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  2. There seem to be instances where something in the tech tree does not register. In my (slightly older) version it was the Wolf, Direwolf and Predator armours, but that was fixed since. Maybe an according bug is in the high tier stuff and nobody noticed until now?
  3. Now I understand why some of the working things form X1 get in. Like the independent Bases you can build up for Research, Development or security. Every Base will have some Hangars with Fighters for already implemented new Features, called the Xenonaut-Outposts. And I´m happy that the Bases get an big Upgrade / Refit in Graphics, esp. in the Buildup-Screen like announced. How it looks and the other Refits / Reworks as well as secret implementations we see next Week at the End of Oktober (27th).
  4. fixed, apparently the Crimson Queen and the Empress are very different beasts... the Queen was already scary enough , gotta love the surprise "phase 5" enemies edit 2: after copying the same conditions to unlock as the Ripper Armor + adding a new research so it triggers after said conditions it still will NOT unlock, but curiously enough just putting in a single condition (im using the largebase caesan operator as the new tech since I have a fortress right away) will unlock it, initially I thought it might be because I don't have the empress yet but I switched it for said operator and it still refuses to unlock... maybe a clean install is what I need
  5. Alienkiller

    Forum Return & New Build Date

    Yeah Chris, that are great news. Esp. after the dissapointet Release from the new Aquanox: Deep Decenst Game last Week. As well as the moderate content Pack for Hearts of Iron IV. Looking forward to it for a long Playtesting, esp. for the next Consequenzes from the evil C-Virus, which could come in Europe and make everything tedious again.
  6. Dagar

    Weapon Asymetry

    I usually agree with you on most stuff, but not here. There are tons of ways in which you can keep different paths relevant. One example outlined by you below: That would generalize to different game mechanisms for the weapon families. For the Laser family, you could add a researchable power control that gives you more damage per beam in exchange for more battery drainage or more heat (if you implement an overheat mechanism). Another path would be that the final weapon tiers are similar in overall power but balanced for different use cases. In Long War and X-Division, Laser weapons have an accuracy bonus, which makes them perfect for inaccurate rookies or long range snipers. Other families could have more damage, more armour mitigation, more projectiles per shot/burst, more damage to props, spawn fire or smoke or light on their path or target, aoe damage or dot, ... It is good that you want to attempt that. But also, you could link these improvements to your laser weapons to some research that comes out of plasma tech, which means you cannot "stay" on your divergent laser path if you want to improve your weaponry, but have to tech the other ones too, and then decide if you want to upgrade, build the new tech from scratch or some mix of both. Apart from that, do not underestimate that researching new tech and getting unexpected new toys and more cool research from it is very satisfying. I'd research pretty much everything just to see what comes of it and to get that small dose of dopamine when another tech is finished. With a mix of different damage types, resistances and tiers within the families, there is huge potential for viable side-grading of your weapons and equipment in general. Just make sure the player can explore as well as make informed, strategic and tactical decisions with what you come up with, and all will be fine.
  7. Ah it all looks good at the minute Chris. I remember that with xen 1 you actually listened to the fanbase and incorporated many of their ideas into the game (something the larger companies can't or just refuse to do). So I don't think anyone new to the way you do things at Goldhawk has anything to fear. Xen1 turned out to surpass UFO Enemy Unknown anyway, and that was some feat.
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  9. The good news for anyone concerned about X2 being a high-definition remaster of X1 is that we're approaching the point now where all the core mechanics are working properly, and we can actually start testing the planned changes to the game mechanics rather than just talking about them. I know a number of backers have been a bit frustrated that the last few builds have mostly been about adding features that were in the original Xenonauts, but (as I mention at every opportunity) that was always our plan. We need a fully functioning version of the game before we can properly evaluate new features, and if we randomly left features that were in X1 out of X2 (e.g. night missions, base defence missions, etc) then a lot of fans would say: "Hey, we liked that feature, why did you remove it?" At this stage I can't make any promises about what new features will make it into the final game, but we've got a couple of ideas for new systems that will have quite a major effect on gameplay and there's a number of important parts of the game we think we can expand by adding smaller new features to. Someone up above mentioned the XCOM2 expansion pack War of the Chosen, which took a game I thought was pretty average and made it into something great by adding a couple of major new mechanics and some carefully chosen additional content. I think that's a good example of how well an approach like this can work and it's the sort of gameplay effect we're hoping to achieve (plus a bunch of visual improvements, obviously!)
  10. I think the point about the AI behaviours for different aliens needing to be different is a fair one, and it's something we had in the first Xenonauts. We'll be doing it for X2 as well, but at the moment the aliens all use the same (extremely basic) AI script so they'll all act the same unless they are specifically forbidden from doing specific things (like Androns being unable to crouch). Getting the individual AI scripts right is something we'll probably look at in Early Access, once the more obvious issues with the game have been fixed up.
  11. A very quick update from me just to announce that I've officially returned to the forums and will resume answering questions and reading threads as of today, as I've finally managed to finish the level design stuff I was working on that was eating up all of my time. As our broken maps were also holding us back from making new public builds, we can now resume putting builds in the hands of backers. The next Experimental build is expected in just over a week on Tuesday 27th October. We've already been working hard on fixing bugs in the build for the last week and a half (there were a LOT of crashes) and it now feels reasonably stable, so I'll be spending the next week on gameplay testing. The build feels like a pretty signficant upgrade already - to me, at least - so I'm looking forward to letting you guys give it a play!
  12. Chris

