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  2. This is kind of the thing I am most intrigued to know more about. Understandably "Xenonauts" in this game are more of "vigilantes" being a (more real) shadow-organization and such, so doing some small stealthy and hopefully non-lethal raids hopefully indeed is a choice. I mean, it's kind of hard to convince rest of the humanity you're fighting for Earth if you keep killing of the average-joe-guards and such who just only doing their daily-job, right? (( Or at the very least we aren't playing "The Guards Must Be Crazy"-trope as far as I've understood. )) Naturally of course, if there is the scoring-system similar to what we had in (Open)Xcom-games which would take into account the civilian-casualties, then obviously finding a way to have the least amount bloodshed would be the best. If i've understood correctly, this is taking further steps towards the "Jagged Alliance"-style of recruits. How is this going to affect the customization of names and so on? (Especially when taking into account the portrait-generator we were teased with about half-a-year ago: --- --- ---
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  4. I strongly disagree. Although its been ages since i dont play XNT (Since i discovered X division!), I got enchanted with this mod at the very first moment. I love the wide variety of weapons, research and so. There are two main drawbacks for me in X DIV. 1.- I find it too slow, there are many times i play the ground missions quite bored just for farming. But otherwise i love this mod. 2.- I BEG for many more Alien races! Not only many variants of the same unit. I really appreciate the inclusion of robodogs and many many new subtypes of units, and i know there are many. But if i can ask, i demand more. PS: Alien Tanks, really? Are Aliens in WW2? Anyway, im interested in your point of view. Do you think you could post some comparative analysis between both mods? I want to know more of what XNT excells at in comparisson to X Div. Thanks and regards!
  5. How big will the "big" alien be? I know you were hesitant to make 2x2 units due to the movement logic being such a pain. It sounds like capturing aliens alive will play less of an important role; will we be capturing human defectors? Are the local-government raids going to suggest non-lethal gameplay? That could be a fun change of pace. It also sounds like the intercept subgame might be axed. If stealth becomes an important mechanic, I hope it gets fleshed out well. Take a look at the game Invisible Inc., it had a very satisfying stealth mechanic. I look forward to seeing how this fits together! It sounds really promising.
  6. Yeah, so I think the "fighting the humans all the time" is one of the largest potential problems with the current design. I want to get all the missions set up so I can properly judge the scale of the issue before I think too hard about fixing it, but it's something I'm keeping an eye on. It might not be as bad as all that, though - if you've played the XCOM 2 expansion, you'll have fought the Chosen (who are unusually tough and dangerous enemies like our aliens will be). What's interesting is that if I think back to the missions where I fought them, I barely remembered the dozen or so standard aliens / ADVENT that I killed on that mission - I only remember the turns I spent fighting that single Chosen, because it was the only enemy that felt genuinely dangerous. So an alien mission consisting mostly of humans might actually not feel that way to the player if the alien is sufficiently fearsome. Similarly, the mission set-up will hopefully be quite different when attacking an alien infiltration cell as when fighting a neutral mission. These designs are still somewhat fluid so I might have changed my mind in a few weeks, but my current idea is that an alien cell is going to be a large military base map with a bunch of human collaborators patrolling it. The interior of one of the outwardly-normal military buildings would be converted into an alien command room, which is where the alien and its bodyguards would hang out (maybe the humans hidden inside that part of the base have more advanced gear or are otherwise more alien). These missions would be a major undertaking where you bring a strong squad, don't have a time limit, and potentially we could do some cool stuff with the stealth mechanics if they prove workable. So these missions would have quite a methodical JA2 feel .. big murderous alien excepted, of course. I'd like the neutral missions to be faster-paced and on a smaller map, with the main purpose being capturing some kind of resource or a VIP and then getting out of there. Potentially we could make the squad sizes smaller, as you'll need space in the chopper to bring the stuff home. There will probably be a reinforcements timer on the mission, so if you take too long then increasing numbers of hostile local forces will arrive on the scene. So whilst it doesn't hurt the aliens, it's a faster and easier mission that requires fewer staff - perfect if you've got high Threat or a wounded / fatigued team that can't take on an alien mission at that moment. So I'm hoping that the missions will feel quite different from one another, despite most of the enemies being human ... but we can always add in more aliens if need be.
