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  1. Newfr, One could say its laziness, however its only natural to implement such feature (or quick save, quick load) since saving and loading inside GC is already permitted. As with actual implementation, yes, just having 2 slots might be no sufficient, but Im here to propose the general idea Dear Gorlom, First of all, you define "fun" as only one possible ways of playing the game, and discard any notion that other players might be playing a different style. For example I usually play on hardest settings and save-scum not to just advance in the game, but approach "perfect" scenario. I usually spend way more time exploring different possibilities, when just browsing through the game on normal mode. Your argument that other players will somehow be corrupted by the mere presence of such option is in the neighbourhood of national-socialist or evangelical mentality, so you might just relax a little and give a more credit to the people who will be playing this game. Cheers
  2. Hi, I was wondering, would it be possible to include a Save-Scum option for players? I mean two additional save games for beginning and end of each turn? I mean those who do it, will do it anyway, this would only save some time and manual labour Cheers
  3. I'm I wrong or there is no such thing as critical chance in the game in order to inflict a substantially larger amount of damage then defined by the weapon? You know guys, a low chance, but still a possibility thing It could be dependent on reflexes, thus making this characteristic more relevant to the game.
  4. Is it done by changing isOverdamage="1" to "0" in weapons_gc.xml or is there some other variable?
  5. OK, Im sorry to point it out, but this person, 'basilika', has mental issues And I'm not talking about his/hers suggestions for the game, just the way he/she express them...
  6. Savegame - http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=gf3da1cc91bc329519993370229fbdde7ef554356b
  7. Flying in with Valkyrie. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=ge148055707e2548a9993370156cadc453d67015c3
  8. OK, I haven't been reading the forum extensively, so I have missed that one.
  9. Hi guys, Last week I did play a little of 19.4 version and arrived at very similar conclusions - grenades are the only viable weapon on this build. Im including a save file if you wish to check out my setup's. At this point (15th of February) I have just researched fission explosives thus grenades become even more powerful, though I still use precision plasmas. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g8eef1808b2cd718e999335942758f08f7b25ecb19 So even though the game became unplayable if one uses only guns, I found that it's still fun, but restrictive in tactics, to toss around grenades. My impression that you guys are trying too much to make the game hard, rather then enjoyable. Challenging is fun, but not hitting a target with you LMG/caster 2 tiles away is just frustrating and bad balancing. Also I think you have serious issues with you to hit probabilities. I don't know how you compute and apply them to the game, but after experimentation, I found that even if the to hit probability is represented as 70%, its more closely to 25% - just save a game, make a shot, record the outcome, and load back the game to repeat the shot, and so on... you might start looking at your subsequent shots not as independent event, but as a series of dependent events. EDIT: Oh and I forgot one more issue with the build - the time it takes to refuel and rearm the fighters is insane! It should not take more than an our and this places unrequited restrictions on the planes and the game - if we cant have the cash and resources to have a fleet of birds, that at least we should be able to exploit the few ones that we got, and not wait for 9h to refuel a tank or charge a battery...
  10. I can see the logic behind *Hangar & Runway* system - since bases are no 6-by-6 it would make sense to have 2-by-1 runway and 1-by-1 hangar with capacity to hold say 2 fighters or one transport, or 3 fighters/1 fighter + transport.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEQdvYFMBAU
  12. Hi, IMO during the night missions lamps in the street should provide some illumination (terror missions especially, since they are within populated areas). That's all
  13. Oh man, I think I am done playing Xenonauts until the official release, it's too much of a hart break. Though it would be cool to have an email account or something less public then forum for submission of Easter eggs - I might come up with few suggestions
  14. Game crashes after winning and reviewing the score and soldier progress after first pregenerated mission. Savegame: http://www.filedropper.com/2013-05-15154059 After removal of shields, reloading from Geoscape and re-entering a different map, crash persists.
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