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    Xenonauts 2

    Perhaps during gameplay it'd be fixed at certain points, but the player can grab the camera and move it around for a "lets-take-an-epic-screenshot-without-the-UI-in-the-way" mode.
  2. There is a place to report bugs for the OS X version in the bug reporting place.
  3. It was spelled right. It's dot co. http://knockoutgames.co
  4. The official one is the one you want. The community version is basically people tweaking the final version for Windows, 1.59.
  5. Hey, I was playing my first ground combat of my first play through of the new native OS X port when the game hung on me during the alien's turn. It was in africa, I think, light scout, sebillians. My assault guy, the one obscured by smoke, facing south east with his back turned to the alien, had walked around the corner of the wall, turned right, saw the alien, and turned right back around to take cover behind the wall. I hit end turn. The sebillian walked into view, turned, fired one shot at my assault guy, and the game never progressed on to the next alien action. There was no spinning beach ball, the game still played the "click" sound when I clicked the mouse. It just stopped progressing. Previous to this, I had accidentally exploded a car with machine-gun fire; that's what the smoke and fire is from. Hope all goes well! [ATTACH]6714[/ATTACH] Autosave1.sav Autosave1.sav
  6. This sounds like the same kind of situation I experienced. Machine gunner blows up a parked car, creating fire and smoke, it's the alien's turn, the alien shoots at me, and it hangs.
  7. That. [Edit to make this useful] You can change the location of save games in the launcher; I changed it to a folder in my documents folder, for example. It makes accessing saved games a lot easier for bug reporting purposes.
  8. Hi all, With the native OS X port having a little bug, I wanted to go back to my play through on the previous release of Xenonauts for Mac, the windows version inside a wineskin. Unfortunately, Apple removed X11 from their operating system for this new release of OS X (El Capitan), and it appears to have broken something with the wrapper. I got errors about X11 lacking core modules, or something to that effect. I downloaded X11 (X Quartz) from their website, installed it, logged off and on again, but it still wouldn't work. I opened the wineskin wrapper itself, ran the wine app, did a test run of the application, and saved the log files. Here those are in a dropbox folder. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y0ctv737f7c258x/AADyUznRr1_7hw7kl8J3txqNa?dl=0 With the new native OS X release, I don't know if the wine version will be updated at all, but if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Maybe we could set up a separate folder/whatever in bugs/troubleshooting section for OS X and Linux, and set it up to send him an email whenever somebody posts in it. Good idea, though. I hadn't thought of a PM. Thanks for emailing him.
  10. Hi Aaron, Are there any known issues with OS X I can look out for? I'm running a late 2008 Unibody Macbook, 2.0 GHz, 4 gigs RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M w/ 256 mb, OS X El Capitan, in case that matters. ... I know, I know, I should look at getting a newer computer.
  11. First off, let's start out by saying that this game has the best writing of any of the X-Com games ever. It really does. We all appreciate what Chris and all of the other devs are doing; namely, a superb job. That being said, lets get to business. GOALS Create a list of places in the in-game lore (Xenopedia) that contradict realism or otherwise break player immersion. Make proposals to alter the in-game lore to more realistically explain the game without altering the gameplay. Do it all in such a way as to minimize the work and/or annoyance of the developers. (We want to help, really. ) How we will accomplish this: People will make posts detailing specific instances of unrealistic or otherwise immersion-breaking lore ("unrealisms"). I will update this post with a list briefly describing each unrealism and include a link to the post. We will discuss the specific issues to try to reach a few good realistic explanations to replace the immersion-breaking one. When we reach a few good ones that people can (mostly) agree on and that make sense, I will update the list to indicate that the issues has been resolved and include a link to a post containing the more realistic lore. Allow Chris to decide if the proposed alteration is acceptable. IMPORTANT: To keep things organized, I'd ask us to avoid reporting unrealisms and discussing unrealisms in the same posts. Report posts should only contain where the unrealism is found, and why it is unrealistic. Feel free to make a second post directly after the report to discuss it. LIST OF UNREALISMS: Changes Not Proposed Yet <none> Changes Proposed LINK Missile Range Explanation is Unrealistic --Sidewinder --Avalanche LINK Fighters Having Armor is Unrealistic -- CONDOR -- FOXTROT LINK Weapon "Magazines" Erroneously Called "Clips" -- Rename Weapon Clips LINK Both Xenonauts and Local Forces use radar, but only the Xenonauts can see UFOs and track them consistently. So, we propose renaming the radar base structure. --(Same Link) OLD, OR OTHERWISE IRRELEVANT:
  12. So, here's my issue. I replaced the old rank images and renamed them (but left all code besides the strings the same, that's what confuses me), and the new rank insignias showed up correctly with the new rank names in the soldier equip screen, but on the ground combat the rank images were messed up. What's odd is that they showed the correct set of rank images (the ones I had installed and replaced the older ones with) but the insignia was that of the previous rank. So, a captain would be labeled a lieutenant, a lieutenant a sergeant, etc. In the vanilla game there is no such problem, but when I replace a simple image file to another one named the exact same thing it messes up the system. What's going on here? Can anyone offer advice?
  13. Hey guys! It's been fun, and I love how the game is turning out. (To Goldhawk, keep it up. ) But, I'm going to be off serving a mission for my church for the next two years, and I won't be able to get on to the forums, play Xenonauts, or interact with this project anymore until around November 2015. Hopefully the game will be well out and finished by then, so I guess I'll get to skip from Stable v19 straight to the finished version. Not a bad deal, neh? Anyway, just thought I should say something so people aren't asking me questions and wondering why I'm not responding, or whatnot. See ya later!
  14. Nah, I should be fine. I'm headed to Seoul, Korea. Doubt they operate in that area. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
  15. GizmoGomez

