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  1. that's disappointing as that was one of the only points I really didn't like in X1 - the aliens and the poor variety in their types. Sure, the sub-classes is nice and all, but at the end of the day you fight most aliens with a strictly "pew-pew" approach without that much tactical variety with the exclusion of the wraith (i think that was the teleporting sniper's name) and the reaper of course
  2. I'm pretty much late to the party, but as far as I can say, the Skyhawk seems fine to me? Sorry for the minimal response, it just seems to work just fine for me in the expected context (game beginning transport). Should I be looking for something more specific in it ?
  3. Hi Chris and the gang, Due to a bunch of circumstances, in the last year or so I found myself not playing the beta so far and in fact pretty much any other game. However, I ended up coming back to it the other day and I have to say I'm loving it, even if it does seem a like an X1 revision now, I don't really find that an issue since X1 was awesome in my opinion So let's see - love the autopsies, the music, the reintegrated air combat (hated the new model), the geoscape (which could use some more interesting events in it), and also love more then anything the increasing variety of approaches for a given battle (i haven't gotten to it yet, but is there a flamethrower and/or mortar? I saw the HEVY in game and i really loved it). How about veichles? Are there any expected for the Xenonauts? Do the aliens get any ? Also, is there any list of which alien races are in game so far? I couldn't find any on the forum so far and I don't really have the time to start going over the old posts (terribly sorry about that, again - life is to blame!) To bad about the equipment bug - I'll probably get back to playing as soon as its squashed. Also, pleaseeee add more equipment icons, that system has so much potentail - especially shield/riot control and medic. Those seem like an absolute must to me. Cheers and good luck with the rest of development!
  4. just wanted to say that I'm getting both of these bugs as well, good luck with the bug squashing!
  5. in practice i don't really play almost anything anymore...fatherhood of a 4 year old doesn't allow that really. But I still support games that I believe in such as Phoneix point. call me a sap but i find it very endearing that a person such as Gollop goes back "into the game" at his age. I can't help but wonder if i'd have the courage to that if i was in his shoes. I honestly think he's a great man just for that. Not to mention that he did come up with X-COM originally. so there's that too
  6. certainly agree on that Jean-Luc, waiting to see how it turns out towards the last day. If they'll be even remotely close to the 1.2 i just might up my pledge to help them get there.
  7. just putting it out here, they have in game vehicles funded as well in the fig campaign. Next stop - mobile sea base
  8. so I tried the new version and for starters it refused to take the native res of 2560X1440 so i played windowed 1920X1080P...game loads, 2 turns in and black screen of death, computer won't budge without a cold reset so I guess i'll wait for the next version to come out. specs: win 10 pro Asus Z170-M plus mobo i7 6700k 32GB ram (Gskill ripjaws V) gigabyte i7 970 gtx mini game is installed on a western digital black caviar 1TB drive (non-ssd)
  9. just a thought about assaulting a UFO with heavy weapons deployed within it - why not flashbang/ stun gas anyone inside? That would be the reasonable thing to do tactically. and adding more grenade types should really be a simple issue in terms of development. I remember that their even was the EMP grenade in X1 so is that really that big of a difference ?
  10. just had a go with the new version and wow, what an improvement (then it can it could also be related to the fact that i used my desktop and not my laptop to play it this time around). First of all I absolutely loved the new animations and graphics of the engine, the game played seamlessly on my 970 gtx. The icons for the select target/shoot were somewhat confusing for me as they interchanged a lot between one another and i was not sure which was the right one for actually shooting... So far the ayyys busted my ass 2/2 rounds which is fairly surprising considering that this is just a pre-pre-alpha AI. Also regarding the scrolling thing - i was sure it was only cause i was playing in windowed mode but apparently this is relevant so full screen as well so definitely that is something that needs fixing. And another thing - considering how gorgeous the 3d engine is working out in game (actually had a nice view of the grass blowing in the wind on the desert mission) this game definitely needs a decent zoom in / zoom out function. Awesome stuff can't wait for the next builds, bring on the tin men !
  11. thanks for your response Chris, I appreciate your attention to my comment. I'll be looking forward then towards your coming posts.
