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  1. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/06/05/desura-bankruptcy-bad-juju-games/ Bad times, but if anyone had been following the news about them, there had been reports of developers having difficulty recieving money from Desura from Nov 2014 onwards (which is when Desura changed hands). For anyone who is exclusively using Desura for Xenonauts and bought it pre-Steam, worth reading this topic about getting Steam keys by our glorious leader, which still currently works: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5237-Post-Steam-Development-Process
  2. The AK is really really easy to implement as a generally available weapon. I think it was about six lines across 3 files. The others are a fair bit more work. Not too bad though.
  3. Hmm, as that was never in the original set of faces before they starting adding backers faces, I'm fairly certain that is indeed a backer's face.
  4. Congrats Goldhawk. Time to go on holiday yeah? As one of the early pre-KS backers, I have to say it's been interesting following (and sort of being involved thanks to the close communication by Chris and the suggestions threads) over such a long period and it's good to finally see the game hit gold.
  5. Nah, games like Xenonauts won't work with solutions like the OP's. It's a horrid thing to balance as you can be at the 'start' of the game but you can have near end game troops if you don't put any limiting on training. Personally, the only way I can see of even partly balancing it would be to only allow one training session per proper mission, at which point it becomes almost pointless as you might as well just do more proper missions and alternate the teams.
  6. They gave us the pick-one-of-three-missions which screws both continents you didn't pick, bloody satellites to manage both money and nation happiness, and on topic for this thead, completely unlimited ammo. I'd rather they didn't attempt it.
  7. I concur with Dranak, stores management for ammo was rare in the OG, I'd buy rifle magazines in bulk for a while, move on to lasers, and then just not worry about ammo at all between them and picking up heavy plasma during missions. We did actually have limited ammo for all the weapons above the ballistics for a while, but as Dranak pointed out, it didn't actually add anything, and it also made manufacturing a pain to balance. For what it's worth, if you really want limited ammo in Xenonauts (aside from intercepter missiles), it's quite easy to mod in: All you need to do is change the type in items.xml from Unlimited to Normal (or Uncapped), and then just add the entries into Manufactures.xml to actually make the things. Obviously you can't buy the items as there's nothing to support that, but you can certain make them (or just pretend the manufacturing time is delivery and unboxing time).
  8. I'm still against it. Mostly because it removes the hard choice we've got now: Does Private Sniffy A) Take a rocket launcher with him when he's loading up in case we come across something that needs a rocket to the face, meaning he's less good against general bad guys as he's only got a pistol to use on them. OR B) Take an assault rifle and grenades so as to be good against a general threat, but run the risk that if something does need a rocket to the face then we can't supply it? Allowing a dropship locker does allow more tactical options so I can see why people want the feature especially in light of the fact they get no pre-launch mission information to tailor their squads with, but in my view having a dropship locker would mean the player doesn't have to make a hard choice before launching the transport and it also means they don't have to deal with making the wrong choice. I should point out I always play Ironman and don't savescum, which should give you an insight as to why I'm very much in favour of making people live with their choices.
  9. This game used to have soldier training. It was taken out as it was deemed pretty pointless to have it as it has negative effects on how the game is played or the training itself was rendered useless after a point. It will not be going back in. There's some fundmental problems with training systems in games like this. The three normal sytems are below: Put a cap on the upper limit of the training. (This is what Chris chose for Xenonauts, where it turned rookies into the first proper rank) Regardless of what the cap is, there comes a point where having people in training is rendered pointless because you've either got enough skilled personnel from combat to cover any gaps, or whatever the cap is results in "trained" soldiers that aren't good enough by the mid to late game anyway, so throwing people at combat is the only option. Uncapped and a fixed time limit per training gain. This resuls in people generally setting up training centres, with the end being multiple full squads of highly skilled (stats wise) troops ready to take on the hardest missions who've never actually seen battle. Which is just daft. Very similar outcome to manufacturing in the original Xcom, ie dedicated bases for laser cannon production. Has the problem of completely nullifying other game systems. Why fear losing a Colonel in combat when you're running a full squad of them and have 10+ in the background? Uncapped but big time increases per gain. You can have it uncapped, which means you can train people right up but with an an increasing time limit on each gain (ie, rank/skillup). Ie, 1 week for rookie to private, 2 weeks for private to corporal, 4 weeks for corporal to sargeant... This contains both negative points from point 1 and 2. Either the increased training time only gets silly at really high ranks, so you end up with loads of decent troops who've not seen action, and/or you end up at the point where your trained troops aren't good enough and training in the centre takes too long to get them good enough, so throwing them at combat is the only option. It's pointless to have a trooper training for an entire month for a single gain, when a couple of weeks of missions would have seen him get x4 the gains. In short, training sounds good on paper, but in reality, doe not work well in games like these where risking soldiers is a calculated choice and it can take away from the notion of losses being important. Your suggestion using an existing experienced soldier could straddle all three of the suggestions, but you're still left with the negative points.
