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  2. I had a few ideas for achievements. Maybe others have more that can be posted below? "Higher Education" - Research every tech in the game "Apes Together Strong" - Complete the game having researched nothing but the story research "Immovable Object" - Complete the game having lost 0 Xenonauts "1%" - Have $10,000,000 "Garage Sale" - Sell $1,000,000 worth of items "Zookeeper" - Capture 1 of every alien "Purging Squad" - Deploy a squad in which every member is wearing Colossus power armour
  3. Here's the save file with that. auto_strategy_before_combat-14.json
  4. Yes, Currently missiles can't take down much of anything on their own from a distance. But the thing is, I don't think instakilling the ufo from the distance just like that is very good for the game, In X1 you could one-shot scouts with foxtrots and that was extremely boring. I think the missiles and torpedoes should be more powerful, but also in general require more effort/skill to use. Torpedoes for example could require you to lock on to a ufo for a long and constant time, while missiles could serve as a finishing burst to a ufo that's already softened up from its armor (but still eh against ufo's that can dodge them). Or just a weak-ish filler weapon that you throw in because you don't have any space for anything better.
  5. Milestone 2 will shortly be moving to the Experimental branches, but for now we're still testing it on the Prototype branches while I finish updating the in-game text to reflect the new mechanics and lore. Hopefully this will therefore be the final Prototype build for Milestone 2. You can access the Prototype branches by using the password "xenonautsproto" in Steam. Gameplay Changes: Significant rewrites to the tutorial conversation and opening conversation so the lore now makes sense with the gameplay updates. The Commander is no longer a character, and has been replaced by The General - the previous commander of the Xenonauts. Reworked the invasion timeline so Mimics now act as escort craft, and Air Superiority missions (and therefore Fighter UFOs) are more common. Fighter UFOs now look different to Mimics. Monthly funding for players increased, and cost of new bases has been reduced from $750k to $500k. Upkeep cost on aircraft and base structures has been increased by 50%. Rebalanced the soldier Armour values. Heavy armour variants now double the protection offered, but triple the weight. Warden is now a little bit stronger, and Guardian Armour is a bit weaker. Angels now only have three equipment slots, not four. Torpedoes now do substantially increased damage. Aircraft armour now offers more protection. All manufactured aircraft equipment now sells for less than it costs to build. Tier 1 weapons / armour reduced in cost from $100k to $50k. Made month 1 Eliminate VIP mission slightly easier. Capturing an enemy alive no longer unlocks their autopsy, but completing the interrogation does so. Fixes & Updates: Fixed a crash when selecting the MARS in the deployment phase before Ambush / Base Defence missions. Fixed an AI crash during the alien turn. Fixed the tutorial getting locked part-way through and being impossible to complete. Fixed the Cleaner Data Raid mission terminating as soon as you pick up the last USB stick, rather than when you get back to the dropship. Fixed dead soldiers sometimes surviving even when the player has a 0% survivial chance. Fixed the Exosuit being invisible in the Soldier Equip screen. Fixed some visual issues with the Guardian on the Soldier Equip screen. Fixed the Phantom equipment slots being misaligned, and two of them not counting towards the Weight limit on the plane. Fixed the Ambush mission sometimes not having any enemy combatants in it. Fixed aliens and humans being revealed if they are stunned when the player does not have line of sight on them. Added support for back layers on for armour on the Soldier Equip screen, allowing us to fix the "holes" in the collars. Set up the journalist VIP on the VIP Extraction mission to have the appropriate portrait / clothes. Fixed the new recovered items (shown in orange) being sorted to the bottom of the list on the mission debrief screen, rather than to the top. Fixed a couple of visual issues with the Alenium Reactor props on the base defence missions.
  6. I'll give this a proper read later, as I might close this thread and open a new one due to the upcoming patch containing a heavy rework of the balancing. Couple of quick comments though: 1) I really don't think there's space for any more armour in the tech tree, as you're already given one by almost every type of new UFO. Personally, I thought being able to remove the Defender Armour as an item (without actually removing it as an option) was one of the best things about adding this Heavy Armour checkbox! 2) @Grobobobo Missiles really should be competing against torpedoes, as they also have long range but are able to hit any target (unlike the torpedo). But I guess if a pair of missiles doesn't have enough firepower to take down an enemy escort UFO from long range then it's not actually worthwhile bringing them over another cannon, as you'll always have to close into short range to finish it off anyway.
  7. Or you change it that Autopsys get done like in old X-Com / the UFO ET-Series. You research it manually, then this Problem is solved.