  12. While I do understand the reasoning behind "just getting something out there", I'm a bit concerned with just how much the early stages of X2 seem to copycat of X1. Specifically, this may leave a general vibe of "we copycatted the old game to a 3d engine and decided to rehash it as a sequel...". Their needs to be more in terms of design that makes it stand out from the previous game. I think that a new UI would go a long way for that (just new colors, fonts anything really would be better then copy pasting the old one not cause it was bad, but cause it leaves people with the idea that its essentially the same game). In that context, once you do bring up new pictures online of the game, make sure to put it with old+new units/aliens. Put in there anything that can highlight that this is a sequel and not just a clone of the first one. This just might be my own concerns of the new game not standing out in any meaningful way over the old one but i'm sure other potential customers will think it as well (with an emphasis on the non-Xenonauts hardcore fans). Show a new base layout, new aircraft...new...something really. I do love the cel-style graphics you put up in your original post, in fact i'd be more then thrilled to have them as the game's actual graphics in-engine if that feat is indeed achievable (actually kinda reminds of crusader no remorse to an extent which was a freakin awesome game in my opinion) As for the kickstarter - i think an alpha/beta tier would be nice although I probably won't opt into it this time around since I nowadays just don't have the time to invest myself in an alpha/beta while regularly feedbacking for bugs. The soundtrack idea that was suggested is definitely a reasonable addition as well as the X1 bonus copy (who doesn't want a game for a major discount). Other then that i'd suggest to consider adding a tier regarding an an independent air-combat mini game (as was in the first one). I realize this is probably going to get wiped off X2 (sadly too imho, I loved air combat in the old game, plus just look at how much mods were developed for it). Kind of like Gwent in witcher 3, only as a piece of nostalgia for those of us who would find that kind of casual gameplay entertaining (i'd definitely opt into such a tier if it was priced reasonably). As for the face generating thing - i honestly don't care much for those kind of things, definitely not enough to pay for them but one of my friends is a CS GO fanatic would contribute an essential organ for a cool weapon skin in game, so yeah...you always got those people... Personally, it was one of the features which I got bored of very quickly in XCOM 2. I honestly don't understand what's the idea of investing so much effort into such a practically useless feature in terms of actual gameplay. Looking forward for future updates!
  13. Hi Chris, its great to hear all these news regarding X2, and like others have mentioned already the new Androns do seem very interesting. As for the Seb - I really hope that they will get a more grim look then the current one which makes them look like a kids toy to me. The new Caesians also seem interesting-ish but for the most part i'm concerned that we're going to see a rehash of all the previous races which were all bipedal and kinda boring after 1 playthrough (with the exception of the reapers that just kicked ass). Are their any plans for anything new in X2 in terms of alien species? Can we get some details on those ? As for the weapon techs, will they all go through the same route - 4/5 weapon classes being upgraded with tech tiers? Will their be more interesting classes of equipment like jetpacks or flamethrowers (oh how I mourn the flamethrowers...) ? Generally...were does X2 pick up beyond the 3d engine over X1? Back in X1 their were numerous cool ideas that were abandoned like the mech suits, are these kind of details already decided? While I definitely appreciate the added graphics tech, i'd like to know in how the game actually sets itself apart from X1 or if its just more of the same in 3D (sorry for the harsh tone of these questions) ? Oh and the new environments look awesome! P.S. Admittedly, i didn't get to play the new version yet, hopefully i'll get to it soon, it just seems like their is not really that much more to experience in the current build over the previous ones. Have a merry Christmas and a kick ass new year!
  14. Hi everyone and thanks to Chris for helping me regain access to my user here. So I just got to test the new demo on my laptop over the last weekend (i7-4500u with dedicated geforce 840m, 16GB DDR3 ram, game installed on samsung evo 840 ssd. I loved the new graphics and especially the environmental effects (the shotgun destructive effect is awesome). However, I desperately wish their was a zoom in effect as the character models seemed much more detailed then i could observe on an 1080p screen. the cover grid is a good idea but should be reduced to the specific tile the mouse pointer is on or tops to a 3x3 grid around where its pointing, otherwise it gets overwhelming on the eyes (in my opinion). For the moment, that's really my main points, nothing else seems be to glaring. The game seems to have a lot of potential with this engine and i'm looking forward to see how it will evolve.
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