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  1. Hmm, interesting. Space never functioned as a "pause / unpause" button in X1, it was more of a panic button. But pressing it a second time to return to the previous speed is quite a nice idea. I'll log the visual bug but as you say it's quite low priority right now.
  2. Yeah, the firing angles on that door are incorrectly set but we've not had time to debug it yet. It'll be fixed at some point in the next few builds though.
  3. Chris

    [v1.2 - Geoscape] Unlimited recruits

    Thanks. Yeah, we should probably fix that up.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately that panel is shared for both combat and strategy so we can't disable the button on one and not the other. But having combat saving seems pretty important for bug reporting so we might bump it up the priority list!
  5. Thanks. V1.2 changelog is on the Release Announcements board towards the top of the forum.
  6. Thanks. Yup, we're releasing a hotfix later today that has more support for error reports so we can try and track this down. If anyone sees this happen once V1.3 arrives in a few hours, please just press F11 and send us a bug report!
  7. They should actually be infinite - the only problem is that the infinity symbol disappears after you drag one of them out ... but this happens to all types of ammo. It's strange to see though that your laser rifle hasn't been equipped with a battery by default. The system is a bit stupid at the moment because you have to drag the ammo over an invisible ammo slot to load it in the weapon. It's not usually a problem though because weapons should equip their default ammo when placed in the Primary slot for the first time. Can you just check whether you do actually have infinite ammo and you're just encountering the bugs I mentioned above?
  8. Thanks. We'll look into that.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, this is a known issue and a bit of a pain to fix, but we'll do it before the game ships.
  10. This thread isn't really the place for the discussion about the utility of the combat shield any more; it's probably worth creating a new thread in General Discussion.
  11. Thanks. Please could you post in the new threads for the new builds or in the dedicated bug forums though? It's hard to tell which reports are for which builds otherwise because we've released a lot of builds in a short space of time. So the crash at the end of day 7 was something I thought we had fixed in the latest build. Can you just confirm you're starting a new game in the new version, rather than playing an old save from an older version? I don't think the update will fix old save games.
  12. We've now released another new build that contains a number of further fixes for Closed Beta Build V1. We've been concentrating on bugfixes for the past couple of weeks because you guys have managed to uncover a huge number of problems and we feel it's important to fix a good chunk of that stuff up before we move on to new builds that will unlock additional content. Between this patch and the hotfix last week we've fixed fifteen different crashes and a LOT of other issues in the space of six working days, so thanks for all your help! As the Christmas holidays are approaching fast this will be the final update for this year. We'll be using the remaining time working on some code refactors that we've been putting off for a while now, the plan being that we can then hit the ground running and start adding content and new gameplay once we get back after New Year. BALANCE CHANGES: Strategy - soldier carry capacity weights have been increased from 25 to 100 and most items have had their weight increased 4x, giving us finer control over the weight of small items like grenades / ammo (previously they were all 1KG but I've now got more numbers to play with). Combat - Medikits now have a single mode that heals both normal HP and stun damage, where previously these were separate. Combat - Combat Shield can now only be used with 1-handed weapons, so the shield / SMG combo is no longer valid (this fixes the combat shield animation issues). Combat - the pistol now does less damage but has a lower TU fire cost, and it is quite a bit lighter than the SMG. The ammo clips are also lighter than SMG ammo. Combat - Stun Baton and Combat Knife now have +20% greater base accuracy. Combat - the shotgun was still giving a soldier a +10TU boost; this was a holdover from an older design and it's now been removed. Combat - the big hedges in the Farm maps that block vision now also have a 100% block chance, so units can no longer shoot through them. USABILITY IMPROVEMENTS: Strategy - you now get a "project complete" pop-up on the Geoscape when a Engineering project is completed. Strategy - you can press F5 to quicksave, which will now generate a notification when complete. F9 will quickload the last save (even if not a quicksave). This only works on strategy, as saving in combat is not yet supported. Strategy - you can no longer cancel the placement of your first Geoscape base. Strategy - there's now an error notification on the Main Base screen if you try and assign someone to a room slot and there is not enough power to do so or you