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  1. I have to say, I do love basebuilding in the way it was done in X1 and XCOM: UFO Defense. I prefer the top view to the side view, even though the side view is pretty cool. Mostly because I love the idea of defending the base you built instead of just defending some strange base which you would need to do with the side view. I also like the idea with simple radar/fighter bases, just like you built in normal X1. With the new X2 system I found it felt easier and more managable to cover more of the world with radar. However, if the main base is too small, you might run out of space to manufacture things for your troops and craft (and to sell, good ol' fusion ball mechant strat). So here's what I'm thinking. Keep the top down view for the main base. Lots of building space would be nice so that you can build a massive main base. Then the side view could somehow be retained in the radar/fighterbases. They could use a sort of "elevator" to bring craft up to a launch pad / runway. So and you could upgrade the radar installation on top of the side view base, as well as add more hangar slots connected to the main craft elevator.
  2. DaReaperZ

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    I like the new interception mechanics so far. I think it's fitting that it's turn-based like the rest of the combat in the game. I didn't mind the original interception, but it was highly reliant on reactions and timing. The new "Armour" and "Plating" seems cool as well, it'll give a good feeling of outfitting your soldiers before they are sent into the thick of it. A minor detail, perhaps some 2 slot pockets representing the vest could be added? It doesn't really change anything major, I just liked being able to visualize how the soldiers had a grenade in their arm pocket and some heavy cannon ammo on their legs in X-Com UFO Defense. As I said, it's a minor detail and nothing you should be too concerned about at this stage I think. About the new aliens, I am excited, however, in my mind, which alien empire in their right mind would send soldiers that would have a hard time suriviving the environment of a new planet to that planet when they have a huge selection of gene manipulated soldiers to choose from? What I mean is, why send an ammonia based lifeform (that needs to live under very specific conditions when it comes to pressure and gravity perhaps) to conquer Earth when you have Bob the Alien who breathes oxygen, is comfortable with up to 2 G (making him rather fast and strong in 1 G) and has a strong immune system that is already tailored to survive Earth viruses and bacteria. The brain thing could still work though, maybe he just needs some kind of cupola to protect his brain body. I look forward to seeing some more distinctive aliens who are not bi-pedal. Variety is the spice of life and the original Xenonauts aliens were fine, but they didn't give me the same good feeling like a Floater or even Snakeman did (even though the Snakeman was quite a "simple" alien). For now, the new features look great. It's overall looking like it's going to be an improved version of the original Xenonauts. Another cool addition (that would possibly mean a lot more work for your artists) would be to have matching camos depending on the terrain you land in. For example, arctic camo for snow landscapes or desert camos for well... desert. This update filled me with joy and hype for the coming beta!
  3. DaReaperZ

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter completed!

    I am exalted to see that the funding went so well, even though the stretch goals wasn't exactly my preference (and we were only £10.000 away from unlocking the next one!). I have to say though, regarding the first post. I actually quite liked the interception system in the first game. I'd love to see something similar, perhaps not exactly the same, but as I've read you've got something planned already so I will see how that works soon enough. Congratulations, you guys work hard and there are a lot of people who are passionate about the type of game Xenonauts 2 is looking to become! You deserve the success you've gotten.
  4. DaReaperZ

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Now Live!

    Huh, I looked at the Kickstarter, got saddened by the fact that the £200 tier was already all gone and then updated the site 5 minutes later to discover that there were 10 more slots now! Awesome! I was actually planning on adding my old man to the game instead of me, because my head looks incredibly funny I decided in portraits, mainly because my ears aren't visible at all because of the width of my face and how little they stick out to the sides. Already looking forward to testing the game out more! Cheers!
  5. DaReaperZ

    More flexible recruit system?

