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  1. I agree the ADVENT humans made sense from a story perspective, but they were rather boring to face. Even the more powerful ones such as the Avatar, Spectres and Codexes were essentially humans with a twist. Codex could teleport, Spectre was a human made from nanobots apparently and the Avatar actually was straight up a human. The most interesting enemies in XCOM and XCOM 2 in my mind were the Faceless (despite being human technically, they were quite cool and really surprising the first time), Berserkers, Vipers and actually the Floaters. Chyssalid would be on the list, but they were basically exactly copied from XCOM: UFO Defense. Technically the others were similar too except for the Berserkers and Faceless. For an urban combatant, to me, it'd make sense to make kind of an octopus-like creature with 360 degree field of view and a weapon in every direction. Perhaps due to the lack of depth perception their accuracy could be low in order to balance things. As a "terror" creature that would make much sense. Just like the original Chryssalid. I could think about more creatures, but this was what came off the top of my head.
  2. Sounds interesting, this was one thing I also felt way counter intuitive and I definitely think your solution is a good idea. I'm sure Chris is already aware however
  3. I definitely want less humanoid aliens! Silacoid comes to mind for example, the Tentaculat was a good example as well! Alien vehicles would be quite cool as well, for the larger cruisers, transport ships or other. Sectopods were neat, but my favourite despite being very unoriginal was always the Cyberdisc.
  4. A skirmish mode would be really cool, and as someone mentioned above a simple multiplayer with Aliens against Xenonauts would be awesome as well! I definitely think it's possible to make an Alien campaign, and I agree, if it is done it should be a paid DLC because of all the work.
  5. Well for starters you'd probably need to make new models for aliens wearing armors, unless you would plan on having just the alien varieties that will exist in the Xenonauts part of the game. Indeed, the "spacescape" interface would need to be created, a lot of alien artwork, as well as possible new weapon types for the aliens (otherwise you'd have no progression, just plasma throughout the entire game). What I meant by a lot of assets being un-usable was simply that you couldn't use any of the current interfaces for Xenonaut base management. A lot of the artwork would also be un-usable. Another thing I just thought of, the battle maps would also have to make more sense. I assume that you couldn't just have Earth shoot down your craft and then initiate a ground battle. Instead you'd have to have some kind of a target, which means these maps out in the desert or arctic wouldn't make sense for you to attack. Logically speaking it'd make more sense to attack a village or city, maybe even just a farm. Your ideas aren't bad at all, however as I'm sure you could imagine, a lot of work would have to be placed into balancing and even creating this new mode. Whether the aliens are weak due to sickness, or small exploration craft are just now reaching Earth, it's going to take a lot of work to perfect this entirely new game mode. In that game mode I think the initial enemies would have to be Earth militiaries, ground vehicles and all. And only at the ending stages would you face the Elite Xenonauts with more high-tech equipment. As many pointed out, the technology researching would be harder to make a substantial tree. As I said, your ideas of better atmospheric craft, weapons or suits would be a few options. Though it wouldn't be a big fleshed out tree. Gathering resources would be alright, though there wouldn't be any battles happening in the asteroid field or foreign planets I assume, abduction is probably the best way to have some kind of limit, you need to abduct more people in order to unlock more technology, weapons or fighters. Like a new type of combatant more suited to survival in Earth's atmosphere, though I have a hard time imagining a race of aliens capable of bio-engineering a shock trooper who can't take a bit of bacteria or viruses, seeing as they're expected to go into foreign territory. Another idea would be to have two different races or sides of aliens vying for control over Earth, struggling to create clandestine bases on the surface and trying to prevent eachother from performing certain missions. However, as I said, in my opinion this would be more fitting for an entirely new game since it's a whole new game mode where not a lot is reusable aside from a few graphical assets and the combat base structure. Something similar to how UFO Aftershock could work for the aliens as well.