    "True Xenonaut" Rank Names and Images

    Fixed the link. I updated the install instructions as well. Be sure to manually fix your strings.xml file instead of replacing it with mine. Mine's outdated, and I'm not going to be around to update it whenever Chris makes a change, so having you guys do it yourself would be best.
  16. Hi all! This mod changes the name of the ranks shown in the game, and replaces the rank images to fit the new rank names. The rank names are: Xenonaut-0 / X0 (from private) Xenonaut-1 / X1 (from corporal) Xenonaut-2 / X2 (from sergeant) Xenonaut-3 / X3 (from lieutenant) Xenonaut-4 / X4 (from captain) Xenonaut-5 / X5 (from major) Xenonaut-6 / X6 (from commander) Xenonaut-7 / X7 (from colonel) The rank images are: Here is the dropbox link to the .zip package: NEW LINK: OLD LINK WAS BROKEN for some reason. Instructions for Installation: The lore behind these ranks: (It's an interesting read, I recommend it. ) Special Thanks to cspruce who did all of the artwork for the rank icons, without whom this couldn't have been finished. PS: Role Icons in a similar style may come later; provided your guys like the mod. EDIT: Upon using my mod for a while, I realized that I liked X-0, X-1, X-2 etc as opposed to X0, X1, X2, but that's just my personal preference. The strings.xml file included in the package is super outdated, so instead of simply replacing the normal one with mine, delve into the normal one, ctrl-f to find "captain", and you'll find the rank names. OLD INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Who knows, may come in handy.
  17. The sprites change. If the alien runs out of ammo, just have them run away from you constantly, or rush you and beat you with their empty weapons. Simple. No need to change sprites. Just give all aliens a melee attack like the xenonaut soldiers have.
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    I need help installing this on OSX 10.8.5

    Yeah, Desura sucks. I run OS X too. I've just used Windows Steam in a wineskin to download the windows version, and then another wineskin to play that version.
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    Modding rank

    I've found that I can't replace the ranks used in the ground combat. Like, I replaced the files, but no images show up. It's odd.
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    Was it worth it?

    They aliens don't like standing in the stun gas. The gas itself does practically nothing to them, though.
  21. GizmoGomez

    Abduction missions plan

    I dunno about "more than enough". We have the baton, stun grenade, stun missile, and EMP grenade (that's a stunning grenade, right?). The stun gas is kinda useless and really weak, which knocks half of the above options out, pretty much. The baton is useful, but could be upgraded (like you said). The EMP grenade sounds cool, I've never used it so I can't talk of it's effectiveness. Basically, we have a direct melee weapon (baton), an semi-direct super weak weapon (rocket), and two indirect weapons (at least one of which is weak). A close range direct weapon, like a shorter ranged pistol (think taser, maybe?), would fill a slot that isn't filled currently. It'd deal decent stun and EMP damage directly, and the baton 2.0 would deal really good stun and EMP damage directly. I think it'd work out well. That's my view, anyway. Even if you don't add the pistol, I really like the idea of the stun baton 2.0 dealing massive EMP damage. If you get that close up to an Andron, you better be able to take it out. It'd give batons an a nifty buff, which I think would be awesome. Last thought: I wasn't even thinking of the advanced stun weapons being a reward for doing the mission, though I see that it would kinda be one. I was just thinking that if the aliens had a stun weapon, what could we learn from it and make of our own? Besides, wouldn't it be nice for a player to research something and find out later how valuable it is? I'd appreciate that, at any rate. If we're getting better stun weapons (like an advanced stun baton) then they have to come from somewhere, and if the aliens have stun weapons we'd have to research them. What would be the point of researching them if we can't even use that knowledge?
  22. GizmoGomez

    4th October Development Update

    Brilliant, love the accuracy fixes.
  23. I'd like that better; "Farm" just sounds kinda, well, lame. Ooh, there are farms everywhere in this region.