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Xenonaut Base Progress


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But here in Xenonauts we are using non-vtol MIGs and Fs, so how do planes get out of them? I see no elevators/large doors on hangar layouts...

They don't get out. The planes are unmanned, what you see in the hangars is just very authentic control stations.

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Technical note: RL missiles use desensitized PBX type explosives, which require a detonator to set off. Simply shooting them does nothing. Shooting them with incendiary weapons still does nothing to the warhead, but it can cause a fuel fire. Shooting them with HV (1.5km/s+) subcalibers or shaped charge warheads, however, can result in a detonation.

If it happens, Sidewinder has a radius for cutting everything short of an engine or longeron of ~30ft. Larger missiles are blast-frag and will probably mess up the whole hangar.

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Works for me. :)

Keep up the good work!


I just noticed: No corridors? I guess the map will be fine like that too, but I remember sprinting from one door to the next being really intense.

Any special reason why you decided to make the base without corridors and connect the rooms directly?

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Wow, looks amazing.

I have my slight nip picking issues but im sure i can get other them :P

I really like the small traning/breifing room in the living quarters tho.

Why does the workshop only have items in it that don't need construction though? :P

I would imagine, becuase you don't know what the player might have researched. so it better to have tech that you know everyplayer must have (becuase they started with it)

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Cpl Hicks: thothkins! We're overun! they'll be on the command centre in moments.

Pvt thothkins: can't we...

Cpl Hicks: Nuke them from orbit? No, the uplink between here and the transmitter is damaged.

Pvt thothkins: Darn, we're almost out of ammo and it's just the two of us left. We've only one hope now.

Cpl Hicks: Mr Amazo's Wizard Hat of Wonders!

Pvt thothkins: Yes, these are desperate times Hicks. You get to do the silly dance this time.

Cpl Hicks: Bah! Alacazoo Alacazar! I want all the aliens dead and us at a bar!

Moments later at the ale house...

Pvt thothkins: Why don't we just do that every mission?

Cpl Hicks: They can't go into production until HWP and Trashman agree on rounds per wizard hat, I'm afraid.

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Will, having trained in military hangers, the AGE (Aerial Ground Equipment for non-Crew Chiefs) there, though obviously the 1970's styling of the equipment, I can easily tell what's what and the like. Huzzah on you. As to the comments about the Workshop showing 'starting' equipment, it actually makes a bit of sense, due to the fact you still have to maintain all that equipment. Weapons need cleaning, vehicles need tuning and repairs, and where better to show that, than the workshop?

The sandbags do feel a little off, especially the number of them plus the neatness of them. If you've got time (say an hour, two), yeah you can get that many to look that neat and tidy. When you've got 30 minutes or less? You'll be lucky to at the least have them in place, screw tidy! Your rushing to put something between you and those bullets coming in!

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Yeah the starting gear in the workshop wasn't a serious complaint.

There will likely be more advanced equipment in the more advanced buildings as well.

I reckon the workshop could have put together something at least as durable as sandbags that were easier to push into place.

Some kind of jersey barrier maybe that can be drooped in place by a forklift, or even a decent pallet truck, in a pretty short amount of time.

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