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  1. This is just a case of me forgetting to set some values, so thanks for the reminder. I'll get that updated for V24.
  2. Thanks. Can you answer the same questions as above? e.g. Do you remember what happened the day before this bug appeared? Did you shoot down any UFOs in unusual ways or anything? Do you have any saves from a little bit earlier on the Geoscape? Basically we have no idea how the game is getting into this situation. It's affecting different users at different times so I think it must be linked to the player's actions somehow.
  3. It takes a bit of time to implement the code to run two missions back to back without going back to strategy in-between, or at least it did for us because of the assumptions in our code, but it's not a particularly massive feature. To be honest I'm not sure there's anything inherently better in having a two-part mission though. Most "final missions" tend to be a deathmatch with special conditions - the Xenonauts 1 one was fairly short but was essentially a timed mission due to the spawning of the Reapers, the XCOM2 one is a massive battle against three Avatars and continually respawning reinforcements, etc. Splitting it over two parts wouldn't work so well with that sort of mission because the concept is about having a large exciting battle and dragging out out would be exhausting. But this time around I wanted to actually go to an alien world (given the title of the game) so something more akin to the Cydonia mission in classic X-Com seemed a good way to show that off, and make the game feel a bit more distinct from its predecessor. It's just a different feel to the final mission really.
  4. May is over and so it's once again time for our monthly update. Today I released V22 onto our standard Steam / GOG branches for everyone to play, as it's in decent shape after the seven (!) hotfixes we have released for it over the last five or six weeks. Obviously all those fixes and releases took up quite a bit of developer time, but there was also a lot of other progress on the project to report. The biggest new feature we've been working on this month is the updated tactical interface, which is a fairly complex beast given the depth of the tactical combat. The UI now looks better, is much less cluttered and (hopefully) easier to use and understand - but more importantly it properly integrates the relevant information for the Morale and Armour systems which were added earlier this year. Additionally, we started working with a couple of new illustrators at the start of the month to start to finish off the remaining research art. Three new autopsy paintings have been added this month and the final dropship has also been done (we also amended the in-mission tiles for this dropship to improve its interior layout and fix some visual issues). Several more enemy units have had their corpse artwork painted too, and that job is now nearly complete. On the 3D front we've now managed to finish and rig all the female civilian models (meaning all the human models are now complete and set up in-game) and several alien armour variants from previous months were also rigged and added. In terms of environment we're still working on the Xenonaut base biome because there's just so many different base rooms that need to be created, but progress is pretty good and the new assets are definitely looking like an improvement! Beyond the tactical UI and bugfixes, the coders also found time to implement a proper re-arming system for interceptor weapons (previously the planes would instantly rearm when returning to base) and then do some work to support the final mission. In classic X-Com style we have decided to make this a two-part mission so we needed to do a bit of work to support this, but it all seems to be working. Both maps need further playtesting and visual improvements but in theory it should now be possible to properly win the campaign when we release the next build. Therefore overall I feel like we've made good progress this month. We'll start to think about putting out the first iterations of V24 towards the end of next month to let you guys play with the final tactical UI and hopefully several more significant improvements too. Take care everyone!
  5. Thanks. This is a really weird one. It's the same bug as this in the thread linked below. Basically what's happened is that a UFO crashsite has been spawned on the Geoscape but for some reason it has no icon (so it's invisible). That times out 24 hours after being spawned and when the game tries to remove it from the Geoscape, it crashes because it has no icon. Do you remember what happened the day before this bug appeared? Did you shoot down any UFOs in unusual ways or anything? Do you have any saves from a little bit earlier on the Geoscape?
  6. Thanks. I think this is the same bug that someone else reported a few days ago so I think it should be fixed in the hotfix I just released.
  7. No worries. Thanks for your thoughts, and I hope your own launch went well - maybe I'll get time to play your stuff soon! Anyway, the weapons already have unique values for their short-range bonus so I'll bump up the max bonus from 40% if adjacent for the shotgun to 54%. That means soldiers with 45 Accuracy get a 71% x 3 shot even when using the least accurate fire mode. @Emily_F I know you've been very pro increasing the short range bonus on the LMG too, and I've increased that slightly to match that of the rifle. It's now +24% when adjacent rather than +20%, but that's actually a fairly big improvement when firing lots of shots. There was also previously a bug where the 10 shot fire mode on LMGs wasn't correctly giving an accuracy boost when firing before moving - so see how the LMG performs after those minor tweaks and see if it makes any difference. I'll put both those changes in the hotfix as they are extremely minor changes so shouldn't cause any issues, along with the fix for the base attack missions not spawning directly on top of your base. It might be a little while before V24 comes out so I guess it's better I address that before we release V23 Stable to everyone.
