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  2. I agree the ADVENT humans made sense from a story perspective, but they were rather boring to face. Even the more powerful ones such as the Avatar, Spectres and Codexes were essentially humans with a twist. Codex could teleport, Spectre was a human made from nanobots apparently and the Avatar actually was straight up a human. The most interesting enemies in XCOM and XCOM 2 in my mind were the Faceless (despite being human technically, they were quite cool and really surprising the first time), Berserkers, Vipers and actually the Floaters. Chyssalid would be on the list, but they were basically exactly copied from XCOM: UFO Defense. Technically the others were similar too except for the Berserkers and Faceless. For an urban combatant, to me, it'd make sense to make kind of an octopus-like creature with 360 degree field of view and a weapon in every direction. Perhaps due to the lack of depth perception their accuracy could be low in order to balance things. As a "terror" creature that would make much sense. Just like the original Chryssalid. I could think about more creatures, but this was what came off the top of my head.
  3. Sounds interesting, this was one thing I also felt way counter intuitive and I definitely think your solution is a good idea. I'm sure Chris is already aware however
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  5. I did, I just wrote it wrong in the earlyer post, which I have editted now. Thanks for pointing out, I hate giving false advise.
  6. @Solver Uuuuuuh. Shots fired. Why didnt you change the variable in the X-Div gameconfig ? Your method shouldnt even work since X-Div has higher priority.
  7. Re. the cover visualization - I don't feel that I've explained myself properly, so let me try again. I haven't been able to get a good picture to illustrate my example, so I've had to make do with the below Let's assume in the above picture that each piece of blocking terrain through the line of fire is an independent free-standing piece of blocking terrain. It is not part of a multi-tile terrain piece, so each piece can be evaluated separately when calculating a shot. Looking at this, I'm informed that I have 3 pieces of terrain, each of which has have a 40% chance of blocking the shot. If the game follows X1's rules, then I don't need to be informed of the block chance for each piece of terrain, because only one piece chosen at random will ever possibly block the shot, so I'm being given too much information.It would be better if the possible blocking piece were highlighted, but I was informed that overall, there is a 40% chance that the shot will be blocked if my soldier rolls to-hit. If, on the other hand, each piece of blocking terrain is evaluated independently, then it would be helpful to have the cumulative probability that the shot will blocked so I know whether or not to bother even if I pass to the to-hit roll.
  8. Maybe the weapons could be tiered just in the same way you encounter new aliens so different weapon tech types work better(or worse) depending on the aliens you encounter and their resistance/armor(Ceasans could be resistant to kinetic, but not laser. Androns hate plasma, but can resist laser ect) This can be categorized in some way so the player knows and it can be a simple damage modifier. There could be times where they are almost completely resistant which would make you have to correctly go back, do some digging and research and re-arm your troops with the right mix(although this would be hard to implement in this extreme case). Each weapon tech could then have their own merit and get more coverage through the game depending on what aliens spawn. Early game aliens could appear in the late game and still have an advantage if you don't pay attention. Once reaching the MAG tech it could be the elite of them all and burns through pretty much everything it touches which would make it almost a god like weapon to have in all circumstances.
  9. Funny (and true), that made me smile . I feel the exakt same way, recovery of airplanes is bassicly cheating, so I askt Charon the same question some weeks ago, and you do this : Set Airplane recovery to zero in the X-Division gameconfigfile and that is it. There is a tiny issue whit this, it only happens if you set a marker on the geoscape for your planes and they get intercepted and you lose, the game will crash (at least for me, but I think I maybe the only one playing like this), but there is a simple solution to this problem, if you know you are going to get intercepted just take them head on, or return to base, just do not lose if there is still a marker on the geoscape that you put yourself. It is very small problem and easly avoided. I do not expect it to be fixt any time soon if ever, but to me it dos not matter. I am just amazed that XCE works, since it was made be a Svenska . Et vaskeægte mirakel.
