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  1. After leaving the geoscape for any menu, I got a CTD when clicking on the Soldiers Equip icon: And for clicking the Vehicule Equip icon:
  2. BlakSpek

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Congratulations to Chris and all members of Goldhawk for this great game!!!
  3. Xenonauts 2 - Terror from the deep
  4. BlakSpek

    21 November Development Update

    Don't rush it, having a game without any bug is better than a early release that CTD right after installation done
  5. BlakSpek

    New Geoscape UI preview!

    The new GUI look really great, great work!!!
  6. BlakSpek

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    Got my key Now I'm stuck in front of my computer for the weekend Great job Chris!!!
  7. Great news, I was waiting for this, just to start playing Xenonauts again... I really don't like Desura
  8. <p><p>Many happy returns!</p></p>

  9. BlakSpek

    XCD Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Are you talking about this one -> http://www.strategycore.co.uk/databank/series/x-com/fan-fiction/x-com-the-unknown-menace/page43 PS : The pages seams to be in reverse order. You can have it in PDF right here http://area51.xcomufo.com/files/UM-Full-PDF.rar it's from the author personal website.
  10. BlakSpek

    Build V9.3 Released!

    You've done an awesome work so far!!! You're now on the highway of the game making
  11. BlakSpek

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    Bman finally post a reply that the game is NOT cancelled on the forum
  12. BlakSpek

    Build V9 Released!

    New Chinook look great and "Yeah!!!" farm tiles Great work, you're on the right way for big success!!!
  13. BlakSpek

    Introduction thread!

    Hi there, Name is Jeff and I'm from Quebec. X-COM is the first game I got on my new computer in 1994 it was a 486 DX33... old time Since then, I've got everything from X-COM and still have the original floppy disk of it. Got CD (PC and Playstation) version, digital version on Steam and also got the official game guide for it. I've also played all the X-COM version and clone like that exist (After series and Extraterrestrial) also every X-COM clone in the OpenForge project. Great work done so far... keep going you are on the right way!!! Thank you for doing that for us... the real fan