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  1. that makes sense I was lobbing in a lot of AOE damage to soften the room. I could see this happening. Still broken in 1.07 btw.
  2. ender101

    Xenonauts V1.07 Released!

    Still having a problem blasting open the door at the end game. Do I need to restart the mission?
  3. Yes I saw that as well. That's a minor bug compared to NOT being able to complete the game however!
  4. With the 1.6 update on my second play through I noticed a new ugly bug. The Preator room door (and the way to the exit is closed). I throw grenades and rockets at it, all soldiers shoot at it, and the door wont break. Of course, just tried to open it, and that didn't work either. This seems like a serious bug, or is there something I'm missing. My first game I was just able to walk into the room and kill the Preator, and walk our in the room behind him. With the reapers nipping at my tail. Also note I already destroyed the 2 generators. maybe.sav maybe.sav
  5. ender101

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS

    No just moved the file to the root and not to the audio folder
  6. ender101

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS

    Figured it out. Have to rename the new sound xml file to replace the existing one.
  7. ender101

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS

    none in the download file posted.
  8. ender101

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS

    I've got the rest of the mods working, but in my existing game this one doesn't seem to be working. I'm putting the xml in the root and the sound files in the fx directory. What am I missing to get this one to work? Any help?
  9. ender101

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter SOUNDS

    Now that this is released I want to add these. But the mod site is down! Anyone know where you can get this now?
  10. I've been sitting on this objective for a few months. I've been fighting the grounded and downed UFOs especially the larger ones. I've been knocking out everyone in these missions with the stun sticks or gas. Still not closing this quest! Any suggestions that might help?
  11. I couldn't agree more, I had taken a few years off reading. However, the Epic series reawakened my love of reading! I read them all in a week, now i'm yearning for some more or even the audio book. Making do with the Monster Hunter international and John Ringo Looking Glass Series (the later a bit like X-Com and then morphs into star trek as the series progresses). I've read about a dozen books this last year....but still really wanting book 5 of Epic. Suspect that with the new kid being born, and the health challenges...epic book 5 might take a bit of time though. MHI is rocking in the meantime Lee, hope you are doing well. My prayers are with you.
  12. ender101

    Iceland Incident Novella

    I'd buy it! Wait, i already did... Looking forward to the read! Hey whats the status on the audio book for the epic series?! Must get!!!
  13. ender101

    Pre-Generated Soldier List

    erutan, its based on who submitted their's first, but I was wondering the same thing, who has been done. Is there a easy way to tell?
  14. ender101

    Iceland Incident Novella

    Very excited to read this one as well!!!