    I like the training idea. You could have a list of trained soldiers that are more expensive to hire or switch to the fresh recruit list to hire cheaply. However, the list of trained soldiers would have to be soldiers who have been available for hire for a long time. Which means, if you empty the entire "recruit" list, you won't have any soldiers being trained for the future. The only problem is balance, as always. I think it could be solved though. I really liked that soldiers in Xenonauts 1 could have experience in past wars, that should definitely give them a boost to morale and perhaps some other stat, but should increase their price somewhat.
  6. DaReaperZ

    Fire support from landed craft

    Hmm, I like this idea as an upgraded dropship. I think weapons might be too powerful however. But cameras to survey the nearby areas from inside the craft and perhaps turreted smoke and stun launchers could be a neat upgrade for the final landing craft. You could even make the launchers only have one smoke and one stun each, with maybe two launchers max on one craft. After the initial turn or two, the turrets could be deactivated. It certainly would make a lot of sense. It's an interesting idea. It would also save you some inventory space when it comes to smoke grenades. As someone said above, having lights on the landing craft in all directions or a flare launcher would be very useful and not too powerful.
  7. Alright tried this one now. It feels much better now and more "balanced" if you will. It will be really nice once we get smokes and stuns, I think then, if the AI is smarter it'll be quite a nice balance. Maybe the Aliens can be made more powerful once that equipment arrives. The Aliens actually missed a few times as well, which is a nice change of pace. In my first game I didn't get to try out the shotgun too much since one of them died instantly, but it's a straight upgrade to I imagine it's better. And my shotgunner was the only casualty actually, though I did get lucky with one of my other guys. Not much else to say. The new AI feels much better and more like what you would expect. I didn't run into any troubles and generally I think Thixotrop's post is very high quality and very helpful. The sniper did feel a lot more useful, she even hit a few bullets this time! Overall it's feeling closer to what it's supposed to be, can't wait for the Kickstarter honestly.
  8. This update is a really good one, finished the mission. It was a challenge but overall a much better experience. The good: - The new shooting mechanics are an unbelievably great change. - I do not know why, but the mission feels slightly more forgiving now. - The performance bug (or whatever you might call it) with the rotor blades is barely noticable severe. - The bullet holes left now after firing makes the battlefield look quite awesome, now that the soldiers hit in the general proximity of their target. The bad: - Shotgun is still quite bad, it's useful inside buildings, but that's the extent of it. As someone else said above, the SMG is a better choice at every junction except perhaps point blank range and even then... - The Sniper has a somewhat short range it feels like, and it's not too accurate either. - Those darn fences with their block chance really mess my day up, I can only suggest lowering their block chance a bit The ugly(?): - Every time you destroy an object, especially bushes there's a short freeze. - The end turn button is very red, it's hard to even see the hourglass on it. If I tab out and tab in again, I can see how the button is supposed to look but then it gets red again, maybe an issue with my screen? Almost looks like a sort of eye adaptation effect when you tab back in again. - Smoke effects created from destroying objects can be highlighted by the same effect that highlights an object blocking your line of fire. Minor bug as the smoke disappears and you have to be fast in order to see the bug. I can post a screenshot of it if need be. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Giving the sniper slightly longer range and higher accuracy will help it become more effective than the normal assault rifle. The shotguns could get more pellets or they could get their "normal" mode as their snap shot mode and a second mode where they fire two shells instead of one. That would make you have to reload more often but increase the short range deadlyness quite much. Here's a clip demonstrating what made me think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3GNMH7hdU4 Another neat thing would be different sounds for the guns, though I'm guessing it's already thought of, it's just not a priority in these public tests since they're just a combat test. Looking forward to the AI fix next patch. Good progress so far, especially with the trajectory changes. The soldiers definitely look like they'll slightly less moronic before dying! When Max said he changed a few files to fiddle around with the accuracy, damage and such I thought I'd try doing the same. I changed the sniper like he did, and it did indeed feel more like a sniper. Though I think the TU cost could be changed. I tried making the new two-shot mode for the shotguns as well, putting the TU cost at 24, accuracy at 45, shot delay at 0.5 and I tried using the higher pellet count as well with 5 pellets. I lowered damage to 18 though but changed the long range modifier to 0.3 (higher value = better right?). Quite fun to tweak the numbers a bit just to see how it looks and feels. I definitely think that the more pellets part would be great, it looks more shotgun-y! Just need to be careful to not make it overpowered.
  9. Alright I finally tested the build. I noticed some issues mentioned here, but most strikingly, this mission was much harder than the other mission in the other build. The aliens hit very well at extremely long range and as you mentioned, they'll all come running towards you. So they come from all directions. I narrowly lost the mission with my last guy against the last alien, my guy was missing all shots in his two last bursts when the alien was standing in the open about 6 blocks away. 6 shots with 22% hit chance all missed, that's just my luck isn't it? Though I thought it was strange that the hit chance was so low so close to my soldier standing in the open road. What I noticed is that the aliens are surprisingly durable, compared to their X1 counterpart. I had to fire 4 grenades at a group of two of them to get one of them down and hit another one with about 6-7 rounds from various weapons including an M16, M249 and MP5. I think this mission could have been doable though, with more options for equipment. Now onto the unmentioned bugs I noticed. After losing the first mission and returning to the main menu, the "new game" button doesn't appear to work. So I had to restart. Aborting the mission also caused the same reaction. There's also a slight freeze every time you see an explosion of any kind. The game stops for between half a second and a second and continues. Edit: I also noticed that if an enemy dies during their turn the red marker around them will linger on their body. The hit percentages feel off at times. I fired two shotgun shells point blank at an alien with 70% chance to hit. I'd guess it was per pellet, though it seems to be to score one hit, because of both shells only 2 out of 6 pellets actually hit and caused 25 and 26 damage each. The turn right before that I fired another shotgun once with 75% chance and only one pellet hit. It could just be my bad luck though, feels weird. Looking forward to testing the new build eventually.
  10. I will get to testing this shortly, I just wanted to point out that I believe this is supposed to be an alternate Xenonauts reality. With the current weapons and cars in the game I've seen this is no longer set in the 80's. I agree that heavy armor doesn't seem to increase survivability that much considering the 50-150% rule. Perhaps an HP increase with better armors could solve this, depending on what you're after of course. In the old XCOM even your power suit guys had a chance of instantly collapsing from one single plasma rifle hit.
  11. DaReaperZ

