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  1. Well, thanks to this news I'll probably be lurking here more. especially now that I have my own tbs in the works.
  2. Any new news on this?
  3. I've also encountered this issue.
  4. I'm really interested to learn some more about the lore for this game. I know it's not supposed to be connected with Xenonauts but since this is set semi-far into the future it might could be just not explicitly stated. But that is not really important. I'm just a lore-whore. Although, I must ask, is there any chance that you might put the Scuttler into this game? I really liked it's design.
  5. Everything seems pretty cool. Can't wait to see what you do with the system. It's not a bad system but it felt a little lacking to me in XCOM. Also, a little idea for a building. It would be awesome to have to go to a factory that is an assembly line for Androns as a little nod.
  6. Yep. Not that bad. Also lots of mods.
  7. SimCity 4 also had so much content and lasting potential. Only thing really holding it back was graphics.
  8. All of this sounds very interesting. The basic details of the games both sound interesting so far. I'm looking forward to more updates.
  9. I started watching TotalBiscuit's Game Awards Show and in the sectionof Best Crowdfunded Games he brought up Xenonauts. He also seemed to speak very positively about the game. I'm always happy to see this game get some press by somebody well-known.
  10. Was really looking into getting that game. My only problem is my lacking of money. Would love to get one of the big tiers. Looks pretty good. Also, I'm loving the art style.
  11. I can't remember rthe specifics of which aliens carry those guns but I think Androns do as well. Maybe RNGesus has not smiled favorably upon you and you just haven't found one yet.
  12. I could be wrong but I think you get it from officers and leaders. Maybe you are blowing them all up and you haven't been able to recover any of them.
  13. I loved SupCom because of the improvements, especially in FA, and the experimentals were pretty sweet but I was disappointed by its sequel. That wasn't in the same style as the previous. I also liked Spore. I replayed that many times. But apparently everyone else hated that game.But I have always liked Maxis. Except for what they did to Sims 4. It did seem to be even a step back from the base of the 3rd game. Other than that it was mostly what I was expecting. My expectations might have also been low because they had just gave away the complete version of Sims 2. Still pretty good.
  14. The games that disappointed me recently are an interesting bunch. The first one for me would be the new Alien game. The AI can do some pretty stupid things. And, I don't really want to get too nitpicky but the ultimate predator should be able to sense me under a table or in a locker. That a for some reason the people look weird to me. I know others say it look beautiful and I will admit the aesthetics of the levels look nice but the people just look like there is something off about them. Maybe it's just some uncanny valley stuff. Also, I will admit I did enjoy Aliens more than Alien so I would have been more happy with just another game like Colonial Marines but without the problems that that game had. (I also feel like that game would have been better received if it didn't do the thing with that demo being way better. People complained about you fighting humans more in that game than you did aliens but you do about the same in this game as well.) I was a little disappointed recently with how the new Dragon Age handled its tactical view. Really made for a console. But I did find out that it had an interesting multiplayer so that kindof made up for it. The only other thing I was really disappointed about recently was that the new Xenoblade game doesn't have a specific release date. That and the fact that GTA V will be $60 when it's released for the PC. Won't be getting that any time soon. Some of my friends are upset at me for not wanting to get it as soon as it comes out but I don't want to pay $60 for a game that came out over a year ago just so that I can do multiplayer with my friends.