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    Modular Armour System

    A few questions regarding classification and obsolescence of armour. As you noted, X1 armour was split up into light or heavy and each generation of armour made the previous generation obsolete. How would you classify armour types now in X2? Does tactical = light, wolf = medium and battlesuit = heavy, or are you hoping that each type of armour is a unique classification based upon the modules it can bring to the party? And regarding obsolescence.Is the plan for each of the three classes of armour remain relevant throughout the whole of the game or will some armours (e,g, tactical) be eventually obsolete?
  2. Max_Caine

    Modular Armour System

    So, another question regarding modules, this time within an armours' "ecosystem". Are all module combinations permissible within an armours' ecosystem or will there be either forbidden or detrimental combinations? The most obvious example of a potential forbidden/detrimental combination that leaps to mind would be combining jetpack and heavy armour. Either the suit is so heavy the jetpack can't give enough lift, or the suit is sufficiently heavy that the jetpack requires extra TUs to operate. Another possible forbidden/deterimental combination may be rebreather and visor. The nature of a rebreather mask may make a tactical visor either impossible to wear or impaired to fit around the mask.
  3. Max_Caine

    Modular Armour System

    Talking from a players perspective, I think I'd prefer having to build each item individually, but upgrade items en-masse. Even with relatively small amounts of items - say 20 for an A and B team, it would be fiddly to have to upgrade all of each item in turn and I'd never be sure that I got everything. I'd likely instead sell off all the current item and build a batch of the new stuff.
  4. Max_Caine

