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  1. 85% is very very solid! I'm very happy this game turned out to be success
  2. Yes, I know that the possibility of having any UI improvements now is basically zero. It seems to me that changing anything in this game completely breaks it from the development reports on the forums, so it's great achievement to have it done as it is. But it still doesn't change the fact that the game feels way worse than it is.
  3. Max, you are right that it's bit too late to be trying to change the game, but almost none of these are game mechanics changing suggestions. It's all just UI improvements and polish. And let's be frank, this game sorely lacks polish (except the cover system). I've been playing it since alpha and it's still basically the same wonky game, regarding player comfort when playing. It does reming me greatly of the original XCOM in that regard, but it's 2014 for crying out loud. I understand Chris and his team are completely fed up with the game after spending so many years developing it in that horrible horrible engine. But all this final polish is what would change the game from good experience to great experience. After almost a year of saving the game experience for final version, I finally got to play it in it's (almost) complete state this week. I've spent over 30 hours playing it (having a job really screws with my game time ) and it's great experience from nostalgic standpoint, but not from gameplay one. Not having crucial mouseover information (all base buildings, some weapons, ie Magstorm) is annoying. Not having proper mouse & keyboard controls like those in OP is annoying. Not being able to click on the geoscape events is annoying (and it would be great to be able to send a plane there just by clicking on them). And when I decided to scout with a plane I was unable to find the damn button to send it out even though I read about it on the forums day before! It was all understandable in alpha and beta, when there were more important things to finish, but now is the proper time to critique their absence. Another thing would be today's episode with trying to leave soldier equipment screen before base assault. That brought me a regular headache. I think this right now is the most important time to improve player experience with this awesome game. Most people who try it won't see how great it is, over not being able to enjoy it through crappy controls and UI.
  4. Thanks for the response, Chris. I tried it again. It took about full two months (in pretty much lategame) of UFOs freely rampaging around the geoscape to attack one of my bases. Well, it seems that if you are at least partially successful when shooting down UFOs, you will never be assaulted. And one other thing, I finally upgraded one of my shield guys with Sentinel suit and it's missing animations in flight. Flying with shield in one hand, that is. Plus it's annoying that you can't send soldiers in Sentinel suit and Buzzard armour further than their TUs allow, like other soldiers. Normally soldiers will stop at the last green square available when you send them moving, but flying soldiers will refuse to move unless you send them to a square in TU available distance. EDIT: Oh and please, PLEASE add some visible button to leave soldier equipment screen just before base assault. Something like "START MISSION". I spent five minutes frantically clicking over everywhere in that damned screen and pressing pretty much every key on my keyboard (and mashing ESC repeatedly) not being able to leave it! I had to go to the forums to find out that you just have to press the geoscape button.
  5. Okay.. What does it take to have one of my bases assaulted? I stopped shooting down UFOs from february to may 1980 (until game over screen popped up) and not a single one of my 3 bases was assaulted by the aliens. I thought I'm just good at shooting down scouts & everything, but this.. What's the prerequisite to be assaulted? I'm playing on veteran.
  6. I like the changes, now all prepared defenses in my second base will be to some use And getting rid of that soldier equip screen CTD is very nice. When will be the starting mission with empty chinook CTD fixed? And does this patch break the saves - do I have to start a new campaign if I update?
  7. I've found a very minor cosmetic issue which is bugging me - Czechoslovakia is named Czechslovakia on the geoscape Other than that, I've just started playing and I'm enjoying the game after a long pause Also - do I remember this wrong or didn't the geoscape have more detailed info on planes when max zoomed in? Such as altitude and max speed. And the nice crashed UFO graphics in tactical map are not used anymore? Man, a lot has changed...
  8. Woo! Congratulations on the release! Time for me to get back into the fight I guess
  9. I'm a bit confused about reworked hidden movement. Is it supposed to block view of allies and enemies my men can actually see?
  10. Whoa.. that lategame research screen is simply breathtaking! I'm so looking forward to the finished game Not a big fan of resized hidden movement screen, but I can't have everything I guess.
  11. It's truly awesome to have Xenonauts on steam. Congratulations!
  12. RIP C17 It was a lovely new feature in the genre and I enjoyed having to maintain escorts from one base to another. Anyway, I'm excited for the new build and can't wait to try it out!
  13. Remember, the reaper you shot wasn't him. Your doctors at the base patched together those bits of skin and tissue from which the reaper emerged. And they revived the guy! You've got to give credit to marvels of 1970s medicine!
  14. Yeah I hate it when civilians stand in my line of fire. Once on a terror mission one of friendly soldiers decided that the best spot to rotate on for a few turns is right in front of my sniper, block him from shooting and force him to move and get penalties to accuracy. Or when they decide it's best to shoot aliens with LMG through xenonauts soldiers. Because nothing says better "thanks for helping us defending this terrorized city" than filling your back with bullets. Now I just try to avoid them the best I can.
  15. Yeah, I like the idea of veterans-only armour. But you should be able shoot one volley with your veteran even after moving a bit (so the removal of machine gun penalty still has some sense).