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    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    So I don't know if this is still being updated, but is there any way for me to update the current version to work with 1.0? I basically consider this mod an essential addition to Xenonauts, heh.
  2. Absolutely brilliant. This novella made the whole premise of Xenonauts feel so much more genuine. Thank you, Lee, I'll definitely check out your Epic series. I love your style.
  3. Son_of_Orion

    Post-Steam Development Process

    Having the same issue. Got a forbidden page.
  4. Son_of_Orion

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Son_of_Orion

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    So I just supported the game. $30 spent. I'm new to Kickstarter, so, eh...what happens now? How will I receive my copy on launch?