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  1. Post Ground combat summary: Caesan corpse destroyed... What does this mean. I only hit aliens and killed, them, I did not choose to destroy the corpses....
  2. ahhh, I now I understand... It's some kind of panic... nice
  3. My Mig32-7 was fighting with a small alien craft (fighter), then I pressed the X button on screen and the game crashed. It made a memory dump, but I cannot add it into this forum thread, I get a error message, copy paste makes the hex message layout unreadable. Message me if you like to have the file mailed to you...
  4. They should avoid the smoke, fire, etc , unless there is an alien in certain range of the NPC. That could cause the NPC to panic, only then should it run into the smoke, fire, etc... At this moment the run into the smoke and die....
  5. Sometimes when I shoot at an alien it will crouch down and a blue message on top of it is displayed "supressed" . The next turn the same alien is still crouching, but starts to attack again. What is this? Can I use thi to my advantage?
  6. When an alien is standing behind a door I can target and shoot it, even if the door is not opened yet at the crash site.
  7. Throw a gas grenade? Get close and hit him? So far I only tried gun, no guts to get close and melee...
  8. chihwahli

    How to train soldiers

    Ahh thanks!
  9. chihwahli

    Suggestion: less quick death

    Hmmm then it sounds good, must not equip armor on all chars then and survive another day!
  10. Ahh, thanks, but what would be a " normal " value?
  11. I can't train my soldiers....how to do that?
  12. chihwahli

    difference female and men

    Cover is extra.... Every person can only train itself to excell in certain things: - speed - power - tactical - reflex.. I am just giving suggestions that might make the game better. Feel free to use or not...
  13. chihwahli

    Permanent death no !

    If this cannot be changed, then please add a save option.... after certain amount of steps or so... It's the continues restarting and the randomness that makes it sometimes irritating.... ow die...hmmm have to start all over again...don't want my chars to die on me...
  14. chihwahli

    difference female and men

    This would give the game more dimentions, basicly there is one character with a few stats. So it does not matter if it's women or men. If you would implement sex differences, then you need to balance your team even more.... that adds more depth to the game... thats's a plus I think...