  10. All I'm getting out of this thread as that a lot of people really don't understand how real lasers work. Considering this thread is titled with 'realism' in it, I find that extremely baffling. Correct, we do not currently have legitimate weaponized lasers (though some people have made some really powerful ones on Youtube) and so there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required to use them in a game. But the technology is real and theoretically possible to make real weapons with them based on that tech. Did you know that a common laser pointer has an effective blinding range of almost 50 feet, and can be SEEN up to 2.2 miles? That's just a rinky-dink little keychain laser pointer. A 500mw (half a watt) laser can do serious damage at over 500 feet, and can be seen up to 22 miles away. That's HALF a watt. Imagine one powerful enough to be used as a weapon. Something say around 5 watts. That would probably be strong enough at 50 feet to punch a hole in solid steel with little effort. Games seriously downplay the power of a laser weapon, mostly for balance purposes, but sometimes because they didn't bother doing any research on the subject. My point is, a laser weapon strong enough to deal actual damage to something just be being hit with it is not going to lose any effectiveness on a map the size of the ones ingame. If you want something that loses effective damage over range, look no further than plasma weapons. Deadly up close, useless at range.
  11. Agreed. Again, I think Terror missions should not be tied to UFOs. They should just spawn on a map. Since this game seems to be going for a sort of infiltration thing, we could consider that the city in question is be raided by aliens already on the ground. That way you have no chance to shoot down the UFO before it starts the mission, the mission just pops up when the aliens start opening fire on the civvies. And/Or, if we shoot down a ship of a specific size or higher, but we leave it there for a while, the surviving aliens venture away from the ship and start a terror mission in a nearby city/town. As far as missions go, I had a thought. What about 'baiting' missions? They send a high value UFO out for you to attack, but once you get in range, more UFOs spawn to intercept your interceptors. So you can take out the flying loot crate and risk losing your planes, or attack the interceptors and risk losing the high profile ship. Or if you're good enough, do both :-P This high profile ship can be anything, not something specific. That way we never know when we'll get ambushed. It could just have a chance of happening every time a UFO is spawned.
  12. This was the biggest drawback of XCOM 2. Most of the enemies are just basically humans in armor. I mean, I totally get WHY as far as the story goes, but it feels less like an XCOM game and more like Jagged Alliance or something. Even the original XCOM had predominantly alien looking aliens.
  13. Here's an idea as far as looting vs selling goes: Either in the research tree, or maybe in the stores, have a check mark set so that if it's checked it gets sold, if it's unchecked it gets stored (or vise versa, that works too). That way we have control over what gets kept and what just gets vendored at the end of the mission. The first round of the objects that come in get saved for research, after they populate in your stores you get the option to keep or sell.
  14. I’ve been replaying Xenonauts over the last few’s been getting me thinking. You could also have missions against humans factions, the third XCom had a lot of those. Extract an friendly intelligence agent or defector, eliminate an alien sympathizer, find evidence of an alien sympathizer influencing/manipulating their nation. The existing mechanics for post mission scoring could even be used. Xenonauts wouldn’t want to use lethal force against humans, so the missions would rely on avoiding enemies and using stun weapons. These missions could give you relation bonuses. Botching them could make things worse. ”USA promises full support to the war effort against the alien invaders after prominent senator was exposed working with the invaders to overthrow the government” “Rogue paramilitary organization makes botched kidnapping attempt on Soviet officials. Kremlin promises they will be held accountable!”
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  16. I definitely want less humanoid aliens! Silacoid comes to mind for example, the Tentaculat was a good example as well! Alien vehicles would be quite cool as well, for the larger cruisers, transport ships or other. Sectopods were neat, but my favourite despite being very unoriginal was always the Cyberdisc.
  17. I thought I would give this a try hadn't played in several months, firing at an alien through the fence and blew myself up, then shortly after it froze and had to ctl+alt+del out of it and log off.
