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Xenonauts: Crimson Dagger (a novella by Lee Stephen)


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I know plenty of you have been awaiting the release of Xenonauts: Crimson Dagger for a while - it's finally here. This is the story of the Iceland Incident, humanity's first contact with extraterrestrial life and the events that led directly to the formation of the Xenonauts.

The novella is written by Lee Stephen, who is the writer of the Epic Universe series of novels. Lee is a huge fan of X-Com and wrote Crimson Dagger free of charge as an extra to go in our Kickstarter. Thanks, Lee!

This novella will be available free on this sub-forum for the forseeable future, and will also be bundled with every copy of the game on release. You should also be able to find it free on Lee's site, and on Amazon (where I think it costs $0.99 as free release may not be possible).

For now, though, it is a Premium Pre-Orderer exclusive, so enjoy it! Naturally, if you enjoy it, then it would be worth checking out Lee's other work!

PDF: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/Xenonauts_Crimson_Dagger.pdf

EPUB: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/Xenonauts_Crimson_Dagger.epub

MOBI: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/Xenonauts_Crimson_Dagger.mobi

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So there is a super secret forum after all, I wonder what the rules of it are. :P

Thanks again for doing this Mr. Lee.

Glad you included developers in this magic subforum :)

Sir, I must ask you to show your premium badge before I let you in. Sir? Sir! Get out of the car please sir...get out of the car!


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Just finished reading it. Superb, I ate it in the train trip back home!

It really lets you fell the tension, first on the two sides of the cold war, then on the fight inside the ship.. I was stuck at reading!

And the ending, that was a touching part, full stop.

Great work, Lee!

(Sorry for the betrayal, but I have the urge to play Halo right now! You know, killing some aliens on a FPS!)

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Just read it. To put it lightly, fraking awesome. It really helps create a bond between you and the game, a bond that didn't really exist as much in the original. It's more personal, you understand some of the crazy that the guys on the ground might be feeling.

Dunno if that makes sense.

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I'm so glad you guys have enjoyed XCD. One of my biggest priorities was not approaching this from a, "make it like the game" perspective. Canon and accuracy are important, but a game is a game, and a story is a story. The draw for each is entirely different. It was important that this supplemented Xenonauts, not attempted to mimic its gameplay.

I'm particularly pumped about folks unlocking Kseniya during their playthroughs! :) Hopefully there becomes an attachment to her as a character.

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