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  1. Chris

    Throwing things

    It's theoretically possible, but it's not really something I'm going to think about too much at this stage - but potentially it could be added later on in development if all is going smoothly. The other way to solve the issue is to give the "ground" inventory a radius, so instead of just being the single tile on which the unit is stood you can pick up items from adjacent (non-blocked) tiles too. That means transferring ammo from one soldier to another would onlyneed them to be stood next to each other; it's a bit easier in terms of UI too. Either way it's something I'm willing to consider but I think we need all the key gameplay mechanics in place first.
  2. Chris

    Air Combat

    The air combat in beta 1 and beta 2 isn't final and is going to be revised heavily before release. I don't think we'll be going back to the X1 model, but the current implementation is indeed pretty basic.
  3. Thanks. The game is 3d though so there's no sprites involved - it seems like this is an issue with the Unity animators, and it only occurs in the built game rather than in the Unity editor so it's super annoying. If you find a bug that's already been reported then the best thing to do is just check that thread and see if there's any new information you can add to it. We definitely want to avoid people posting up new threads for bugs that already exist, but it's always useful when a single thread has as much information as possible in it!
  4. Thanks. Is this bug in V2.1? I'm guessing it is because it was reported so recently? I can't really reproduce this myself - are you able to?
  5. It's not just soldiers with shields unfortunately, it affects all sorts of alien and Xenonaut units when they are killed. We're not sure why though, as it doesn't always happen - it's probably the biggest bug in the game right now and we're not really sure how to address it yet.
  6. Thanks. Yeah, you're correct - it does work properly in some instances, but only if the soldier's not rotating to start a new move. Seems like the the TU reserve is not preventing rotation like it should.
  7. Sounds like the overwatch freeze we have kicking around. Does it always freeze in the alien turn?
  8. Yup, it'll be a result of the aircraft screen breaking the same games. It's fixed in the hotfix now.
  9. Yeah, you're right - somthing we only discovered ourselves a few days ago because of your bug report with the personnel slots. This is fixed in the hotfix and the game no longer caches the save games. I appreciate you pointing that out, by the way, as I think it would have caused us a lot of problems further down the line.
  10. This new build is a hotfix for Closed Beta V2.0 that was released last week, fixing a number of the stability issues with the game (it doesn't add new content). These V2 series of builds are primarily intended for testing purposes. If all goes well, we'll start thinking about gameplay and game balance in the next major release, the V3 builds. Please note the closed beta is only open to Kickstarter backers who have backed the game at the £25+ tiers. If you're not one of those backers, you'll have to wait until the game launches into Early Access - currently planned for March. If you'd like notification about the game when it launches, you can do one of the following: Wishlist the game on Steam! Wishlist the game on GOG! Join our mailing list! Finally, please don't stream this build - the game is not yet ready to be shown to the public, and even if your viewers were impressed by what they see they couldn't buy the game. You'll be able to stream without any restrictions once we reach Early Access! CHANGELOG: Fixed a bug where the game crashed immediately after finishing a ground mission (visiting the Aircraft screen caused a serialization error that caused a crash when returning to Strategy). Fixed a crash when you tried to use the Medikit in combat. Disabled the disbanding / relocation of squadrons, both of which were causing all kinds of crashes. Fixed an issue where saving / loading could break the equipment tabs in the Armory. Fixed an issue where saving / loading could break the personnel slots on the Main Base. Fixed a crash where you could bring up the demolition prompt for a building, then assign more staff to the room before you clicked "demolish". Fixed a crash when you tried to assign a Scientist to a Medical Room. Fixed an issue where the Skyranger would not return to base if its main target timed out, eventually the game to crash. Fixed an eventual UI-related crash when you tried to access the strategy tutorial. You no longer get movement "ghosts" from previous interceptions when you fight multiple air battles. Added extra information to our crash logs to make it easier to debug the bugs we couldn't fix. This doesn't account for all of the crashes and bugs reported, but it should cover most of them. The biggest issue was the crash that would occur after the ground combat if the player had accessed the new Aircraft screen at any point (which was a real pain to track down) and that's fixed now, so I think the game should be much more playable than before. Please continue to report any crashes or bugs that you encounter. If there's enough crashes left in the game then we might do a second hotfix to address them, but if it's mostly gameplay issues then we'll probably roll the fixes into our preparations for Build V3. Once again the bugs that were reported on the forums and via our error reporting tool were hugely valuable in letting us find and fix all these issues, so thanks to anyone that took the time to do that!
  11. So we can't reproduce this, and don't have enough information to track it down in the code from the existing crash data we get. The next update will have additional information in the logs that should help us track it, so if it happens again please do report it again.
  12. So we've found out what was causing this - there was a problem on the Aircraft Equip screen, and if you went to that screen and then played a GC mission it would crash on return to the strategy. That explains why the game crashed every time I tried to play the game "properly", but never crashed whenever I was testing the GC missions to reproduce the crash - which, as you can imagine, was incredibly annoying!
  13. Thanks MrPyro. Ruggerman, the grenades will be getting a nerf soon - they'll explode at the end of the turn, so you won't know how much damage you're going to do to the alien until the end of the turn
  14. Send me a message on Kickstarter, I'm sure I can get that sorted for you.
  15. Thanks guys, once again a lot of useful bug reports. Not sure exactly when the hotfix will be arriving for this build but we are working on one.