  18. I like your idea of having some kind of famine of ammo. There would need to be some restriction to stop you hauling a whole backpack full of clips but it would create a nice feel if conserving ammo were a serious factor in the mission. Usually your intent is to protect your dudes and deal damage from safety, so you can afford to miss a lot so long as you don't get hit yourself. This scenario would add that sense of terror to the mission if you had to put yourself in harm's way, in riskier than usual situations, to conserve precious bullets. Although going for melee kills against fully fledged reapers is perhaps a little too suicidal so some new fragile version might be needed. I guess that this would be Xenonauts answer to the Lost in the XCOM expansion, with the twist that you wouldn't have your soldiers nailing multiple headshots per turn but rather they'd be beating off an unstoppable tide. One of the perks of Xenonauts is that items like clips of ammo exist in ground combat as distinct objects, so part of the mission could be to loot dead soldiers (from the regular military of course) as your progress through the map. As you say, this could all tie in to some main objective about a device of some kind - maybe even to set a bomb yourself to stave off a reaper infestation.
  19. Hello there, It has been a while...I was playing some arcade games recently (XCOM2 + Longwar) but got slightly bored of it and decided to return to the real fight. Aliens in Xcom are either pu...ies or they just cheat (pumped up stats). Anyway, back to a new campaign in X-Division. @Charon Sorry to keep bringing up the same issues, but I just do not like few features and tend to adjust them manually myself for my games: - I am guessing that Zombify is still one shot-one zombie feature? No defense against it? Time to double (triple?) their TUs requirement for an attack - Planes are still expandable? Can you please remind me how to make them not recoverable? It takes away the fun of air-fight if I do not care if they get shot down...even prolonging recovery times is not that fun. Keep up the great work, I am really happy to see some more updates coming out!
  20. A skirmish mode would be really cool, and as someone mentioned above a simple multiplayer with Aliens against Xenonauts would be awesome as well! I definitely think it's possible to make an Alien campaign, and I agree, if it is done it should be a paid DLC because of all the work.
  21. terror missions should feel like TERROR missions. And also, they should make a bit of sense in the context of the game "lore" *** long incoherent rant warning *** so part one ... the reason: aliens landing to set off a bomb (aka mission with timer) ... nope, no way. With bunch of bomber UFOs appearing all over the globe every few days and every decently sized UFO being able to sink warships, they don't need to bother with landings to do damage, certainly not when they start using UFOs of cruiser size or larger. so, option B. Aliens landing to set up some sort of device (let's say psi emitter with large radius effect). Large and relatively complicated device that needs some time and quite bit of work to be set up, start working and needs to be running for a while to show effect. The time needed can be explained by the fact that it can't be simply mounted on the outside of UFO (won't survive atmospheric entry etc), so the ship needs to land and aliens need to move it outside of UFO and assemble/activate it. Or maybe later have some sort of specialized UFO with the device mounted directly in the UFO, but it still needs some perparation time to get operational (can't work from inside of the UFO through the hull directly and so the aliens need a while to pull down the canvas roof of their cruiser convertible ). The device should be located right in front of the UFO (on the upper floor in case of specialized UFO) and should be reasonably durable not to be destroyed by a few random hits. On the other hand it should be destructible if enough force/explosives is used (so you can't/shouldn't use it as cover) and you should really really try NOT to destroy it because bad things would happen, well, you'd basically do the 'terror' part of the terror mission for the aliens, the part you are trying to prevent when doing terror mission (except the effect when blowing it up would be very localized while the properly running device would affect much larger area, maybe even entire city, that's why the aliens are bothering landing and assembling it instead of just dumping it on the ground and blowing it up themselves). Engineers can disable the device later after you secure the area (bonus reward for the mission? money/tech/resources/funding?). As for the device, instead of timer after which some bomb or one-time-effect device goes off and mission fails (many players really hate that, me included) let's make it some real terror device. Something designed not to do direct damage (because that really can be done a lot faster and easier from air or orbit) but instead something that is designed to scare people, crush their morale, make them panic and soil their pants in general. Some PSI emitter that in terms of gameplay affects/lowers skills of Xenonauts and the effect gets stronger the longer the