  8. Hello. I have the same problem with tutorial. It is impossible to shoot if one of the keys Shift or Ctrl is held down. In the next mission this mechanics doing well. Moreover 1) There is no information about to how to change the shooting mode in the Russian version of the tutorial. The sentence "Hover over the target and use right-click to change to the cheaper fire mode, then attack the target" is translated incorrectly: "Наведите указатель на цель и проведите атаку" that is mean only "Hover over the target and attack." The more suitable variant is "Наведите указатель на цель и кликните правой кнопкой мыши для изменения режима стрельбы на более быстрый, а затем проведите атаку". 2) There are incorrect parameters of Armor and Weight for Defender armor at Xenopedia tab. 3) If I quit the game to main menu and then change language, load save and return to Xenopedia tab then I see the list of technologies in previous language at left side. 4) The Bravery parameter have incorrect name "Натиск" in the Russian version. This word is suitable for main parameter of shock cavalry. The more suitable variant is one of "Храбрость" or "Отвага".
  9. Yeah it's currently a known issue when it comes to MARS on any missions with deployment phases (so this includes base defense, cleaner ambush and HQ). A fix for the crash is already made for patch 2.06, but as a band-aid measure you can opt to commence mission without clicking on your MARS on the deployment phase so it doesn't crash. Thanks!
  10. Hello, thanks for reporting the bug. Is this campaign started on patch 2.05? If not, I suggest starting a new campaign on the 2.05 patch because campaigns saves from 2.03 & 2.04 carry over their armory CTD bug unfortunately.
  11. Hello there, thanks for reporting a bug! Yeah it's a current known issue and a fix is already prepared for patch 2.06, which I believe should get dropped soon.
  12. Hey, thanks for reporting bugs as always. Yeah, they're intended to be different and we'll add its own autopsy report eventually once more urgent features are rolled out!
  13. Unlock professional ghostwriting solutions with our dedicated ghost writing agency. We bring your ideas to life through words.
  14. The game is currently still in development. This could be added later, as a suggestion, when things are more streamlined. For example: At the moment of writing, in the current stable build you can sell all corpses, cleaner data and alien corpses. However, in the prototype, the corpses have at least one additional use (so far as I found, didn't play the prototype much yet). So, while the idea is good, it does kill some of the immersion to me of the "discovery-path", but that is just a matter of opinion. All I can do at the moment is help you out with the current game :-)
  15. We're just finalising some stuff at our end. Turns out supporting modding (or, rather, supporting the community making mods) requires more at our end than we thought. But we're nearly done with the extra stuff.
  16. I tried reproducing the bug, and the bug happened again when I clicked on the MARS. I managed to get a screenshot of the red error text this time though.
  17. I was setting up my soldiers in the deployment phase, and I clicked on the MARS and then the game closed. I don't have a save of the combat itself, but I do have a save right before the tactical battle. I also can't find any output.log files in the prototype version. I have been able to find them when I played milestone 1, but I can't find them right now. The only log file I could find was the resolve_layers file. auto_strategy_before_combat-12.json resolve_layers.log
  18. Last week
  19. After I received the message from my engineer that they are ready. and then go to the armory, the game crashes output.log user_tag_21_vorm_crash-5.json
  20. Not really a pressing matter, as I don't have the time to contribute much at the moment, but are there any updates on this topic?
  21. We already know from milestone 1 that 20 armor warden was too good, and this patch 30+ armor guardian is too good. I don't think we need another tier of armor either, there are already engineering projects that passively boost guardian armor's armor rating, making it last longer. Chris's heavy armor values were right, just that light armor was too light.
  22. What do you guys think about the following values in regards to Armour? Tactical: ARMORVALUE 6/12(+6), WEIGHT 6/18(+12) note: BASE variant weighs 1.0x its ARMORVALUE, HEAVY weighs 1.5 its ARMORVALUE Warden: ARMORVALUE 12/20(+8), WEIGHT 8/20(+12) note: BASE variant weighs 0.67x its ARMORVALUE, HEAVY weighs 1.0 its ARMORVALUE Guardian: ARMORVALUE 20/30(+10), WEIGHT 10/22(+12) note: BASE variant weighs 0.5x its ARMORVALUE, HEAVY weighs 0.73 its ARMORVALUE Stalker: ARMORVALUE 6/18(+12), WEIGHT 6/18(+12) note: BASE variant weighs 1.0x its ARMORVALUE, HEAVY weighs 1.0 its ARMORVALUE, additionally the base variant provides "2.0 DEFENCE per Tile" and the heavy variant provides the "Rebreather". Exosuit: ARMORVALUE 12/24(+12), WEIGHT 6/18(+12) note: BASE variant weighs 0.5x its ARMORVALUE, HEAVY weighs 0.75 its ARMORVALUE, additionally the base variant provides "20 TUs" and the heavy variant provides the "Rebreather". There is still room for yet another tier of Armor, which could provide similar ARMORVALUE as "Guardian", but probably should not exceed that or at least not by much.
