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  1. An excellent and needed update. My only suggestion is not with the UI but the recently created command room on ground assault. The new UI is presented as though you are looking at it from the command room displayed on the wall with terminals in front. In the ground assault that map is on a table. My suggestion is to change the graphs on the wall to a world map. Then when players are doing a base invasion mission, it adds a level of realism. Hopefully a quick and cheap change!
  2. Good work. All looks like good fun. The only thing I noticed were lots of showers but no actual toilets. I take it that our soldiers and staff carry bags?
  3. Personally, I am not convinced on the idea of female soldiers. Not because I don't want to see female soldiers in the game, but it will take away an element of realism. Let's be real here, according to Wiki the SAS and American Delta Forces only recruit male soldiers and that is 2012??? What hope did women have in 1979 at becoming fighting soldiers let alone the progress at being the best of the best. I agree with some of the other comments to focus on other parts of the games. Or introduce female soldiers later on in the game after an event trigger. Then at least it might be believable. My 2 cents
  4. When your on super fast forward they disappear before you get the chance to read them. Might be an idea to leave them showing a bit longer when on fast forward mode. Good bit of fluff mind you. Adds some depth to the Geoscape.
  5. One question that no one has asked. How much longer till a stable final version? I.E. months or years. Looks like a lot of the core mechanics are in place.
  6. I agree, the base art doesn't look convincing. Another suggestion to improve it could be to change the camera angle. Rather than looking straight down at the base in complete 2D. Offset the view so that you are looking down at a 45 degree angle. That will add some depth to the walls and structures and make it look pretty cool. You could even show it with people walking around and doing some work. Bring the base to LIFE!
  7. I did have a double take. Even started to wonder if both games were combined, imagine that. Nightmare!
  8. Just started a new game, built my base in the UK. Virtually 60/70% of all UFO's detected on radar are showing as grounded when first discovered. Even though they are clearly not, especially when over the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Click on the UFO a second later and it is showing the correct value 9140m etc. Clearly an error with the altitude display.
  9. sorry. version 10.1. Can't remember if it was smoking, don't think so. OK. I thought it was a missing graphic hence why it didn't show.
  10. During my last game. A couple of missed rounds hit a parked blue car in a petrol station. I think on the second hit, the entire car vanished. Nothing left in it's place. Maybe those Aliens are interested in blue Lada's?
  11. I have also noticed using the scroll on the mouse switches between your soldiers. Which is helpful apart from having to scroll through soliders who have run out of AP. If like me, you partly move a soldier and then another and switch back etc... Then it is annoying when you have to scroll through soldiers that have exhausted their moves. In the original xcom you could close a soldier moves allowing switching and management of the other soldiers without going back to exhausted AP soldiers. Could Xenonauts auto bypass soldiers either set for reserve AP's or any soldier less than 5 AP's when using the mouse scroll. Or have a close button. Makes movement management a little easier.
  12. I didn't know that. However, on most games I play I tend not to use hotkeys. Instead, I lay back in the chair, mouse in 1 hand and beer in the other. I can't give up the beer hand to press a key. lol I reckon a centre on soldier button would be a useful tool for the many similar slightly lazy gamers like me. Then you can choose which best suits you.
  13. In-flight refueling can extend the range of a chinook helicopter in real life. Why not add some level of detail to include that. Many Nato countries could provide such a service. That also provides some stragetic thought when choosing locations for a new base.
  14. Just had a go today. An excellent update overall which over time will succeed because people like me keep playing the original x-com game which is a complicated affair now to do. So anything that is up to date, deeper and works on our modern systems will be a hit. Hope you will carry on with terror from the deep, but that is a question for another day. In the original game during a ground combat mission, you were able to press a button which centred on the selected soldier. The advantage with that button, is that you pick your guy, browse around the screen and hit a quick button to centre of him. This is a convenience feature I miss. Secondly, after you fire at an alien and miss. The screen and target should centre back on the alien, ready for the next action. Thirdly, When your turn arrives. You need some kind of message displayed. On a couple of occasions, after the aliens and civilians moved it was my turn. Although I thought it was still the civilians turn. Makes me look like a fool, if someone was watching of course. But you get my meaning. I would like to think these suggestions help in making the combat part of the game more convenient, and convenience makes the game more fun.