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  1. Ah, brilliant. I've been waiting for a good save that would allow me to reproduce this bug for a while. Hopefully we can get this fixed for V15.3!
  2. Yeah, the dropdown is just broken. It'll be fine in the hotfix.
  3. Thanks. That's really weird. Do you happen to have the save from the final turn of the ground combat too?
  4. I'm not sure what's changed to make the load times longer, as we've not sat down to study it yet - but a lot of the load time is the logging that's being performed by the game to make it easier to track down bugs. If we make a release build that doesn't do all that logging than load times are quite a bit faster (but then it's harder for us to track down bugs). But yeah, we will take a look at the load times at some point because they're a bit annoying.
  5. Thanks. Saves also help in this situation, because I think we can view what the sound settings are on a specific combatant in the dev version of the game and that might shed some light on the issue.
  6. Thanks. There's actually two bugs there - the game crashes if you try to load a save with a base attack mission on the map, and it crashes if you try to start a base defence mission. We'll get them both fixed for the hotfix.
  7. Are you playing in a window, or were you alt+tabbed out at any point? That save loads back to strategy fine for me, but I've noticed the loading sometimes hangs for a long time if you're doing something else while it loads in the background so it'd be interesting to hear if that might have been part of the issue?
  8. Thanks. Annoyingly that save game doesn't allow reproduction of the issue either, so I guess we may have to go diving into the logs after all!
  9. Thanks, we'll take a look!
  10. There's several weird things going on with that save, from the UFO hull not re-hiding when you load the game to the teleporters not working to the crash that occurs on Mind Control. We'll take a look at them tomorrow, thanks.
  11. Thanks. That's one of the little alien gun drones? EDIT: actually, don't worry, I reproduced it. I should be able to fix that up for the hotfix!
  12. Thanks. Looks like I made an error when setting up that piece of UI, I've fixed it now and that will be included in the next hotfix!
  13. Thanks. Took a couple of tries to repro the issue from that save but I did get it. I'll discuss it with the coders tomorrow, see if it's the same issue as geno was suffering above or something different. Either way we'll fix it for the hotfix.
  14. Thanks. Yeah, you're right, I get this problem too. We'll get this fixed for the upcoming hotfix. The Discord channel is moderated by someone who works with us, but I don't read it yet - I'll probably start reading it more early next year but for now bug reports on the forums are the fastest way to notify us about an issue! Thanks!
  15. Thanks. I actually noticed that and fixed it myself yesterday, so that'll be sorted out in the hotfix!