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  1. Reminds me of the World War novels by Turtledove where the 'race' invade Earth during WW2 under the assumption the Humans were still at Medieval levels of technology, due to the race having a different view on technological progress over time they never expected that Humanity would go from swords and arrows to tanks and machineguns in under 600 or so years.
  2. An advantage of the 'alien orbital bombardment' is that it could give us a real sense of a war occurring and there being consequences that we can't just assume that we can stop even with our advance technology. I'd even go an extra step and suggest you could even tie this mechanic more into the game to better represent the progress of the alien incursion to the player. As the war progresses, as casualties and the bombardments mount, infrastructure and emergency services will begin to falter and fail, in the early days they could try and fix the damage wherever it occurred, but in the final days of the war the remenants of any emergency services would likely be only able to barely repair vital areas of a city, government facilities, power plants, military bases, leaving the rest of the city to burn. You could represent this, if you are prepared to take the extra mile, by making Industrial and City maps appear more and more war torn as the game progresses. In the earlier stages of the game, the city maps would appear pristine and well kept. In the mid game, the maps would show signs of damage, a building with a hole in the front, a street that has a giant crater surrounded by warning signs, damaged cars, etc, etc. In the late game, the cities would appear akin to an active warzone, out of control fires, overturned vehicles, military and emergency service vehicles strewn all over, entire buildings torn apart. The civilians would start looking as we do today. But as it progress they become more dirty and desperate looking. From people wearing business suits and clean shirts to people in torn jackets, surplus survival gear and akin. --- At the very least, this whole idea evokes the final cutscene from XCOM Apocalypse for me, the city you've spent the game defending is likely half destroyed and this final scene represents that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2TAPbOkB9s Its a interesting idea, maybe more of a 'modders' dream.
  3. Is it normal for a Terror Carrier/Ship to carry both a Terror and Assault operator on the same crash site? I just finished my campaigns first Terror Carrier assault and I was able to capture these two. ----- Also, I removed the 'workshop support' mod from the modlist, and started my new NG+2 campaign and I was able to unlock the Wolf armour, so I'd wager that was the reason it was MIA originally.
  4. If I throw a grenade far away it should at least land somewhere near to where I threw it, even if it goes way off course. The worse thing in any game that has a throwing mechanic is when your guy fumbles terrible and tosses the grenade at his feet somehow. I can accept people being terrible throws under pressure (I'm sure someone will post a video of someone accidently tossing a grenade, live or otherwise, too close to themselves) but in theory our soldiers are some of the ""best"" soldiers on Earth and they should have a good enough throwing arm. If I toss a grenade 8 tiles away, assuming my character has the strength to make that throw, the grenade should land somewhere near to that throw, even if it deviates three or so tiles to the side away from it, the only circumstance where a grenade should end up landing very close to the thrower is if the person throwing is doing so when there's some object in their way that could catch the grenade, a person, tank or object.
  5. Just some minor feedback on terror missions. I think these missions are in a good place balance wise (by NG+2 standards), I was barely able to win my first Andron terror mission via some good fortune and the loss of a few soldiers (I was able to occupy a building to the south east of the landing zone and hold em off from there and I barely got mk1 laser weapons out before the mission started). My main issue is that I dislike the removal of the '20 turn free vision' feature, where after 20 turns you get full vision of the map. I feel removing that is akin to removing having full vision of an Alien base when you occupy the command centre. It really helps in clearing out the last remnants of the Aliens and speeds up the last leg of a long mission. If the feature is too open to abuse then I'd be fine extending the min timer to 30 turns, or maybe even setting it that you only get the free vision when less than X enemies remain plus 20 turns have passed.
  6. OG Xcom does the same concept where each transport ship has a limit on the amount of vehicles (HWPs) it can carry. You might want to be wary on having a max limit of MARS's during base defence missions, if there's no cap then there's nothing stopping the player tossing sixteen or more MARS's at each base and steamrolling the aliens. You could also take the X-Division route and make it that you get only one vehicle slot for a transport, but that slot does not decrease the amount of Human soldiers you can take.
  7. I think the game kinda answered my question in that the Chief Scientist does state in one of the weapon reports that its up to the player to determine if the weapons of a specific class are actually viable against the Aliens, he's only giving us options on the weapons he can make and we have to pick the right ones. ---- On a separate note. I got tried of trying to keep track of the Aliens I've captured and not, so I decided to make a spreadsheet to better keep track. I'll link a copy of it to share for anyone else who wants it to help keep track, it has categories for Ceasans and Sebillians for all four phases. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e3FD_S84vprEYlspu4zUlzi6Ax_0Ii-oNsHdT3c-eBE/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I suppose I'll take this as an opportunity to start a new game on a higher difficulty, NG+1 or NG+2, since I've found myself doing very well mid way through Phase 2. I'll remove the workshop mod and see if it makes a difference, I'll try around with GC Editor and see if I can blitz through and see if I can get Wolf with that workshop mod removed. --- Speaking about the game, is there any practicality in taking Ballistic guns over Energy guns? Outside of ballistic Shotguns/Carbines and maybe one Ballistic Minigun, I've found the Energy Guns (Up to Phase 2 at least) far more versatile and effective, especially when it comes to Sebillians and more so Androns who are more resistant to ballistics than energy.
  9. The latest version, I was originally using 1.00.10 before updating to 1.00.11. However I updated the game only a short time ago, long after I should've unlocked the Wolf armour.
  10. That is pretty much my earliest save game as it stands. I've kinda slowed down playing the mod since I don't want to get too far ahead without Wolf armour and the other armours you get from it, I'm already just shy of February 1980 with only Predator armour to show for it.
  11. I have both Andron and Andron Guard disassembly. Even if Wolf is not as good, I checked the research and noticed a some of later game armours require the Wolf to have been researched as a pre-requisite. EDIT: Here's my latest geoscape save game if anyone is curious to check the issue: XD-3.sav
  12. Well, failing finding a solution, is there a way to "cheat" the game and unlock the armour? Even if the tech requires Engineers instead of Technicians, I still would've satisfied that criteria as I've interrogated Ceasen and Sebillian Engineers, and the fact I've unlocked Predator armour I think shows I've exceeded the requirements.
  13. I think I've found a bug. The game has not unlocked Wolf armour despite that I think I have the pre-reqs for it. I've actually got to the point where I've just unlocked Predator armour. I checked the mods 'research' and found that it states that to unlock the Wolf you need to have done... Alien Alloy Fabrication Ceasen Technician Interrogation Sebillian Technician Interrogation Andron Disassembly I've checked my Xenopedia and I can confirm I've researched all four of these. For what it is worth I'm currently midway through January 1980, I was assuming I needed more research to unlock the Wolf but the fact I just unlocked the Predator caused me to check the files to see what is going on. Maybe I've missed something, but I still think it should be brought up.
  14. Steelpoint

