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V18 Hotfix 2 Released!

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I'm currently off visiting my family on a ten day mini-holiday. The internet isn't great here so I'm not going to be releasing any major new builds until I'm back home (which will be a week today), but I'll continue to package up the latest fixes so we can give them a trial run before updating Desura.

It's helpful if you guys keep reporting bugs in this build, as work shouldn't grind to a halt on Xenonauts despite me being away. On the programming side of things, being able to assign the coding team bugs is a nice easy way to keep everyone busy and keep improving the game without requiring too much input from me.

So, hotfix #2 for Build V18 is here. This requires V18 to work and includes Hotfix #1 too.


To use it, just unzip the file into the /xenonauts/ directory and overwrite the files.


  • All fixes from V18 Hotfix 1
  • Hopefully the aliens shooting through solid walls issue should be fixed
  • Hopefully the invisible civilian issue should be fixed
  • UFO walls and floors should no longer disappear on loading a save game
  • Landing ships should no longer sometimes be empty when shot down
  • The two auto-generated crash sites in the first week should no longer be empty
  • There should be less freezes in the Hidden Movement screen
  • The Chinook range has been extended a bit, so hopefully it now should have global range
  • You can no longer "scan" a UFO with the crosshair to reveal aliens inside it from outside
  • Incendiary damage (most explosives except grenades deal incendiary damage) now do double damage against terrain, but normal damage against units...so rockets are better at clearing terrain now!

Let me know how it works and report any major bugs you find in it please!

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Hey Chris,

what's about a Mac-build? Is it already in the works or do we have to wait unties v19?

Can you open a Mac-Anouncement thread so we don't have to scan through every other announcement-thread to find a clue about the mac-build.

Thank you and have a good time with your family.

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My saves from hotfix1 work. I guess you have to load an older one.

(the save could be corrupted for myriad of reasons, especially terror missions and alien bases in hotfix 1 tend to corrupt saves)

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I tried most of my old saves from before (desura updated version) and not a single one works :S

Edit: It says "Runtime Error!" "Program: C..."

Edit 2: Apparently, if I run the debug game, it loads perfectly :|

Edit 3: But when I run debug, it still got the disappearing floor bug and such.

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more news.
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Yeah, I'm uploading the Mac versions to Desura now, though they'll still need to be approved. I'll ask for updated versions incorporating the hotfixes for Mac and Linux too, as we seem to have killed most of the biggest bugs now.

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