  23. Fuel should not reduce the speed, as that'd make the equipment pointless, angels already have trouble catching up to ufo's. The extra fuel could mean that they can use afterburner longer outside of combat for example. I don't think armor should reduce the speed either, since usually there's already opportunity cost with it competing vs fuel, and in general aircraft should not be slowed down as long as the equipment is within its weight limit. Maybe the base fuel/speed of angel be reduced though,to counter the significantly higher amount of options.
  24. I like some of the ideas, however everything you put on a plane extra would reduce its speed, not increase it, especially dead weight like plating or extra fuel. That should reduce the max speed by about 10-15%. The extra radar detection would be nice, it would make scouting for ufo around geoscape anomalies more effective. There could be a targetting unit enabling torpedoes to roll for example. An ECM unit could be cool as well, its effect being reducing the dodge capability or hit chance of the UFO by some %.
  25. There's also potential for a 5 weight 2 weapon, but I'm not sure what it could be.
  26. I have an idea on how to rebalance the current equipment stats to make them more interesting (keeping angel at 4 slots). Sidewinder missiles Cost: 2 weight, 1 weapon bay Damage: 15 Fire Rate: Every 2 seconds Lock-on time: 4 seconds Ammo: 2 (from 1) Armor penetration:5 Armor shred : 2 Range: 10 (from 20) Fire arc: 90 Autocannon Cost: 4 weight, 2 weapon bays Damage: 4 Fire Rate: Every 0.2 seconds (from 0.25 seconds) Lock-on time: none Ammo: 99 Armor penetration:0 Armor shred : 0.5 Range: 3 Fire arc: 20 Torpedoes Cost: 6 weight (from 4), 2 weapon bays (from 1) Disables combat rolls Damage: 25 Fire Rate: Every 4-5 seconds (not sure about exact numbers, would have to test it, the point is that it should take a while do deal full damage instead of one-and done like it currently is) Lock-on time: 4-8 seconds (!!!) Ammo: 4(!!!) from 1 Armor penetration: 25 Armor shred : 5 Range: 20 Fire arc: 45 (from 90) Laser Lance Cost: 3 weight, 2 weapon bays Damage: 15 Fire Rate: Every 1 second Lock-on time: none Ammo: 20(!) from 99 Armor penetration:0 Armor shred : 4 Range: 6 Fire arc: 6 (from 12) Plating 2 weight 5 armor (can be upgraded) Fuel 1 weight +10% fuel capacity +10% aircraft speed +10% aircraft turn Rate NEW ITEMS Radar 0 weight +100% aircraft detection distance Aircraft shredder Can be researched after downing and looting a ufo probe Cost: 5 weight, 3 weapon bays Damage: 4 Fire Rate: Every 0.1 second Lock-on time: none Ammo: 60 Armor penetration:0 Armor shred : 0.5 Range: 1 (!) Fire arc: 90 (!) Anti-missile turret(?) Can be researched after downing and looting an observer Can be used to shoot down slow homing enemy missiles (prioritizes them in targeting) Cost: 3 weight, 1 weapon bay Damage: 15 Fire Rate: Every 1.5 seconds Lock-on time: none Ammo: 15 Armor penetration:10 Armor shred : 1 Range: 3 Fire arc: 360 This gives us a wider variety of tools that have a variety of price points, allowing us to mix and match to a pretty high degree (and then X-55 has higher weight and weapon bay limit, allowing for better overall equipment). A torpedo plane will play more like a bomber/sniper, dealing high damage from range against heavy craft, but the slowness and vulnerability demanding protection from other aircraft. And then I'd balance the ufo's from that, they'd definitely need a health increase across the board, but also for example scout can be faster in combat so if you send a solo torpedo against him he'll be able to shoot it before the craft deploys full damage, so you'd want to send an escort plane to distract it. Fighers should also be more common, slightly faster and have a faster turn rate to make them harder to dogfight. We can also give ufo's a lot of nasty tools, like a shield that absorbs X% damage in a 180 angle from the front, a 1 range 360 degree angle super heavy damage turret for some large ufo's, a "shotgun" type weapon for some interceptors, etc etc etc. The tool variety for both sides should make the air game a lot more engaging than it is currently is.
  27. here you go: user_day_54_manual_save_after_before_ambush-15.json
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