    "Terror" mission

    Sorry if any of these ideas have been mentioned before. Instead of having the second part be just another ship assault. Perhaps you could make it a clearing out of a specific place. Let me elaborate. You land at a terror site, clear out the aliens from the city. Then you proceed to clear out a large structure, a hotel, an embassy, a military base or perhaps even an airport or something similar. Water treatment facility perhaps? Something like that would make the problem of alien ship assaults repeating less severe.
  12. I agree the ADVENT humans made sense from a story perspective, but they were rather boring to face. Even the more powerful ones such as the Avatar, Spectres and Codexes were essentially humans with a twist. Codex could teleport, Spectre was a human made from nanobots apparently and the Avatar actually was straight up a human. The most interesting enemies in XCOM and XCOM 2 in my mind were the Faceless (despite being human technically, they were quite cool and really surprising the first time), Berserkers, Vipers and actually the Floaters. Chyssalid would be on the list, but they were basically exactly copied from XCOM: UFO Defense. Technically the others were similar too except for the Berserkers and Faceless. For an urban combatant, to me, it'd make sense to make kind of an octopus-like creature with 360 degree field of view and a weapon in every direction. Perhaps due to the lack of depth perception their accuracy could be low in order to balance things. As a "terror" creature that would make much sense. Just like the original Chryssalid. I could think about more creatures, but this was what came off the top of my head.
  13. Sounds interesting, this was one thing I also felt way counter intuitive and I definitely think your solution is a good idea. I'm sure Chris is already aware however
  14. I definitely want less humanoid aliens! Silacoid comes to mind for example, the Tentaculat was a good example as well! Alien vehicles would be quite cool as well, for the larger cruisers, transport ships or other. Sectopods were neat, but my favourite despite being very unoriginal was always the Cyberdisc.
  15. DaReaperZ

    Make both site playable

    A skirmish mode would be really cool, and as someone mentioned above a simple multiplayer with Aliens against Xenonauts would be awesome as well! I definitely think it's possible to make an Alien campaign, and I agree, if it is done it should be a paid DLC because of all the work.