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  1. A stack of pancakes with a commisar's hat
  2. Klingon.
  3. How can I still be seventh?
  4. I have a rare bone disease. I cannot pronounce the "T" in "plane..arium" or "strateg..ic".
  5. i rather like endless spaces combat, but... doesn't it have an auto resolve so you can bypass it if you don't like it?
  6. have you tried mediafire or dropbox?
  7. What are you talking about? who is supposedly making it?
  8. I'm equally upset!
  9. Why doesn't the picture have all three races! Ceasans cowering, Sebillians advancing and Androns menacing all together!?!
  10. did I dream that the "wire cutter" functionality was automatic without the need for research or a separate item?
  11. It sounds like a lot of work for little gain (that could even in worst case scenarios be detremental instead of a gain)
  12. its not tagged with isometric?
  13. Fuck that! they should do everything in their own made up measurements. Didn't someone else post some on the spot made up system long ago? I think I remember something about "chains" being the middle thing.
  14. You can either email Chris England (his email should be in his signature) but an easier way to do it (and probably more prefereble unless its an urgent bug) is to upload the file to a filehosting site like dropbox or mediafire and post a link. You seem to have dropped the version number from the title again Darth Draken. it helps matthew if you include that
  15. The second one seems more plausible with androns. does it not? I prefere the bottom one.