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  1. New forums online!

    Link headings and mention colours are both fixed now; the rest is up to Solver!
  2. New forums online!

    Thanks, we're just waiting on an authorization from the forum software guys so the download section will be reactivated, but that should happen in the next 24 hours. I'll fix up the white embedded link text shortly and then leave Solver to look over the other stuff - although a fair bit of the remaining stuff is just a result of the people who made this forum template changing the layout, so I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix (and naturally any future upgrade is just going to break it again).
  3. New forums online!

    After some forays into accidentally deleting half the files in the theme because the "revert" button actually deletes files, I think I've got it all sorted. Let me know if there's anything extra I've missed!
  4. New forums online!

    I still can't figure it out which option controls the header for the quote boxes, which is pretty annoying...
  5. New forums online!

    I'm the guy to talk to if you can't read it in a couple of hours. Right now I'm aware of a bunch of problems, I just don't know how to fix them yet
  6. New forums online!

    Alright, the text is in a different section so it'll take me a while to get to but I'll try updating it to something other than white.
  7. New forums online!

    I'm quite liking red; pretty attention-grabbing! The alternative is probably blue which might be a bit less obtrusive...
  8. New forums online!

    Question for @Charon and @Solver - our mentions used to look pretty bad, what background colour do we want to use for them now? May as well update it while I'm here...
  9. New forums online!

    Bear with me, the guys who make the theme have changed most of the names of the colour boxes since the last version of the template so I'm trying to figure out what colours change what before I can get it set up to match the old one (and even then I need to fix up the differences in font size and line spacing etc)....
  10. Yeah - although right now we're concentrating on making the UI just function in the first place and then we'll do a final UI pass before the game is released (so you may find the early versions do still have problems with text scaling but it will get fixed before release).
  11. What Xenonauts 2 needs

    One thing that's not yet in the game but I've (somewhat vague) plans for is to differentiate between veterancy / combat experience and the soldier skills. The former you only gain in combat or through running field agent operations that involve the risk of injury or death, whereas the other skills can be trained up and are things like "rifle competency" (you can slowly gain experience in these on the battlefield too). I haven't figured out exactly how training works but the idea is your soldiers are continually gaining skill points towards your chosen skill provided you have available training space for them in the base, and this does not make them unavailable in any way - you've just got to ensure you have enough Training Rooms to go round. Something like accuracy when using a gun would be split between veterancy and familiarity with the weapon - say the base accuracy for a rookie soldier is 40, and a maxed out Colonel has 60 base accuracy. But if they have Rifle Competency 1 they get +10 Accuracy and if they have Rifle Competency 3 they get +20 Accuracy. So a rookie with Competency 1 has 50 Acc with a rifle and a Colonel with Competency 3 has 80 Accuracy. But a Colonel using an unfamiliar weapon and a rookie that has been extensively trained with a rifle (which is much faster process) both have 60 Accuracy. So hiring a rookie at the start of the game and keeping him on the reserves bench while he trains up can pay dividends if your main team starts taking casualties.
  12. Thanks for the detailed feedback guys, I'll have a look through it and try and pick out any stuff we easily can fix up for the next release. I don't really want to talk too much about new mechanics right now because we're about to reveal a whole load of new stuff in the next couple of weeks, so it'd be best to do it after that. Max, I think you get an award for being the first guy to mod Xenonauts-2
  13. X-2 and Others

    Xenonauts-2 is going to be more than just X1 with better graphics and better stability; there's quite a bit more complexity in the game and on the strategy layer in particular. I'll likely be posting up a preview of our Kickstarter page on the forums in the next week or two so I won't explain the changes right now as you'll have a much better idea of the game we're trying to make when you see our sales pitch! (I'll have the discussion about specific mods once we've laid out our plans for the game; having a detailed discussion would involve me having to explain too much about X2 if we try to do it now)
  14. What Xenonauts 2 needs

    Heh, I've been explaining this concept for almost a decade now and I don't think I've ever managed to express it as succinctly or as effectively as you did there
  15. Oh damn, looks like I forgot to update the version number. Knew I'd forgotten something!