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Game of 1999 year ...

but current mechanics of Xenonauts is worse than in this game ...

Now 2012 ... form ja2 & 1999 gone 13 years !!!

Game mechanics in Xenonauts must be minimum as here ...

(or better)



any news ?

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Just a thought for a last minute up the pledge idea. Currently you can only name your own soldier and have your own picture for those of us that have contributed enough. A low cost (as opposed to having more pics done) would be to be able to name other soldiers/nationalities. Thus players could play with their family members, friends, or worst enemies (someone has to be the guy [or now gal] that draws fire) even if they were not computer gamers. This would essentially just be adding names/nationalities into the database.

After lying in bed in a hotel room thinking about this for a while I came up with the following. What about with an additional commitment of $50 you can name another soldier/nationaity (within naming conventions). Currently there is big jumps between the 200 and 500 mark and the 500 and 1000 mark with little gain. I know for me to go from 500 to 1000 would be hard to justify but 500 to 550 or 600 to have my wife and ex girlfriend as troops in my squad would definately be do-able. Neither of which play computer games so would not be plaing one of my additional copies or comiting money to the kickstarter. I'll let you guess which one I have walking into a room 1st t is occupied by a gang of aliens. This would make reasonable steps up from the 150 mark for very little resources. Also the people that have comited at least 150 have already shown a good comitment to the project and willingness to front up the cash. This is not to discount the comitment and dedication of all fans of the project who have comited time and money.

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any news ?

Yes you're comparing apples to oranges

JA series was made by a large studio with a large budget = apple

Small team of indie developers with, with shoe string budget = orange

If it makes you feel any better as far as homages to XCOM...this game is waaay better graphically than other recent market offerings...

Such as:


close, but horrible stilted animations, , missing key features, weak sauce all around see below


UFO Series


Also poor graphics overall, not even close gameplay wise, completely misses the feel of the original, and missing tons of the features in this game

Now comes Xenonauts with a reto feel for sure, but all the depth and feel of the original, plus many new small touches and improvements. It nails the essense of what make the original so great, and looks much better than decent with what resorces they had to work with!

However if you are looking for are STILL looking for a flashy bright glossy apple, you might want to stop looking in the tasty orange bin...

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Almost to $125k and the stretch goal! Let's make a real push here and see if we can generate enough buzz to hit $140k or $150k in the final push... time to use Twitter, mention it on forums, etc. Three more days to go, so let's see what we can do to make a great final push!

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dithering isn't in yet, still on the list of things to do.

no news on the other stuff that i can think of.

@ender101 - the things he is talking about is dithering, multitile overlays, and climbing.

dithering as i said is pretty much on the things to do (keeping track of your guy when he is behind a wall), multitile overlays are pretty common for 2D engines, it was even around when xcom was made (xcom used it for the explosion animations, several jrpgs used static ones in order to help draw scenery, JA2 used static ones to add texture/grime to tiles)

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You should have gotten an email from desura with the topic "Thanks for your purchase" with a reference number or confirmation ID or something. If you still have that email you should be all set (assuming you can prove ypu have pledged on kickstarter as well). If not then I'm not really sure.

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