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...and if you remove the money that the original reorder folk are going to get deducted...yikes! Donate Now to avoid stick figure aliens :-)

I don't think they are going to get anything deducted? You will just get your original pre-order sum added afterwards I think?

And yes there's going to be quite a lot money "lost" to random stuff, especially physical items that need making and shipping etc. etc. but it's still a lot of money left over, I just hope that you don't overestimate how much that will be Chris and end up over-promising things that you later realize isn't possible.

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I'm in the $200 tier but have too many t-shirts relative to other clothing and most of my posters are wrapped up in a megatube of posters in a closet... so I'd be happy with just getting the hardback art book as the physical side of my pledge. I suppose things like this will be done in the follow up e-mails with kickstarter etc (shirt size, none, etc).

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I'm of the same mind as Erutan. I don't have a place for posters and don't have much use for t-shirts either. Things that I don't use will probably end up at a secondhand store so hopefully Chris gives us the option to forgo a portion of our rewards so money won't be wasted on them.

The art book sounds nice but there again, I'm trying to minimize the personal belongings that I keep around so I may not hand onto that either.

My interest really lies in the game itself and having the fun of seeing myself show up in an X-Com style game.

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