  7. Quite a brave and bold move to deviate away from the previous mechanics but most of them sound pretty interesting! I think two things I am not sold on (based on the premise) is a) local government missions - will you have the resources to make these varied enough that they don't become tedious? b) one alien per mission - the only thing is that fighting humans is boring, that can be done in any dozen other games. Maybe consider human/alien hybrids? I know XCOM touched on this theme already. However if they had a few different stages of development you could have some fairly interesting model design and characteristics (i.e. tanks, glass cannons, fear inducing, snipers). This is especially true if you are going to be up against humans in the government missions. There would need to be enough to differentiate between a fully human based mission and one with a single alien other than presumably the setting? Hybrids would still achieve your goal of making the alien fights mean something without making it m16 on m16 as it were. p.s It would be awesome to have a colour overlay on the geoscape which shows influence. One of my favourite moments harking back to the olden days was in the early missions of C&C Red Alert when you had the illusion of choice in selecting missions to stem the tide of the enemy and part of that was the visual map showing red vs blue which ebbed and flowed between missions and the satisfaction of a big blob turning blue after winning a mission.
  8. What is your favourite game ever? the one game you always go back to, the one you could play over and over? And most importantly, why? For me, it would have to be Fallout 3: GOTY edition. There is just so much story, the world design is stunning, the characters, the development...just everything about it is amazing, I have personally bought the game 3 times because of selling it and then wanting it back again xD On both Xbox and PS3 :') A close second would be Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube
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  10. do not worry about it, it will be fixed soon. in fact all broken text, i hope.
  11. @Charon Thanks a lot!
  12. I think it's time for another update on our progress on Xenonauts-2 as I've been alluding to cool new stuff for several weeks now. I'm not going to show off any media yet, but I am going to fill you in on what we've been doing for the past couple of months and what our thinking currently is with Xenonauts-2. Setting: The key thing to know is this - both the aliens and the Xenonauts are trying to keep their existence secret. The aliens are VERY few in number and don't have the military power to destroy Earth, so are trying to start a nuclear war that will wipe out most of humanity first (using infiltrators and psionic powers to raise global tensions and suppress any evidence of their existence). The Xenonauts are even fewer in number and must keep stay in the shadows otherwise the aliens if the aliens are not to find them and wipe them out. Because the world governments have been partially infiltrated by aliens, the Xenonauts cannot work too closely with them or risk being discovered. Strategy Mechanics: Basically we've shifted the strategy layer away from just being a clone of Xenonauts 1 and we've drawn some additional inspiration from Jagged Alliance. Most of this is on the strategic side rather than the tactical combat (so don't expect us to add the prone stance etc in the combat), but it includes things like: The staff available for hire are no longer randomly generated; they're the same each game. There's currently 40 and they are priced differently depending on their skills. We expect the player to have 10-15 staff in total towards the end of the game. There's no distinction between soldiers / scientists / etc. Each person has a competency rating in Combat, Science, Technical and Communication and you can set any to do any role, and use any of them on the battlefield. The base functionality is now generated mostly by assigning staff to buildings - e.g. a lab doesn't produce science until you put someone in it, and it produces more science the better that person's Science rating is. The combat missions are run at night, so people can perform a task in-base during the day and then still fight a combat mission at night. However there is a fatigue system that stops you from pushing your staff too hard - they accumulate a lot very quickly if you don't let them sleep. You can't do every combat mission - the number of combat missions you can run is limited by the airworthiness of the dropship. If you want to run more missions you can assign engineers to help repair it faster, but obviously those staff could be doing other things instead. We've borrowed the "covert operations" from the XCOM 2 expansion, which are small non-playable missions with skill requirements that invite you to send one or two people away for X days in order to receive a reward (basically they force you to shuffle your assignments and combat teams regularly instead of always using the same guys in a given role). In short, we've zoomed the focus in a bit. The base is smaller but more detailed - e.g. the current mechanics tie the rate of staff stress regeneration to how comfortable the base is, so having enough living space and fresh food and a rec room lets them recover from missions faster. I'd like to make the stores management deeper if we can, too. Plenty of scope to do cool stuff here. To make the alien invasion more strategic, we've made things last longer on the Geoscape. The player is actively choosing