have insufficient staff of the appropriate type. Strategy - armory tabs now reset to the top when you change tab, ensuring you can never end up with an empty panel. Strategy - the Main Menu and the loading screen now have 21:9 compatible background art. Combat - you can now right-click on the grenade quickslot to cycle between different types of grenade. Combat - you can now cycle through your soldiers in reverse order using Shift+Tab (Tab cycles them in the normal order). Combat - if a unit is carrying 0 magazines for their selected weapon, the number 0 is now displayed on the quickslot and the magazine image is faded out. Combat - the "disable overwatch" toggle is now dark red when active, rather than orange - which should make it a little easier to understand. Combat - C4 now has a new model that is a bit bigger and more obvious than the previous one. CRASHFIXES: Strategy - fixed a Geoscape crash that would occur when the "playable time complete" screen should have been triggered. Strategy - fixed a crash caused by players assigning / unassigning troops from the Skyranger while it was in flight (soldier slots are disabled when the Skyranger is airborne). Combat - fixed a crash when one of the small Psyons tried to climb a ladder or jump down a 3m level. Combat - fixed a crash when units carrying combat shields sustained damage. Combat - fixed a freeze at the start of the ground combat where the UI would just not load up. Combat - fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when you fired a weapon on the ground combat (usually burst fire). FIXES: Strategy - Geoscape icon positions are no longer misaligned on 4k screens. Strategy - the interceptor status screen shown after air combat now shows relevant information on your aircraft (HP / fuel). Strategy - fixed an issue where re-ordering projects in the Engineering queue caused the quantity arrows to add / subtract from the wrong project. Strategy - fixed the soldier renaming field on the Armory screen. Strategy - the Armory screen no longer displays a big white box if you navigate to an empty slot in the dropship. Strategy - inventory items should now correctly display on the mouse cursor when being dragged, even on non-1080p resolutions. Strategy - interceptors no longer display their damage level at the end of their previous air combat when they begin a new air combat. Strategy - dead soldiers should no longer be listed as being "Promoted to Sergeant" on the mission result screen. Strategy - Save Game panel buttons now have hover states like other buttons do. Strategy - stunned Xenonauts are no longer recovered from combat missions and added to your Base Stores like an item. Strategy - pop-ups are no longer off-center on 21:9 screens. Strategy - Main Base bottom bar is no longer stretched on 21:9 screens. Combat - stunned aliens are no longer targetable. Combat - stunned aliens are now correctly counted as neutralised for victory conditions, so you should no longer have to murder your captives in order to win a mission. Combat - soldiers should no longer incorrectly stop their movement just before they spot an alien that would interrupt their movement. Combat - ammo loaded inside weapons now remains in place when units are killed and drop their equipment. Combat - fixed an issue where your secondary item would appear in the primary slot of the ground combat UI if you dropped your primary weapon. Combat - ground tiles should no longer poke up through the floor of the UFO on Farm maps. Combat - soldiers carrying Combat Shields now play the correct death animation when killed. Combat - non-damaging grenades now display a normal cursor rather than a load of developer debug text. Combat - Medikits no longer inflict stun damage rather than heal it. Combat - fixed up a visual issue on the farm maps where the hay was displaying on a solid brown background. Combat - soldier minitabs above the combat UI (and thus soldier hotkeys) are now ordered according to the squad numbers brought from the strategy. Combat - Secondary items now show ammo levels if they use ammo (e.g. SMG / pistol). Combat - ammo can now be dropped on the ground. Combat - stunned bodies are now small enough to fit in a backpack. Combat - C4 placement animation has been sped up significantly. Combat - doors now make sounds. Combat - UFO doors now auto-close at the start of your turn. As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues - you can do so in the dedicated bug reporting forums for Xenonauts 2 here. There's been a lot of changes and fixes so I wouldn't be surprised if we've introduced some new bugs too! EDIT - pushed out a second quick update about 30 mins afterwards, in the initial build I forgot to enable the bug reporting software!
  13. Ah, so it happened over two missions? That makes more sense. There's a bug in how TU is currently being handled at mission end so hopefully this is just a side-effect of that problem. Thanks for the information!
  14. I've also managed to entirely break the Engineering screen by testing this bug. Hopefully we'll have this issue fixed in the next build and we can see if all the problems go away at that point!
  15. Yeah, this is a known bug, hopefully it'll be fixed in the next patch due tomorrow.