    Modular Armour System

    If I understand correctly, each armour type has X number of modules available to it, but not all module types are available to each armour type. Is that right? So tactical armour might have room for a jetpack, but a battlesuit wouldn't?
  5. Concerning Converted Weapons I would disagree that there's no interestng niche for Converted weapons. I would say that they fill several roles. 1) They satisfy the emotional need for players to be able to use alien weapons. I'm sure you remember during X1 where alien weapons were specifically only intended to be used for a short time on the battlefield, and this caused enless strife as new players would pick up the game and ask, sometime rudely, why they couldn't use alien weapons outside of the battlefield they were picked up on. You're able to say "here you go, you can use them.". 2) They act as gateway weapons to future branches of the tech tree, and define the role of those branches. An alien weapon, whether mag or plasma introduces the player to to what human-research gauss/plasma tech is going to look like and sets the precedents by which such future tech will work. In essence, they act as tier 1 gauss/plasma weapons. As a good example, if you say right at the beginning, that alien plasma weapons have ammo that degenerates over time then when it gets to human plasma weapons there's no comparator which works otherwise. The Chief Scientist might be able to refine plasma tech to mitigate degeneration but he can't make it go away because if the aliens with all their high tech couldn't do it what chance does he stand? 3) They are quick-and-dirty solution for greater firepower. In current builds, when you face Andron (please keep the Andron scary! Please!) is clear you need better gear than ballistics but it could be true of both Pysons and Sebillians, if ballistics were just enough to fight Psyons/Sebillians but alien weapons would help provide an edge.
  6. Description: On continuing an autosaved game, the game does not change from the intro screen music to the ground combat music, and CTD's during the alien turn: groundcombat-58.json
  7. @Ruggerman. This is your opportunity to discuss the current balance of the game and your gameplay experience. Seeing as Chris will look at this feedback and evaluate it as part of the changes he plans to make during his pass through the game, would you not think that your time would be spent better actually commenting on your experience of the game as I have done rather than making as usual, throwaway comments that have no context or relation to the thread you post them in. I mean, if you want to throw away the opportunity to tell Chris about your experiences of the game and its current balance and then only later, after Chris makes his changes whine and dribble when it's too damn late then be my guest.
  8. So, I could talk specific numbers but it's likely the dev team has access to more variables than I do, so I'll talk mostly in generailties: 1) Aliens should shoot more Aliens currently spend more time moving from cover to cover than they do shooting back. This is true of Sebillians, and especially true of Brutes. If X2 aliens have a minimum -to-hit like thy did in X1, then it seems like the aliens in X2 spend too much time trying to get to the point where they can hit a target. I don't know quite how you'd address this, as aliens in x2 have the same problem as they did before the minimu to-hit was introduced in x1. When an alien in X2 can hit a target, they stay where they are and spend all their TU shooting. Sometimes this is a good thing, but most of the time it makes them a sitting duck. 2) Brutes needs more dakka Sebillian Brutes are not scary. They don't fire their LMGs, they are too easy to suppress. I would suggest either doubling or tripling their current bravery to make them much harder to suppress, because once you suppress a Brute they sit their sucking their two thumbs. Even warriors have more fight than Brutes! They're supposed to be RAWR, instead they're roar . Also, somehow, force them to fire their LMGs more. This may be not how you picture it, but the Brute has some parallells to the humble Ork. Big, resilient, dumb, always up for a fight. I picture a Brute just blazing away and when it gets up close using its LMG as a club. 3) Human ballistics could stand to be nerfed a little re. damage After some interesting revelations from Solver, I experimented with ballistics a lot. The curent damage output from human weapons is a touch too high to make aliens fearsome. I've experimented with rifles doing 20pts damage per bullet, shotguns do 18 per pellet, LMGs doing 20 (the extra bullets per burst tend to multiply quickly), snipers doing 30. 4) Sub machinguns and pistols could stand some reworking As things stand, I don't currently need either pistols or submachinuns. The basic primary armament does the job, and by the time I get to shields I've usually got access to either laser or converted pistols. istols ad sub machineguns need to up their gam to be more competitie. I would suggest making pistols really cheap with their shots. That's not how actual pistols are, but it's a field they could compete in. Sub machinguns, I'm not certain about. Cheap bursts? 5) Give us a reason to manage ammo with human ballistics Solver is right - you never run through a magazine or belt with the current game. I've tried a couple of things - nerfing ballsitic damage and making it hella cheaper to shoot boolet but I'm inclined to agree that if there's going to be 10 soldiers then the magazine sizes need to drop a little. Perhaps 15 shots for the rifle, and 40 shots for a LMG belt. The two weapons I've come closest or actually had to reload have been the sniper and the shotgun. 5) Give lasers infinite ammo. I talk about this every balance thread, but I sincerely believe that setting the regenerate value the same as the cell size is the most unique thing you could do with lasers. I'd suggest with the laser sniper you give it a unique magazine with 1 shot (I've tried making this myself, but I'm missing something I make it both in the strategy and the ground combat folders, but I can't quite make it work - what am I missing?), making in effect a bolt-action weapon but seeing as it regenerates 1 shot each turn and each shot is very expensive that just makes it in-line with other lasers. I'd also suggest setting the laser LMG cell size to 5 shots. Not having to carry ammo and lightness could be the unique selling point of lasers, just like it was back in the Xcom days. 6) Rework Converted weapons TU usage and introduce other drawbacks The TU usage of converted weapons is currently too high. It makes them severely unattractive compared to ballistics, and you don't really need them until you run across Androns. Converted weapons could be an excellent bridge weapon type towards human equipment, and be the harbinger of gauss and plasma. I'd suggest introducing degeneration with the alien plasma weapon, so the 16-shot cell starts ticking down, and possibly as Solver suggests, make ammo limited and dependent on aliens. It might be an idea to make Cmag weapons heavier, to reflect that they are carried by the burly Sebillians and possibly make the Mag LMG so heavy that it can't be carried by a unassisted human into combat.
  9. Possibly. Wherever Steam has put your copy of Xenonauts 2. The reason that I had to delete it root and branch is Steam occasionally does not delete or overwrite files correctly that I have modded, and will preserve the directory and files which then don't work with the latest update. mine is /steamapps/common/Xenonauts 2/ but I believe Steam now lets you access the folder(s) directly from the steam overlay. I think if you go into Library then right-click the game there's a manage option which lets you access the folder directly.
  10. I experienced the same issue. My solution was not just to uninstall from Steam, but to dive into the Steam directory and manually delete the Xenonauts 2 directory, then start from scratch.
  11. You may find this thread helpful.
  12. Typical, an update drops and I'm back-to-back shifts! Anyway, just a couple of points to make from the first couple of air encounters I have had, a probe verses a Falcon. 1) I can't tell if missiles have been fired or not - there doesn't seem to be any graphic for them or any kind of "tell" that a missile has been launched, but I assume they have been fired because there's quite the lightshow when a Falcon gets into range. 2) Equally, I can't tell if the probe is shooting the Falcon. I can see the Falcon taking damage, but I can't see the probe shooting the Falcon 3) Autoresolve seems to be a better option than the minigame, because the Falcon seems to take more damage in the minigame even though all it's doing is charging straight towards the probe. Shouldn't both be doing the same amount of damage? 4) Feature request: Could it be possible to set waypoints? 5) Back to feedback. As evasion is no longer twitch-based but autocalculated, could there be some kind of feedback for evasion failure, especially for weapon systems that would lend themselves to such feedback? Currently evasion appears to be entirely random. I mean, it IS entirely random, but it appears to be entirely random without any underlying reason. Some form of visual narrative would be helpful to explain to a player why a probe has just dodged 2 missiles when beforehand they hadn't. E.G. if a aircraft fails to evade a missile, then some kind of narrative such as "MISSILE LOCK CONFIRMED" to indicate the missile cannot be evaded. As there will never be many actors on the field at any time, there shouldn't be a lot of visual clutter.
  13. The answer to your first question is likely to be "when it's ready". This is partially because certain fundamental mechanics have been changed quite significantly during the Beta, which means a lot of testing to make sure they work correctly and partially because there's an "EA delayed" post stickied on the X2 discussion board on Steam and I imagine that Goldhawk does not want to make any kind of promise that they can't keep. The answer to your third question is it's probably too late. There had been an opportunity after the Kickstarter to buy into the Beta through Xsolla, but following issues with Xsolla that avenue has closed and I don't know that there is any other possibility now.
  14. As a useful datum for people discussing this subject, I don't believe everyone is aware that aircraft are most customisable than their X1 equivalent. Currently, the only aircraft you can purchase in X2 has 2 weapon slots, an armour slot and a utility slot. Each weapon slot is separate to others, so you can have 1 weapon type in one slot, and another in the other. There are research projects which specifically are for upgrades, mostly covering armour and weapons but you never know? There may be utility items as well. Currently, when an aircraft item is researched, it must be manufactured. Of course, all those data points are subject to change but that's how things are at the moment.
  15. Because of the particular error you've encountered, you may find this link helpful: How to fix 0xc0000005 error
  16. Max_Caine

