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  1. Max_Caine

    In the Defence of Armour

    The one thing I will say is that at the time, Solver raised similar concerns and it has been quite a long time since the post was first made. I don't imagine that the fundamental concepts would have changed that much but the way that they are implemented may have changed. This is pretty much a case of wait-and-see once v13 comes out.
  2. Max_Caine

    In the Defence of Armour

    Again, unfortunately I can't - Chris has wiped all the threads I guess in prep for the upcoming version. However, I can do a summary: Locational Damage Raher than weapons doing 50-150% of damage, a body location is randomly chosen and has a damage multiplier depending on the body part. The examples given varied from 50% to 200%. at the moment, all locational damage will do is determine the damage multiplier but Chris has suggsted that this can form the skeleton of a more complex system which could become DLC later down the line. Armour HP Armour provides a squaddie a seperate pool of Armour HP that absorbs damage before the unit takes damage to their own HP. Armour HP is s permanently used when it stops damage, so 20 Armour HP is only ever going to prevent 20 incoming damage. Resistances The current armour system, which is a percent deduction from the damage caused by the weapon will still be present, this represents natural or implied resistances, e.g. wearing a rebreather will give 100% damage resistance to gas-type weapons. Weapon Level & Armour Level So, this is the complicated bit. It had me scratching my head at the time. All weapons and armour is assigned a "level". When the projectile from a weapon collides with armour, the weapon "level" and the armour "level" are compared. If the weapon "level" is higher than the armour "level" the weapon projectile gains an armour penetration bonus which ignores reistance and armour HP, if the armour "level" is higher than the weapon "level", a percentage of the damage is ignored. The degree of the bonus that either the weapon or the armour gets is dependant on the difference betwen the weapon and the armour. E.G. If starting heavy armour had an armour level of 2, and the starting alien MAG pistol had a weapon level of 1, then the armour is 1 level higher than the weapon and gains a relatively small bonus, say, 30% of damage is ignored in addition to any natural resistances. However, if an alien plasma rifle had a weapon level of 5, then the weapon is 3 levels higher than the armour, and gains a much larger bonus, say, 90% of damage penetrates the armour and ignores armour HP and resistances.
  3. Max_Caine

    In the Defence of Armour

    The opportunity to productively discuss armour has unfortunately come and gone. There is a new armour system that will be going into v13-14, which Chris put up for discussion and debate at the end of Feburary. It got 8 replies. I can give you a summary of the armour system if you like.
  4. I would suggest talking to GoG first, this is more a thing on their end. Unless, have you already sent an email to GoG? If you did, what did they say?
  5. Okay, so, back at the end August of last year Goldhawk Interactive stopped using Xsolla as a service. You should have recieved an email from Xsolla with a key to access the Beta for either Steam or GoG at around that time, between August and Setptember. Did you have any communication from Xsolla at that time?
  6. You'd need to alter the code, and that's above my pay grade.
  7. Right, I see you mention Xsolla. Okay, this is important. If you got your key from the kickstarter, that would be one thing, but if you got it from Xsolla that's a completely different thing. So, which was it - did you back the kickstarter, or did you get the beta from Xsolla?
  8. Are you a kickstarter backer?
  9. I believe! Seriosly, you're right. I've seen that happen too lots of times. I just. Can't. Prove it! I suck at capturing footage, and it's captured footage that would be what prves it happens.
  10. Max_Caine

    What's the late game looking like?

    Well, I'd say a lot of the systems are complete, but it needs more content. Aliens in particular need more alien-y abilities to help them stand out from each other. There's more systems coming into v13 so it's really a case of wait and see if those systems pan out.
  11. Max_Caine

    Weapon Asymetry

    I'm going to preface what I say with "at the moment", because the game isn't out of beta yet, let alone EA, so things can change. However, to answer to your question, @Comrade, the answer is yes. I can take that one step further - if all you wanted the weapon tiers to be is linear ++damage, thats entirely possible to do as well. Gauss is there, but I believe Chris gave plasma the highest raw damage as a conterbalance to their quirk - the power cell draining each turn.
  12. Max_Caine

    What's the late game looking like?

    I'd warn everyone now not to expect the same abilities and playstyle of aliens in X2 as they are in X1. As an example, while Sebillians do play very similarly, Androns are considerably different. One of the big differences is that they explode like a micro-nuke when you kill one, so being near them is a Very Bad Idea. Hopefully we'll see more exploration of alien abilities in later builds.
  13. Max_Caine

    What's the late game looking like?

    So the way "Mind War" in X2 currently works is, if a soldier is affected it by it you have a full turn before it kicks in to do something. If you kill the alien who used Mind War on said soldier then it stops before it even starts. Otherwise, you can do things like drop the gun the soldier is carrying, or send the soldier off somewhere they can't be a problem. Or you can build mindshields which go into the secondary slot. There are options. It only really gets annoying if you have qute a few aliens using Mind War at once.
  14. Max_Caine

    What's the late game looking like?

    There isn't an end game yet - well, not really. The beta has been more focussing on adding features, getting things working and determining the direction the game will take. So not real endgame yet. Oh, and there is mind control. Not quite as deadly as in X1, but as annoying if there's enough of it.
  15. Max_Caine

    Weapon Asymetry

    The game is one step ahead of you. Each weapon family has a mark 2 version on the tech tree. At the moment, the mark 2 upgrade simply upgrades damage, but you could do any number of things with it. However, if you look at the April update, there's a very interesting line from it: DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!! Now, if that goes ahead then you have to ask just how necessary an overall mk 2 upgrade would be. If I can slap parts on a gun, then I can overcome the inherant flaws of that weapon family.