    August Update

    Sorry, I've been off the forums a while making all the maps needed to actually put out the new release you're referring to, so this reply is a couple of weeks late. The next Experimental build should be arriving either this week or next week!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. So in the latest build I've reskinned the Archive screen a bit so it looks less hideous, but it does still need more work. We're definitely planning to add category headings to sort the projects (as we did in X1) and I will be writing at least a few "lore" projects that appear in the Archives at the start of the game that players can read if they want a little more backstory. I'm not sure we can commit the time required to make the other ideas work (and I don't think it's necessarily worth adding an Archive building etc) but hopefully you'll find that screen a bit less barebones than it was in the original Xenonauts!
  14. Yup, this is a good point. The terrain already supports destruction but in many cases it's either extremely tough or specific assets aren't set up with a destroyed state so just won't get removed from the battlefield no matter how much damage you do to them. This is something I've been actively working on in the current build we're putting together at the moment, because I agree it's kinda lame not to have destructible terrain. In a lot of cases the terrain will just vanish when destroyed in the new build (because we've not properly set up the visual effects of destruction on every single asset) but everything should be destructible again. So just hold tight for that build
  15. Old thread, but I think most of the grenade issues have been addressed (although perhaps not the specific doorway issue). The fixes won't be in the current Stable version, although I think they might be in the current Experimental version. The same might actually be true for the doorways, as I know we definitely made some changes to make doorways less restrictive but I can't remember exactly when that was done and whether they'll be in the build you're playing. The plan is to release a new Experimental build in the near future and then roll that out onto the Stable as soon as possible, because it's been a really long time since we pushed a build out onto the standard Steam branches. So I think maybe wait for that to arrive and then let us know whether you're still having problems with them or not!
  16. Chris

    Weapon Asymetry

    The counterpoint to that is that then there's going to be either one of two situations at play: If the weapon families are not inherently more powerful than one another, just different, you get into a situation where there's never a reason to develop better guns than the Lasers you unlock near the start of the game because even the late-game Plasma weapons aren't actually inherently more powerful than them (so you just learn to use the Lasers properly and use them all game, negating the point of tech tree). If the weapon families are parallel lines and all of them have multiple upgrades to keep them relevant as the game goes on, there's not really any reason to develop more than one of those lines. You just pick say Laser weapons at the start of the game and put all your R&D into those, ignoring the other weapon families. The tech tree is a difficult thing to balance because a clearly optimal strategy usually becomes visible. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this issue and you've got to draw a little from each of the different ideas to keep a progression without falling into the "boring numbers-only upgrade" system that X1 uses. One thing I'm pondering is whether it might be worth adding researchable armour penetrating rounds for the Ballistic and Gauss weapons, so if you carry a mix of ammo into battle then you can freely switch between armour-penetrating or anti-personnel rounds depending on how armoured your targets are (although you have to spend the TU to reload your gun each time). But I think that'd potentially be a cool system - and because energy weapons don't fire physical projectiles, Laser and Plasma weapons wouldn't have that option available to them. That feels like the sort of interesting differentiator between weapon tiers that would mix things up without causing meta-issues with the design of the research tree.
  17. Hi Andy, sorry for the slow reply (hopefully you'll get to read it at some point) but I've been off the forums for a while. We're still not sure exactly when we'll be going into Early Access and, yeah, we probably are still a few months away yet. A "few months" could be anything from early January to April, though - sorry for continuing to be vague. Thankfully we're now in a position now where we could theoretically launch into Early Access at reasonably short notice because the game is starting to feel reasonably decent to play, but the better the game is the better the Early Access launch is likely to go. We're still in a position where when I sit down and start playing the campaign I can see a number of systems that clearly aren't quite working properly and I want to iron out those issues before we pull the trigger on the EA launch (as well as continuing to add new art), but unfortunately it's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" situation as to how long that will take.
  18. Chris