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    The Hunter was still a dubious choice since you were sacrificing two soldier slots for one vehicle that does not earn experience. At the very least the MARS has the advantage you only take one slot. There's a mod for OpenXcom (Hardmode) that adds scout drones to the game, one of their benefits is that if it is destroyed you get back the wreckage and you can rebuild the drone at half the cost it would take to buy a new one, assuming you recovered the wreck. That kind of feature would definitely improve the usability of the MARS, in addition at this stage I feel the MARS is more a proof of concept since it lacks any real upgrade options that I assume it'll get in later game versions as we get better tech. -- Back on the aircraft heavy armour. One thing I was thinking to add some incentive to use heavy armour is that any aircraft that is damaged while using heavy armour can be repaired much faster, and that if a heavy armour aircraft is shot down, then the craft can be recovered faster than an aircraft with light armour. At the end of the day, you'd rather not take damage than take it, but if taking damage or even losing your aircraft did not punish you as hard then I think there might be a reason to have a few heavy armour aircraft to act as the tanks.
  15. I was playing the first raid mission of my campaign, I ended my turn, the aliens played their turn, then the game crashed to desktop when their turn ended. ---- Elaborating. I successfully moved my troops on my first turn, I fired at and killed one Wraith (I assume they are still called Wraiths in X2), I had one of my Snipers, using the improved/upgraded ballistic sniper fire on a second Wraith I had vision on, wounding but not killing it. I ended my turn with two Wraiths in view of my troops, but too far for my riflemen to engage. When I ended my turn, the aliens successfully played their turn. One Andron walked into my line of fire from off screen but took no action, one of the Wraiths dissapeared and the second one charged my closest soldier but did not fire. Seemingly, when the aliens turn ended the normal background music stopped playing for a second, then the game instantly CTD. (Edit: I should note that the absolute last action the game did before it CTD was the closest Wraith charging towards my troops but stopping adjacent to a cargo container, he stopped at the edge of it, then the game would freeze and CTD) I replayed my savestate, which was saved at the end of my first turn, but moved my soldiers around a bit, the result was the same in that the game CTD, the Wraith executed the same move it did in the last save as the final action of the Aliens turn. ---- Included below is the latest output log and ground combat save file. I've had no other performance issues or bugs in the ground combat portion of the game, the only other issues I've had is slowdown when UFO's appear on the Geoscape. output.log groundcombat-58.json
  16. Steelpoint

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    On the Andron issue, I've just encountered Androns on the 30th day of the first month on a 'raid' mission (I assume some kind of mini-terror mission). My best weapons are the improved ballistics. Speaking of guns, the Grenade Launcher seems, at its current state, useless. It has terrible accuracy at any range (at point blank I have a 40% hit chance, past about six or so tiles it drops to 0%) and it seems to fail to destroy cover or terrain. I could rant about some of the issues I have with the ground combat balance, but that's the joy of pre-early access.
  17. Steelpoint

    Udate/Patch Notes?