from a multitude of missions which ones they think will best advance their strategic position, rather than in Xenonauts 1 when you were reacting to what the aliens did as soon as it happened. The aliens themselves are now persistent missions on the map; they slowly generate infiltration markers in the region they are in, reducing Xenonaut relations with that region and bringing the world closer to nuclear war. Launching a mission and killing that alien removes the infiltration markers, but it also levels up that race and makes all future missions more difficult against, say, the Sebillians. Kill enough of that race and they drop out of the war entirely. The other key strategy mechanic is Threat, which is a bit like the wanted level in Grand Theft Auto - it goes up when you attack the aliens, and declines over time. If reaches a certain level, the aliens launch an attack on your base. Not all combat missions generate threat, as not all involve fighting the aliens - there's plenty of missions available where you are stealing resources from local governments etc that you can do instead if your threat is too high. So base attack missions are still in the game, but you have direct control over when they will (or will not) happen. Ground Combat Mechanics: As a result of the setting shift, we want an alien to be something that the player should fear on the battlefield (not something a random dude with an M16 can deal with). So instead of a mission containing a dozen aliens, missions will now usually feature a single powerful and tough "boss" alien and a dozen weaker human bodyguards. This is thematically appropriate, but also the majority of the combatants being humans with weaker weapons mean your soldiers should suffer more serious wounds and fewer RNG instakills, which should improve the gameplay. If you're wondering how the Combat Rating feeds into combat stats, the idea is that it controls the Accuracy and Bravery of the soldier. HP, TU and Reflexes are now set by the armour equipped by the soldier, so lighter armour gives less HP but allows units to move faster and do more. Certain equipment will probably be gated by skills, too - so a first generation laser rifle might require a certain amount of Science to use it, or explosives might need a certain level of Technical, etc. I think that opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of battlefield equipment. Public Builds & Progress: Expect the public builds to restart in roughly a month, but don't expect the strategy to be included. We've been adding a lot more to the strategy layer than we originally expected (when we were just cloning X1), so whilst many of the features are already in place it's obviously going to take longer and need more testing. We will however be releasing more information, artwork and some UI screenshots in the near future. The public builds will be focusing on polishing up a single ground combat mission to be used in a Kickstarter. The action will be moving from the wilderness to a military base, with a new (non-box) UFO, better destructibility, and an extra layer of visual polish. I've taken over level design duties now so expect the new map to be more like the ones from Xenonauts 1 (more limited sight lines), and the improved map editor we've spent a long time working on means I can much more easily edit the existing map and generate new ones than before. In the slightly longer term I'd like to improve the ground combat AI, and also to try and implement a stealth system that is a cross between the one in XCOM2 and JA2. Basically this means the enemies don't turn hostile until they detect your forces, allowing you to scope out the map and the enemies before the fighting starts. We can potentially then add things like suppressed weapons to make the stealth phase more interesting, and hopefully set up the AI to react to detected events to allow diversions and so forth (e.g. if you set off a bomb elsewhere in the base then the aggressive forces will run in that direction, etc). That'll definitely take more than a few weeks though! Anyway, I'll report back with more concrete plans and show off some artwork in a few weeks, but I hope this post is enough to keep people abreast of our current progress and thinking. TL;DR - things are taking longer because we're adding some cool new stuff!
  13. @Black_Lenin If you are using XCE on linux you will have to run the game through WINE for it work correctly, but it still can cause issues. The better alternative is to use windows. You can get the latest files of XCE for linux here:
  14. I think the reason is that Linux has the old version of Community editions I installed the mod on Windows and copied all the files to Linux Everything worked
  15. The reason is that on Linux the old version of Community editions I installed the mod on Windows and copied all the files to Linux Everything worked
  16. Is X-Division compatible with Kabill's Fire in the Hole! Destructible UFO Hulls?
  17. It's funny, but I played a month ago in ja2 1.13 for a long time, and even added new types of ammo and weapon stuff for the game. Both games with mods are good in their own way. And the x-division has no problems with the transfer of the feeling of the original game, to which I played more than 20 years ago. I think it's just aliens kick your ass hard... so gitgud (c)
  18. @Charon Yes, I already bought this wonderful game in Steam. Maybe the reason is that I'm using Linux.
  19. Confirm these xenos gives chitin. But roboreaper not gives cores. Can you tell what and numbers it should give pls? I will fix it by myself.
