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  1. Hi everyone. There's a known crash that's still in V21.2 that was reported by at least a couple of users in V21.1 which we're having some difficulty fixing. The issue causes the game to crash at the end of the ground combat mission and it will occur whether you win or lose. The reason why this crash is happening is because there is an "orphaned" alien projectile in the map somewhere. Projectiles are usually removed a few seconds after they are fired, but these projectiles are somehow surviving and have also become corrupted (losing all the data they carry about who fired them, etc) and are then written into the save game. The game will always crash on mission completion once this happens. The save games that were provided in the last hotfix allowed us to figure out what was happening, but although we can see the broken projectiles in the save game we don't yet know how they became broken. We therefore need access to the combat logs that go back right to the start of the mission. If this bug affects you, please post up the save and logs as normal but also include the older logs from the game too. These are the files called "output.log.1" etc in the same directory (see screenshot). Just stick them in a zip file and include them along with everything else. That should hopefully give us what we need to get this issue fixed. Thanks!
  2. Chris

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    It's hard to say exactly. My suspicion is that it's just that even 5-6 phrases is likely to repeat very quickly and start to get annoying if it's for a common action like movement or killing an enemy, but there's probably quite a few "pools" of those phrases. Maybe in some games every character has 5-6 unique kill phrases and so there's a total of 50+ in the game, but lots of your kills come from a particular character? You'd end up with a lot of repetition at that point. Also, yeah, you probably bump up against the fact there's only a limited number of ways you can say "Yes Commander, I will move to the desired location" or whatever. That said, if you think about games with good or memorable sound design, for me it doesn't necessarily feel like those games always had loads of variation. The dialogue units had in something like Starcraft for example - it's not like each unit had loads of different lines so much as they just had lots of character. I'm sure a game like Company of Heroes (or any other Relic game) also repeated plenty of dialogue but it was good stuff and I never got sick of hearing it. As you say, the audio is really meant to be a background thing - I think it's better to stay on the side of being generic rather than adding dialogue that is distracting and immersion breaking.
  3. Hello everyone - with August now finished it's time for me to write the monthly update. I know it's been a long time since our last release but we've been hard at work on Closed Beta V21 and we're planning to release it this week (hopefully in the next few days). The biggest new feature in V21 is that we've implemented the final visual style for the Main Menu / Game Settings screen, and all the related sub-panels (Settings, Load Game, Save Game, etc). We've been working on this new UI style for quite some time now, and it's nice to finally be able to put it in the game - but there's also been a lot of time an effort spent on improving the usability and general polish of the screen too. This includes everything from adding support for mass-deletion of save games to adding new UI sounds. Overall, it's a much more slick and stylish experience and it should make a much better first impression when you first boot up the game. We'll continue to roll this new UI style out to other parts of the game as development continues. We've also worked on a number of things that haven't really made it into V21, but will be arriving in V22. We've updated the early game so the war against the aliens starts a couple of months into the game, and you begin the game fighting the infiltrator faction called the Cleaners who are intent on suppressing knowledge of the alien invasion. Because the Cleaners are spread across the planet and have numerical superiority over the Xenonauts, this allows us to have mission objectives that don't make sense when you are fighting the aliens. For example, wave survival maps, VIP escort / assassination missions, extraction missions, objective capture, etc. Some of these should arrive in V22 and make the early game a bit more varied and exciting! More work has also been done on the visual side of things. The updated Xenonaut models aren't quite ready to go in the game yet but should be fine for V22, and we're now working on modelling up a series of hairstyles for them so your units are more varied and easily recognisable. Work also continues on the tactical combat environments. The final visual pass on the Western Town tiles is now mostly complete (one of the biggest environments due to the number of different buildings in it) and we'll put them in V22, after which we'll move onto some of the other environments that need some visual upgrades. There's also been some work on wall destructibility, as once a tile is visually finished we can do the final destructibility setup on it and then put it in the game as a finished asset. The wall "frill" system is designed to ensure destroyed walls have a natural-looking irregular edge (rather than the perfectly straight-edged hole you get if you just remove the wall). However, we also don't want these "frills" floating in the air if there's no adjacent wall for them to attach to, so we needed to do some work detecting whether there was a suitable wall on either side and only placing the frills if so. Anyway, the important thing is that our destruction system should now be finished, which allows us to start doing the final destruction states on all of our finished assets. We also implemented a couple of smaller tasks this month too - difficulty settings are now complete, and there's a number of options we have to customise difficulty. However I've not done this yet because I've not balanced the full campaign yet and I think tweaking difficulty levels needs to be done once I'm happy with the "standard" difficulty. The other new system is directional sound, which is intended mostly to allow us to play sounds when certain things are on screen (fire noises, the noise of engines running on vehicles, etc). Again, this is just useful for making the game feel a bit more alive. Finally, we've made a start on the soldier dialogue / barks system. This is a simple system that generates (non-interactive) text dialogue from your soldiers based on things that happen on the battlefield. As a basic example, a soldier might say "I'm hit!" if they are shot by an alien. We're hoping to implement that in its basic form next month with some test dialogue to see if it's a good addition to the game (there's potential for it to be annoying if we get it wrong), and we'll spend some time making it as varied and natural as possible. I'm hopeful that this system is going to make the combat feel a lot more reactive to your actions, but we won't know for certain until we've had a chance to test it! That's probably enough for this update now, as I need to get back to work on V21. Thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks. We looked into your file and were able to identify the issue, but we need a little more info to fix it (see post linked below). If you've not played the game much since this crash happened, can you attach the old log files shown in the linked thread? They might have the data we need in them. If you have then don't worry about it, but if you see the bug again then let us know!
  5. Hi - thanks. Yeah, that's a known bug and it's actually one we need some help fixing, I've made a post on it here: It'd be great if you could read this thread as well, because bug reports are much more useful if you provide logs / saves
  6. This hotfix addreses some more issues in Beta Build V21 that weren't fixed in the last hotfix. Again, you'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. Fixed a tactical combat crash that could occur in lots of different circumstances (from throwing a grenade, to moving a MARS, to during the alien turn). It was a problem with the game trying to cache sounds that would then become corrupted, so it could occur at random at any point after a number of sounds had been played - likely this bug caused most of the crashes in the previous version! Fixed a strategy issue where the game could get corrupted, preventing you from doing things like placing buildings. This fix is also likely to solve a lot of different issues. Quickload now works again (just press F9). Unassigned soldiers are now correctly displayed on the Soldier Equip screen if there is no dropship at the base. Vehicle engine noises and fire sounds are now controlled by the Ambient slider rather than the Sound Effects slider. Xenopedia screen title text is no longer misaligned. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V21 as we will continue to make additional fixes as required.
  7. Thanks. Hmm, yes, that's an interesting point. I'll have a chat to the team about it.
  8. Thanks. So just to clarify, the bug you experienced was that during a mission all your soldiers were killed and the mission didn't end? Or you killed all enemies and the mission didn't end?
  9. This quick hotfix addreses a couple of issues in Beta Build V21. Again, you'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. The "Recruit Scientists" button is now visible again. The damage bonus gained against Cleaners and Psyons by capturing and interrogating them is now +15% rather than +1500%. Fixed an issue where the game settings could get corrupted and cause keybindings to become random. Fixed an issue where all the tactical combat save games were called "GroundCombatMission" rather than the actual mission type (e.g. "Terror Site") You can now close the New Campaign and Credits panels on the Main Menu screen by pressing Escape. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V21.1 as we will continue to make additional fixes as required.
  10. Chris