mission lasts. It should affect all skills except strength and hp, with primary effect being bravery/morale penalty (certainly lower maximum bravery, maybe even lower rate of regaining it after panicking, but instead of the usual panick/berserk/run reaction the result of low morale should mostly be similar to suppression), also it should have pretty noticeable effect on reflex skill (harder to concentrate/react). Smaller effect on TU's and accuracy. At the beginning of mission the device should start at "low" strength and after certain ammount of turns the effect should get stronger, up to a certain maximum (some reasonable percentage penalty, this would probably take a bit of testing to find propper balance, something that can't be easily ignored but isn't completely crippling). Or maybe remove the maximum limitation and just tweak the effect increases to allow it to go into extreme effect strength if player really drags his feet and mission takes really excessively long time to finish. (higher bravery increase in mission results after such mission?) ------------------------ part two ... terror (or lack of it) ok, let's face it, civilians are completely expendable, disposable and useless. The game regularly displays messages (on strategic map) that somewhere outside of my radar coverage UFO has shot down airliner with 100+ passengers, or sunk a ship, strafed a train or abducted a few hundred, total losses around the world are climbing into thousands or tens of thousands ... why exactly should anyone pretend to care about those 5-10 civilians in a mission? Especially when they spend most of their time blocking doorways or getting into my line of fire. Sorry, but the current terror missions aren't any different from any other mission, except there are a few more civies on map (and the already mentioned "UFO not included"). Come on, that isn't terror mission, that is just aliens bullying a few random civilians, obviously the slowest and dumbest ones (that explains their AI) who weren't smart enough to run away fast enough. And the idea of aliens bothering to land huge friggin ship with 20+ terror troops just to curbstomp those 10 civilians on the map is really pretty ridiculous. So, terror mission revamp (maybe not all terror missions, but at least one version of it). A little bigger map, most likely city map, with UFO (and the PSI device next to it) somewhere on the map. Lots of civilians (30+? 50? more?). OK, this would affect the "enemy movement" part of turn quite a bit in the beginning of mission, but it should be bearable and it should get better quite fast. So ... civilians. They wouldn't need exactly good AI (and they are pretty dumb even in normal missions), after all they are panicking civilians currently being very busy pissing their pants because aliens have landed and are killing them and assembling some sort of terror device that is messing with their brains. So, aliens have lots of targets to fire at. Lots of weapon blasts, lots of screaming, lots of civilians dying all around the map (it would also cut down the enemy turn length). Ideally the civilians should try to move towards the Xenonauts dropship landing point (maybe make some sort of evacuation area behind the dropship at the edge of map civilians are trying to reach), after all military helicopter that is obviously not alien has landed some distance away and soldiers are shooting at aliens so trying to head in that direction doesn't should like the worst idea, getting the soldiers between themselves and the aliens sounds even better. Random movement, with a lots of panicking and back and forth running, etc, etc. That would mean that Xenonauts are fanning out from their dropship trying to locate UFO, lots of civilians are converging on the dropship trying to get to 'safety' and aliens spread all over the map are shooting at everything that moves, lots of weapons fire everywhere, Xenonauts trying to clear the crowd with stun grenades or stun batons, often having to risk shooting at aliens with mob civilians randomly getting in their way (machinegun reaction fire through the crowd?), Reaper or two thrown in the mix, zombies shambling through the crowd and clawing at the civilians, armed civilians/military/police panicking and shooting at pretty much everything that moves (aliens/civilians/xenonauts). General chaos in first few turns that would start to drop down noticeably fast with all the casualties (even with 50 civilians at the start there wouldn't be that many of them still standing at lets say round 5), creating something that would really feel like ... you know, a real terror mission. But with all the bodies scattered around the map would at least look a lot like terror mission site. For those civilians lucky enough to survive the terror mission (still alive on map, or evacuated from the extraction point near dropship, or stunned on the ground so aliens lose interest) there would be some small reward in mission results, but the logic here would be that you aren't fighting to save those few people in the immediate vicinity of UFO, you are trying to stop aliens from activating terror device that would affect thousands more in much wider radius. Trying to save civilians on the map is barely a secondary concern, they are more