just the first weapon upgrade, dont expect them to be gamechanging but every little bit helps. @Charon Since it is possible to retake regions, how about make terrormission spawn in first month ? That would be pretty cool and fun, or would that be too brutal ?
  6. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    If there are going to be multiple bogeys on the geoscape at the same time, can we please have the whole map auto-centre on the most at one time or something. Xe1 was a bit annoying when there was a bogey stuck on the left/right looped boundry and we had to keep scrolling left and right.
  7. RustyNayle

    Backblasts and fire spread

    Jet fuel doesn't melt steel, but thermite charges can m'kay
  8. RustyNayle

    Fire support from landed craft

    If the Cold / Secret War idea is being pushed, then noisy Chinooks might not be the best transport option, they would most likely opt for smaller stealthier craft until the war gets "hot" and/or really good relations with the nation, etc
  9. RustyNayle

    More flexible recruit system?

    These changes to the recruitment screen could be explained with the idea of Xenonauts flagging potential recruits from various intelligence / science / military organisations across the funding nations - and outside those national borders as well. Those potential recruits the player is not interested in at all could be "de-flagged" and drop off the list entirely, allowing the recruiters in your administration to search further to add new potential recruits to the pool. Maybe fresh recruits have greater potential for more flexible or specialised skill development within the Xenonauts and/or can reach higher levels (or are cheaper to maintain once they reach higher level), whereas the more experienced mercenaries recruited externally are only good at combat and plateau earlier, or are just too expensive to maintain on staff in the long term. In X-COM: Apocalypse they enabled the use of androids, which were good at supplementing rookie squads or defending bases but couldn't advance their skills (vehicles in the original X:UD and Xe1 were similar, with upgradeable SHIVs in X:EU).
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  11. Not sure if this is intended, but the selection cursor is drawn under ground next to pavement. https://imgur.com/a/juTgBJu Also, not sure if intended, but the screen shakes every time someone shoots. This is probably to make shots have more punch, but is a bit annoying when on alien turn and especially on hidden movement when you can't even see the shooter. Some props are still having completely black textures if the FOV button is active. While I can understand the game is ways from being complete, I must say I'm a bit worried about the performance. I just tested the game with fraps and was surprised that the FPS went as low as low thirties with my GTX1070. No wonder the game felt a bit jerky. It's no way a deal breaker in a turn based game like Xenonauts, but I'm a bit sensitive to fluctuating frame rates and it can make my head/eyes hurt really quick. Lowering the detail level to simple(?) made the FPS stay constantly over 60, but that means losing all the shadows and lighting effects plus most other fine detail which doesn't seem to be in line with other modern games with my system and seems quite a price to pay to have smooth gameplay. How much do you think you can squeeze performance from your engine still? If this is the ball park, is there a chance to add a 30fps lock? It would help a great deal to me and other people with similar sensitivity to fluctuating frame rates.
  12. Ruthless Reuban

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    OK, thanks for confirmation.
  13. We think about this in the same way but unfortunately dont have any option to implement a proper solution.
  14. Ruthless Reuban

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Feature request: could it be possible to put items on some kind of locker in craft? Just like original UFO did but this time items are for soldiers AND for craft? Alternatively, some kind of deployment screen before ground combat just like on base defence missions . It's somewhat annoying to waste first turn of combat for adjusting equipment that should have been done before landing.
  15. Ahh, that's not good, as it will lead players into situation where they want to haul maximum possible amount of ammo magazines of every type. Let's say that I start the mission with normal ammo, and after firing my first shot I notice an alien that is susceptible to fire - then I would have to irreversibly throw out 99% full normal ammo magazine that I might still need later in this mission.
  16. Armor penetration is modeled by weapons / ammo having a penetration value that lowers the resistance of the armour accordingly. For instance if Wolf Armour has 40% kinetic resistance and you shoot a kinetic M-16 round with 10% penetration on it, the Wolf Armour will effectively only have a 30% resistance value instead.
  17. jamoecw

    X-com: Apocalypse 2?