    V8 Balance thread

    @Solver, I respectfully disagree. Consider that both the Cmag and the Cplasma rifles are much more expensive to use in comparison to weapons from the ballistic family. For 50% of a squaddies TU, you get a shot which is less accurate than its ballistic cousin. For 68% you get an aimed shot which again, lags behind the ballistic variant. You're paying a lot of TUs to do a base 45 damage with the Cmag, and a base 60 with the Cplasma when the Ballistic LMG can rival either rifle type through its ROF, or the ballistic shotgun can rival it through the number of pellets it fires per shot. While the Cmag does add a snap, that weighs in at a hefty 36%, so it's not a shot you're going to take unless you have to, and the burst is a whopping 84% of TUs, so unless you're standing still you're never going to fire that mode. If I were to pick between the pair, then I would pick Cplasma every time. The number of shots per cell is high, the damage is incomparable and it may be expensive to use, but you're going to get your money's worth if you give it to a squaddie who knows what he is doing. Cmag needs a rework to compete with Cplasma or Ballistic, and you don't need either Cmag or Cplasma when ballistic is there for you. My thoughts on reworking both Cmag and Cplasma are as follows: Reduce the amount of ammo per magazine/cell: Cmag and Cplasma have the same issue that ballistic does, only to a greater degree because a squaddie is likely to fire fewer shots. Reduce the TU costs for some or all modes of Cmag: Cmag is too expensive to use in comparison to Ballistic, and Plasma does more damage. Make alien weapons heavier: At the point where converted alien weapons are introduced, squaddies are unlikely to boosted their strength a lot. The weight of a weapon has significant impact on what you can take into a battle, so making more poweful weapons heavier would be a factor in using them. From a thematic point of view, Sebillians are supposed to be walking slabs of muscle, and making the Cmag heavier would thematically make Cmag more distinct. (Optional) Introduce ammo degeneration on Cplasma: Cplasma is the clear front-runner for raw damage from the energy and ballistic schools until you get to human plasma. Ammo degeneration is significant drawback for a high-damage weapon. It prepares the player to expect ammo degeneration for human plasma. If you do this, then possibly keep Cplasma at it's 16-shot cell so denegeration is a factor to account for without totally nerfing the weapon.
  17. Max_Caine

