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    i am a friendly and relaxed kinda guy who just likes to game,watch anime and hang out with my friends be it online or real life.
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  1. wow awesome art work. it looks great every thing seems pretty right so far for a base like that.
  2. Well personally Chris i think it looks a hell of a lot better then the old one, and i love the art style of it i think it is more fitting but that is just me personally. i had always kinda disliked the older one and was kinda annoyed with it so thank you for your hard work.
  3. Hey every one i am new here thought i would say hi. i live currently in Florida. i had heard about X-com years ago but never really got to play it till recently which i am enjoying it a lot and well when i saw a youtube video of Xenonauts i had to check it out and sense then thrown in my preorder. also quick question i should have the gold metal how do i add it?