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  1. I'd definitely buy it (of course assuming the result actually turns into a good game) even if it's largely a re-hashed/updated version of the game. The thing that bothers me the most is easily the part with going 3D. Believe me when I say that I understand the reason for it but there's been sooo many examples of games going from sprites to 3D and failing horribly at it. I'd be more skeptical but I'd of course give it all the chance to win me over. What I am wondering is, is there no easier way of working with sprites? It seems the engine choice hindered you guys a lot, can other engines deal with sprites in a better way perhaps? I would assume there's more ways then one with how you approach it especially between engines. It warrants investigating at the very least I would think? Sprites definitely hold up better over time compared to 3D, a sprite based game doesn't feel dated even close to as quickly as 3D games seem to. There's just some kind of quality there that seems extremely hard to translate over between the formats. All in all you have my full support as a long-time follower of Xenonauts and Goldhawk Interactive regardless of the path you take in the end!
  2. Awesome, just awesome. Good job to everyone involved in getting the game to this point! You all should be proud of what you have created. Especially to you Chris, good freakin' job man.
  3. Indeed it was one of the nominees in that category, definitely deserved to be included there that's for sure! Hopefully this means the game will be brought to the attention of more people so they can enjoy it as well!
  4. Something with how the steam overlay interacts with the game on his particular system? Could try turning the steam overlay off and see if that helps.
  5. Awesome stuff, your effort is Greatly appreciated!
  6. Maybe she died in surgery but they were too afraid to tell you so they just covered it up hoping you wouldn't notice? (Sorry this is not helpful, if I had anything helpful to say I would but that's what I would tell myself if this happened to me)
  7. The difference between how grenades worked in the original makes it less useful, in the original you needed TU's to both prime AND throw the grenade, the advantage you gained from relaying a grenade was that you could use a soldier that was out of range to use his TU's to prime it then the frontline guy would only need TU's to throw the grenade and not prime & throw. But since you don't need TU's to prime grenades in Xenonauts then it makes it less useful, I haven't actually tested if you can actually do this with explosive grenades though in xenonauts as they do land on the ground, do they show up as an inventory item or are they a non-item entity after they have been thrown? I could see a mod doing this but I don't see the need as high enough to warrant official devtime from other more important things.
  8. I definitely agree that it very easily can become a slippery slope.. "Well maybe some people don't want to do this, or that" and before you know it you have XCom: Enemy Unknown. Don't lose sight of the original goal of the game, if I can auto-resolve my way through most of the game (just doing 1 mission for each thing you need for research) then I think that most of the feeling you get from achieving something when you win is lost as well. I also think that needing to do air combat added to the game, it's a fun and important mini-game and being able to just auto-resolve that detracts from the game as a whole in my opinion (others probably disagree on this)
  9. Well, that's what we know of.. Guess we'll see if anything else has been compromised further on..
  10. I don't have much to add over what has already been said, I only had one thought but no idea if it's a good idea or not. How about having a "black market" or "shadow faction" that you can sell the crash site to? May be a terrible idea but maybe something interesting could be created from it. Lore wise you would tell the nations YOU cleared it but in fact you sold it to this militant rebel/shadow faction to deal with, what bonuses/penalties this could involve I'm not sure of, my idea is just to plant this thought and possibly get it discussed and considered.
  11. I'm impressed by the amount of work put into this Looking forward to using this when I'll be playing through the game (still holding off for a bit more fully featured/stable version of the game before putting serious time into it) Can't wait to get some fellow Swedish rookies to send on kamikaze missions when that gets added
  12. I think it's shaping up very nice I was a bit sceptical about the approach when it was first mentioned but I think that the way it turned out was much better then I imagining it looking! Sure you could nitpick small details, always something more to do but I think that there's probably other areas that need the development time more then some fine polish that makes very little real difference in the end. Getting more and more excited to get through the game! (Been holding off from playing much during development as to not burn myself out before the game is finished so I can appreciate it fully then)
  13. About time you switched hosts eh? New one seems awesome so far!