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  1. Thanks. Thought I'd fixed that, must have left an old map in by accident. I'll have a look.
  2. Looks like this only happens if the hangar is under construction, actually - so this is a bug. Thanks. Not sure how you managed to get in that situation tbh, I think the most sensible approach is to fix the bug above and see if it stops occuring!
  3. This is a second mission before the dropship returns to base?
  4. Yeah, it's placeholder. We'll get it cleaned up for the next major update!
  5. Yeah, I'm getting this from your save too. We'll take a look and get it fixed up.
  6. Hmmm, I can't reproduce this - are you sure this is happening, and there's not just a problem zooming out the camera on all air combat missions? I think it already starts at max zoom out.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, looks like all smoke isn't loaded in from a save. We'll get that fixed.
  8. Thanks, yeah this is happening for me too.
  9. Thanks. What's almost certainly happened here is that soldier passed their casualty survival roll and so survived - but it seems like they're not then unassigned from the dropship, and it's not made clear that that soldier is on very low health. We'll have a look at how to sort that out.
  10. Thanks. I can't load this save because it's from V9.2 instead of V9.3 which is the latest version, but I'm guessing you've got an aircraft in construction and it's crashing the game on completion?
  11. Today we're releasing a hotfix for the Beta Build V9 on our Experimental Branch, which fixes two crashes that were introduced in V9.2. Changelog: Farm maps should no longer crash when you try to load them. You can no longer dismiss the "choose which base to build the interceptor at" pop-up when building an aircraft in the workshop. Doing this would cause the interceptor project to be created but not have a target Hangar, which would break the engineering queue and then crash the game on completion. Please continue to report bugs in V9.2 if you encounter them.
  12. Chris

    Modular Armour System

    Yeah, this is something that we're hoping to develop the system into. It's a bit difficult to know how it would work but it'd be nice if the LMG-stabilizer functionality of the Predator was something that could be incorporated into these modules. Or equipping the heavy armour variant reduces your carrying space, and so on - or possibly the standard variant gives you a TU boost that is lost if you equip the heavy variant (which might replace it with a strength boost instead), etc. There's quite a few different options there. That's relatively fine detail in my book though so we'll do the simple implementation first and then see if we can make the end-game Exosuit a bit more exciting in terms of specialisation afterwards. But it is certainly something I'm interested in given the final armour should probably feel a bit special somehow.
  13. Chris

    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    To be honest it's unlikely to happen for Early Access if we've only got about eight weeks because we've got quite a lot of other things to tidy up in that time, but yeah there is a lot of room for optimisation. That is quite a low-end laptop but maybe we can get the game running acceptably on it. A performance thread in general might be interesting reading, as we don't have much data on it at all really.
  14. Chris

    Modular Armour System

    I may have been answering your question, but my reply wasn't actually aimed at you - I'm well aware that you're not going to agree with what I'm saying, as your stance has always essentially been that we should add as much realism and complexity as possible irrespective of the consequences. The reply was for other people who might have been wondering the same thing and might be less opinionated on the topic. It doesn't surprise me that you disagree that putting key information in a sub-menu rather than having it accessible on the main screen is in any way more complex or more cumbersome than having it accessible directly, but it's a well-established principle of UI and is the exact reason why things like desktop shortcuts were created 20 years ago. I obviously don't think any players would fail to understand how a dropdown worked but it would definitely make the screen harder to use. What you're therefore advocating is that we make gameplay worse for the 80% of players that don't play mods so that modders have the flexibility to add a more detailed system post-release. Any serious mod is probably going to be built on the foundations of X2:CE, which is an opt-in product, so I'll let them (or us in a DLC) worry about switching the display to a dropdown. Then hardcore players get to have the toys that they want without making life harder for everyone else who doesn't want that level of complexity, which I think is a happy middle ground for everyone.
  15. We'll be releasing a hotfix to fix it, probably today