  20. You dont have a working installation of X-Division. Please follow the installation instructions in the main thread again:
  21. @Black_Lenin Im sorry, X-Division does not support pirated copies of Xenonauts. Please buy the game and support Goldhawk Interactive so they can continue to make awesome games. Best Regards Charon
  22. Actually ... no. Applying the approach you suggested in your reply the way you wrote it - making the aliens stronger where the player is dominant and weaker where he is not - will lead to players wondering why they are trying their best at all, since in the end no matter how good they do, the strength of the aliens they face is always relative to their own strength. In essence, the player is punished for doing well ... quite frustrating if you are not offering the players something in return to keep them engaged. Where the inital suggestion i made would give players agency, have their decisions and in game behaviour impact the further development of the game, just adapting the strength of the aliens to whether the player is dominant or falling behind actually removes agency: player behaviour has less longterm consequences. What I want is for the game to be engaging and challenging throughout the entire duration of play. As mentioned in my original post, keeping a game of this type challenging is difficult for systemic reasons. A solution i suggested was using incomparables throughout the duration of the game to keep switching the difficulty: alien escort probability ≠ quality of alien ground troops ≠ strategic alien behaviour (passive versus aggressive) ≠ doomclock (In the original Xenonauts all of these things were tied to the "ticker", and basically progressed simultaneously and at the same speed.). This makes the game more engaging over longer periods of time, since the player needs to start focusing on areas he has previously neglected, and has agency in choosing which style of play he wants to pursue - but those are actually just beneficial side effects from trying to find a balance approach that a.) doesn't use static balancing so the end game is no longer either trivial or impossible, and b.) doesn't use direct dynamic equivalent balancing (e.g. alien tech is determined by how far the player has progressed in researching), since that is frustrating for the player. If you want to simplify the concept down, i guess you could say that the player is "punished" for being successfull in exterminating aliens by the aliens sending more elite troops and starting to act more aggressively, but "rewarded" by getting more resources to buy shiny things with and by the fact that his fighting pushes the autoloose-condition further away. Conversely, a player who is not exterminating aliens effectively (whether due to player choice or his inability to do so) is "punished" by getting less income and an eventual autoloose coming faster, but is "rewarded" in that the aliens will not send their more advanced units and will act passively (researching and scouting) rather than aggressively (actively trying to destroy player property or reduce his income / reputation). (Additionally, but this is more fluff than strictly game mechanics, doing poorly will increase civillian casualties and result in a worse in game reputation for the player. For the pure gamers who only care about winning and not at all about the fluff, this will not matter, but for players immersed in the game world this can be a significant motivator to risk their in game valuables in order to save fictional lives.) Since continually increasing the aliens capability should eventually make them nigh impossible to defeat (else you end in a scenario where the aliens "cap out", and the rest of the game is trivial, since the player can now exterminate everything the aliens send), the next logical step is to disassociate as many sub-aspects of difficulty as possible: in Xenonauts 1 that would be alien escort probability, alien ground troop quality and alien aggressiveness. This means that each of these aspects is in itself sort of a game ending criterium: once every ship has two heavy fighter escorts, the player won't be shooting down many UFOs any more. Once the alien crews consist predominantly of their most elite troops, any fight on the ground will result in casualties for the player. Once the aliens start doing one terror mission after another, the player will rapidly loose income and reputation, and eventually the game. However each of the individual game ending criteria in themselves are not enough to literally end the game immediately, only a single aspect of it: if the player can no longer shoot down UFOs, he'll have to go in against landed UFOs. If the player can not sustain the losses of ground assaults, he can still bomb UFOs which he shot down and obtain resources and reputation this way. While the aliens only send low quality troops or don't protect their transports with fighter cover, terror missions are still manageable, and though his income will be dwindling, the player will still have resources for a little while. If several of these start compounding, however, the game is pretty much lost. If instead of UFOs being shot down Xenonauts 2 has a minigame where you need to find and identify the alien collaborator, then you can basically just swap out these sub-aspects - that would change nothing from the basic concept. I am sorry if i am being unclear in my phrasing. I actually put the pseudo code in because i figured that is the clearest way to communicate the concept.
  23. I cant run this mod 8( I have installed all necessary mods. See on the picture below: After startup, I get an error: 'Manu.XAircraft9' is not manufacture category name (Name='ManTech.MiG32') See on the picture: What could it be? Thanks.
  24. So I think everything is correctly installed as I see other screenshots of the enabled mods list with CE as the base mod. My problem is on the base building screen the blueprint is blank. At the top you can see the green outlines of your bases rooms but on the actual blueprint canvas that shows the bases layout and where you can build more rooms is blank. I cannot see rooms or build new ones. specs Win10 Amd quad core 8GB Amd radeon R6 All drivers current Here are screen shots, Please help and thank you in advance.
  25. That is exactly my point.))) For me this feeling IS the core of any game.)) If the game does not create it for me, then it is not for me.) And exactly, for me analysis is shallow, unconnected to life, to the experience.)) To each his own I guess.)) Not on that one for the moment, but thanks You too, enjoy X-Div
  26. well, i cannot and will not argue feelings. i was just hoping for a more precise description of what drove you off. as for the reputation, you should not talk about the core of it when you have not reached it. it is simply shallow. but i guess it is your prerogative after all to like or dislike anything based on whatever criteria you see fit. well, obviously i am not that one so what can i say, good luck playing jagged alliance. De gustibus non est disputandum
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