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  1. As a note, Operation Endgame has the same slowdown, so it isn't something intrinsic about those 2 layouts (or if it is OE has it too).
  2. Both observed during Operation Endgame: Aliens can see and shoot through the starting door, and the wall next to the door up to two squares deep. Has anything changed with the crouching bonus? I'm getting sub 25% hit chances with 100 accuracy snipers against crouching targets in range but out of cover (I get 95% for the first shot, they suppress, and I get around 20% for the second).
  3. I've had soldiers berserk and target and kill aliens that are beyond LoS, so "closest" is a relative term. Also, civilians seem to be as good targets as aliens, I've had berserkers target the local forces over aliens as well.
  4. Even with the new patch, aliens seem to have near perfect knowledge of what is happening in their ships. From the landing ship on up, there are magic lines that cause aliens to flood your location. It seems exploity to have your entire team line up in front of the invisible line even using up their TUs to do so, because the player knows they are safe. Also, door blocking is still a thing, but removing it would increase the difficulty significantly. Also, I had a blue (soldier) Andron bounce a direct hit by a mag railgun round. I know there is damage variation, but a lower tier enemy surviving the highest tier vehicle round seems a bit much. Is there anyway that direct hits from AOE weapons could be granted additional damage?
  5. Looks like I will be completing my V22.5 run with 2 Aerial terror missions, 0 Ground terror missions, 2 Alien base missions (mediums), 0 Base defense missions, ~100 downed UFOs, ~75 crashed UFO missions, 3 landed UFO missions. I have 3 bases, 2 with battleship-combat ready dropships, all with at least 3 Marauders, and 2 workshops. Just for comparison with the anticipated experience on Veteran.
  6. If that is the case, increasing the number of steps might be a good first step. An elevation of 2 would bypass cover out 4 squares and height 3 would bypass either 6 or 8 (2 x 3 or 2 ^ 3, whichever is bettered balances)
  7. Bah, only if you played fair. Grind your skills for a month or three and you're good to go.
  8. Yeah, that is a much clearer view of the situation. In fact, your example does have a magic tile that would block in S-N but not N-S, specifically, that purple circle on the right nearest the south soldier. That circle is the only circle on that tile, if that was a wall or other object, it would block the S-N LoS.
  9. In the first image, you see where some square are adjacent on an edge instead of a corner? For each tile above or below the horizontal from shooter to target, you are going to have 3 of those connections. Ideally, the pattern for counting those increases would be identical regardless of targeting from left to right or right to left (in fact many games work this way, the targeting function always checks from the endpoint with the lesser x coordinate to the one with the greater, etc.). However, Xenonauts clearly calculates from shooter to target. In the images above, you can see that in the first image, there are 4 corner squares between the target on the right and the first adjacent squares and in the second image, there are only 3 squares coming from the shooter on the right and the next square was adjacent, sending the los into those rocks and terminating it. What this means is that if those rocks weren't there, the paths from left to right and right to left would be identical, with the exception of the adjacent squares. Due to rounding, those 3 squares might be different by one place on each path. Normally this isn't a problem, but as you can see in this example, on occasion it can result in the path entering a blocked tile in one direction but not the other. I am assuming that the algorithm rounds up, meaning that the steps happen closer to the shooter, meaning that if a rock out cropping with below the horizontal closer to the left shooter/target, then this situation would be reversed as the L-to-R path would have an adjacent square one position closer to the left end than the R-to-L path.
  10. Combat AI in the latest release seems much as he suggests. In my case I have "move slowly or get sniped by aliens that can see you when you can't see them" across the board. Sebs are the easiest, because they have the lowest accuracy and don't regularly one-shot my 60+ hp troops in Predator armor...
  11. Nay, the game is counting squares differently from left to right than from right to left. If that rock plateau was to the south, the reverse would have been true.
  12. Ignoring adjacent cover, it is my understanding that aim is supposed to be symmetric, especially at range. If I can target you, you can target me. I've noticed that this can be a problem sometimes, which can be a bit rage inducing. Save available on request.
  13. Burzmali

    Omnipotent Aliens

    Question: How could I have a sniper with 2 levels of elevation get sniped by a plasma cannon wielding Andron in daylight from roughly 5 squares beyond line of sight?
  14. Burzmali

    Aerial terror missions

    Considering the amount of damage you can do to a UFO's interior with explosives, I'd imagine row of rocketeers on the back of a dropship would be a fair threat.
  15. Burzmali

    Shoot line issue

    Another problem: Roofs don't provide cover, at least on the desert landingship map. I've got a sniper on the roof being hit with rounds clipping through the scenery pretty flagrantly. Unless these buildings are for little people, my sniper should be getting hit while crouched at 3 squares from the edge, unless he moonlights as the center for the Knicks.