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    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    Well, let me tell you this. If you decide to make Xenonauts 2 -- and continue to have Linux support you'll get another happy customer from me. Hell, this time I'll fork out for a custom named character I've always kicked myself for passing on that lol.
  2. SalsaDoom

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    I'm with you, I played this waay back in the day and it was hella fun. I like having a tonne of options and a wide selection of stuff, even if its mostly situtational or side-grades.
  3. SalsaDoom

    Linux Steam Builds (Sort Of) Working!

    Well, I'm not sure how everyone elses experiences have been going (I only skimmed the first pages).. but on Arch Linux running wine 1.7.21 it seems to work flawlessly. I had to install wine before running the game (the script only works with apt based and yum based by the looks of things.. but thats not a big deal). I've been playing all day without anything unusual at all.
  4. SalsaDoom

    Alien Class Analysis Mod

    Like, woah. This is just incredible looking. Max, dude, seriously sweet. Also very useful for figuring out who is how, especially with the Sebbies as the differences are not immediately obviously between a few of them, its nice to know exactly what to look for.
  5. SalsaDoom

    Are flamethrowers still in the game?

    I'd love a flamethrower myself, if it worked reasonably realistically. Digging aliens out of cover is a real nuisance sometimes, and it'll get worse when they start tossing grenades our way. Mainly, I just want to burn the heresy right out of these disgusting xenos
  6. SalsaDoom

    Base Names?

    I'm shocked that this is on the second page with no one having "SHADO" yet.
  7. SalsaDoom

    Sebellian AI -- aggressive!

    Oh hell, that's even worse. Reapers on the bus! :-(! During my battle I toyed with the idea of blasting an escape route but it turned out not to be necessary. It's hard, but it makes sense they would do exactly that.
  8. SalsaDoom

    Energy Weapon Analysis

    This seems to make a lot of sense.
  9. SalsaDoom

    Some Suggestions

    Hi! The technology pace seems to vary a bit, but I agree. The very first battle I used lasers for the first time, I ended up getting the prereqs for plasma weapons. That doesn't seem right, but the technology pace does vary somewhat. My gripe is the shrike takes way to long before you get it, and way to short before you replace it. Neat idea, but I'm not sure what would differentiate them from their comrades. You can generally skip a few alien wrecks if you've already sweeped them. So they are largely optional actually. Absolutely check out the community map pack, and Stinky's maps.
  10. So, the other day I got a terror mission. Fairly early on, still on ballistic weapons, but with jackal armor at least. Man, that was a tough battle. I didn't recall the Sebellians being so damn aggressive. They got all up in my personal space. When the chinook landed, I saw two aliens and not a lot of cover so I had everyone run into a nearby building (they could all pile inside in one turn), thinking I could peer out of the windows with relative safety to access things. This actually turned out to be the right move, I think, since cover was a bit bare in the streets. Then like, hordes of these guys just all charged in! I'm not used to seeing 5-7 aliens in view range at the same time! They surrounded the building and just hammered it to pieces until my boys were hiding behind dubious bits of wreckage and furniture. It was intense. I ended up with 3 dead and 2 crimson hearts, plus various scrapes and cuts. I went through so much ammo that I actually had to pick up alien guns off the streets to keep shooting -- normally I avoid alien heresy. More than a few times I was wondering if I could actually win the battle. I am playing on Veteran, btw. It was awesome, and I approve entirely.
  11. This makes sense. The aliens are fans of the studio, and don't want production of their favorite shows interrupted. Slowly but surely, we are learning more and more about the invaders.
  12. SalsaDoom

    Chinook Range

    The solution is to FedEx your troops. Moving cargo between bases has unlimited range and always arrives within 24hrs :-)
  13. ... I always assumed they were underground. Course, the radar shouldn't be there... and hmm. Maybe they are as curious about our reverse engineers guns and technology as we are about their models? Our warplanes seem to do pretty well against their advanced ships, maybe they thought we'd be using the same tech as we did at Iceland and didn't expect the cold war speed of development.
  14. SalsaDoom

    Reaper Zombies

    Tell me about it. First time I ran into reapers in one of my games, the thing burst out of a carrier door and zombied a*gunner in predator armour in one swift action. Since then I go nuclear every time I see one.
  15. SalsaDoom

    Xeno + Steam + Linux ?

    Bought the game for the Linux version, so I hope it turns out. :-\ Wine isn't great, but for this sort of game it's probably fine as long as I don't have to mess around with it, ie, it launches and runs like my other games.