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  1. Now that I've gotten the armours I have noticed something strange, when soldier is equipped with heavy jackal armor, laser pistol and the default shield. the shield doesnt appear and the soldier holds the pistol with two hands, but when shot at I found that the shield is there but just invisible.
  2. problem solved, thank you! The problem was that I had no idea that you get the jackal armor after researching the alien plasma rifle or pistol. I still would like know what are the differences between jackal standard, heavy and night ops variants.
  3. I haven't got any options to research any armor
  4. I followed the instructions carefully but when I researched alien alloys it didnt give me any further research possibilities.
  5. Hi, I' a bit lost, I started the game with all the More choices parts but now Im confused because I cant seem to find any research that would grant my soldiers better armour. So what research path leads me to better armour? Thank you in advance.
  6. I stunned an caesan with a stun baton then I remembered reading that npc might shoot even a stunned alien so I put the stunned alien in soldiers inventory and moved away from the spot I had stunned the alien, then the army npc started shooting the place where I had stunned the alien but which was now empty because I had the alien in soldiers inventory. I hope you understand what I meant, english is not my motherlanguage so it's kinda hard to explain things.
  7. Vekkulious

    V19 Experimental Build 5 available!

    sorry to say but attleast for me the hidden movement screen is still on all the time on aliens turn
  8. Vekkulious

    Traktor and flares

    Not sure if it was
  9. Vekkulious

    vehicle crew

    Okay I understand but If vehicles stay like this, I wont be using them too much but that isn't a big problem because playing with infantry is awesome.
  10. Vekkulious

    vehicle crew

    I don't give a damn if my hunter car explodes because it feels like it is a big cover with gun. I really like the idea of hiring a crew, crew stats would affect vehicle stats, if the vehicle would break or explode some of the crew might make it out and some of them would burn to death. If one vehicle takes up 4 spaces in a transport, it could have a 4 men crew or less. And if vehicles hp gets to zero it wouldn't always get destroyed but crew would take damage and have to get out and the vehicle could be fixed after battle. This is just an idea, I know nothing about coding so I'm not sure how hard it would be to make this work. Dont know if its too much but if youd need to hire pilots for aircraft that could make losing aircraft and a ace pilot really painfull.
  11. In one game a alien shot one of my men from the other side of the traktor, is this a bug or doesnt a traktor count as fullbody cover? In another game, one of my guys threw a flare through a wall into a building. Maps were these happened are in the Community map package I think.