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  2. As requested, I have a crash after combat from a alien invasion of my base. V21.2 - Ground Combat nothing special, but i dont have good save files because i was save scumming to try to get around the crash. Ill go back and cheat this mission so i can proceed with this playthrough Base invasion win crash.rar
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  4. Chris

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    It's hard to say exactly. My suspicion is that it's just that even 5-6 phrases is likely to repeat very quickly and start to get annoying if it's for a common action like movement or killing an enemy, but there's probably quite a few "pools" of those phrases. Maybe in some games every character has 5-6 unique kill phrases and so there's a total of 50+ in the game, but lots of your kills come from a particular character? You'd end up with a lot of repetition at that point. Also, yeah, you probably bump up against the fact there's only a limited number of ways you can say "Yes Commander, I will move to the desired location" or whatever. That said, if you think about games with good or memorable sound design, for me it doesn't necessarily feel like those games always had loads of variation. The dialogue units had in something like Starcraft for example - it's not like each unit had loads of different lines so much as they just had lots of character. I'm sure a game like Company of Heroes (or any other Relic game) also repeated plenty of dialogue but it was good stuff and I never got sick of hearing it. As you say, the audio is really meant to be a background thing - I think it's better to stay on the side of being generic rather than adding dialogue that is distracting and immersion breaking.
  5. odizzido

    Should I buy a DVD player again?

    I remember the one and only blu-ray disc I ever watched. It was a purchased retail one and it had multiple unskippable ads on it. That's just unacceptable. Even a two second ad that is skippable is unacceptable to me.
  6. Thanks. We looked into your file and were able to identify the issue, but we need a little more info to fix it (see post linked below). If you've not played the game much since this crash happened, can you attach the old log files shown in the linked thread? They might have the data we need in them. If you have then don't worry about it, but if you see the bug again then let us know!
  7. Hi - thanks. Yeah, that's a known bug and it's actually one we need some help fixing, I've made a post on it here: It'd be great if you could read this thread as well, because bug reports are much more useful if you provide logs / saves
  8. Hi everyone. There's a known crash that's still in V21.2 that was reported by at least a couple of users in V21.1 which we're having some difficulty fixing. The issue causes the game to crash at the end of the ground combat mission and it will occur whether you win or lose. The reason why this crash is happening is because there is an "orphaned" alien projectile in the map somewhere. Projectiles are usually removed a few seconds after they are fired, but these projectiles are somehow surviving and have also become corrupted (losing all the data they carry about who fired them, etc) and are then written into the save game. The game will always crash on mission completion once this happens. The save games that were provided in the last hotfix allowed us to figure out what was happening, but although we can see the broken projectiles in the save game we don't yet know how they became broken. We therefore need access to the combat logs that go back right to the start of the mission. If this bug affects you, please post up the save and logs as normal but also include the older logs from the game too. These are the files called "output.log.1" etc in the same directory (see screenshot). Just stick them in a zip file and include them along with everything else. That should hopefully give us what we need to get this issue fixed. Thanks!
  9. In general friendly fire can happen, but i agree that in X1 the situations are ridiculos from time to time, exspecially when you consider that the xenonauts should represent the finest soldiers of humanity (i guess they recrute from special forces around the world). In this regard i also find it strange that your soldiers are still developing their basic skills (accuracy, strength, etc.). They should be at 95% at their weakest skill. Therefore a better system would be to give them specialised trainings for equipment and let them get "familiar" with it. This would also give them more individuality.
  10. This hotfix addreses some more issues in Beta Build V21 that weren't fixed in the last hotfix. Again, you'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. Fixed a tactical combat crash that could occur in lots of different circumstances (from throwing a grenade, to moving a MARS, to during the alien turn). It was a problem with the game trying to cache sounds that would then become corrupted, so it could occur at random at any point after a number of sounds had been played - likely this bug caused most of the crashes in the previous version! Fixed a strategy issue where the game could get corrupted, preventing you from doing things like placing buildings. This fix is also likely to solve a lot of different issues. Quickload now works again (just press F9). Unassigned soldiers are now correctly displayed on the Soldier Equip screen if there is no dropship at the base. Vehicle engine noises and fire sounds are now controlled by the Ambient slider rather than the Sound Effects slider. Xenopedia screen title text is no longer misaligned. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V21 as we will continue to make additional fixes as required.
  11. maxm222

