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  1. "Interestingly, this game was kickstarted by fans who thought that the official Firaxis reboot from a couple of years ago - X-com Enemy Unknown - simplified the core strategy a bit too much." orly?
  2. re: being "locked out" of using mods, the game will settle down soon and resources will be shifted to other projects - it's not like there will be a constant stream of experimental updates forever.
  3. There's a difference between the game itself and tools like the level editor being OSS.
  4. I'll see if I have time to give 1.08 a test once it's up. Glad to be of some assistance again.
  5. Glad that worked out for you thither - I didn't have any extra bugs back when, but things have changed since. Hopefully we're not in a situation where 1.2.3 fixes fonts but there's some other bug that a later version fixes.
  6. I haven't tried the new mac version on steam, but I remembered the blurry text showing up in the past for OS X I made a post about what WINE version I used to get around the issue.
  7. Congratulations, and I'm really happy to see it's doing well commercially. If for no other reason than bugfixes in the future. Really like the idea of vetted fans being able to contribute features to the game (as mods and then some rolled in as official patches sounds pretty great). Looking forward to where things go!
  8. I think having a simple "bloody" vs "non-bloody" fallen sprite would be ideal in terms of ease of execution but adding in visual indicators. Having to hover over a body and check its tooltip is a bit clunky.
  9. The graphics are gorgeous, and I like the music and most of the writing... some of the puzzles / options based on character building aren't quite as interesting as I'd like, but aside from the crap AI it's not a bad game. The Berlin campaign has some nice NPCs.
  10. It's certainly far better than Shadowrun Returns... been playing that a bit recently due to a steam sale and the AI is pretty random.
  11. The new mechanics by themselves were enjoyable, but they didn't really fit into a coherent whole... the overlap of class skills, gene mods, and new items got a little messy at times. It would have been nice to see them adjust the original game a bit more rather than just build on top of it. I've come to really enjoy the tactical layer of XCOM for what it is, just a shame the strategic is built more like a board game than a simulator.
  12. Very nice! I sort of remember there being some friction with zzz's (your?) ideas, but I always enjoyed the seeing the work you came up with.
  13. My first thought was that health is more important because without it you're dead... but he's right that TUs are what change / we pay attention to the most, and having them on top would make things more scannable. I think it'd make a nice thing to test out in experimental 8.
  14. Same, and depending on strength I'll have riflemen carry a shotgun and assault carry an assault rifle in their backpacks for versatility. I don't use vehicles for my primary squad, but they can provide some nice cushion room for my secondary one.
  15. Yeah, I was shot at through a corvette wall - there are also some instances where there is no obscuring cover but there's a drastic cut to accuracy...