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  1. There was never a good reason to have multiple dropships in X1, outfitting one squad with the latest tech is hard enough, outfitting two squads is near impossible without major sacrifices, and even then your splitting up experience. The viability of multi dropships in X1 mods is irrelevant. I personally would rather the best mechanic for the game be picked, if that be the classic base system or the X2 base system. The thing with multi bases, is most of them just become mini-bases akin to X2. Becoming figthter and radar bases, maybe with one or two dedicated bases for other reasons, but that's a stretch.
  2. Steelpoint

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I've also personally found if iffy when we have a military team where the entire frontline troops rank from Captain to Major or beyond, I never knew we were making entire fire teams out of Officers only. I appreciated the original XCOM's rank system where the highest ranks are limited to the amount of troops you have and you can't have too many officers. You can have plenty of Squaddies and Sergeants but only a limited amount of Captains and only one Commander. Even if its more so superficial. I know this is more fluff and aesthetics. Perhaps if there was a system where you can designate a certain amount of sufficiently higher troops into 'officer' roles that grant them a minor bravery/morale boost and confer that to other soldiers on a mission, but that's getting a bit extensive for a simple system.
  3. Steelpoint

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    The medic bag caught me off guard, I assumed it functioned akin to X1 and it took me a bit to notice the smaller medical icon on the HUD. Having a full upper body image of my selected soldier felt a bit off putting but that's just personal preference, the UI nonetheless felt functional and informative, seeing a very clear usage of TU's on the HUD based on my selected actions prior to doing them did prove helpful
  4. Steelpoint


    I'm not as iffy with Aliens having better protection than Humans in the late game, since the main counter at that point is that you will have between 10-12 soldiers and maybe a Tank. Throughout my entire Insane Ironman play though, any time a soldier wearing Pred/Sent armour was hit by a Battle Rifle, they died. The only utility therein when they are dead is that the armour protection might be enough to possible save them after the battle is over. However I don't want my soldiers to become invincible, since that would remove any tension. However being able to at least tank a single shot or two should be a given for the most expensive, and powerful, armour in the game.
  5. Steelpoint


    From what I've seen, most Aliens will end up using 'Alien Battle Rifles' by the late game. Which is when your using Predator and Sentinel Armour. The Battle Rifle essentially nullifys most of your Armours protection (correction, It has about 30 armour mitigation), meaning by the end game the utility of using Pred/Sent armour is for the weapon benefits (Flying/360 degree vision/walking around with a machinegun). It is annoying that your armour is hyped up as being super awesome, but is almost completely useless against late game alien weapons. --- In fact, I did the math a while ago. If you go to the bottom of this wiki page you'll see how effective Predator armour is against alien weapons: http://xenonauts.wikia.com/wiki/Predator Its good against early game weapons, against late game weapons its a coin toss.
  6. Steelpoint

    Tanks love friendly fire

    Sometimes I think friendly fire accidents come down to poor communication on certain objects blocking your shot. An example is your tank/soldier is behind a crate that has another small crate in front of it. So even though the first crate will be shot over, the second crate may well have a 45% of blocking the shot. There are also some circumstances where a wall unintentionally blocks a shot at close range with no warning it would do that. The biggest offender is the Charlie Dropship. In my earlier post about my Hyperion Tank killing a good portion my squad, I had positioned my tank near a wall. The tank was 1/3 behind the wall, the far right side of the tank was behind the wall, yet when I fired, expecting the shot to fire from the middle of the tank, it instead hit the wall to its right.
  7. Medium to Large UFOs, and Alien Bases, should be designed around allowing the player the ability to more effectively move their troops into the UFO without heavily exposing them to enemy fire. The usage of opening and closing the door is the symptom of the somewhat poor UFO design, well by not poor from the aliens perspective that is. Preforming this 'dooring' tactic is not only extremely viable but is outright demanded in order to not take unneeded casualties. Allow me to elaborate, I'll be using the Corvette design here, but also referring to other designs and alien bases. This is the corvette design I am talking about (took me forever to find a image online):Image ---- That image above shows heavily encourages the player to hang back and use the 'dooring' tactic. Moving you soldiers inside the corridor leaves them horribly exposed, with not enough TU's to move anywhere useful, and the Aliens can move into the area and take free pot shots at the exposed soldiers. Alien Bases are often worse, the control rooms offer no real initial cover for the humans, feature a very long corridor down to the control room usually guarded by several aliens who keep opening the door and shooting. The game can often come down to pure luck on moving soldiers up and hoping the aliens are not all stacked up on the other side, pop out, and kill half your team during their turn. When your playing on Ironman that becomes even more annoying to deal with. ---- The design of the UFO needs to allow the attacking soldiers some breathing space to move into cover, not be immediently exposed to heavy alien fire but also force the humans to enter the UFO instead of hanging back shooting from a distance. I recall assaulting a Large Alien Bases control room. As soon as I opened it I was greeted to about eight defending aliens. I simply could not move any of my soldiers into the room as they would be horribly flanked on all sides. I had to use the 'dooring' tactic in order to clear the room.
  8. Mind Control does become obnoxious to deal with in the late game, bravery seems to offer little resistance and your only defence is to drop then requip your weapons every turn, which gets annoying to do.
  9. Steelpoint

    Need a bit of noob advice...

    I think that UFO starts to appear mid way through January.
  10. Steelpoint

    Need a bit of noob advice...

    Corvette's, Landing Ships and Carrier's can build bases. While Alien Bases can hold alien leaders, a certain UFO type will also hold alien leaders. The first UFO to carry one is:
  11. Imagine this scenario. Ironman Insane, your inside a Large Alien Base. Your squad consists of eight soldiers, three Predators, five Sentinals, cross of MAG/Plasma weapons. You have to capture a Praetor. Your just outside the control room, the control room door is a long hallway with no cover. Inside the control room is about six to seven Elite Ceasans with Battle Rifles (Tend to one shot my soldiers), three Elite Wraiths, all of which are carrying a Plasma Cannon, and a Praetor. The question is, if you could not close the entry door, and your soldier opening the door would draw reaction fire, how do you breach and clear that room? Don't forget the constant barragment of Mind Control attempts and Dread. In my opinion, I think this feature would just be making the game even more unneededly hard.
  12. Try Insane Ironman. Breaching UFOs is a big task to preform, I still have nightmares trying to breach Corvette's, the layout that has a three way section with doors on each side is the hardest UFO to breach in the game for me, I would rather breach a Battleship than that Corvette. Aside from using Shields, which I've never used, the only other alternative to breaching a UFO involves sending my men into the UFO, out of cover, to die. Opening and closing the door may well be cheesy, but there is no better alternative for me. Funny thing is, my breaching strategy for clearing Carriers is to keep moving soldiers back and fourth on the teleporters to the third level, shoot out the doors and kill the aliens as they step into my line of fire.
  13. Steelpoint

    Tanks love friendly fire

    I just finished my Insane Ironman game, well by finished I mean I lost at the last mission. Mainly in the fact that my Tank decided to hit the wall next to it and wipe out 1/3rd of my squad. Then the infinite battle rifles that negate armour but that's beside the point. Explosive weapons, and Support Tanks, are great. But are very situational and great care needs to be used when using them. In my experience the vast majority of friendly fire issues I've had come from explosive weapons and tanks.
  14. The history is still there, here's a link: http://xenonauts.wikia.com/wiki/Alien_Stats?oldid=4202 These are back from December 2012.
  15. Well that forced me to update the stats page. Take a gander.