    V21.1 - Combat screen ctd

    Thanks, I can reproduce that from this save now. We'll get that hotfixed!
  11. Chris

    V21.1 Ground Combat CTD

    Thanks for the reports and logs guys!
  12. Thanks, this save game and screenshot is great. We can reproduce the problem and should be able to hotfix it now!
  13. Thanks. So based on the logs and the save game we have been able to reproduce this, so we should be able to hotfix it. The problem is actually triggered on the Soldier Equip screen, something is going wrong with one of the soldiers and that's just breaking the game in various ways as a result (not being able to build new buildings is a symptom rather than the cause). @Emily_F this might explain some of the other bugs you're seeing that can't be reproduced after a load too.
  14. I loaded that save and I could move the soldiers - are there any specific soldiers that were affected? Can you reproduce it?
  15. Chris

    V21.1 - Combat screen ctd

    Yeah, it's frustrating you're not getting any logs for some reason. Without those we're completely in the dark as to what the problem might be. Hopefully someone else will be able to post them, or failing that I might set aside a morning to playtest the game and see if I encounter the same issues.
  16. Thanks. This is reproducable? It happens every time you boot the game up? It loads fine for me. If so, please can you provide the output logs? Also, it's probably worth deleting the Xenonauts 2 folder from your hard drive and also from your /My Games/ folder in case that helps.
  17. Cool. It'll likely be arriving in 2-3 hours.
  18. That's super strange. No corruption there. No idea why you're not getting log files. I think maybe it might be worth you completely deleting X2 and the folder in /My Documents/My Games/ before your next play session, as perhaps that might fix some issues.
  19. Thanks. Again, the hangars work fine if I load that save and try to place a new one. Is it the same for you? It's a bit concerning how many things seem to be breaking only while the game is running.
  20. That's very strange. Maybe there's some corruption. Can you send us this file? \Steam Games\steamapps\common\Xenonauts 2\assets\configuration\log4net.xml
  21. Sadly I can't reproduce the crash from that save - does it crash for you if you load it and end turn? However, that save has helped me reproduce the Cleaner damage bonus problem so it was still helpful!
  22. Aha, thanks. Then it's likely going to be linked to the anti-Cleaner racial damage multiplier in some way, which is triggered when you research the Cleaner autopsy project (it should provide a 10% damage bonus). I'll have a play and see if I can reproduce the issue after researching that. EDIT - I was able to reproduce it from your other save. We'll get that fixed.
  23. Looks like it still appears as normal for me. Does it not for you?
  24. Thanks. Unfortunately the logs you posted there are the resolve_layers (which tells us the various things loaded when a map is being assembled, and helps debug crashes on load). The one we need after a crash is "output.json" so if you see a crash next time it'd be great if you could post that up!
  25. If you get the crashes then please post up the logs, they're the bugs we most want to fix. For the soldier survival stuff, is it purely down to the post-mission survival chance? Have you built a Medical Room? Anyway, I can't reproduce the high rifle damage from the save game you provided. Is there a specific soldier that is affected? I actually wouldn't be surprised if the issue comes from playing multiple missions in the same session, and it gets reset when you load a save. That might explain why it doesn't happen on every mission.