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  1. DaReaperZ

    [V11.3 Combat] Can't put down a weapon

    It is. I have V12 on Steam currently.
  2. I think they're called boots. Or at least, that's what I've heard. I really don't see the "webbed feet" unless you thought they weren't wearing shoes.
  3. I've had this as well, you can reload them by manuall drag-and-dropping ammo onto them and they seem to "turn" into advanced lasers again (i.e. their ammo capacity goes up again). As a result of this I mostly stay away from laser weapons and go straight from accelerated to gauss.
  4. Yup, it would seem that there's no animation for it dying.
  5. I've also had this happen to me in the current build. The hidden movement screen is up and I hear someone firing, hitting (sometimes killing) a human. Then I have to wait and see until it's my turn and it turns out it was one of my guys that was hit.
  6. Description: Straight up crash when using burst fire mode with the electroshock gun to stun the tentacleman. What happened: I moved up Christopher as the picture shows, then fired a burst to stun the poor tentaleman. He turned around, furious at my attempt to probe his netherrealms, and promptly crashed my game. Further Information: This might be one of those obvious bugs that are already known, but I couldn't find anything on it. It's easy enough to reproduce, just load up the save, move Christopher and try to three-round burst the thing, it should result in a crash, with a quick flash of a null reference in the error log. I should also mention, I almost accidentally won this one before being able to capture the Bossman McTentacleboy overhere due to the turn timer for "capturing the area" almost screwing me. user-65.json output.log
  7. It is always missing on all those walls on every UFO. I believe it's a known bug. The Exosuit is also missing textures.
  8. Yup, the aliens probably just clicked accept on everything ^^ Yeah I've seen the name being that way, seeing as it's very common it's probably known, it looks like the picture could show this bug, the UFO is very far away I'm guessing? Considering the heading of that Falcon I should add a picture too, don't know why I didn't think of that.
  9. Yeah it happened completely by accident so it was very lucky indeed! It seems that the multi-select menu doesn't respect the privacy of undetected UFOs!
  10. Description: Managed to send interceptors to chase a UFO I didn't know existed and was far outside my radar range in the Soviet Union. What Happened: I had just finished an alien raid mission waited for the month to end. Then I felt that I wanted to run some more comms tower missions to get a few more scientists, so I click one. Then I get the option to select either the comm tower (staging) or a UFO. So just for the heck of it I select the UFO and press the option to launch interceptiors. Then I see the red line tracking the UFO's position and I also notice it produced a Radar Anomaly in that area. Further information: I'm afraid I do not know how to reproduce this exactly. But perhaps the logs and save will prove useful. Considering the UFO's are actually there even when they aren't "detected" by the player, this should hopefully prove easy to solve with the saves. It seems to only work when they're close to something that causes the menu to pop up asking you which target you want to select. Two saves are included. The first save is before I sent the interceptors and I tested it just now. If you load up the save and click the comms tower in the center north of the Soviet Union as fast as possible it will ask you to select either the Strategic Operation or UFO-8, you can then launch the interceptors. The second save is the save I created after I had sent the interceptors after UFO-8. Good luck! This picture was taken after waiting a while so it could be seen very clearly, but the comms tower to the left of the invisible UFO is the one I clicked. output.log user-8.json user-7.json
  11. I thought the grenade thing was a known bug? To me it happens almost every time I throw something. It can be turned into any sprite. C4, Flare, a mine (or what looks like one) or an actual grenade. Worth noting is that it happens to anything thrown, not just grenades. Stun grenades appear to have the same problem I believe. This however, has never caused a crash for me!
  12. DaReaperZ

    [V11.3 Ground Combat] Alien base CTD

    Very good, always happy to help
  13. DaReaperZ

    [V11.3 Ground Combat] Alien base CTD

    I have now discovered that loading a save while in alien base combat will result in this situation happening. Getting closer!
  14. Description: A specific set of actions causes a 100% reproducable crash to desktop (CTD). It seems to be a null reference exception, at least from the little I could read in the red text error log that pops up briefly. What happened: I was playing an alien base mission, used two MARS to fire at some aliens, then I moved one of them back and the game crashed. The MARS uses an accelerated machine gun firing at two different sebillians, one chonky boy and one not as chonky. Exact reproduction steps: Load the save, select Henrik Holm and open the door. Select MARS-4 and fire at the chonky boy sebillian who's closest to it. Select MARS-5 and fire at the other closest not so chonky sebillian. Select MARS-4 again and move it back one step (there's only one spot to go that isn't towards the aliens). After that final move, the game should crash . I have tested more now, and I can reproduce it by firing with one of the MARS, then move anyone and it generates a crash. Mods: No mods were used. Note: For some reason, even though I reproduced the bug 3 times it seems I don't get new output log files. But seeing as the bug is very reproducable (it seems) it's hopefully not going to be an issue. Attached the log that I have from ~45 minutes ago and the save. Hopefully it's the correct save, it's just called user-9. Edit: It appears that moving any soldier or MARS, even on previous saves that I went through before causes the same crash. output.log user-9.json
  15. I have to say, I do love basebuilding in the way it was done in X1 and XCOM: UFO Defense. I prefer the top view to the side view, even though the side view is pretty cool. Mostly because I love the idea of defending the base you built instead of just defending some strange base which you would need to do with the side view. I also like the idea with simple radar/fighter bases, just like you built in normal X1. With the new X2 system I found it felt easier and more managable to cover more of the world with radar. However, if the main base is too small, you might run out of space to manufacture things for your troops and craft (and to sell, good ol' fusion ball mechant strat). So here's what I'm thinking. Keep the top down view for the main base. Lots of building space would be nice so that you can build a massive main base. Then the side view could somehow be retained in the radar/fighterbases. They could use a sort of "elevator" to bring craft up to a launch pad / runway. So and you could upgrade the radar installation on top of the side view base, as well as add more hangar slots connected to the main craft elevator.