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  1. Giovanni

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Now Live!

    Backed! As a former member of the team, I know personally how much passion Chris and the whole team at Goldhawk are putting into the making of Xenonauts.. I sincerely hope that the general public will be able to feel it too and reward you guys with a solid pledge! Let's go get funded now!
  2. Giovanni

    Debating Xenonauts 2

    That's great news! I would totally buy a sequel to Xenonauts! That would finally let me play the game with a fresh start, not already knowing exactly what is going on under the hood Too bad I can only be a backer this time, back into the development team were good times :')
  3. I'd really need some more info about this bug to solve it.. Did anything unusual happen before you found out this bug? Some air combats (autoresolved/manually fighted)? Do you happen to have a savegame from earlier in your gameplay (with all human aircrafts)? Thanks!
  4. Yes, it requires the steam api dll to be present on the same folder as the executable, but this is only used if you want to use the Steam Workshop to sync your mods. It should work fine without having Steam installed!
  5. Took some days, but finally fixed it! will be fine in next release
  6. Fixed, thanks for the report!
  7. Hey! sorry it appears that an error on my side didn't commit the change which solves the crash. I'll include it now, in the meanwhile you can keep playing your savegame downloading the one I'm attaching here! [ATTACH]5916[/ATTACH] Aut.sav Aut.sav
  8. Yes, that was happening before this change. Now the event order is: Soldiers gets shot by Alien in Alien-Turn -> took damage and got a bleeding wound. -> Alien-Turn ends -> Player-Turn starts -> bleeding warning is shown -> time to stop it -> (at turn end) bleeding damage is applied.
  9. You sure is the bleeding that actually happened at the beginning of the turn? the message still appears at the beginning of the turn (in fact with this update it should read "soldier X will take Y damage at end of turn") but the HP decrease is done at the end, right after you click the end turn button
  10. Can you explain the issue? (better if you post a thread in the bug forum, so we don't go offtopic here)
  11. Fix also cherry-picked to xenonauts v1.5x, thanks llunak!
  12. Ok, I've found the issue. Just for information, did you sell or had a Shrike shot down recently in the game?
  13. Probably a random behaviour then. I'll playtest it a bit more, if I don't see any bugs/crashes (apart from long alien turn times) I'll drop the issue. Thanks for the report anyway!
  14. The savegame is not crashing for me, it just takes a really long time to complete the alien turn (took 224 seconds in my PC). Could you try leaving it 5/6 minutes to complete the alien turn, to see if it finally ends?