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  1. Definitely support the idea plot holes and all. It'd be a real shame not to make use of the Cold War setting in some way in a second game.
  2. It's over with a total of $765,948 of which roughly 320k are investments. Hopefully it's enough to produce something that might be called finished and hopefully sales are good enough to round up them aquatic stretch goals. One advantage is that dev expenses of working in Bulgaria will be much lower compared to Western Europe and beyond. Slacker backer is also a thing so it's not too late to get in on it:
  3. There will be ballistics and hit chance in the final game, it's just not implemented yet. Units won't be 100% accurate. I really wish Gollop had clarified that in the vid.
  4. There's a video demonstrating the movement/action system in more detail: As a Jagged Alliance fan I do wish PP had less Firaxis in it. We ended up with level based skills, smaller squads (even though there's no hard cap), minimalistic inventory (from what I see) and no true granular ap system, but that's the world we live in I guess.
  5. The gameplay video is out: There's 2 more days left in the campaign so this will hopefully draw some pledges. I'm skeptical about reaching the 2nd stretch goal but it's certainly possible. The second "rush hour" at the end of a campaign isn't as given as it once was though many people still assume it'll happen. Many game campaigns just fizzle out these days. It's a nice demo, Gollop's less than great at PR and presentation as usual but the Crab Queen is really impressive.
  6. Fig is well known to rpg fans since it's a joint project by people from inXile, Obsidian and others. Pillars of Eternity 2 got 4.4 million on it last time. Main difference is that, aside from traditional pledging, you can also invest money and with a bit of luck get it back with a small profit after the game launches.
  7. Sadly the funding's nowhere near I was hoping it'd be at by now but it was to be expected I suppose without the X-COM name and Gollop not being as well known to the general gaming public. Hopefully there can be an "aquatic expansion" down the way. I'd really hate for that whole aspect of the game to just fall by the wayside, it's a big part of the setting.
  8. If you hadn't you'd have to shoot yourself for insubordination, there'd be maple syrup all over the walls.
  9. At least you'll have an excuse to get drunk again.
  10. It has begun: One thing that caught my eye are these missions with specific objectives that also require special equipment to complete.
  11. I meant aside from X2 or parallel to it rather. Like a re-release of X1 but with applicable X2 features (Unity and 3D assets basically). It's probably not as "easy' as it sounds, it was just a thought. It only came to mind because you mentioned (partially) recreating X1 in unity before implementing/testing X2 specific features so that X1 Unity "skeleton" might be used to make a better (and more moddable) X1 as well.
  12. It'd be really great if you could actually do this to full extent and eventually release it for free to X1 owners. It'd work as an updated modding platform as well.
  13. "Only through inner peace can outward conflict be resolved." \(-_-)/ Like how the game's shaping up. Animations feel smooth, aliens look quite nice, overall familiar but better. Performance is good, no crashing, survivors attain Nirvana.
  14. Seems like a "modest" amount, hope he's found enough capital elsewhere. Fig seems a bit risky too. It can work well for famous devs and established brands but the irony here is that while X-Com is well known Gollop's probably not so much and the game is a new IP, no X-Com name to call upon. Maybe he's hoping Fig will draw some actual investors with significant funds.
  15. Survey results and some thoughts from Gollop. Could also be interesting to other people working on similar games. This is from the newsletter.