    XCOM:Apoc was far more ambitious than what was released. this is the reason i think for the more varied alien structure from previous games. there was going to be a whole espionage and economics side of things that got cut. there was a lot of really cool things in the game, though parts of the game failed in execution as well. a real mixed bag.few games wanted to go the turn based strategy route, so the opportunity to try and do what they did properly was never really on the table. would have been nice to play a polished version of it. there are plenty of other games that really hit it out of the park and simply need a revamp on their engine/graphics that would be lower hanging fruit to get some interest in those old classics, but if there ever was a rush for remaking the old games i would really hope that apoc gets it day. edit: to answer the OP questions - the aliens they had were pretty good, though the dichotomy of UFO:afterlight was nice as well creating different enemies that were very different from each other requiring rather different weapons and tactics. the vehicles being very modular is a keeper, as it really is perhaps the most unique thing about the gameplay. the more complex economy and diplomacy that cut cut would be another thing to get in there. as for the real time part of it, i'd either make the combat similar to the UFO games as it lends itself to pausable realtime very nicely, or ax it completely. who works on it isn't very important, as long as it is done well.
  18. i'm guessing the damage types will be moddable as well? i am not sure how useful it will be to the base game, but putting in kinetic and hardness damage types can give some realistic diversity to ballistic weapons. AP ammo doing more 'hardness' damage and less kinetic would help it to 'penetrate' certain armors and do less damage against less rigid armor. HP rounds would be the opposite of such relative to normal rounds. what about having damage dependent on what another damage type does to the armor, like HEAP ammo? so if a specific type of ammo does more of one type of damage then causes more damage of another type. something like 5 hardness+(dealt hardness*2 explosive)+2 kinetic against 40%hardness armor, 0% explosive armor, 0%kinetic armor would do 3 hardness damage (.6*5), 6 explosive damage (3*2*1.0), 2 kinetic damage. against 40%hardness armor, 50% explosive armor, 0%kinetic armor would do 3 hardness damage (.6*5), 3 explosive damage (3*2*.5), 2 kinetic damage. against 80%hardness armor, 0% explosive armor, 0%kinetic armor would do 1 hardness damage (.2*5), 2 explosive damage (1*2*1.0), 2 kinetic damage. it probably wouldn't help the base game too much as it would add some complexity to the game, and aside from maybe some poison darts, tazer, or particle stream weapons i don't see it as having much impact overall. it would be cool for modders though.
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  20. Axiomatic


    It is impossible. Only dismiss at one base (will be better to do it just before the end of month, to not pay the salary for the next month) and hire on another base (at start of the month).
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  22. So basically now all types of armour have % resistances against various types of damage (kinetic / laser / plasma / chemical / etc) and you can set a specific ammo magazine to do a specific type of damage. Therefore you could create a new M-16 rifle clip that made it do laser damage if you wanted to, or stick taser stun rounds in a shotgun etc. The UI isn't working yet, but you should just be able to right click on the ammo quickslot to cycle between the different kinds of ammo you're carrying and then you can reload the weapon as normal to change the magazine. The previous magazine is discarded unless full, as we don't want to be messing about with half-full magazine and tracking which specific magazine is where. Ironically the airborne hazards were something you could already do in X1 - we already had poison gas etc, and you could have made "contaminated ground" just by making invisible gas that did not dissipate. However in X2 we may well create a special type of breathable damage so we can also potentially incorporate rebreathers that make soldiers immune to poison gas.
  23. My English is so awful in my first message above... If it's not clear, I ended all my points referring to what was/would be used back in Xenonauts-1. In Xenonauts-2, will we be able to switch between two non empty magazines (at least for multi-ammo weapons), the same way we can exchange RPGs in a launcher (although RPGs are de facto "full magazines")?
  24. Petitpain

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    I'm on second terror mission. I discover xenomorph units, theirs sprite are absolutely awesome ! About balancing, for me, the first terror mission are just so long without stuff. Tank are meatbag and you have only C4/Rocket and sniper for kill that. And Laser Carbine MK1 are so weak for a laser shotgun. Only two shot before reload is not enough.
  25. Chris

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    Afraid not, no. I prefer the visibility you get from seeing the whole map, particularly now the interception process is a little more abstracted than it was before.
  26. Decius

    Backblasts and fire spread

    X-Com Apocalypse had an oversimplified system for building collapse (If there was ANY connection to ground, the building would stand, even if it was a sheet of drywall holding up an apartment building). Having a more sophisticated building collapse system could be interesting, but giving enough information to players to predict what was likely to happen from a given action seems excessively complicated, and a system that cares about how much load each structural piece is holding up would add a lot of complexity to terrain design for only a modest benefit. I wonder if making each structural tile do a configurable amount of 'stability damage' to connected structural tiles when destroyed might work; if an exterior wall of a tall building has 10 structure and deals 5 to a wall directly above it and 3 to walls adjacent to that one when it is destroyed, sustained fire that destroyed one side of the ground floor wall would cause reasonable damage to the walls above it. If that damage also spreads to floors, it would propagate in a believable way into the building as well. Fire can be included in that system just by having fire do some amount of structure damage to each tile (maybe variable based on the tile; steel and concrete hold up better than wood to fire, a wood frame with drywall over it might withstand concussive blast better than a hallow cinder block) In any case, at the very least anything that doesn't have any connection to ground (or something that can fly) should fall down, even if it still had structure.
  27. Having things like airborne hazards (and the tools to protect against them) would be interesting. If it isn't going to be expensive to enable modding support for the ability to give ammo arbitrary properties (dragon's breath EMP shotgun rounds , skittles MG ammo fired from a pistol), that would also be good. If things like allowing each round in a magazine to have different effects would crowd out other features, it's probably not worth it.
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