    V8 Balance thread

    I believe in the first month of so, you're supposed to start reverse-engineering alien weapons so that your squaddies can use them. Alien weapons are without a doubt more powerful than baseline ballistic weapons, but the things is, you can get on by quite handily against Sebillians and Psyons with ballistics. It's not until you face the intentionally bulletproof Androns that you realise that you need bigger guns. My first encounter with Androns in v8 went exactly the same as Rusknights, only I lost 4 people to the explosion and as I am trying out the Iron Man, I NOPED outta there and saved the rest of the crew. What I found with mag and plasma is that were very similar in terms of to-hit and damage delivery. They were more expensive in TUs to use than ballistics (we're talking ordinary ballistics here - not my modded ones), had similar to-hits and well.. there wasn't a pressing ned to use them. I think converted alien weapons need to appear to be more attractive, while at the same time having drawbacks which don't make them the clear frontrunner to encourage their research and use. In experments with mag and plasma, I made mag and plasa shots less expensive to use - this made using them more attractive, as they started to compete with the assault rifle. At the same time, I tried experimenting with various way to give them drawbacks. It's possible to affect squaddie stats with weapons - you can boost or reduce any of the stats with a multiplier. So biorganic weapon, for example, might reduce HP as it feeds on its operator. Or a clumsy weapon like the LMG reduces reflexes. Nothing felt right. then I tried altering the weight of alien weapons. This seemed a more interesting vector. Currently, the mag weapon in my game weighs 30 weight units, in comparison to the assault rifle, but the magazines only weight 2 weight units, in comparison to 4 for the rifle. The simulates to some degree that mag weapons are initally carried by walking hunks of muscle, who wouldn't have a problem with carrying large, weighty weapons and the magazines will be little more than shards for the rifle. If you want a solider to carry a converted mag rifle you're making a big, upfront investment in the gun. I went the other way with the plasma gun. Instea dof making that super heavy, I reduced the ammo in each power cell to 9, and upped the weight of the cells to 10! So plasma weapons weigh roughly the same as an assault rifle, but each additional power cell is large and heavy. It actually a decision to make wether you carry another power cell, or you carry something like a pistol instead when the plasma rifle runs out of juice.
  18. Max_Caine