of a distraction (or obstacle even), certainly not mission objective. And this would introduce some "new" challenges ... having to spend TUs to deal with civilians (stun them, or having to move to avoid shooting through them), it would make area effect weapons like rocket launchers a lot less usefull if you want to avoid huge casualties (or maybe screw that, nothing says 'crowd control' like incendiary rocket), machineguns and shotguns would have similar problem. Ammo would be more of a concern, especially with heavier Reaper infestation so you'd have to be more carefull with loadouts and pack more spare ammo, no more "I'll get through the mission with two clips". Stun grenades and stun batons would be extremely usefull. There would be incentive to not cause civilian casualties yourself, not just because the reward at the end of mission (who cares?) but because civilians would serve as usefull "human shield" and also as distraction, something for aliens to focus on and shoot at instead of your soldiers. On the other hand you couldn't ignore civilians completely because panicking police officer McUseless could randomly decide to blast his shotgun at one of your soldiers because that guy in Buzzard armor suit (or Predator armor) clutching laser sniper rifle doesn't exactly look like typical human soldier ... so better zap him sith stun baton just to be sure. Precision weapons like sniper rifles would be usefull to be able to pick your targets and also there would be pretty big advantages to using higher ground (firing from 2nd floor or using Buzzard suit to get sniper on the roof) as it woud allow you to fire over the heads of the crowd below. And instead of the boring and hated "mission fails after 10 turns" limit there woud be pretty good incentive to push forward and keep pressure on the aliens, because fighting them would be easier while there are still civilians around distracting them and while the terror device is still at low power setting and not draining/lowering your skills severely. The longer the mission lasts the more difficult it gets ... less civilians to distract aliens, higher skill penalties from the terror device. OK, I'll stop there because the post is getting hideously long, but I guess you get the idea where I'm going with this. But I'll repeat it again (sort of TL:DR version): terror mission should really feel like TERROR mission
  22. Yeah, I'm expanding the roof hiding radius on the screen in the next build because I agree it's currently too small. The cover rules / visualization in X2 are pretty similar to the ones in X1 though, so if you're experiencing issues with them then please post up some screenshots so we can look into fixing them. The main issue is just that the multi-tile hedges and flowerbeds are currently made up of individual tiles and so are not being correctly treated as a single object - we've already fixed that at this end so the new build in a week will should have slightly "cleaner" targeting.
  23. Glad you're liking how it's shaping up so far, and thanks for the comments. Unfortunately no, named pilots aren't going to be a thing in X2 - at least partly because instead of individual planes they now come in squadrons of 5 (which better helps us model damage but also means there's many more planes / pilots than before). Yeah, the other problem with shotgunners I neglected to mention above is that the fact the aliens are also now tougher... so not only is it now harder for the shotgunners to get into close range, they usually can't secure a instant kill with a shotgun blast even if they do get there. Lots of risk, not much reward! But it's something we'll address in the next build one week from now.
  24. Hello, while I'm playing on [0.34.1] without any added Fix Pack, I'd have some comments. C4 Glitch No sarcasm meant, can you positively assert that there was no Wraith with plasma canon somewhere in the starting room, out of LOS? I guess not because you triggered the situation several times. Also, how about a door bug instead, the plasma bomb being fired from the other side, without destroying the door. In short was the C4 triggering really the reason why this explosion? Black, walkable tiles I've already encountered this bug. I'll try and hunt these very tiles (or map parts) from now on, in case they are an oversight in some terrain packs? Perhaps they are only not trackable corruption? On the other hand, I encounter them much more when environment was destroyed, certainly while map is generated, and perhaps while playing as well. They always are still walkable tiles, even when on a higher level (building store, UFO bridge). I play with "Fire in the Hole" and enhanced terrain resources mods, and included better crash site, and it looks like some Carrier maps are often bugged, when the UFO took heavy damage in the crash. I don't know if these tiles were deemed destroyed or otherwise. While several mods deal with crash sites and could be the cause, perhaps if so, they could also help to find the cause in case of normal terrain tiles (see screenshot). Hidden Cruiser bridge I've never encountered this bug so far (X:CE 0.34.1, Fire in the Hole, all the packaged terrain resources, embedded better crash sites). I read it has been reported several times, however.