  8. This is the seventh and hopefully final hotfix for V23. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. If you want to continue playing your V23.6 campaign (as this update breaks save games) then please switch to the Experimental Legacy Branch instead. Fixed a crash if a zombie was killed by overwatch fire and spawned a Reaper. Fixed a crash that could occur if you right-clicked on an alien weapon on the ground. Fixed the post-mission debrief screen not showing the soldier roles correctly. Fixed an issue where pressing Escape when assigning a soldier on the Soldier Equip screen would temporarily break the screen. Laser LMGs now have the same fire modes as other LMGs do, and LMGs can no longer use the equivalent rifle ammo. Balance: UFOs on base attack missions now once again spawn some distance from your base, allowing you to shoot them down with aircraft. Balance: Warden now has weight 12 rather than weight 20. Balance: Demolition grenades have a reduced blast radius. Balance: increased the proximity accuracy bonus on Shotguns and LMGs. I'm really hoping that this is the last release we have to do for V23 - but as always if you encounter further crashes then please post them on our bug reporting forums and we'll do our best to fix them!
  9. Quite a few points here have already been answered by other posters or by me in other replies, so I'll just pick out a few things. HP Indicators: yeah, these pose an interesting question. They'll be disabled on the higher difficulty settings anyway, but yeah I suspect we might try linking them to the autopsies as you suggest. Problem is then it implies making autopsies not auto-complete, and that adds another 15-20 projects to the research tree. I'm already struggling with the sheer number of research projects a player is expected to complete relative to the number of tactical missions they fight. No harm in trying it though. Mission Rules Briefing: yup, the new intel capture mission has certainly shown me that we need to add a briefing screen at the beginning of each tactical mission that explicitly lists the victory conditions etc. Short Range Accuracy Bonus: so this has changed from being a large bonus within the 5 tiles around the target to a smaller bonus earned every tile you are closer to the target from maximum range (sniper rifles don't get any bonus). I agree that's it's currently frustrating to be stood next to an enemy and still not have a really high hit chance, but I'm not sure if that's a limitation of the new design or just because I've just set the numbers too small. Of course, the danger with turning up the numbers too much is that the proximity starts to become more important than Accuracy, and there's not much benefit to high-accuracy troops. Dismantling Weapons: yeah the intention is just that these weapons are a source of extra Alloys (and eventually Alenium). You don't make money by dismantling them, but it gets you Alloys at half the price of building Alloys from scratch.
  10. Agreed on the demo grenades. I'll reduce their blast radius from 2.5 tiles to 1.5 tiles and we'll see how that goes. Warden Armour weight is also a mistake I need to fix. Abduction sites currently are currently just mini Terror Missions. But yes, I think there's scope to give them more interesting objectives in the longer term. Remind me again about the AI in a few months; it's a known issue but it's a back-burner one. One I'm perhaps liable to forget if not regularly reminded though. The aircraft will be rearming "properly" (i.e. not instantly) in V24 when it arrives.
  11. Quite a few things for me to check out! Air Combat / Torpedoes: The air combat balance is still quite primitive. That said, the type of feedback you're giving is the sort we need to improve it. Fighter UFOs are set to be able to dodge so if they're not doing that I need to look into why. Torpedoes do seem a bit overpowered then. The basic idea is that they're strong long-range weapons but they lack the ammo to be able to take out tough UFOs using only torpedoes, and they leave the plane carrying them unable to evade so vulnerable to alien missiles etc. I suppose it might also make sense for the torpedoes to affect the speed of the aircraft, so your starting aircraft are capable of intercepting Observers but not if armed with torpedoes (or perhaps not if armed with *two* torpedoes). But the Phantom would have enough raw speed it can chase down an Observer whatever it is carrying. Perhaps also I should add some additional evadable weapons to the earlier UFOs so there's a bit more of a trade-off with the damage sustained by planes carrying heavy weapons than there is now. Anyway, at the highest level what I'm trying to do with the air combat changes is to remove the hard limitations on the aircraft types in X1. You want to catch a fast UFO? You'd better have built a Foxhound. But that same Foxhound is inherently weak against Fighters because it can't evade or carry the right weapons to deal with them. I think a system where the equipment defines the role of an aircraft (and higher tier planes just have stronger statlines) is going to be much more forgiving overall. LMGs: Yeah, there's some bugs with these and with laser ones specifically. I'll get those fixed. However their design has changed a little from X1 now the updated Recoil mechanics are in, with the idea being that in the hads of a high-Strength soldier they should be more effective in terms of damage output than a rifle is. This also ties into the updated proximity bonus which is a more gradual increase that runs the full length of the weapon range rather than being limited to 5 tiles around the target. So the LMG ideally becomes a weapon more reliant on Strength than Accuracy, with suppression taking a back seat. Other Issues: As far as I'm aware opening a door does not trigger reaction fire, and nor should something that reveals previously-unseen units dynamically (like blowing up a wall). If you see that happening then please post up a save and we'll take a look. The medical center does increase healing speed, the starting value is 1.2HP/hour. There's also an advanced medical center you get in the mid-game which increases it to 2.4HP/hour. Several of the UI issues will be fixed in the next update.