  6. Hello! Combat test scenario 0.19.0: First try, this map was a great deal harder than the previous one, with more threatening enemies. Two of my poor men got oneshotted the first turn after they were inserted! Though overall in the end I only got 3 casualties. Considering the limited equipment (no smoke, stun or rocket launcher) I think I did acceptably. So far the test combat is looking great, though of course I miss smoke and stun grenades greatly! Though I understand it's not quite ready yet, I'm just looking forward to it, especially with this map you've chosen this time, where the main building is like a fort with windows in all directions and very little in terms of cover. Only a moat and a drawbridge was missing! On a more serious note, if smoke grenades that limited vision and gave accuracy penalties were available, these problems would easily be solved so no worries there. I really liked how the sniper had an MP5 for when she needed to get close to the building, that was really neat. I think sometimes some objects blocking your shot should be toned down or tweaked. For example, when shooting at someone standing in the middle of a room through a window, the window shouldn't give a 40% block penalty. In my opinion this penalty should only be applied if the target you're firing at is in any block adjacent to the window. Shotguns may need a point blank modifier to either accuracy or straight up damage. With the old-school style randomization shotguns, I've noticed, have become quite unreliable even at only 2-3 blocks distance. This could possibly be solved by giving them more pellets as well. This combined with the rather short movement field with the heavier armor, the shotgunner is one guy whose weapon I'd love to have the option of switching at the start of the mission like the good ol' XCOM. I really like my shotgunners, I think having heavy armor on them will be a must, however, they do feel slow. Perhaps a more veteran soldier would get more TUs to deal with the armor. I think representing TU costs of reloading for example, can be represented by a percentage of your TUs. I found myself guessing how much it would tak, if it was changed from X1, until I simply saw that it took half of your max TU. It would be cool if veteran soldiers were able to reload faster and therefore take more actions after reloading, as of now, all they'll be able to do is move since all other firing values are also percentages. A fast reload trait would be cool, and would make sense if the soldier has seen much combat and survived, though it could possibly become overpowered. A lot of other things I was going to mention was mentioned by Ninothree in his excellent post. The units on the roof thing for example. Another thing is that the dropship is missing completely. Graphics: I have to say I absolutely love the way you've handled the transition from 2D into 3D. It feels extremely similar in style, which is a good thing, while providing a nice feel and the soldiers now move about a little when idle, which adds a certain level of the soldiers feeling like people and that they're actually alive. Which of course will be devastating once they start piling up the corpses. Oh well. Looking great so far. Final words: As I said, so far it's looking great. I apologize if this has been asked before, but will pilots gaining experience and having names and such be a thing? For the fighter pilots I think it would be pretty cool, though I understand a lot of balancing work would have to go into it.
  7. It's certainly a cool idea, however, the gameplay would be so incredibly different that they'd have almost no use of the assets made for Xenonauts except for character models and maps. Everything else would have to be different and they'd need to essentially create a whole new game with an appropriate difficulty curve where the Xenonauts gradually stepped up the difficulty and started assaulting your mothership or boarding your transports. If anything should be made with this concept, I'd rather have it be a separate game or a full priced expansion at least. Otherwise it'll not really be worth the immense time it will take to make it possible. Unless of course they make the gamemode very simple, which would make it feel sloppy and rushed.
  8. Gotta say, this was a dream come true. Had been that ever since I was a kid, playing XCOM (UFO Enemy Unknown/XCOM: UFO DEFENSE), wondering if a new one could come, that could actually satisfy as much as the original. And indeed it has!
  9. Bump, my saves also dissappeared now it seems or, they are not visible in-game anymore. Oh I got the V21 Experiment, gonna revert now. And yeah, nothing changed from before. I can still not load, it just crashes.
  10. Alright, so I started my game up to try to play the game again after a few hours. Then whenever I load a save, any save at all, the game just crashes, and a window pops up saying the game stopped responding. I have no idea what changed in my computer. I installed a game during this break.
  11. Sometimes the Aliens seem to go nuts with storms, abductions and all that, just outside your radar range. You start to lose many thousands. I'm sure it's going to get fixed. Also, I agree with jonny, ammo carried in the gatling guns could be increased
  12. Yes, it works with the recent saves I've made now, even after restarting Thanks man!
  13. Alright, so I've restarted twice now. But then I either stop playing for the moment or the game crashes, I had 7 different saves. When I start it up again, there are no saves, and the game doesn't seem to download or change anything at all, but all my saves are gone from the game. When I check in documents>Xenonauts, they're all there, but the game refuses to use them. I checked the permissions for the folder which the saves are in. I run Xenonauts in administrative mode. I also tried not running it in administrative mode, but no cigar. I'm out of ideas. Does anyone have any idea?
  14. I'm afraid your real copy will die too. When your fake clone gets hurt, your real one is too.
  15. Damn I just created a topic with the same problem, no idea how to fix this. One of my best guys