  25. Thanks for the development. I understand that things might be more complex than just writing, and that gaming experiences would (have to) be much different. As many game aspects would differ, it wouldn't be in my mind a simple "Play Humans / Play Zergs" choice on the main menu, but perhaps at least, all the Ground Combat aspects could be added (more a graphic work I think and limited scripting, with big pictures of weapons and Aliens, inventory, etc), so that a "Play Humans / Play Zergs" option for Skirmish mode would already be included in the released version (or as a DLC to earn some welcomed money, but I consider that all should be ready at release time). Lovers for Skirmish modes wouldn't complain about having limited technology, maps or diversity: they would simply access all the items designed in the Human campaign. Then only, a campaign on the Alien side could be envisioned, or at least a mod-friendly environment prepared, with all sorts of placeholders and "hooks" for fan coders to insert their own scripts and graphic models (watch for "locked" code designs: each time an object is created, same object should be created for the other side, etc). Of course, if Goldhawk go for such a DLC or addon (I still can't calling it a third full game), any new GC asset eventually designed for this campaign, including new map tiles and designs (with landed UFO), would benefit the already working Skirmish mode.
  26. Terror secondary objectives that impact on the campaign: Likewise, you could add to this kind of one-time rewards, other, more common and less important rewards, like just a one-time boost to the current research, whatever its topic (or more like a free man-hour credit). In this case, don't forget to set a minimum time before activation so that the "Research Completed" doesn't pop up right upon returning to the Geoscape. If the whole research mechanic is to made more complex, The secured scientist/equipment could have a specific tag and could be useful only in a certain field (xenobiology, intelligence, nanotech, energy armament, ...). Securing civilians could be also a way to get free scientists and engineers. Nations would provide only a limited number of valuable scientists to hire, and saving someone's butt would either increase the recruiting pool, or directly earn you a hired man for free (with a monthly salary due as usual). A new "terror-like" mission: Exfiltration mission. Another ground mission without UFO. Optional mission (available for days or even weeks). Fully equipped alien opponents (like a Terror crew) in size ranging from Scout to Corvette (or according to a clever randomized table). The setting would be: the Xenonauts decide to go to a place to exfiltrate a number of civilians, and it's a covert operation. Limitation of equipment: no heavy weapon, no rifle (?), no advanced armour (?), so that they can be taken for normal operatives. Perhaps it would be easier to simply strip the soldiers from any forbidden item, at the beginning of the mission, instead of adding an option in the suitable base management equipment window. They land in the nearby wood, or in any likewise concealed position. They move to the lab/factory/residential compound... and they spot on and meet with the aliens on their way. Both parties have a same primary goal: to reach a marked room where a few civilians are. The Aliens' starting position is randomly chosen from suitable preset ones, and they have to walk as well to reach their objective. They prioritize Xenonauts less than in a Terror mission (they won't be bait out by purposely visible agents), but keep killing any civilian/local forces on their way. There could be a timer on this mission, because at turn 10 or 20, local forces arrive en masse, and the Xenonauts have to discretely retreat (i.e. the mission is aborted). In case the mission is successful, rewards are the usual spoil of war and one (or more) scientist/engineer/otherwise agent. In case the mission is cancelled, rewards are limited to the extraction zone, as per usual. In case the mission is aborted due to ran out time, rewards are the usual spoil of war only (less any alien corpses?). In any case, there are no diplomatic gain nor loss, and the mission is removed from the list. The design can accept both random missions and limited one-time missions (you win them or you lost them forever).
  27. how about "checklist" somewhere in options where player can configure at what events he wants the game to do automatic save? End of day, ufo shot down, transpert leaving base, mission start, every Xth turn in combat, ...
  28. How about having some unique secondary objectives for some of the terror sites that yield unique bonuses. For example there is a terror attack on the town of Hawkins, and you need to find and secure a single scientist (civilian) or an experimental aircraft or vehicle or object from the near by research facility. You could have a one part mission where the objective is on the battlefield hidden somewhere or a two-part mission where the first section is a normal terror mission and the second is entering the research facility behind the aliens. The aliens would be trying to overwhelm the conventional forces guarding the objective and destroy it before the xenonauts can stop them. Secure the objective and you get a powerful one-off experimental reward that can’t be replicated. You can only ever have one and you can only get it by accomplishing the terror site. Maybe an aircraft, armor, weapon, super soldier of some kind (psionic or a fearless robot or just real good stats), an alien that has been turned etc. Even if you had five or ten different objectives/rewards and randomly encountered two or three in a typical game it could add a lot.
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