  10. And with the nearing of Christmas, comes the burning of the Yule log...
  11. Huh, not played for a while, but I did know airstrikes were being implemented. What's suprising is that by judging from this thread, their implementation hasn't followed the original discussions whereby we were told the meat of the game was the ground missions and therefore if you wanted to skip them by using airstrikes or letting local forces deal with them, then you weren't going to get any rewards either.
  12. Just to point out, the "references" (Wikipedia isn't a valid reference) all point towards smart weapons which simply deactivate. The link to the the Hainan Island incident is mearly what the military (and civilians) have been doing for hundreds of years: Scuttling. In none of those references is there a mention of self destruction. However, I can see and agree with the logic that weapons could deactivate themselves, rendering them useles in combat for xenonauts to pick up, but no military would seriously consider a weapon which can self destruct. The chance, even minute, of a weapon self destructing of its own accord or if it recieves damage in combat, would see soldiers not want to go near it, and get it viewed as a very unsafe weapon.
  13. As an FYI, it's *really* easy to make the AK47 appear as another assault rifle in your armoury considering pretty much all the xml files are there thanks to being able to pick it up during a ground battle and use it with your troops anyway. Been a while, but it was a couple of tiny tweaks to the items.xml and I think possibly having to add one xml entry to the xml file that controls the armoury (weapons.xml). Of course, adding new magazines for it is a bit more involved, but no more than about 10 mins work in all.
  14. My only wish is that we can throw shoes.
  15. Granted, I've not played since 17 (or maybe 18), but my squads then consisted of about 4 snipers, a couple of mg's, a couple of light riflemen and/or a rocket trooper. Being honest, rockets aren't needed. You can carry many more grenades spread out across your soldiers.
  16. Huh, this is a really old bug. I reported it just over a year ago for 10.2.
  17. Correction about CS because I've been up since 3am and feel like being a pedant : Early version's (ie, betas) used the real gun names. They went fake for the 1.0 commercial release, hence why the Desert Eagle (aka deagle) is called the "Nighthawk .50c" in the game, the MP5 is called the "KM submachine gun" etc...
  18. Probably because it's not an overlay with glowing blue or grey edges. That's apparently modern UI design.
  19. No, it wouldn't. To clarify, I've nothing against real time games, but you do lose a lot of the tension, plus it can get far too hectic to actually manage the team properly. Even with a real-time-pause feature you still lose the tactical tension from turn based games. After many years of playing games, I don't think real time works very well for small squad based games. Individuals or big groups yes, but not for small squads.
  20. $266 Million? Hmm, I wonder what sizable percentage of that is advertising and pre-printing costs.
  21. To quote the last Deus Ex game: "I didn't ask for this". I'm still in favour, like I said in the thread about it, of aircraft being destroyed. However, it's Chris's game, and although I really think having a recoverable aircraft should be varying % chance based on difficulty (75% chance on easy for an example), it's up to him if he wants to implement it that way.
  22. Default directory is My Docs/Xenonauts. I did make a thread last year saying it should be MyDocs/My Games/Xenonauts for ease of finding. I probably should bump it considering Chris said it's something they'd probably do when in beta.
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