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  1. Lookng forward to this. Not going to lie, I was planning on streaming this, but since you asked I will refrain from doing so. Quick question though: are you okay with a video being made to talk about the different features such as air combat? Now, this wouldn't really be showing off to much, but just be more of an updated version of the video you had of the air combat a while ago. If you don't want this either that's cool. I'm probably too lazy to actual record and then edit that anyways so you don't have much to worry about there. Anyways, really looking forward to this coming out in a bit. Freed my schedule today for this. Hopefully I can provide some helpful feedback.
  2. For their project after Xenonauts 2 I wouldn't mind hem making that game they had originally planned on doing. That still sounds cool.
  3. Impressive go so far. Got 2 stretch goals so far and it looks like you'll be able to get a bit more as it progresses. I know that I'll be adding in a bit more money once I get it . It's a little difficult with the changes to Euros and Kickstarter not listing everything in one currency type. I am a bit sad that only one of the stretch goals I wanted is in the top three, but if it gets you more money, I can live with it. I can always try my hand at modding. I did give myself some interesting ideas talking about the features you wanted to implement.
  4. I don't know much to help you out. At the place I work at now, most of the QA is done in-house. I think it is only the big places that do game testers. One thing I do know though is that the big places really require you to live in the area so you can test in person. Most AAA studios won't send you their work so you can do it remotely.
  5. So I tried to get the latest update to install and when I got to use the patcher I'm getting errors. It says that genteerl.dll is wither not able to run on windows or that there is an issue with the download. Is that a known issue or am I doing it wrong? I have the file with the patcher in it unzipped and I'm trying to run the installer. Does it have to be in the Xenonauts folder? Any help here would be appreciated.
  6. Hey All. Sorry if I'm asking something that is readily explained in some previous posts (there are just so many now) but I have some questions about the updates. I recently started playing this mod based off of the link for the 3 core downloads. I have some stuff that clearly needs to be updated and I noticed some updates after where I download my files from. My question is, what all extra stuff do I need and, if it needs to be done this way, what order do the things need to be installed in? Also, if I do update, can I continue my current save file? I'm just curious. I started a stream of this this morning and I really am enjoying it so far and I don't exactly want to have to start over from the beginning / be able to get the most up to date experience. Thanks for your replies.
  7. This was an interesting read. I'm looking forward to the kickstarter. I'd happily pay $35 to get the early access. I do miss there won't be physical products this time, but digital products should all be good. I do love my artbook for X1. Hoping for some cool goodies like that this time.
  8. Well, thanks to this news I'll probably be lurking here more. especially now that I have my own tbs in the works.
  9. I'm really interested to learn some more about the lore for this game. I know it's not supposed to be connected with Xenonauts but since this is set semi-far into the future it might could be just not explicitly stated. But that is not really important. I'm just a lore-whore. Although, I must ask, is there any chance that you might put the Scuttler into this game? I really liked it's design.
  10. Everything seems pretty cool. Can't wait to see what you do with the system. It's not a bad system but it felt a little lacking to me in XCOM. Also, a little idea for a building. It would be awesome to have to go to a factory that is an assembly line for Androns as a little nod.
  11. Yep. Not that bad. Also lots of mods.
  12. SimCity 4 also had so much content and lasting potential. Only thing really holding it back was graphics.
  13. All of this sounds very interesting. The basic details of the games both sound interesting so far. I'm looking forward to more updates.
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