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    First, I've been away from the game for a while and it's great to see the continued progress. One point: The "varied" part in your words above is important (to me, anyway) and something I've wondered about for years concerning many games: Why is there so little variation in exclamations by characters in repetitive situations? There's nothing that kills suspension of disbelief more quickly for me than some soldier saying: "I'm gonna boogey to somewhere more exciting!" for the 100th time instead of just: "Changing position," or "Moving to new location," or "Moving," or "Looking for better position," (even changing one word makes it easier to listen to) etc. Why not have all those phrases and 20 more besides, while avoiding the "Git some, haw-haw!" phrases? I can't believe it's lack of memory, but is it? Voice artist time costs too much? When crunch time comes, do the devs decide that 5 variations on phrases that players are going to hear hundreds of times are enough? Can writers literally not think of more than a few alternatives for a repeated phrase? Play testers don't play long enough to get sick of hearing the same 5 phrases repeatedly? Maybe repeated phrases aren't thought to be any part of buying decisions (this one I could see, but I can also imagine hearing "Scratch one alien!" 50 times to be at least among the reasons for getting sick of a game early)? I'd appreciate any insight on this, and having some would make playing games with repeated situation dialogue less irritating. I think.
  12. Okay, So I tried it with allowing one of my troops to get killed. When I had the load screen come up, it again, came up with that hint of red. I will see if I can get a screenshot for you. But yes, even with the death of a soldier, it shut down, went to the Steam screen and went from running to play.
  13. Thanks for responding Chris! I am loving the game builds. I had killed all the enemies, and then it would start to go to that screen, and then go to the steam library. I could try and see if one getting killed might work.
  14. Thanks. Hmm, yes, that's an interesting point. I'll have a chat to the team about it.
  15. Thanks. So just to clarify, the bug you experienced was that during a mission all your soldiers were killed and the mission didn't end? Or you killed all enemies and the mission didn't end?
  16. Hi folks, I just wanted to bring up an interesting bug. I was playing just now, and over night, I would finish the last cleaner, and it would go to the screen before the summary screen. One thing I did notice during this, for a very brief moment, on the centre lower left of the screen I saw a bit of red code show up and then it disappeared. After doing this, it went back to the steam game screen, show the game go from running to start. While playing, I would create saves so that if I lost too many troops, I could just restart. It worked fine, and there was one ending where I did lose some troops, and sadly, I don't recall it actually progressing to end of the mission. I am going to try a game where I don't make saves, but honestly, I am a tad loathe to do it, so I can still afford to start making headway into those Hazmat suit wearing, turning my troops into pools of red leftover mince. I hope this kinda helps. When I do another game playthrough, I will keep you updated. Sincerely, and thanks for a potentially amazing game, but please bring back the Tiltrotor, I love the Chinook and all, but it the tilting wings, and the propellors being awesome, as well as it having a base level of fire support, oh, and the Tilt Rotor is awesome, I just want to clarify that with you all! With anticipation for the next build, Jim.
  17. I have ambient sounds completly turned off, just want to hear combat, but those little truckies on screenshot still make a lot of noise, so I guess they are lumped with the sound effects category, which doesn't seem right. Screen of sound settings attached too, and pointing camera directly over those trucks causes the engine noise level to be deafening.
  18. Alienkiller

    V21.1 Cant build medical center

    Hmm... that´s strange. But I think it have something to do with the Hotfix. But don´t worry in older Versions very very long time ago that was sometimes too, that an Hotfix don´t let you go in the Game anymore or similar. In the Main-Version Beta 21 everything I testet (3 or 4 Combats, Basebuilding and similar [the only expection was the missing Reseacher-Buying-Thing]) worked fully normal. The X-25 was in Research when the Hotfix came up.
  19. Yes, that is exatly what i experienced. Don't know if you can reproduce this bug from saves as i reload the save later and now i could build the medical center.. Don't know what it caused.
  20. I haven´t tested the Hotfix after the reported big Bugs / Failures, which come out with it. Wait for the second or third Hotfix to make a new Test. Belongs on how much more Failures get reported with Version 21.1.
  21. Chris

    V21.1 - Combat screen ctd

    Thanks, I can reproduce that from this save now. We'll get that hotfixed!
  22. Chris

    V21.1 Ground Combat CTD

    Thanks for the reports and logs guys!
  23. Thanks, this save game and screenshot is great. We can reproduce the problem and should be able to hotfix it now!
  24. Thanks. So based on the logs and the save game we have been able to reproduce this, so we should be able to hotfix it. The problem is actually triggered on the Soldier Equip screen, something is going wrong with one of the soldiers and that's just breaking the game in various ways as a result (not being able to build new buildings is a symptom rather than the cause). @Emily_F this might explain some of the other bugs you're seeing that can't be reproduced after a load too.
  25. squeezechart

    [v21.1] ground combat - cannot move soldiers

    nope.. now they move again
  26. I loaded that save and I could move the soldiers - are there any specific soldiers that were affected? Can you reproduce it?
  27. Emily_F

    V21.1 Cant build medical center

    I think this could be the same issue I was having that resolves after closing and re-opening the game. You know when you go to place it on the base map, is the light grey overlay square missing? That is what happened for me. Interestingly, it happened again and more buildings were affected; if I couldn't place them somewhere (e.g. because it wasn't adjacent to an existing building), the red overlay square was present but when I could place it the light grey one wasn't.
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