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  1. These are good ideas for "realistic" battlefield effects. Different types of weather, strong winds/turbulence, even advanced technology that allows both aliens and, later, humans to create , change (electrifying clouds a la Flash Gordon for example) or remove "hazard areas" during air combat.
  2. 30% probably felt a lot fairer back in the "good ol' days" when being on Steam was considered a guarantee of success. These days the cup runneth over and many games and developers drown in the deluge. In any case I'm not going to rage over the Epic deal and I'll take advantage of the free dlc but I can understand why people are pissed. Sadly "tech" is full of monopolies and Steam practically is one thus making Epic's strong arm tactics pretty much necessary sadly. Snapshot must've been offered an enormous amount of money to take on this shitstorm. Here's an important bit from pcgamer:
  3. You can always try to get into a closed beta for any game.
  4. Glad it's doing well. Voting for stretch goals was a good idea.
  5. Hope it goes well. As for, - £100 - Same as 75£ but you get 2 portraits so you can add your sibling, friend, significant other, etc. :P Not very original but hey... Or maybe add like a super backer medal to the soldier uniform art.
  6. Sorry if these things have been mentioned X times already, I haven't been following the test threads very closely. 1. The free rotation camera is really nice, it should be the default setting imo. 2. The inertia on camera panning is pretty annoying, looking around the map should feel snappier in general I think. 3. No crashes or performance problems, seems solid overall. 4. The stun baton animation looks awkward and doesn't make much sense. There's no reason for the baton to be wielded 2-handed because, one, it relies on electric shock more than physical force and, two, because it's fairly short and was clearly made to be held in one hand. It just looks weird at the moment. 5. Just a Kickstarter related suggestion. Looking at the demo in isolation it very much feels like X1 with better graphics. If possible it could be a good idea to add something to it that makes it feel more distinct, more like a sequel. Another alien type or piece of equipment. I know it's a lot and I expect you'll do your best to present the new stuff on the KS main page but if there's anything you can do to "spice up" the demo it'd help sell the game better I think.
  7. I really liked it. Like Chris says, it's a cleverly designed game. it crams a disproportionately large amount of "stuff" into a small package. I finished it several times and unlocked most of the squads and have had my fill of it for now, probably because I kinda binge played it.
  8. A fairly long narrated demo showing off a mission and explaining some of the mechanics: Have to say this is shaping up really well.
  9. Mutations were always intended to be random until something comes up that works at which point they stabilize. Once the player adapts their tactics the mutation deck starts shuffling again. I don't know whether the system will work out but the stated intent hasn't changed so far from what I've seen.
  10. So does this mean staff is limited and you can run out if too many get killed? As for the fighting humans aspect maybe the aliens could have one artificially created "cannon fodder race" which can never be knocked out of the war and is always found in the bodyguard/goon role along with the turncoat humans. That could also be supplemented with drones or robots to provide a bit of diversity.
  11. I expect most Gollop fans are of the old school variety and the push for this kind of system has been pretty strong. I'd say the thing to watch for is what kind of interface improvements they come up with to improve transparency.
  12. Geoscape & Ballistic Update: https://phoenixpoint.info/blog/2017/8/29/geoscape-ballistics-and-more Interactivity with the geoscape should feel a lot more rewarding thanks to all the different point of interest but this is the best part. That's how you do it, that's the Jagged Alliance way.
  13. I've seen quite a few lets plays of the demo and I don't remember Chris ever complaining or saying anything on the matter so I think I can give you an unofficial "go ahead". It's always appreciated if you take time to explain that these builds are little more than tech demos, like really, really early.
  14. It even has a secret "third party" trying to destabilize the world by pitting world powers against each other. There's some inspiration to be had here for sure if you happen to be working on a strategic planetary defense simulator with covert themes set during the Cold War: http://www.goodshepherd.games/games/phantom-doctrine It's by the Hard West devs, the trailer's pretty crazy.
  15. Chris already made an appearance long ago talking about X1. He's done a really good job staying under 90 since then.
  16. Definitely support the idea plot holes and all. It'd be a real shame not to make use of the Cold War setting in some way in a second game.
  17. It's over with a total of $765,948 of which roughly 320k are investments. Hopefully it's enough to produce something that might be called finished and hopefully sales are good enough to round up them aquatic stretch goals. One advantage is that dev expenses of working in Bulgaria will be much lower compared to Western Europe and beyond. Slacker backer is also a thing so it's not too late to get in on it: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/phoenix-point
  18. There will be ballistics and hit chance in the final game, it's just not implemented yet. Units won't be 100% accurate. I really wish Gollop had clarified that in the vid.
  19. There's a video demonstrating the movement/action system in more detail: As a Jagged Alliance fan I do wish PP had less Firaxis in it. We ended up with level based skills, smaller squads (even though there's no hard cap), minimalistic inventory (from what I see) and no true granular ap system, but that's the world we live in I guess.
  20. The gameplay video is out: There's 2 more days left in the campaign so this will hopefully draw some pledges. I'm skeptical about reaching the 2nd stretch goal but it's certainly possible. The second "rush hour" at the end of a campaign isn't as given as it once was though many people still assume it'll happen. Many game campaigns just fizzle out these days. It's a nice demo, Gollop's less than great at PR and presentation as usual but the Crab Queen is really impressive.
  21. Fig is well known to rpg fans since it's a joint project by people from inXile, Obsidian and others. Pillars of Eternity 2 got 4.4 million on it last time. Main difference is that, aside from traditional pledging, you can also invest money and with a bit of luck get it back with a small profit after the game launches.
  22. Sadly the funding's nowhere near I was hoping it'd be at by now but it was to be expected I suppose without the X-COM name and Gollop not being as well known to the general gaming public. Hopefully there can be an "aquatic expansion" down the way. I'd really hate for that whole aspect of the game to just fall by the wayside, it's a big part of the setting.
  23. If you hadn't you'd have to shoot yourself for insubordination, there'd be maple syrup all over the walls.
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