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  1. Works for me!
  2. OK, I think this worked out: A little more annoying than if I had been working with Photoshop, but GIMP worked out in the end.
  3. The things that seem to be off from that pic compared to the normal Xenopedia pics: A small black line should be stroked around the main picture. The background color is slightly off. There's one pixel of pure white in the orthographic projects to the side of the pic. The orthographic projections should have a slightly darker base color than the background. Unfortunately, I don't have access to photoshop at home any longer, and I doubt that work would be happy if I used their computers for this. I'd do it in GIMP except I can't figure out how to do the stroke the proper way in GIMP (I haven't really used it before), so... Hopefully my points will help whoever comes in and does it properly.
  4. This is absolutely amazing. Tell your art team 'great job,' and good work yourself on managing this effort.
  5. Very nice, but it sparked a question in my mind - is it possible to have a UFO crashland on the roof of a building? Because that's not something I've seen in-game, and it could be very cool.
  6. Sure. He's a nice guy; when you do, be sure to mention the square crotch debacle of 2005
  7. You also have to make sure you give the sniper rifle to a character who has decent Accuracy; if they have crap Accuracy, no matter what weapon you give them they're gonna be crap (though a shotgun may still work if you play the 'run up to enemy and shoot them in the face from 1 foot away' game).
  8. Don't you mean Call of Xenu?
  9. I always felt that a 'the aliens have infiltrated this location and turned the humans against you' type mission would be good in a game like this, ie you have to attack a human base to kill humans and aliens who are working together. You'd probably want to do a palette-swap on some of the Xenonaut soldier images in order to create the enemy soldiers (maybe neat near-black jumpsuits instead of the blue uniforms), but that shouldn't be *too* difficult. Another option would be the Reaper Hive mission if someone can build up a few new tiles to go along with the ones already in the alien base set. Would work best if it was mixed with the military base terror attack set, such that you can have a military base filled to the brim with Reaper goo. Nasty. Finally, and this is a silly idea, assaulting a UFO in mid-air rather than trying to down it. Maybe you shoot at the UFO with missiles that, instead of warheads, have people in them. It makes total sense!
  10. *Pretty* sure Reapers count exactly as a zombie plague that rushes from person to person.
  11. The re-register on the forum is probably due to the change from the old forums to the new ones, not a crash per se. Hrm. Now that I think about it, I backed once on Kickstarter and once for the pre-alpha (the Kickstarter was definitely a donation intended to make the game More Awesome). I got my Steam key from the Kickstarter, I think. Maybe? Not entirely sure - looking at my email history, I selected 'no reward' and I don't see where the key came from. Or maybe I got it from a Humble Bundle or something; if I did I paid even more for this game. Try seeing if you have an account at Desura (the platform originally used for the alpha)? But yeah, great launch and totally worth my money, especially seeing the post-launch support!
  12. They're the absolute best with a shock baton.
  13. Even things they can completely kill can lead to Foxtrots dying. One time I autoresolved when the chance of success was 100% and my Foxtrot still died:/ I assume he launched his missiles, then just stayed around to get shot up while the missiles flew in. Think I was shooting down a Scout ship:/
  14. Just clicking the name/callsign would also work, of course - but the current UI has rename buttons, so I just kept them.
  15. Sounds like it was just random chance, Roboserg. That's definitely still a possibility, even with new maps added to the list.