    You can find the key changes thread here:
  18. Steelpoint

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    My initial thoughts on the 'weekly' alien bombardment mechanic is I feel the reputation/relations loss will outpace our ability to compensate for it. Maybe I've just had bad luck but by the third half of my first month my relations in Europe are down to 40, despite me having conducted extensive operations there. From my initial observation of the new light/heavy armour for interceptors, I just have a feeling that we're going to end up with everyone using light armour over the heavy armour, if it comes to a choice between 100 extra aircraft health versus the ability to dodge, I'd rather be able to dodge and avoid damage instead of tanking more damage. It is early days however, and I do appreciate that, at this stage, it seem swapping between the armours is instant so you could change your aircraft load outs prior to sending them out on a intercept mission, this might be relevant later on. Just my quick thoughts.
  19. Steelpoint

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    An alternative explanation would be its akin to slotting attachments on a gun.
  20. If the idea of the Aliens instantly opening the invasion with constant, weekly, city bombardments feels a bit premature or rushed, perhaps the concept can be tweaked to feel more like it is escalating along with the conflict. So at the start of the game the incursions would be on the smaller side, instead of a orbital bombardment a city would suffer minor sabotage or assault events that cannot be interceded. As an example, in week 2 of the game, the city of Novosibirsk in Russia/Soviet Union/Whatever suffers an sustained and unexplained power outage, with rumours purporting sightings of alien forces near power plants, this event would knock off an amount of reputation that region has with the Xenonauts. Next week, a government building in Omsk, Russia, is bombed, with forensics purporting there to be plasma residue around the bomb site. Further hindering relations with Russia. I think the idea is simply that the scale of these attacks will escalate as the game goes on, so in the first months its these small, terrorist like, attacks, but eventually you'll get to the later stages of the game where these alien disruption tactics go from minor bombings and sabotage, to blatant mass orbital attacks across entire cities and wide scale destruction of vital city assets. ------- In terms of explaining why the Xenonauts cannot respond to these. The simple explanation would be that these attacks are spur of the moment attacks that, generally, require little planning, preperation or logistical support and can be executed in such a quick time that there's no realistic way the Xenonauts could respond to counter them. ------- One further note, if we feel that the player should have some level of control over stopping or downplaying these events. Perhaps rip a feature from XCOM Long War, and set a system where a player can expand resources (money, alloys, soldiers, bases, etc) to "reinforce" a region to an extent, perhaps making it that if you expend resources to further help a region fortify and prepare for these attacks, that their severity or damage to Xenonauts reputation in that area will be reduced. So you have a trade off where you spend limited resources in a region to try and preserve your relationship with that region. There'd have to be a limit of how much you could reinforce a region or how often. Then there's wondering if this is getting excessive. But it might give the player a sense of control in dealing with these attacks.
  21. Could the installation guide be streamlined? I only just realised that I had accidently missed out on an entire update due to the poor layout of the install guide. I installed the mod, then applied the 1.00.01 update, but I did not realise that under that is a newer "unofficial" update that takes it to 1.00.10. I only noticed this because I am watching a LP and I saw this person has a updated xenopedia that actually has full text descriptions of the projects whereas my version of the game has none.
  22. I had this issue as well, game would reach 24% on load before freezing. I was able to eventually resolve the issue by going into my save files and deleting all my old saves from the original, non-experimental, version (I think 8.3 or something). Doing this instantly fixed the issue and let me load in a new game.
  23. There was never a good reason to have multiple dropships in X1, outfitting one squad with the latest tech is hard enough, outfitting two squads is near impossible without major sacrifices, and even then your splitting up experience. The viability of multi dropships in X1 mods is irrelevant. I personally would rather the best mechanic for the game be picked, if that be the classic base system or the X2 base system. The thing with multi bases, is most of them just become mini-bases akin to X2. Becoming figthter and radar bases, maybe with one or two dedicated bases for other reasons, but that's a stretch.
  24. Steelpoint

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I've also personally found if iffy when we have a military team where the entire frontline troops rank from Captain to Major or beyond, I never knew we were making entire fire teams out of Officers only. I appreciated the original XCOM's rank system where the highest ranks are limited to the amount of troops you have and you can't have too many officers. You can have plenty of Squaddies and Sergeants but only a limited amount of Captains and only one Commander. Even if its more so superficial. I know this is more fluff and aesthetics. Perhaps if there was a system where you can designate a certain amount of sufficiently higher troops into 'officer' roles that grant them a minor bravery/morale boost and confer that to other soldiers on a mission, but that's getting a bit extensive for a simple system.
  25. Steelpoint

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    The medic bag caught me off guard, I assumed it functioned akin to X1 and it took me a bit to notice the smaller medical icon on the HUD. Having a full upper body image of my selected soldier felt a bit off putting but that's just personal preference, the UI nonetheless felt functional and informative, seeing a very clear usage of TU's on the HUD based on my selected actions prior to doing them did prove helpful