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  1. The New Romance

    Steam Early Access Release Date - 31st May

    Nothing against Desura, but it just isn't working with Xenonauts. Glad to hear Steam is finally in reach!
  2. The New Romance

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    According to Wikipedia, the name change happened in 1980. One of the reasons I still want Rhodesia in on this mod
  3. The New Romance

    Unlimited ammo a good thing?

    Laser weaponry was my favourite in X-COM because it didn't require ammunition. I think that says all. I'm okay with "big" guns such as rocket launchers having a limited supply, or maybe even some sort of limit on plasma weapons (such as not being able to manufacture stuff but having to take it from the aliens). Managing every single bullet in every single standard issue pistol every ingame day is too much, though. The XCOM '12 approach might also be worth a look - weapons have unlimited ammo, but need reloading from time to time. I think this adds spice to the combat, but it doesn't turn the game into micro hell. You know, the best thing would probably be to have options à la Jagged Alliance 2 ("all the guns", or whatever it was called). I believe a substantial part of the Xenonauts community wants micro hell, and I can understand that sentiment. It's just that it wouldn't be my preference, and I guess it's worth it to serve a few more people if you can. Options never hurt anyone.
  4. Still an important topic, I'd say. I am, however, unsure whether there's been an official and final reply regarding the topic.
  5. Commando mission to Cydonia (or whatever the place will be in this game), I'd say. The aliens will be superior in numbers and equipment, but they'll still be vulnerable.
  6. The New Romance

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    The Swiss Guard is mainly for show, but they're also actual soldiers. Whether they would send someone to fight they aliens is anyone's guess, though, as the Guard is only about a hundred men strong.
  7. The New Romance

    Xenonauts Squad Amount Question

    The more, the merrier - plus you can always choose to bring a smaller squad, but you can't just override a hard upper limit imposed by the game.
  8. The New Romance

    Other awesome, retro styled games

    For those of you interested in Shadowrun, the Net Gain kickstarter might be interesting. Net Gain is about leading one of the Megacorps that make up the backdrop of normal cyberpunk, so compared to the "street level" where stuff like Cyberpunk 2077, Shadowrun or Neuromancer takes place, you'll be up high in a corporate skyscraper, vieing for control with other corps. The style is super-retro (at least the prototype is), and the setting is very interesting. Cyberpunk seems to have a sort of revival at the moment, but the more the merrier I say, and Net Gain gives the whole thing a cool spin.
  9. The New Romance

    Age of Wonders III

    Thanks again for both your opinions and for digging out the demo! I'll see if it works on Win 7.
  10. The New Romance

    Age of Wonders III

    Thanks a lot for that very detailed rundown! I was planning to buy them on GOG because I'm in Europe, and Steam oftentimes screws us over. I'd have to pay 19.99 € for the Triple Pack, which is 26 $ (pretty much the same as buying them piecemal on GOG, which has the same $ prices for everyone). I guess I'll just start of with AoW 1, then, which costs only 6 $ and probably suffices to try the series out. However, I might wait a day or two to see if Steam reacts to the AoW 3 announcement with a sale on the first games (which they often do).
  11. Shit, I loved what I was seeing (only the dialogue system seemed unfamiliar, but not bad), up until they started to rotate the camera. I'm pretty sure they're proud of that possibility, and of course it allows the game to show off all its assets, but goddamn it I hate rotatable cameras, especially if their use is mandatory.
  12. The New Romance

    Age of Wonders III

    So that sounds even better than HOMM... as AoW 3 will not come out until autumn, which of the three existing games would you recommend to try out? They're quite el cheapo on GOG, especially the first one, but I'm not sure which one is the best starting point.
  13. The New Romance

    Age of Wonders III

    I never played an Age of Wonders game... is it similar to Heroes of Might and Magic? I loved HOMM 3, and I have nothing against trying out a similar but more modern game
  14. The New Romance

    Thread of mindless ideas

    I would love an Anti-Extraterrestrial K9 Corps. Oh yes I would. Flying aircraft carriers are a gorgeous idea as well, but maybe a little off in Xenonaut's mostly realistic '79 setting. Seems more like an alternate history/dieselpunk thing.