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  1. Chris

    MARS Missing SMG?

    Thanks for the replies all. This behaviour isn't intentional - you should be able to use any primary weapon with any secondary weapon. We'll take a look to see what's happening there.
  2. Thanks for the save, we'll take a look and try and fix those issues for the next update. Looks like the door didn't properly delete the walls it's spawning on top of. If you need to autowin a mission then start the game with the RunWithCheats.bat script in the game directory, then press Ctrl+Shift+V. Or maybe Alt+Shift+V? One of those two.
  3. Thanks. You shouldn't need the ability to position your troops before the mission starts - if the game was working correctly, all your soldiers should spawn on the light tiles. Something is clearly going wrong though, so we'll take a look. EDIT: actually, @MrAlex or @Alienkiller (or anyone else that sees this), a couple of code changes we made recently mean we can't easily open that save file. We'll keep an eye out in the playtesting to see if we can reproduce the problem ourselves, but if you notice this happen in a future version then please report it again and it should be easy enough to fix.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, this is just a general issue where if you damage anything that explodes (e.g. those cars or that alien bomb) then the game will crash. We're working on fixing it at the moment and we'll patch it as soon as we can.
  5. Thanks both. Yeah, this is an aspect ratio issue - it's something that'll occur if you play on a 16:10 or 4:3 screen. Should be easy enough to fix now I know about the problem though!
  6. Thanks. Yeah, I think the crash mentioned in 2) is nearly fixed, it's the same crash that other people have experienced in the GC when destroying anything that can explode (like cars in this case). Issue 1) sounds very strange. Do you have a save at the end of the mission we can see? For issue 3) again a save game from before the game freezes would be good. The game saves at the start and end of each turn in combat so you'll have a save from just before the issue that should allow us to find and fix it.
  7. Chris

    The last transport - Valkyrie

    Haha, yeah, I'll get that fixed then. Funny screenshots though! We will be updating the design for this dropship and probably also the one before (which is from x1) before the game ships, don't worry. It's currently just a placeholder to check everything loads correctly.
  8. Chris

    Alien BattleShip

    Thanks. If all goes well the Battleships will be arriving in the next build or two, so we'll leave it as is for now. It's a bit weird you've maanged to get 16 MARS vehicles on a single mission though, as I thought we had a limit on the number of vehicles a dropship could take? If not that's something else we need to fix.
  9. In most cases the info on tooltips is pulled directly from the game files, so in general you should trust what they say. @MrAlex thanks for the feedback, will check through and update what I can fix easily.
  10. Ah, I'll fix this. Basically the alien base has a poison gas atmosphere so any unit with a rebreather will be immune to the damage, but I thought I'd disabled that system anyway. I'll turn it off again for the next build.
  11. Haha, well that's clearly not working like it's meant to - one cocoon is meant to hatch a Reaper per turn unless the cocoon destroyed. I'll have a chat to the coders and see if we can get this fixed.
  12. Chris

    [16.1] Geoscape] New research

    Hmm, yeah. That's not strictly a bug because the orange text indicates that it's a new item you've not recovered before rather than that research projects are unlocked by it. But yeah, I'll have a think - both of those items used to unlock research projects but don't any more, so I'm not sure if they're still necessary.
  13. Thanks, this is an interesting thing to discuss. I suggest we wait until V17 to discuss it though because then buildings will have adjacency bonuses and labs will have larger capacities if placed next to other labs, so the sums will change.
  14. Thanks. Yeah, good point. We'll get this added at some point, maybe for the next build.
  15. Thanks. Yup, I can confirm both issues. I think they are the same crash; I'm guessing what you destroyed with the off-screen rocket was one of the alien bombs because the game crashes if that happens. We'll get this bug fixed for V17 unless we do another hotfix.