    V8 Balance thread

    Based upon comments by Solver in this thread and Juan from the v7 balance thread I wondered if there was something to modding the starting weapon set so ballistic weapons shoot more bullets. And there is! shootbulletmod.zip Ballistic weapons in this mod +Fire more Bullets. This is especially true with LMGs and Assault rifles. An LMG's theoretical ROF per turn is 10, an assault rifle is 6. Being able to fire more bullets helps to offset the generally weak nature of starting soldiers. - Do less damage. Not so much that you'll notice it with Psyons, but Sebillians do feel more tanky.It was neceesary to reduce the amount of damage that ballistic weapons did, otherwise it was too easy to steamroll, a combination of shootier and more dakka is too powerful +LMGs do more suppression damage -Pistols are the devil. In the end, I settled for cheap shots. I also have been experimenting with making aliens shoot more bullets. At the moment, aliens spend more time looking for cover than they do shooting back. I suspect that like in X1 aliens have a minimum to-hit value hardwired in. If their shot doesn't make the minimum to hit they don't shoot. This is to prevent aliens from standing in one spot and just shooting wildly away, a problem in early versions of X1. The problem with having a threshold is that aliens seem to never make the minimum, so they spend all their time looking for a better vantage point. So I've been experimenting with the accuracy values of aliens, trying to get it to the point where they will shoot more often, but not so high that they will always get past cover. +Psyons are more accurate +Engineers especially so -Alien plasma pistols do less damage - about as much as an assault rifle +Brutes are harder to suppress. Once you suppress a Brute, they sit in a corner sucking their thumb. +Brutes and sebillian warriors are more accurate. If anyone is interested in trying out any of the changes, put files from the /weapon/ directory into /assets/assets/xenonauts/template/groundcombat/item/weapon/. The /psyon/ and /sebillian/ directories slot into /groundcombat/actor/combatant/psyon/default/ then /engineer/ or /soldier/ and /combatant/sebillian/default/ then /brute/ or /warrior/ as appropriate. Standard caveats apply, do make backups before replacing files in case something goes wrong.
  19. Start a mission, preferably with Psyons (plasma makes this more easily reproducible) and arrange for a Psyon to shoot a civ/local force. They take far more damage than their max hitpoints of 50s should suggest - I have routinely seen civs/local forces take in excess of 70+ HP of damage and still keep walking.
  20. Max_Caine

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    In X1, there was a damage type introduced called internally "incendiary", which did 2.5x more damage to structures. This was used for various high-explosive weapons. I wonder if re-introducing it, alongside a damage type which does less damage to buildings might be an idea.
  21. Speaking as someone who is just barely technically competent to edit the JSON files as they are (I have gotten very good at reading one ginormous line of text), please don't compress them? I would have never been able to demonstrate the edits I have done in previous versions as I would never have been able to work out how to uncompress the files.
  22. This happen twice in the first mission I tried with the new update. Each time, the HEVY launcher guy contorted herself and fired a shot at her feet. The second time, she killed herself. Frustratingly, I don't think I have a save as I'm also trying out the Iron Man mode to see how that works - unless it saves anyway?
  23. Max_Caine

    Turn-based all the time - why?

    If the quiet moments are unwelcome, then perhaps it's a matter of pacing? Each map starts out with aliens running to the dropship, perhaps aliens could also run away from the dropship? In X1, the AI could give a danger weighting to tiles - that is to say, if an alien died in a tile, then the tile would be strongly negatively weighted so other aliens didn't go and stand on the same tile and die as well. Could the same sort of principle be applied so the more aliens die in a designated area, the more likely aliens are to run away from that area, falling back to other positions and other areas, so the fight can become a pursuit and moving from place to place doesn't feel like dead time?
  24. Max_Caine

    Targeting Issues

    Moved to bug reports
  25. Here's a thought. The idea is to have a real-time combat system that's sufficiently simplified that it's a minigame not a full game in its own right, while not being a stop/start/stop/start like it was in X1 and have sufficient customisability to make each UFO interesting. Why not rip off the real time system from the Final Fantasy series? The Final Fantasy RTS system has seen a number of evolutions through the years, but at its heart is a real-time system that gave you time to think about what you're doing, and nowhere was that more evident than in FF VII. You could have the UFO on the right-hand side of the screen fleeing and the Xenonaut fighters on the left-hand side of the screen pursuing the UFO so while the fight is static, it looks as if everything is in motion. When the Active Time Bar for a fighter fills up you can issue it offensive instructions (such as what weapon to use or where to target). When the Active Time Bar for the UFO fills up, you get the chance to issue a defensive instruction (such as where to evade) to the plane or planes that the UFO is targeting.