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  1. Hello everyone - I've been rather quiet on these forums for the past couple of months, but here's an update to keep you all posted on our progress. The reason why I've not been posting much on the forums in recent times is because I was lucky enough to welcome my daughter into the world just over five weeks ago. I took two weeks as paternity leave and then returned to work, but learning how to work from home with a baby around has been quite a learning experience for me! Although I am able to fit a full working day in around the babysitting, my time is more limited than before and I've had to be much more focused on game development, which means I've spent less time on the forums than normal. However, I'm starting to use my phone and laptop in quiet moments in the evenings and this hopefully will give me a bit of time each day to browse the forums and catch up on a bit of research writing. So, basically, the lack of activity here does not indicate lack of activity on the game. It's just that interaction with the community is the first thing to get squeezed out of my schedule when I'm short on time. What have we been working on over the past two months? Quite a few things: Implemented the new armour / penetration system Improved the way grenade scattering works so its more sensible Reworked the ground combat inventory so it works better and displays a lot more information Improved the way the Soldier Equip and dropship soldier arrangement screen works Set up the local forces to upgrade their equipment based on your research efforts Got the EliminateVIP missions functioning (although they still need proper maps) Done some more research text writing and added a couple more research images Added jetpacks to the game Fixed the issue where weapons in backpack didn't properly contain ammo (which also lays the foundations for modular weapons) Added a simple geoscape Agent system that allow you to boost Relations in a specific region Designed a couple of new UFOs You'll be seeing more of those new things in the next week or two when we put out a new build, but for once I'm actually going to stick to my plans and only write a short update. I just want you all to know that we've not forgotten you!
  2. As an aside, V13 is probably going to see the addition of some alien bombs on Terror / Raid missions that contain Alenium. You're right that Terror missions don't really give you much tangible as a result of fighting them (despite them often being quite difficult) so I figured I'd fix that.
  3. Chris

    Andron art style

    Ironically enough that's exactly the same model as it's always been - if anything the Androns are smaller than they used to be, because that's quite an old screenshot Likely what's different in that screenshot is the sense of scale. In X2 tiles are 3m tall instead of 2.2m like they were in X1, so walls are significantly taller than before and the scale can look off as a result. The walls and props in that screenshot are more like the X1 scale relative to the Andron, so it looks more "normal" height. Unfortunately the Xenonauts themselves look like children because the props are too big. Anyway, it's something we're looking into.
  4. The Foxtrot was removed because we've set up interceptors to have multiple different configurations; the idea is starting interceptor can now fulfil both the Falcon and the Foxtrot niche from X1 depending on what you equip it with. Why have we done this? Because it sucks to have to build an entirely new interceptor when you need to use a particular type of weapon, and this way the role of a particular interceptor can be changed as it becomes increasingly obselete. Also, I've never quite understood why people fixate so much on there being no Soviet stuff in the game. Sure, in one sense you're correct; there's currently nothing explicitly Soviet in the game. But there's only one plane, one helicopter and six (?) guns in the game from NATO nations; the vast majority of the game content is entirely fictional. Most people also seem to assume all the characters are American, even though they deliberately don't have names or nationalities and could just as easily be Russian. So, yeah, while we probably do need to add some stuff into the game that is explicitly Soviet at some point, I think you guys are overestimating how much NATO content is actually in the game.
  5. Yup, this isn't a bug (although I can see why it might appear that way) - I've set the game up so most secondaries can also be put in the Primary slot if you want.
  6. Thanks, this should be now fixed in the most recent hotfix!
  7. Thanks, this should be fixed in the most recent hotfix.
  8. This is the second hotfix for Beta Build V12 that fixed . You'll need to be on the Experimental Branch to access the build. Changelog: The game should no longer crash once your interceptors close to interception range of a UFO if there is an alien UFO on an Air Superiority mission anywhere on the Geoscape. Units (particularly the MARS) should no longer die at the end of a mission if they have +HP gear equipped and end the mission on low HP (they were going negative when this bonus was stripped off in the return to strategy and dropping dead as a result). Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with V12. If you do, we'll consider putting out another hotfix before we push it out onto the default branches. Just as a warning - I'm off on paternity leave now so this build has only had very minor testing!
  9. The limit is just a number, so it's easy to change while balancing the game - but it does go up as the dropship becomes more advanced. It exists because vehicles have to be better than soldiers otherwise it wouldn't be worth researching them and spending the money keeping them upgraded, but if vehicles are better than soldiers then players would be incentivised to replace everyone with a vehicle. I'd consider setting the limit higher, but it might mean nerfing vehicles a bit ... and I'd want to test the campaign properly first anyway, as upgrading your dropship and getting to bring an extra vehicle along would become a much less cool moment if the starting dropship could already hold several of them.
  10. Yeah, the original "secret war" idea has been replaced although some of its spirit lives on. An open warfare setup worked better with the new mechanics we've been testing (the orbital bombardment by the aliens and the Relations gain from sharing tech with the funding regions) so we shifted the setting around to fit the mechanics. That said, one of the things I do want to continue to emphasise in the setting if possible is that the alien invasion hasn't actually caused everyone in the world to band together and sing happy songs while holding hands - the various world powers still do not trust one another and don't particularly trust the Xenonauts either (a mutual feeling), they've just been forced into working together by circumstance. The VIP Elimination missions are an example of this; you're literally assassinating (or capturing and brainwashing) a local VIP who is opposed to the region supporting the Xenonauts. They're not alien infiltrators; from the perspective of the Xenonauts they're simply people with misguided views that are endangering humanity and therefore need to be eliminated. And then probably lying to the locals and claiming that they were actually an infiltrator. So, yeah, I want to retain the feeling of the suspicion and misdirection that was part of the secret war setting even though we're returning to a setting where the warfare is more overt.
  11. Hmm, yeah, this is definitely not intended behaviour. I'll ask the coders to take a look at it and we'll likely be releasing another hotfix for this build as a result. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. The logs suggest this is a problem with the alien air superiority missions; presumably the game crashes as soon as your interceptors spawn onto the Geoscape and the game starts checking to see if the alien fighters can see them. If either of you have a save then that'd be great, but it's not a big issue if not - I'm sure I'll be able to reproduce it myself. If it is what I think it is we might need to do another hotfix!
  13. Thanks. Yeah, this is a side-effect of the new system we brought in to fix the tooltips getting stuck to the cursor. Looks like it has some unexpected side-effects that we'll need to look into!
  14. Chris

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Again, I appreciate the concern at the well being of me and the other Goldhawk employees but it's perfectly fine for people to politely raise percieved issues with the game or the development process even at a time like this. I'd probably feel differently if lemondarkcider had been rude in communicating his thoughts, but he wasn't
  15. Chris

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Although I appreciate people's concern, as I said in my original post, the publisher deal is just a marketing deal. I don't have time or expertise to market the game properly and it'd be dumb to release an expensive game without trying to market it properly. The publishers aren't giving us any signficant sums of money (if anything at all) and there's nothing in any of the potential publishing deals that means we lose control over the design of the game, have to change the schedule of the game, be forced onto the Epic store, discontinue Community Edition, etc. We're just going to get a marketing partner to make sure everyone knows that Xenonauts 2 exists and what cool features it has rather than have it immediately fade into obscurity when it launches. Please don't extrapolate too much about what that means for Xenonauts 2 based on your own perceptions of what a publisher is / does, as the reality is that publishers can do very different things depending on what point they get involved in a project and how much money they put in. Generally they have a lot of control over a project but if they come in near the end and aren't putting any money in then they're facing much less risk themselves, and need much less control as a result.