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  1. radister

    Who won E3?

    during a post interview with IGN it was said, that Griffen scene was part of the main story line. So while I imagine there will be lots of enemies you can kill, a few might be in cut scene. I'm looking forward to Witcher 3, but only because Witcher is one of my favourite series. I'm surprised about the amount people are hyped about it. If I had to say the game I'm most looking forward too it will be Xenoblade X. Xenoblade on the wii was an amazing game that I loved every moment of. can't wait to play that.
  2. ..... 1 million copies...... Just a tip, but I think you should go do some research and see how many games reach that mark.
  3. I do belive some time ago open and closing doors used to cost alot less timeunit making it very easy to exploit. which is why it now costs more timeunits open and close doors. it would be good if AI came forward, but i think at the moment AI is either passive and gaurd an area or aggressive and come and attack you. So if a ship only has Passive AI then they won't come and attack you and that makes it easy to exploit.
  4. For me the only thing I’m worried about is the grenades and rocket launchers. Hopefully a rocket will do more damage than a grenade. If the grenades do more damage I think it will be slightly confusing for new players who would naturally think rockets would be more powerful. That’s all. I’m not too worried about the rest, as it makes sense how it effects gameplay.
  5. The New system makes more sence to me. I never did like over powered units to start with. this seems more balance for end game and i think will create more intresting game play and situations.
  6. Hmm, are we playing to the idea you need to lose all nations to lose the game? Because can't i just choose one or two nation and just protect them? i mean i lose money but I also lose ground i normally have to protect, means less money spent on bases and more aircraft on the other side of the world. If it played you can only lose 4 or 5 nations it might be a lot harder. (Or change the amount of nations you’re allowed to lose on difficultly) Also i think losing a nation should be something that happens. If people can get from start to end of the game losing none then i don't think it’s enough of battle against time and a dread looming over the player but more a minor annoyance.
  7. Thanks Chris, I'll try it out later once i get home. Keep up the good work
  8. not much work? are you kidding? first you have to add a network command, okay so we got to have a host and connecting player, next we need to sort out what information needs to be sent but not only that received. So if you fired your gun lets say you have to not only fire but first send a command to the other player and get a request to stop there game so we can make sure no moves are happening during the fire animation once you got that then you need get a message back informing that has happen. (of course the fire code at the moment doesn't tirgger anything like this, so adding this could cause bugs but lets side step these for now) Now the game knows the other game is paused he can fire, so you fire, you do damage. now you have to send these commands to the other player. and show them the same actions. however xenonauts probably doesn't have the code to show the same actions, and dur to random elements if they reshowed the shot it might be diffrent, so they have to add the code to copy a path of a bullet, and show that same action. however paths aren't saved they just happen in the game, so now you got to save that action as a new object, even more code to write. now you sent that object to the other player and some more code to translate that object in to the on screen fire animation. okay now the second player can send a request back to the frist player to tell them they seen the animation. first palyer get the recive command and eveything carrys on. that just firing, not coutning hurting a enermy, or death, or bleading, or moral, or weapon drops, or movement. all these things need to be packaged up in some type of object and sent to another player and then be removed from the object and added back into your game. if this was wirten along side it be easyer but adding it now is such a huge amount, not to mention the bugs. So you sent the fire command to your friend, but what if the game is working on a counter? (hidden from us) is the time to watch that animation going to trouble the program? what if something is missed and the other player sees a diffrent action? what about colision? what if a wall damage is random? they needs to be package too, but what if something like that is forgot? what if one player destorys a wall and another doesn't, then one player walks though the hole and this action can't be done by the other player so his game crashes? This is all lite examples, but i can say for sure. easy this is most certainly not. nor would it be quick to add.
  9. New UI? UI!? UI!! Yay! Been waiting for this sexy new UI for so long Can't wait to try it out. Keep up the good work.
  10. I don't this idea will evolve well. For example, so we can turn for free. then for user friednly ness, turns should be done automaticly, after all it be anoying if it costs none time units so each steap you move you can turn to get full vision. it just time consuming so we best cut that out. so now our guys always have 360 vision all the time. sounds good, but what about the aliens? come on this is a game where we can't have a massive advantage over the AI. so they should be able to see 360 too. And then eveyone can see really far at once, you need few people to cover areas. however worse of all auto fire. your never be able to sneak up on an alien. some of you might remeber the old alien 360 vision and how it made the game hell. Carried though free turning won't work. Besides its costs 8 units to turn around, thats enough to make sure you can't keep looking around but not cost you too much for loooking. i say the current system is perfect.
  11. looks really cool! will the hidden movement screen update too though out the game?
  12. Honeslty I don't want any of those ideas. but if it has to be one then let it be. Just Don't what ever happens make indestructible soldiers. Just that one thing would make this game completely not fun for me. I hate games when developers gloss over death. I don't play games to win or lose, i play games for the challenge to one day win. if a game is set so i can't fail from my own mistakes (or even that random chance from now and then), then from my point of view it is no longer a game I am intrested in.
  13. strange thing to ask. look at it this way Mouse buttons, left, right, (maybe middle, maybe wheel maybe more buttons) So you have left primary and right secondary Now list the actions: Fire, Aim, Cancel what is used more? 1.Fire 2.Aim 3.Cancel. So left = fire right = aim i guess you could set a thrid button to cancel tho some mouse won't have it (same reason you can't set you wheel to aim, some people won't have it) so cancel is droped from mouse control. i image the reason you want this is like me sometime you like to sit back in the chair and do eveything by the mouse when playing some games. and the esc key is too far away. but isn't it a better idea to click on the weapon again to cancel firing? (normaly the first thing i try) the reason i don't try right click first to cancel is become in some games that is fire, so if im trying to avoid firing and i don't know the controls its more likly i'llj ust redo the steps i did to get here in hope it takes me back.
  14. Agreed. the amount of times i seen an alien move fire at me twice and then end there turn and once it is my turn still fire 2 or 3 times with reaction fire. im starting to wonder if alien reaction fire actaully comes out of the aliens time units or if it is just something they can always do no matter how many time unit they have.
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