    selection sound

    Quick update on this - our audio guy came through and has sent over the new and much more subtle click / hover sounds. So if you're one of the people that found them incredibly grating you'll hopefully find the next build a bit easier on the ears!
  19. Normaly Smoke is blocking your Sights like a Nebula, so you can see only blurred or only in a short line of sight (very near) to see a shadow in the Nebula. I did that with my Men too against the Aliens, esp. on an UFO-Entry, open Field and such. In the Game it´s working like the real Smoke and Nebula-Grenade. Combined with the Shoking Grenade and the upgraded Version of both it´s ammazing. Most of the Human-Like Aliens have the same Problem with the 2 Grenades, for others you have to use the upgraded version / versions. Against Robitics you have to use EMP instead. The Line of sight is good but the Aliens have a Smoke Shield, that makes direkt Hits impossible. The Problem is, that the Smoke is bigger but you can´t see it. It´s an Map Problem, had this too. But should be solved in Beta 14.
  20. Yep, such Bugs are known in full Beta 13 incl. the 2 Hotfixes. It belongs on the old Map Design and the new implementations come in. There are to many Problems which couldn´t solved and that´s the Reason the Beta isn´t stable, esp. the Ground Maps, not upgradeable fighters etc. That´s the Reason after the Bugs, Problems etc. send to the Devs we other Beta-Testers wait for the new Beta 14. Most of (about 80 to 85 %) us couldn´t testplay until Month 2 about that Bugs and Problems. The Best thing you can do is waiting for Beta 14 comes out where you get a very very very big refit / rework in Ground Maps, Base Maps and much more. But you are not alone. I had this in previous Betas (2 if I remember my correctly) too. Either in the Game or it´s getting CTD while Loading the first Geoscape-Screen.
  21. Last week
  22. Does anyone know how smoke works, e.g., does a single hex/square block LOS that goes through any part of the square? Dagar, I like your sign-off line. Does it work?
  23. Same as above, happened again after I reloaded the last turn. Game crashed a few moves after I started. See attached files: output.log_1.3907486849b428e80c377480cf7f38e8 content_manager.state output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_6_end-86.json
  24. That smoke is apparently so dense that it is literally blocking. Maybe made of nano-machines that yank bullets out of their trajectory?
  25. There is one tile of smoke blocking shots in this save. If the sniper (Itsuko Kondo) tries to shot through it to hit the Sebilian behind the orange barrier the hit % comes up as 0%, while the rifleman (Huang Tailin) can get a non-zero hit aiming around the smoke. If the rifleman aims through the smoke at the Big Sebilian he will also get a 0% chance to hit. In both of the cases holding down ctrl to force the shot will not work either. user-14.json
  26. See attached Save/Log files. In the middle of combat at the container depot (or whatever it is), during the phase (I think) when all the civilians are being massacred (hence the name: "Friendly" phase), the music stopped for a few seconds followed by the game disappearing (closing) and I was back at my desktop. If anyone knows, let me know if I should bother to try to continue from where I was, or redo the whole battle. Thanks. auto_groundcombat_turn_5_end-83.json output.log
  27. Yeah, that´s the big Problems etc. of that Beta-Version. Implemented and Changed Features on old Maps, which get Modernised in Beta 14 and 15.
  28. I've also had issues like this crop up a few times at random, both loading save games and loading missions. Usually it hangs near the end of loading, but sometimes it hangs within the first 20%. I have not found a way to reliably reproduce it. I usually kill the process from Steam with the STOP button. No trouble killing the game that way yet.
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