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    Let's Play X-COM!

    Err....Isn't this the same as Episode 21....
  2. ChAnKoEr

    Financing the operation

    By completing missions, your reputation with that region increases. Missions will help you gain more funding
  3. ChAnKoEr

    Let's Play X-COM!

    .....And then he died
  4. ChAnKoEr

    Buddhist Civilians

    Everyone just cool down before this burns out of control. Some people here can't take the heat
  5. I started a new game in an attempt to test some new maps. After a while of nothing new, I desided I was done. Before I exited out, an interception popped up. I sent planes to intercept, then I quit the game. When I got to the main menu, the losing game over popped up. I never saved in any of this, as the save was not important to me
  6. ChAnKoEr

    Basic economy model

    If you change the price of aircraft for realism, then you would have to change the prices in other areas. For example, with humanity on the line with the Xenonauts as the only hope, you would realistically would get more that 2,000,000 a month as funding. Currently I think the prices are balanced, even if they're not realistic
  7. I see. I was hoping for a quick way to test maps, but I can use the normal game
  8. Ah, ok. Is it only for terror missions or can it also generate recovery missions?
  9. Title is self-explanatory. I would assume that quick battle would drop you into a randomly generated combat scenario. However, it seems to lanch the game with out any differences. Am I missing something, or has that just not been coded into the demo just yet?
  10. From what I could see it looks the the niches of some classic x-com aliens are being filled with the new aliens Hopefully the other niches will be filled as well
  11. I thing that when it comes to indie games, marketing is not so much of an issue as is the interest of the comsumers. Posting stretch goals may have not been the best markeeting wise, but it provokes more interest in the consumer, and now they have some more ideas to look forward to. If you look at a game like Minecraft, for example, you can see that marketing doesn't need to have an effect on indie games. The only way it got anywhere was because of the interest it sparked in people. With no direct aim as where the game was going to go in the first place, it evolved with more and more features being added, many of which are not "essential" to the gameplay. I see most of the stretch goal being implemented despite monetary issue, because of the interest the community gives
  12. ChAnKoEr

    Let's Play X-COM!

    If you're short a soldier, I'd be happy to enlist. My guess is that I'll survive 3 mission of me actually fighting Also, I should expect to see myself around ep. 17?
  13. ChAnKoEr

    Influencing Civilians

    They will. This is something on top of the AI though
  14. Since Chris likely has an idea set for AI mechanics, this is unlikely to be added to the game. However, I will put this idea out anyways incase the plans are not finalized, or for a future mod. Cilivians under an alien attack would most likely listen to the people trying to save them. Therefore, I think civilians should be under the control of the player as well. Civilians in the sight range of a Xenonaut unit should be able to be given commands in the same way as a soldier. They would also have Health, AP, and Moral. Moral would go up when around friendly units, slowly go down when left alone, and quickly drop when an alien is in the civilians sight. Civilians could be commanded to go to a certain location, or to stay put. When a civilian panics, they could do one of two things. They could either freeze or run in a completely different path. If a civilians Moral reaches 0, they would no longer be influencable by the Xenonauts
  15. The same thing has happened to me. It also happened behind the Hidden Movement screen for the same reasons