  12. Thanks Jeff. I'm actually having a think through this at the moment so it might be best to consolidate it in one of the other threads - specifically I just posted up what I'll likely be changing in the next build here: It's interesting to hear that your soldiers can't overwatch on the first turn. That's not intended, although now you mention it I think I know why it's happening. I'll take a look and see if we can get that sorted too. I don't think we can add too much in terms of traps and extra base interactions though. As you say, it's likely a lot of work for a relatively small slice of the game.
  13. Regarding the base defence stuff, I guess there's a few ways where the situation can be improved. You're right that it seems unfair to expect players to have to build defensive turrets to protect secondary bases, but then force the player to rely on random chance as to whether the turrets can shoot down those UFOs. Remove the UFOs spawning directly on top of your base (with the exception of the Cleaner attack in the early game which we should maybe warn the player about anyway). Instead, set them to spawn a medium distance away. UFOs on base attack missions should always have escorts. Set base defence turrets to have 100 Accuracy so they become a reliable way of protecting your base. In Early Access we could update these things to make the choices more interesting: Maybe give them a range of damage instead, so there's an element of risk but player can always build enough to be 100% certain their base is safe. The proximity bonus for base defence turrets could instead add damage rather than Accuracy. We may be able to add functionality to allow players to reclaim a captured base from the aliens (with some cost incurred for repairing it).
  14. Are there really many situations where you need longer range than you have? They've got a range of 30 tiles which is 50% more than any other type of weapon. I've always felt that's pretty solid.
  15. Thanks. So I can reproduce a crash here but it's specifically an issue where if you right-click on an alien weapon it causes a crash (something to do with it trying to eject the ammo clip). If you're experiencing additional crashes then let me know! EDIT - actually, yeah, that'll be the crash. In the public version of the game it doesn't instantly crash the game but just fundamentally breaks the inventory so it doesn't work, then later breaks.
  16. Thanks for the report. Unfortunately I can't reproduce this bug from the save you provided (I guess the UI is refreshed when you load a save which fixes the issue) but I'll keep an eye out for it. One thing I do see is that the soldier has a TU penalty from carrying too much so perhaps that's the cause. Yes, the smoke behaviour is correct - smoke doesn't block vision, it just reduces accuracy when you try to shoot through it. We're shortly going to be adding a new UI element that explains how a shot hit % is calculated which should make that more obvious!
  17. Thanks. Think it might have been reported before actually but I must have missed it. We'll take a look and get it fixed.
  18. Sure. I’ll take a look at the settings at this end anyway. I’m pretty sure we’ve fixed it but the fix might not be in the V23 builds - either way it should be working correctly when V24 arrives.
  19. The "fix" for that is pushed onto the Experimental branches. It's a quick weekend hack that fixes the issue going forwards, but it won't allow you to load existing saves. I'll have a chat to the coders when they're back at work on Monday to see if we can make the saves accessible again.
  20. This is a very small update for V23.6 which fixes a typo I made that is not allowing the game to load save games (it claims there is a version mismatch). This update will fix it for all future saves. I was hoping this change would allow you to load existing saves you have already created in V23.6 but it seems not - I'll have a chat to the coders on Monday and see if there's anything we can do to make those saves accessible again.
  21. Thanks. Yeah, you're right that there's a problem there - the bus only has 30HP for some reason. I'll get that fixed for the next major release. Thanks for the other comments too, we'll take a look at those.
  22. Ugh. I made a typo in one of the settings files. I'll get a fix done for this today, which will allow you to load your saves.
  23. This is the sixth and hopefully final hotfix for V23. You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. If you want to continue playing your V23.5 campaign (as this update breaks save games) then please switch to the Experimental Legacy Branch instead. Added research image for the Mentarch autopsy. Added research image for the Pegasus dropship. Added a 3d model for the combat knife. Fixed a crash that could occur if your entire team was wiped out on a tactical mission. Fixed a crash that could occur after one of your units suffered a morale break and fled. Fixed the walls inside the UFOs not correctly disappearing when destroyed. Fixed Eternals not dropping the correct item, meaning their autopsy / interrogation projects never got triggered. Fixed an animation issue with some of the Sebillians. Let us know if you continue to experience further bugs in the game. Hopefully no further hotfixes will be required for this build!
  24. Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce that crash. We don't have time to fix it before the next hotfix but we'll do another one afterwards.
  25. It shouldn't be able to panic, no. What version of the game are you playing?
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